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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi friends this is Priyanka. I am 23 years old. I am a fan of this site. I am going to share my Sex experience with you. First let me tell you something about me. I am fair mid height Bengali girl. I brought up in Durgapur of West Bengal. I leaved with my parents & sister who is 3 years older than me.


I experienced my first intercourse with me teacher when I was 15. That time I have well developed body 30-28-32. I read in a girl’s school so I & my friends had lots of curiosity about boys. I went for tuition every evening with my friends (all r girls). Our tutor was 36 years old that time. He lives with his wife & small kids. One day I went for tuition in the evening as usual but rains came in the way. My friends decide not to go to the tuition, & they went to meet their boyfriend. But as I didn’t have any boyfriend that time I decide to go to the tuition. When I reached to the tutor home I was completely wet. I rang the bell, sir come to open the door. When enter into the house I found that none had come to tuition that day. (We call him Dada as his name was Tapan, the name is changed to closed his identity). Dada started shouting at me. “You silly girl, why you came today”. Then he asks me to go to bathroom and undress. I went to bathroom and undress my self. I take one towel to dry my body. Dada knock the door & ask me to give him my wet dress, he will dry it. I gave my skirt & top to him. I hang my panty & bra in the bathroom. Then after sometime Dada asks me to come out & have tea. I wrap the towel and come out from the bathroom. I take my cup of tea from dining table, & found Dada in his bed room. He is ironing my cloth to make them dry. I ask him “where is your wife” he said she went to her mother home. I sit in the bed & start talking. Suddenly I slip my cup from my hand. Thank god it was not broken. I bend down to pick it up. I realized that as I bend my pussy is become visible for him. I look at him & yes he is enjoying the beauty! I feel shy & try to get up quickly. Oops my towel gets down as I stand up. I stand naked in front of him. He looks at me & gives me a smile. I pick up my towel & wrap it quickly. He said “thank you for showing me your beautiful body”. I feel embarrass. He said he will tell everyone about what I did tonight. I scared, & request him not to tell any body. After sometime he agreed. He said “If you do as I say then I promise you that I will not tell any one”. I agreed to do whatever he says. He asks me become naked once again. I was shocked & I disobey him. Then he come near to me & takes off my towel from my body. I was so surprised that I can’t resist him. Then he grabs my hand & pulls me near the main door. He opens the door & tries to push me out from his house. I try but can’t resist him. He pushes my out from his home & I stand naked there. Thank god it is a rainy night so none are there. I start crying & requesting him to let me enter.

After few minute he opens the door & said he will allow me to enter his home only as his sex slave. I agreed in his proposal & enter his home. He asks me to kneel down & put one hand in my pussy & one hand in my boobs. I do that. Then he ordered me say” I am a sexy bitch please fuck me & make me happy”. I said that. Then he opens his dress. My eyes saw his cock it was thick and soft (he was not having a erecting till yet) he showed me how to jerk it and I just did so as in the course of time it started to tighten and get erects. First time in my life I saw a fully erected cock of 9& ½ inch. He orders me to suck it, I refuse. He started whipping me. I start crying in pain. He grabs my head & pushes his huge cock in to my mouth. Ohhh I could not breathe!!! Slowly I start manage his cock in side my mouth. He then starts pushing it deeper in my mouth.  I start enjoying to sucking it. He said to me “ suck it you bitch suck it deeper” I was doing that after few minute some thick white juice come out from his cock  I drink all of it. I start enjoying sex by that time. Then tapan da asks me to lie down in the bed. I do that. He starts jerking his cock again by one hand. & start shouting ohhhh ahhhhhhh. He lied down over me and started to suck my nipples. He was doing it very beautifully holding my breast in his hands and sucking the nipples like a baby, it was resulting in a noise when u suck some thing. My tits really tight now and so were my nipples. He then moved down towards my pussy and started to lick it too. I was enjoying a new life. And as he started to lick my clitoris I began to moan and started to lift my lower body up as if I wanted him to bite me in my clitoris. He then positioned him and guided his dick in to my tight pussy, on a couple of occasions we was not successful as firstly I was still a virgin and my pussy was very tight, and secondly he had a very thick Dick.


Now my pussy is ready & eager to take his big cock. He slowly inserts his cock into my pussy deeper & deeper. Ohhhhhhh what an experience. I start shouting in pain “please leave me take it out “but he started moving his huge dick in side my pussy. After few minute I started enjoying it “ohhhhh yesss fuck me harder & harder”. “Fuckkk me, fuck me”. As I started to moan loudly to which he started to bang me more badly He keeps on fuck me for 10 minutes. He then removed his dick from my vagina and cummed all over me.  After that we got tiered. We lie down in the bed for some time. Then I awake up & start dressing. Tapan da give me a slap & said”you bitch how you dare try to dress in side my house” he said “you have to stay naked in my house. You whore you have to pay for this mistake. I fuck your ass.” This he made me stand and went behind me and started to press my buttocks and also from behind he would squeeze my breast very hard he then placed his dick in to my ass and inserted it. it was very pain full I was watching it all in the mirror in front of me as he was banging me from behind I was moaning very loudly now as the pain was unbearable but at the same time I it was a strange feeling of anal sex. My vagina was reacting to my ass be ripped apart. I don’t know what to say (how to describe) what I was feeling in my vagina…. but it sure was it wanted to be ripped again of the two though anal was really the one I enjoyed more cause firstly I saw my self in the mirror being taken for a ride, and that made me more horrny. As I would see him press my tits and rub my vagina in the mirror, and secondly I just don’t know why but anal was more fun. After that he grabs my hair again & brings me in the bathroom. He ordered me to kneel down. I do that. Then he starts pissing on me. He piss all over my body & said”you bitch I hope I teach you a good lesson. Next time when you enter in my house alone, if my family is out of station then don’t try to be in your dress.” I obey his order. Whenever his wife went to his native we enjoy sex many times.

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