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Pumped By Nurse

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I had just started working out of Bangalore, India and my parents used to visit me often but they were inconvenienced by long stays at hotels. Deciding to relocate to a proper house from my PG accommodation, I searched all over town, and finally narrowed down to a single storied house in Shantinagar. It belonged to a nurse and her henpecked husband from Kerala who worked in a public sector company. Since I was out, on work most of the time and my evenings were spent at the gym, I never got me socialize with the people downstairs, except for the brief monthly rent ceremony.

Two months later, on a public holiday I returned earlier than usual and I saw uncle in a multi-colored lungi peacefully watering his pots, and out of politeness I asked him the whereabouts of his wife. He replied that his first daughter was expecting a baby in the US (she is also a nurse) and have gone there a few months, for babysitting.  It was then that I noticed the girl; she was staring at me very intensely from the door, the darkness inside obscuring her features. I grinned at her behind her father and she smiled at me shyly.

She was short, dark skinned about 5’3”feet, dressed in a red housecoat and I realized that she was lean and fit and some light from a room inside, told me that she had a great figure, and all her assets were in the right proportions. Her hair was cut around the shoulders, and she was chewing on her lips, and hanging on to every word exchanged. I caught her admiring my biceps and I winked at her and she responded by shyly taking cover of the door, covering half her body inside the door and I could only see part of her face as she continued to scan my big and burly body unabashedly with her big and intense eyes and I was pleased to see that she appreciated the results of my hard work, at the gym.

She moved closer to the door for support and the door edge sliced her cleavage delicately into two, stretching the dress around her exposed breast and I was mesmerized by the sharp upward curve of her pointed breast. I felt my throat drying up and could not answer uncle properly and he moved on to water plants further away and I looked at her one last time, to see her slightly parted lips and her pink tongue wetting her lips. Her gaze was deliberately fixed at my crouch which had a profound bulge, clearly visible distending out of my elastic track suit. Something told me that she was not new to this game and I realized that two can play at this game and suddenly my dreary existence at home had turned the corner.

That weekend my sister joined me for her preparations for CET exams and this girl, Annie became friendly with her and they used to meet often to chat. I learnt from my sister that she worked in a well known heart specialty hospital in Bangalore, and she used to work in shifts and commuted in a kinetic Honda scooter.

After the stairs incident, both of us took pains to see each other and she always used to stare at me from the window on my return from the gym, until I looked up and then she dropped her eye with an enchanting smile, and I always returned her look with a wink.  The lust was getting to us but I did not know how to proceed and it was obvious that she expected me to make the first move. I did not see her for a couple of days, until one evening, when she invited my sister for tea I happened to be there as well and her father called me to join in.  During tea when my sister was engrossed in a “ritual” soap opera on TV, I spoke to her, which broke the ice and we ended up talking all nonsense and sweet nothings in whispers. Her father lost interest and excused himself to do some household chores, leaving us to “flirt” in peace. Then on, whenever she got a chance to speak to me directly, she talked to me with a “double meaning” and a glint in her big eyes, but I was never sure of this until later.

The tea became a regular feature whenever she was on her day shift and I was curious and anxious, if she would invite me when my sister left for home in a couple of days. My sister had to go by the 9:30 train and I was surprised to see Annie at the platform to see her off. She was in a sexy nurse uniform and I found myself drifting off into daydreams of making love to her. Ignoring me, they chatted till the train chugged out and when I told her that I would take an autorikshaw home, she scolded me asking, “Why don’t you sit behind and ride me”

I was taken aback by her language but not being sure I asked, “What?”

She replied, “Just hold on to me, if you can I’ll drop you” with a cunning smile and I was sure now that she had meant otherwise!

The very next day after my gym session, sure enough, she was waiting impatiently in her favorite bright red sleeveless housecoat and I deliberately refused to come in for tea, telling her that I was covered in sweat. She coaxed me in telling I was looking tired and finally pulled me in with her soft hands. Once inside she closed the door, cursing Bangalore its mosquitoes. I played along, determined to go the distance whatever the consequence. She had sent her father out to meet his friends, sure that he would come in much later, drunk.

She brought tea and I took it caressing her hands and she smiled naughtily at me, while deliberately wetting her lips with the pink tongue.
I told her bluntly that she was very beautiful and she replied, “You are the strongest man, I have ever seen” and we started talking generally on the body.
When I finished the tea, she said,” your muscles are so big and your heart must be very strong”.
I replied, “Well looks like someone has stolen my heart”
She giggled and replied, “Can I feel your heart, and it must be very strong to pump…. “,
She paused deliberately and said “a lot of iron”
I could not match her double talk but I said, “OK, but I hope you will not mind the sweat”

She pouted her dark lips and touched me chest and gently massaged my chest with her finger tips and when I groaned in pleasure, she suddenly pinched me hard.
I said, “Ouch” and pulled her hand and she dropped into my arms like a log. I involuntarily sized her by both hands and looked into her eyes, which was filled with lust and urging me on, when I realized that I was holding the side of her breasts. Her mild perfume and her closeness were too intoxicating for me and I gently closed my fingers on her firm breasts and she gasped in pleasure. I kissed her wet lips and my tongue entered her parted lips easily, and we sucked on each others lips in an urgency that released our pent-up lust for each other. As my tongue made inroads into her soft mouth, my hands roamed all over her body squeezing and massaging her gentle curves and when I reached her buttocks, she wriggled out of my grasp, her bosom heaving heavily. As I looked in surprise, she took a step back and her eyes dropped to my crouch which had become a large tent, pulling the elastic to its limits.

She tried to hold it in her small hands and gasped, “Its monstrous and poking me”, but her lust was very evident and moreover, I was in no mood to quit. I stood up, my 6 feet towering over her and I held her in my arms and bent her over and kissed her hard. I then lifted her in my arms, one hand deliberately cupping and squeezing her soft breast, while the other arm supporting her buttocks and I sat on the sofa, dropping her arse right on my hard bulge. She gasped and I kissed her face and neck and nibbled on her ears, as my crouch disappeared into her soft thighs and when she pulled her knees up to curl inside my chest, her night dress fell away, exposing her smooth thighs and I slid my hand into her housecoat. It was exquisite touching her soft and supple thighs and I felt my pre-come dribbling out of my distended member. When I stroked and reached the apex of her milky thighs, she opened her legs slightly and I slid my fingers into the furnace hot inner reaches, and I felt a shiver pass through her, as I cupped her cunt over the panties. The thin material was already soaked and crushed tightly into her cunt lips and I could feel her rough pubic hair. I slipped my fingers into the side of the panty and squeezed her cunt and gently massaged her clitoris with my fingertips. She moaned and raking her nails into my T-shirt, biting my lips hard with her pearly white and tiny teeth. I felt her hot breath and her saliva dribbled out as she smashed her lips into mine, moaning and whimpering like crazy. Holding my hair tightly with both her hands, she lifted her leg, straddled me and started rubbing her cunt on my hardened cock with total abandon, losing all her ability to be modest.

I easily slipped my elastic tracksuit down to the knees and freed my impatient member, which had reached its full 8 inches, dribbling my sticky pre-come. I then yanked her panty to one side and placed the tip of my cock at her pubic entrance. Holding my penis I tried to gain entry, but with her rocking motion and the wetness, my massive erection could only glide in her moist crack and she gasped and bit my ear as it touched her engorged clitoris. I held her soft arse and gently guided my cock into her tight and waiting receptacle but I could only lodge my mushroom head, when she stopped. We locked our eyes, before the big decision and her impatient, “umm” and her gentle thrust was all the permission I was looking for. I pushed hard and with the searing pain of my foreskin ripping in her tight cunt, I lodged into her to the hilt. With a loud scream and a tightening of her body she raked my back with her nails and bit me so hard I started bleeding from my lips. I gasped in unbearable pain and pinned both her hands down and we looked at each other, breathing hard. Her small body was a big contrast to my physique and she said,” You are too thick for me, you will tear me into two pieces, please take it out”, and she sobbed on my chest. I rocked her in my arms, pulling her body just a little up and gently dropping her down, until the pain eased into pleasure and she herself started moving gently on my tightly squeezed penis. After a while I used my strong hands to hold her arse cheeks and lift her off my lap and drop her back, again and again. Her copious lubrication helped my hard penis slid into her cunt and soon both of us were covered in sweat and holding on to each other was difficult.

I then gently pushed her on to the sofa and just using one leg started the motion of love in real earnest. She folded her legs to give me better access and I rammed into her pink cunt lips, distending it grotesquely out of shape. Her cunt lips was holding onto me in a vice like grip and it was with excruciating pain that I pumped into her, inspite of her come lubricating my rock hard erection. I increased my speed and at each stroke her head used to snap back as I split her cunt again and again and she was going ooomm…oomm and soon I reached my zenith.

With a loud groan, I shifted my hands onto her waist and I crashed into her cunt for the last time, grinding my penis on her clitoris and her folded legs offered me maximum penetration and she also came in a rush. I collapsed on her and unable to hold myself, I rolled off the sofa onto the floor, leaking my thick cream all over the place.

After some time she slid next to me, kissed me fully on the lips and sliding her hair on my chest, moved on to my soft and semi-erect penis, licked around the mushroom head and kissed hard.
She slid her tongue all along my cock and tickled the rim of my mushroom head and said lovingly, “This is simply the most ugly, big and marvelous tool I have seen in my life, it is big and so cruel” she them kissed on it at least twenty times in quick succession, and I pulled her hips towards my mouth and nuzzled into her unbelievably wet and yielding cunt lips. She tried to wriggle out, but I held her hard and licked her clitoris and she gently sank back on my face with a deep groan. We 69ned for a long time, until l leaked into her mouth my second offering for the day. She sucked every bit of my come in great relish and finally when we rolled off each other, her face was glistening with my come and sweat and she grinned at me in absolute satisfaction, savoring my wet face, covered in her come.
I pulled her again but she said, “be patient darling, enough for now, I have my shift now… and my body needs a little rest from that monster”, but she again kissed my mushroom head.

I said, “Sorry, I did not have enough of you”
She smiled at me and said,” Shhh… I promise we’ll do this many times, and frankly it was better than I imagined, it is the best without any doubt”

I pulled my track pant on she shooed me out for cleaning the room that reeked of our copulation. I can be reached at abby2003@

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