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Priyanka & Me

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Readers, this is Atul once again. Last week I had published my story Priyanka’s Virginity, for which, I got an unbelievable reply from all of you. Thank you very much for that. Even one boy from Bengaluru had asked me the details about breaking of the men’s seal, which I described in the above story. Anyways, I will now submit the next part of another encounter with Priyanka.

After breaking the virginity of Priyanka, she had become mad for the sex and every now and then, she was calling me on my mobile and asking me to fuck her. Even at the day time. One day I told her that if her parents permit her, then we will go out of Mumbai for a weekend so that we can enjoy the sex more freely and without any tension.

She also liked the idea but was doubtful whether her parents will permit to go away as although her parents were running a business, they were from very orthodox family.

In the meantime, we were talking on the mobiles in the night for hours and used to role play. But it makes us more horny. But there was no alternative for her than finger fuck herself during role play as it was very difficult for her to take the permission of her parents to go out of Mumbai.

One fine morning, I was in deep sleep and all of a sudden my mobile rang. I picked up the phone in half sleep and seen that it was Priyanka’s call. I was little bit surprised to see her call as previous night, we had a massive role playing over the phone.

I picked up the phone and Priyanka at the other end was very much in the excited tone told me that her parents are once again going on tour and she can spare a night with me. I was also happy to hear that and told her that once her parent’s tour is finalised, we will arrange to have a weekend outing.

After 2 days, Priyanka called me up in the night and told me that her parents are leaving next afternoon for 2-3 days to Delhi. It was Friday, which means, her parents will be leaving on Saturday for 2-3 days. I told her that I will make arrangement for the trip and kept then we had our role play till 2:00 am during that night.

Accordingly, next day, I managed to book a resort near Vasai and informed her. She was just replying in hmm yes and like that. I understood that her parents must be around and hence not able to speak to me. I also told her that once her parents are off from the home, just give me a call and I kept the phone.

Priyanka called me up around 3:00 pm that her parents are off for the airport. I also informed her that I had made the booking in a resort at Vasai and she was very happy. Since Saturday & Sunday were my off days, it was not a problem for me. Also my parents had never stopped me from enjoying my weekends and I informed them that I will be going away for weekend outing with my friends.

I left the home in 15 minutes after Priyanka called me up and reached Priyanka’s home in 20 minutes. I did not go to her house but called her and told her that I am there and she should come with her bag to join me. Purposely, I was standing bit away from her home so that nobody will know that Priyanka is with me, to avaoid the problem with her parents.

In 10 minutes, Priyanka came with a sack at her back. She was in Pink coloured Punjabi suit and was looking very cute in that dress. I took her in the car and immediately left from there. We reached the resort around 5:00 pm and checked in.

During the journey, Priyanka was kissing me on my chicks and I was pressing her thighs in between. She was very excited as it was for the first time, she was away from her home with a man. As I told you, her parents are very conservative, they don’t allow her to go for the outing except her known friends to them, and that is also of course all girls.

Once we checked in to our room, I told that we should take a bath so that the journey fatigue will get over. She told yes and suggested that we should take the bath together. Accordingly, we took out all our clothes and became naked. I hugged Priyanka tightly and planted a kiss on her lips. She was shievering due to excitement and her right hand was trying to get hold of my cock.

We kissed for about 5 minutes and then I put my left hand around her neck and pressed her left boob. She gave away a soft moan and we then proceeded towards the bathroom. We had started shower and Priyanka came in my hug and started sucking my nipples. My both the hands were caresing her butts and my right hand was moving in her crack.

She was now horny and started moaning loudly. Suddenly she sat on her knees and got hold of my dick and started sucking it under the shower. I got hold of her hair by my left hand and started mouth fucking her. At first, she was chocking a bit but then within no time, she had adjusted it nicely to my 8″ cock and started giving me a nice blow job. In 10 minutes, I cum in her mouth. She gleefully accepted all my seamen and gulped it.

She continued to give me a blow job even after my first ejaculation and within no time, my cock was as hard as ever. I then pushed Priyanka in a doggy style and fucked her pussy from back. She was moaning loudly, uuuuummm hhhhhh fuck me fuck me fast. I was ramming her like a bull and her pussy was oozing with the juices.

She was nearing her orgasm and her pussy muscles tightened on my cock and she gave away a loud moan aaahhh fuck me yaar fuck me hard tear way my pussy and her juices are started coming out from the gaps between my cock and her vagina walls. But I was not done yet. I started ramming her more furiously and within no time, I was also on the virgin of my second erection. I told her that and she told me to cum in her pussy as she is carrying the i-pills.

Listening to this, I started stroking fast and shoot all my hot cum in her nice pink pussy. She was moaning and telling give me more of it honey. I want my all the holes to be filled with your juice. I said yes, this time I will fill all your holes. We then finished our bath after an hour and then cleaned each other dry. During this I was leaking her nipples and she was leaking mine.

We then came out of the bathroom and I told her that we should have something to eat. By this time, it was 6:00 pm. We then went into the cafeteria and had some light snacks. Also we informed the room service that they should bring out dinner in our room around 9:00 pm.

We finished our breakfast and I asked Priyanka about the next program. She told in a sexy voice that there will be only one program, so let’s go to our room. She hold my left hand with her right one and we then proceeded towards our room. It was a nice resort and our room was a small cottage little bit isolated from the main area of the resort. So it was very quiet and without any disturbance.

Once we reached our cottage, we closed the doors and put the Air conditioned on. We then started removing our clothes and became completely naked. I pulled Priyanka towards me and planted a kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed me to explore her tongue with mine. We exchanged our saliva and at the same time, our hands were caressing each other’s naked bodies.

I then sat on the bed and pulled Priyanka over me. She came on me and I got hold of her boobs and started caressing them. Also I started sucking her nipples and she started moaning again.

I told her to adjust her pussy on my hard throbbing cock and she sat on me on her knees and adjusted her pussy to my cock. I then gave a big thrust from below and my entire cock was inside her pussy. She gave away a loud moan and I hold her waist and started giving strokes from below. She also started reacting to my thrusts by jumping her waist up and down.

Now both of us were very horny and started doing up and down fast and furious. Her boobs were flying in the air as she was jumping on my cock. At the same time she was moaning continuously. After about 15 minutes of hard fuck, she reached her orgasm and collapsed on my chest. Her boobs crushed on my chest and she bite my earlobe. I gave away a moan and started hitting her hard by holding her butts. Now I was also reaching to my climax and because of her cum, the entire area was lubricated nice.

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