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  • September 13, 2015
Hello I am Gujjujolly from Silk city Surat. You are all familiar with me now as you have already read my stories in this site. Now first of all let me tell you one thing that due to some family problems I was not able to write my experiences and I am back after a long time with my new story. Actually there are totally three different incidence happened in between but I am going to narate the hottest of these encounters.
Now I will start my story.This is a story about a girl doing project at my friends place. She was a student of Information Technology and doing some project work in C++ at my friends place. My friends has a software business and his name is Pranav. I am talking about Jagruti. Jagruti is doing project at pranav’s place and I meet her first time in his institute around three months back. They are three girls doing project at the place.
This lady Jagruti is a sexy girl, really I am not exaggerating. She is a fair looking girl, not absolutely fair, 5’ 2” tall, weighing 50 kg, body stat of 32D, 29, 34 (I came to know later). The cleavage is such that no body can take his/her eyes off it easily. She likes to wear low-cut tops & low west jenas to show the curves & depth. The very sight of her is stimulating to every erectable thing. Some times when she is setting on the chair due to low vest jeans you can see her panty from the back and its about jeans and its very erotic for me and other males in the institute. I have blue eyes and if focused on a lady can just kill her with passion. I really got turned on the very first time she looked in my eyes. The look suggest nothing else but the message “I am going to fuck her at any cost”. I was really dying to have free relations Jagruti, but Pranav was my best friend & how can I do this to her student.
As Pranav and Me were very close friends and we used to discuss each and everything amongst each other freely. Once I was telling him that this lady could seduce any man. Even Pranav agreed to it but how will I go ahead with jagruti I don’t know. So as I am a programmer also and I know vc++ also so  Pranav told these girls to take help of me when ever needed and he also told them he is good at vc++ and i suppose he know better than me. These girls are happy and they shake hands with me, even Jagruti did the same with me. Her hands are soft with long fingures. She was smiling when shaking hands with me.
On that evening Me & Pranav was I were discussing about Jagruti and I told him that I am going to seduce this lady. Main ne usko kaha “Jagruti to mere niche nahi letaya to mera naam bhi jolly nahi” and Pranav was ready to bet on that & I took the challenge. I only wanted the assurance from him that if I seduce her Pranav should not break friendship or rather our friendship must become closer. He agreed to my challenge & even consented to try & seduce Jagruti.
Now I stated looking at Jagruti with a new vigor & thought over a plan to seduce her. I planned to meet her many times, which looked accidental meetings. Slowly but surely my attempts to impress her brought fruits & we started dating. When I told Pranav about this he didn’t believed. Once I told Pranav that jagruti & myself are going for dinner in hotel & if interested you can check it. We had dinner on that day in a good hotel. We were talking here and there some things on project and some things on books and her ambition and all that. She also told me that she want to become a big programmer like me. I was happy that she is on the right track.
After some time I changed the topic and asked her about her family. Even I told her about myself. Than I asked her about her boyfriend weather she is having any or not ?? she told me she was having one when she was in first year but as he was an idiot she left her after one year. I was shocked to hear this. I told her “Yaar Jagruti tumhare jiase ladki ka koi boyfriend nahi hai jaan kar bada boora laga. Bhale hi aap thodi choti hai per aap kayamat hai!! is baat per uska chaera lal ho gaya aur  who mere samne sharmate hua dekhne lagi. Ye dekh kar main ne aur ek dialogue maar diya “Ji main jooth nahi bol raha its a fact agar aap chahe to kisi bhi mard ko aap ka diwana bana sakti hai !!! aur is list main shayad main bhi samil hu !!! ye sunkar to who ekdam pagal si ho gayi. aur usne kaha please aaj ye sub batein rehane do phir kabhi karenge aur usne is topic ko kaat diya. Muze boora laga per main ne socha chalo kuch to baat aage badhi !!! And after the dinner I took her in to my car and drop her at a place near her house. She did not allow me to visit her place even she show her place from long.
Than days are passing I did not get any chance to talk with her when she is alone and I was also busy in some project and work. One fine day I got sms on my mobile call urgently. The number was unknown to me and I called on that number and zapped to find that It was Jagruti’s Number. Her dad gifted her a new mobile and I was the first person she was calling. I was happy with this and she told me that this is her personal mobile and call her when ever I want to talk with her. I told her the same thing but she told me that I have a prepaid card and can not talk much from this card and I suggested her that give me a missed call and I will call her so that billing will be from my side as incoming is free. we talked for a long time.
Now as she is having mobile our communication becomes very easy. I have started sending her good friendship messages and some good quotes and sms. She also reciprocate some times but she has limitation of amount in her card. Now its almost a routine that we could not sleep wihout talking with each other. sometimes we talk for two three hours also. Inbetween I purchased new camera phone and a digital camera for myself. she was happy knowing this. Once while she was setting in the Pranav’s institute and i was discussing something to these students I saw that her panty was visible from the back and I took a snap of that (I am having it with me any one intrested can mail me the request) and I was happy to have a camera phone. Now the real day came to my life.
In the first week of June due to some function Pranav has to go to Mumbai for three days and he can not close his institute for these three days. So he called me and told me to take care of his institute for three days and that was friday, saturday and Sunday. The girls don’t know that these three days pranav is not there. On Thrusday night I was exchanging sms with Jagruti than I told her about Pranav not there for three days and I am the incharge of the institute. She was very happy to know that. Even she told me that Its good atleast with this we can be togather for three days. They have a full time project in the institute so their timings are from 10 AM to 5 PM. On first two day it was a routine day and I was also busy with my work and did not give any attention to Jagruti as well as the other ladies. On saturday Night she called me and told me that I am doing timepass with her and she is fustrated.
I was shocked. what is this ? I told her kyu aap ko aisa kyu laga ?? to usne bataya hum log do din se mil rahe hai agar aap hum se akele main baat karna chahte to kar sakte the pe aap ne muz per jara sa bhi dhyan nahi diya ?? Lagta hai aap hamare sath sirf time pass hi kar rahe ho aur kuch nahi.. aap serious nahi ho na to aap ko hamare liye kuch felings hai.. Tab main ne kaha nahi Jagruti aisa bilkil nahi hai main apne kaam main busy tha. to usper usne kaha aap jooth bol rahe ho kitni baar main ne aap ko apne mobile phone se kelte dekha hai kaam ho to bhala koi apne mobile se khelta hai… Ab main boori tarah fas chooka tha asal main poore din main ne kooch photos uski aur kuch uski saheli ki nikli thi aur main usko dekh raha tha. Main usko ye sub kaise batata ??? Hamare bitch kafi fighting hyi aur usne phoen rakh diya. Main ne usko do teen baar call kiya per usne mera number dekh ke uthaya hi nahi. Aag ab barobar lag chuki thi. Main ne kareeb do ghante tak try kiya per usne phone nahi uthaya. baad main raat ko 12:30 ko main ne phone lagaya aur usne pickup kiya. Who mere sath baat karne ke liye ready nahi thi. main ne usko sorry bola aur bataya ke main apne mobile se khel nahi raha tha per tumhe apne mobile main capture kar raha tha. Is baat per who heran huyi aur boli aisa kyu kiya tumne .. main ne kaha app muze acchi lagti ho aur isliye main aap ko apne pass hamesha ke liye rakhna chahata hu. Usne kaha to phir aap ko bhi hame hamari khichi huyi sub photo dikhani hogi. main ne kaha thik hai kaal dekha dunga. phir main ne usko bataya ki mobile phone ka camera itna accha nahi hota jyada acchi images nahi aati hai. ha per kaam chal jata hai !! Even main ne usko uski penty wali photo ke bare main bhi bataya. who ekdam  gussa ho gayi aur boli tum sub mard ek jaisa hi hote ho sub ke sub nange ho !!! Main ne bhi kah diya jab aap dikha rahi to tabhi hum jaise mard is ko dekh rahe hai na !!! us baat per who has padi aur boli aur kiss kiss ratah ki pictures li hai aap ne hamari.. tab main ne kaha “aap ke kaha lene di hai agar aap kahe to main app ki her angle se photo nikal sakta hu !!!” Issi baat per who kafi heran huyi aur kuch nahi boli kuch der baad main ne poocha kya hua to Jagruti ne bataya “Thik hai kaal app jis angle se hamari photo nikal na chahe nikal lijiye ga.!!” I was daam happy to know this and I was too excited that I could not talk with her. We talk over the phone for more 15 mints and than I slept. Due to excitement I could not sleep properly that night.
Next day I got up early, took my bath and get ready for the Pranav’s Institute. I was excited about all these things. I took my digital camera along with me. I got a wild idea that I will buy some sexy bra and panty of her size and she will allow me I will take some photos. But it was too early and none of the shops were open at that time. I was little dissappointed. I went to institute in the morning. At 10:15 these girls arrieved and started that work. I was not able to concentrate on anything and just passing my time nothing else. At around 1:30 these girls came to my cabin and said that they need a Lunch break and they will be back by one hour. I said yes to them and all of the three girls went their home. As institute was empty on that day I also locked the institute and went to have something in the hotel. Than all of a sudden an idea came to mind and I went to the Departmental store near by and purchased some fansy,sexy sets of bra and panty. I had no idea about her linking and her size so I told the shopkeeper that if it does not fits I will return them and or change them. The lady at the shop was looking at me and said ok no problem. she also asked me about the size and all I said “Paheli baar kisi ke liye ye sab le raha hu muze pata nahi hai !!! and she was smiling at me. But as per her outer apperience I took 32 size bra and medium size panty. As you all people know that man has a special likings for black colour in undergarments. I have the same linkings also. So I took one pair of black netted matrial set of bra and Panty. As she was quit fair One red sexy thong and one or two more sexy sets. I came back to Institute.
After 15 to 20 minutes these ladies came back and started their work. Meanwhile i called Jagruti in my cabin and asked her about the plans. she was shy and just looking at me. “Bolo kya karna hai” main ne kaha. Usne jawab diya “Jaisa aap thik samzo”. Main ne usko kaha “Thik hai aap aisa karo 5 baje jab sab chale jaye unke sath aap bhi chali jana aur phir 5:30 or 6:00 ke bitch main vapas yaha aa jana!!!” she said yes to me and went to her computer with her friends. I have started my work and after some time its 5:00 pm and these three girls left the institute. While going out jagruti was looking at me and she was smiling. I was desparate now !!! I was just passing my time and doing nothing just setting in the office notheing much. After around half an hour Jagruti came. On that day she was in salwaar kammez and she was looking sexy in that outfit.
When she came I closed the main door of the institue and now we both are alone in the institute. She told me “Jolly Muze dar lag raha hai !!!” Main ne use kaha “kya main tuze kha jane wala hu ?? tu kyu dar rahi hai !!! agar to na kahe to abhi main tuze chod deta hu tu ja sakti hai !!!” tab usne kaha “gussa kyu hote ho !!! thik hai main aap ke sath yaha beth jati hu !!!” uske baad main ne kaha “yaad hai kal raat ka promise” to usne kaha “kaun so promise” main ne kaha “Photo wali promise” who sharma gayi aur muzse nazre milane ki bhi usmain himaat nahi thi. main ne use kaha “aaj main apna naya digital camera bhi le aaya hu aur main uska test bhi lena chahata hu to dono kaam sath main ho jayega.” who muskarayi aur apni nazre zukaye mere pass bethi rahi. main use apne cabin se doosre room main le gaya waha pranav ne ek conference room jaisa banaya hai. Is room main ek sofa bhi hai. main ne use kaha apne kapde thik kar lo aur agar bal banane hai to ball bhi bana lo. main apne digital camera ko ready kar raha tha tab who ready ho ke aa gayi…
Ohh she was looking sexy daam sexy. I took some photos in different agnle and with different poses. uske baad main ne usko kaha ki kyu na tum apna dupatta side pe rakh do?? usne kaha kyu ?? main ne kaha muze aap ki duppta less pictures leni hai!!! to usne kaha “kyo ?? aisa bolo na ki aap ko hamare breast to photo leni hai !!!” main ekdam zaap rah gaya main ne kaha kuch aisa hi samzo phir usne kaha aur kya kya utraoge ??? main ne ek min socha aur phir bol diya agar aap cooprate karoge to main sub kuch utrane ke liye ready hu !!! who sharma gayi ab usne bhi muze cooprate karna start kar diya tha. who bhi mentaly prepared thi ki main uski nagi photo lena chahata hu. main ne photo lena chalu kiya kuch photo main ne duppata utarke liye phir main ne uska kameez utar diya usne us din white colour ki simple si bra pahan rakhi thi. uske boobs usmain acche lag rahe the. Jagruti ke boobs itne bade nahi hai phir bhi acche lag rahe the. main ne is position main uski kuch photo li aur phir main ne uske nazdik jake uske boobs ko bra ke upar se hi dabaya. uff kya naram naram the uske boobs. uske nipples ekdam sakht ho chke the main bhi garam tha aur uska bhi haal boora tha. main uske nazdik gaya aur uske mulayam mulayam hotho pe ek garma garam chumma de dala. pahle to usne cooprate nahi kiya. phir main ne kareeb 10 min tak uske hotho ka ras choosa aur usne bhi phir sath dena start kiya aur who bhi muze kiss karne lagi. ek do baar main ne apni jeebh uske mooh main daal di. she was not expecting this and she stopped me. than I removed her salwar also ohh shit she was wearing a white floral panty and the panty was simple and usual every woman wear. tabhi mere mooh se nikal gaya “Jagruti ye kya tu itni sexy hai aue tum aise bra aur panty pahanti ho!!!, tumhara dil nahi karta kuch sexy pahneka ?? agar muze pata hota to main kab ke kuch acche bra panty ke sets le aata !!! sirf tumhare liye.. us baat per uske aankh main aansoo aa gaye aur usne bola “Jolly mera bhi man karta hai per kya kare hamare ghar ki halat acchi nahi hai aur phir jab hum ye sub lene ke liye jate hai to mere sath meri maa hamesha sath main rehti hai. aur jo usko pasand aata hai aur hamare budjet main bethta hai who hi hame pahana padta hai !!! kya kare aap hi bolo??? is baat ka muze bhi bahoot feel hua aur main ne uske ansoo anpe hatho se mita diye aur auka chahera mere hatho main le kar ke main ne uske gulbi mulayam hotho ko phir se ek baar apne hotho se mila liya aur ek aur round chala lumbe kiss ka. is dauran main ne uske poore badan se khela aur uaki bra ka hook bhi khol diya usne mana kiya “Please jolly muze nanga mat karo muze bahot sharam aati hai !! aaj tum pahele aadmi ho jisne muze sirf bar aur panty main dekha hai please nanga mat karo muze !!!”
Main ne kaha “Jagruti dear jab main ne tumhara sub dekh liya hai aur hamare man main koi paap nahi hai to phir kyu mana kar rahi ho muze tum. please muze dekha hai ki tum kaise lagti ho bina kapdo ke. jo main sapno main socha karta tha tum waise ho ya nahi… please muze mat roko aaj. Main jata hu ki ye tumhara pahla anubhav hai per please muze aage badh ne do…”
Main ne usko kiss karte karte ye kaha aur phir main ne usko ye sub bhi bataya ki main uske liye kuch khaas kism ki bra aur penty ke sets aur kuch acchi panty bhi laya hu. is baat per who heran ho gayi usne poocha tumhe mera size kaise pata chala aur tum ek mard hoke ye sub lene ke liye gaye aur who bhi mere liye !!! so nice of you “
ab uska virodh kum ho gaya aur main ne bade pyaar se uski bra nukal di. ab who mere samne sirf panty main thi. main ne uski panty ke uperse hi uski choot ko sahalaya who kafi gili ho choki thi. panty bhi gili thi. main ne apna camera uthaya aur uski iss halat main teen char photo nikal di aur phir main usko uthake room main rakhe gaye sofe pe le gaya aur usko waha leta diya. Main ne uske dono pair uthake uski panty nikal di. woow main ne kya dekha kedam koowari clean shaved choot. main ne usko poocha “jagruti shave kab kiya” to usne bataya “kaal raat aap ke sath phone pe baat ki tab muze ye khaya aaya aur raat ko hi main ne usko saaf kar diya.. waise main poore month main ek baar karti hu per kaal main ne kiya aap ke liye !!!” is baat per main ne usko kaha ” ohh to tum ne kaal se tay kar diya tha ki main tumhe nanga dekhane wala hu !!! so you are mentaly prepared!!!” us baat per who sharma gayi aur usne apna mooh mere sine main chhoopa liya.
Uske baad main ne uske do no pair ko phela diya aur uske bitch main jagah kar di aur main waha baith gaya. aur dono hatho se uske choot ke hotho ko phela ke chata shuru kar diya. who ekdam heran ho gayi. usne aisa mere se expect nahi kiya tha usne kaha “hai jolly kya kar rahe ho tum ?? kha jao ge kya muze ?? per ek baat kahu tumhe aaj ye meri kab se tammana thi main ne oral sex ke bare main kafi suna hai aur padha bhi hai. main ne kabhi ye socha bhi nahi tha ki tum meri jindagi main aooge aur muze ye maza milega!! i am lucky to have you…you are tooo good jolly !!!” main uski do no tango ke bitch tha aur mare dono haath uske dono boobs pe the. uske dono nipples ko main daba raha tha aur uski choot ko main chaat raha tha. who bhi full masti main thi main ne uski choot ke bhi kuch photo liye aur poori nagi bhi kuch photo nikali. phir main ne apni ek ungli uski choot main daal di aur dhire dhire hilane laga. who virgin thi aur uski wajah se usko kafi takleef ho rahi thi ek taraf usko maze mil rahe the aur doosri taraf isko dard bhi ho raha tha. usko bhahot maze aa rahe the who lambi lambi aahe bhar rahi thi aur mooh se ufff aaah ki aawaze nikal rahi thi. main apni ungli tez uski choot main under bahar kar raha tha aur uska dana apne jeebh se choos raha tha. who itni garam ho gayi thi ki usne apne dono nipples apne hatho main le liye aur khud hi usko masalne dabane lagi. kuch der baad uski choot ne pani chood diya. thick white cream uski choot se nikal ne laga aur  main who sub cream lick kar gaya. usko bahoot maza aaya. uski choot poori gili ho chooki thi.
Phir main khada ho gaya aur main ne apne kapde nikal ne shuru kiye. tab usne apni ghadi main dekha aur muzse boli “Jolly please aaj ka khel yaha pe hi khatam karte hai waise bhi 8 bajne ko aaye hai aur muze ghar jana hai. mere gharwale meri rah dekh rahe honge. ” main ne man hi man socha yaar ye to KLPD (Khade land pe dhokha) ho gaya !! main ne usko bola “jagruti yaar itni bhi kya jaldi hai aur jab main ne tuze maze diye to ab mera bhi to haq banta hai ki main bhi maze lu!! kya tu muze maze nahi degi ??? to who ekam heran ho gayi aur usne mere samne dekha aur pooch “kiase maze !!!” main ne kaha “main ne teri choot ko chaat ke uska pani nikal ke tuze thanda kiya ab tu mere lund apne muh main le aur usko bhi thanda kar !!!” is baat per usne kaha “please Jolly main ne ye kabhi nahi kiya aur ye sub muze ganda lagta hai please main ye nahi kar sakti” main heran ho gaya main ne kaha “thik hai tu mera lund apne muh main nahi le sakti aur tuze ye sub ganda lagta hai to chal main mera lund teri choot main daal ke usko thanda karta hu!!” who ghabhra gayi usne kaha “nahi nahi jolly ye galat hai main tumhare sath ye sub nahi kar sakti. ye galat hai. please hamari to shadi bhi nahi huyi hai !!! aur tum mere sath ye sub kaise kar sakte ho…please aisa mat karo mere sath..aur jo chae kar lo per ye sub mat karo mere sath please…” who rone lagi phir main ne usko samzaya. main sirf mere underware main tha mera lund poora khada tha aur who underware main tent bana ke bahar nikal ne ki koshish kar raha tha. main ne Jagruti ka haath pakda aur usko mere lund ke uper rakh diya. who halke halke usko sahalane lagi. main ne upna lund apni underware se bahar nikal liya. who mere lund ko dekh kar ghabra gayi aur boli “jolly ye to bahot bada hai aur tagda bhi hai!!! ye mere under kaise jayega !!!” Main ne kaha “aare pagli choot banayi hi is tarah se hai ki who kitna bhi bada lund kyu na ho apne under sama leti hai!!” usne muze kaha “Jolly please meri ek baat manoge agar main tuze dil se kahu to ??? main ne kaha “kya bol na muze accha lagega” usne kaha “Jolly main virgin hu. main ne aaj tak ye sub kuch nahi kiya. ye mera pahela experience hai. such kahu to muze bahot accha laga aur main app ke sath aage bhi badhna chahati hu per meri bhi ek khwaish hai !!” main ne kaha “Kya batao” usne kaha “Jolly main ne kabhi nahi socha tha ki tu meri jindagi main aaoge aur main tumhare sath is kadar aage badh jaoongi. main aaj tumhe promise karti hu ki main apni virginity tumhare hawale karti hu per meri ek khwaish hai ki main kuch acchi jagah pe apni virginity lost karoo. agar tumhe kuch etraz na ho to main phir tuze miloongi aur hum koi acche se hotel main ya kisi acchi aise jagah jayenge jaha main aur tum dono hi ho. hum ek doosre se khoob khele aur uske baad main tum mere sath ye sub karo aur main meri virginity lost karoo.” main soch main pad gaya ki ek sidhi sadi dikhne wali aur ekdam orthodocs family main se aane wali ladki aisa bhi soch sakti hai !!! main ne kuch der kuch nahi kaha aur gumsum uske samne dekhta raha. phir main ne kaha “Jagruti, muze ye jaan kar bahot accha laga specially tumhare vichar jaan kar baho accha laga. muze koi etraz nahi hai jab tum chao main tumhare sath chal sakta hu aur jis jagah tum kaho main aap ko le ja sakta hu. muze koi etrazz nahi hai..!!! mare dimag main bhi tumhare liye ek question hai kya main pooch sakta hu???” usne kaha “poocho” main ne kaha “Jagruti, tumhe to pata hai ki main ek shadi shuda insaan hu aur main kabhi tumhare sath shaadi nahi kar sakta. phir bhi tum ne apna poora jism mere hawale kar diya. main heran hu aisa kya dekha tumne muz main.” usne kaha “Jolly, mere poorana wala boyfriend ekdam ghtiya kisam ka aadmi tha. college main status ki wajah se main ne uske sath dosti ki thi. hamare ek bhi khayal milte nahi the. jis din main ne tumhe paheli baar dekha tab se mare man main tumhare liye ek khaas feelings develop huyi. jaise jaise main tumhare sath talk karti gayi muze bahot kuch hum do no main similar laga. aaj tak main ne kisi bhi ladke ke sath itne khul ke baat nahi ki thi jitni main tumhare sath karti thi. aur doosri baat muze pahele se hi humumra ke ladko se jyada mature ladke pasand the aur jo aap ho. aur se sub plus points ke saamne sirf ek hi negative point tha ki aap shaadi shuda ho aur aap muzse kabhi shadi nahi kar sakte. main ne is bare main kafi socha per main upne aap ko rook na saki aur natija aaj aap ke samne hai !!” main muskuraya. main ne ghadi
dekhi aur usne bhi. 8:30 hone ko aaye the main ne kaha ” Jagruti tum kapde pahan lo” phir hum do no ne apne apne kapde pahan liye aur phir main ne institute main sub thik thak kar diya. aur institue bandh karke hum nikal gaye.
Main uske sath uske gharke nazdik wale cross road tak gaya. usko drop karne ke liye. aur phir who muze bye karke chali gayi apne ghar aur main apne ghar chala gaya.
App log soch rahe hoge ye kisa aadmi hai ladki ko poora nanga kiya, uski choot to choosa, uske photo nikale aur kora ka kora hi chhod diya. uske sath sex bhi nahi kiya??. Yes friends its true, I have not fucked her on that day. But it was the most erotic evening of my life and I am daam happy about it. Though I was not able to fuck on that day. Even I was not mentaly prepared for it. And frankly speaking I was not having condoms at that time. So meri aap sub logo se ye guzarish hai ki aap ke sath bhi aisa kuch ho to please ek condom apne pass jaroor rakhna..
This is not the end of our relationship, this is just a beginning. After 10 days we meet once again at my friends flat. Even on that day I captured some Photos of her in sexy outfits given by me. In the first week of July I took her to one of the Hill station and on that day I managed to fuck her. not once or twice we have four round of sex in one day. This is all togather a different story and I will tell you this story on the basis of the response of this story.
As I have mention earliyer also that I have all these pictures of her with me starting from the first day, If any one intrested in the photographs of her please make a request on and I will send them to you. I have her first day photos with traditional white bra and floral panty, than I have captured her in red satin bra and panty, black net matrial bra and panty and taken photos in sexy red and floral thong. I have few good closeup pictures of her pussy and boobs also with me.
So friends, this is it !!! ye meri kahani hai. app log muze jaroor bataye ke aap ko meri ye kahani kaisi lagi?? do drop in few lines regarding the story. If anybody wants to make friendship with me they are welcome. any girl / ladies/ auntie / housewife want to have a friendship or similar kind or experience with me, I don’t mind. Agar aap mere sath sex ka naya anand lena chahati hai to muje contact kar sakti hai main surat main hi rahe ta hu. Kisi ko bhi pata nahi chale ga uski garantee main deta hu. safe sex is a good sex and its my motto.


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