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Priya And her Grand Mother

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi this is sunny with yet another story, let me first tell you all that I’m 28 year old single, good looking and sexy guy from hyderabad. now let me describe priya too, she is 21 year old single girl wheatish color, long hairs. her booobs are like two watermelons and her swaying hips are full of flesh, the stats are 38-26-36.

I happen to see this girl in an internet café while I was sitting and chatting.she entered into the opposite cabin and took her seat. The cabins were only having curtains, due the air coming from fans, the curtains were flying all over the place.i just saw and turn towards my computer screen ad got busy. After about 5 minutes the internet connection was everybody including and her complain to the guy.the guy did something and ask everybody to check their computers.she too was checking her computer with just turning half.that made her boobs look like two mountains from side.since she was checking I also happen to see her yahoo id and kept looking at her.she too noticed that I was looking at her boobs and also her id.i just turned and logged on to my yahoo messenger. then I sent a message to her saying hi, then turn around to see her. At that moment she too turned towards and looked at me.i just nodded and told her to she understood and started chatting with me asking me why do I like to chat with her?then we kept chatting for one and half hour or so and we decided to go out and have cool drinks.during chat I came to know that she was from kerala from a middle class family.

She was in hyderabad because she is working as nurse in a hospital and was living in with her grandmother in a rented room.after finishing our drinks as she was leaving she told me that she lives very near and if I want I accompany I too went along with her to her house and her house from outside.she wanted me to come inside but I said that I will come some other day. That night I masturbated about 4 times thinking of day I went to her house at about 2p.m,she and her grandmother both were resting in the I just sat for five minutes and went back to my home. So from that day I use to go to her house whenever I feel like seeing those globes. priya’s duty was from morning 5a.m to 2p.m.once I went to her house as I passing by at 11a.m.when I knocked the door nobody opened the door,so I went around the house to check the back door.there I saw that the back door was open so I looked around then I heard noise of I went and ahead and peeped through the hole ,the old lady(grandmother)was taking shower ,completely nude.she had figure for a women of 52 year old, I stood there stunned without moving. As I was looking she took some oil in her hand and applied to her fingers and to surprise she inserted two of her fingers in her pussy and started I was looking in her an idea stuck to my mind, as I was already hard looking at her and listening to her moans.i slowly knocked on the door just a tap, she ask me who I was.when I said that its me she said ok be seated she will be back soon.

But I was so aroused that I wanted to get in the I ask her can I help you grandmother if you don’t mind,she said no its ok I will be there in a minute.then she suddenly she came out just wrapping towel around her upper body and a petticoat to cover her lower she went I too went behind her and then started to wear the blouse.then I went close to her and grabbed her stomach and told her that if you want any help in bathroom ,I could help you as I saw you what you were doing inside.she turned her head back towards me and what are you doing ?she said in a little harshly .but with one I caught her head from back pulled her towards me and took her lips in my lips and started sucking her lips.with another hand I grabbed her boob and started twisting her big long nipple.soon she gave up and started kissing me back ,taking opportunity I turned her fully towards me and bent down took her boob in my mouth and started I was sucking my hand moved towards pussy ,as my hand touched her I grabbed her pussy and fondle it little and press hard in my palm.old lady was on fire,seeing this I removed her petticoat and started playing with her she was feeling weak in her legs,so she took me to her only room where they use to sleep on floor.she sat on the bedsheet on the floor unzipped my pant and started playing with my already hard dick.she told come in between her legs and fuck her fast as it was already as she told I went between her thighs she greedily guided my dick to her entrance and told me push.with just a little push I was inside her pussy,she was damned wet inside.then she told me fuck her hard and fast,as she did not had a good fuck for last few years.she closed her and pressing her boobs and moaning sexily,my dick was ramming in very hard and my one hand was busy pinching her clit.we both were busy and lost in sex, when we finished fucking once.she told me to fuck her again with her legs closed and I placed myself at her butt and guided my dick into her pussy again and and was lost in we were fucking we realized somebody was watching us,when we saw priya was standing at the door and was enjoying the scene.

Then we stood and were trying to hide ourselves as priya was still standing and looking at us.then priya asked her grandmother as to what she was doing.why she was getting fucked at this age and how come she was enjoying so much shamelessly.this made her grandmother a little angry so she slap priya and told her that she did need not permission from someone else to get fucked as it was her body.then priya told her grandmother that she would also get what she wants without asking her. Then her grand mother came to me took my hands and put on boobs and told me to as I was doing priya too came towards us and caught her grandmother’s boobs and started in a fit of anger saying you bitch enjoy you grandmother too grabbed her her boobs and started pressing hard.when both of them did for some time, they both were aroused.taking this opportunity I went behind priya and started massaging her boobs.also I press my dick in her butt, but priya did not object my act.i made her turn towards me and started to undress her ,getting little help from grandmother.when she was all naked I laid her down and I also laid down beside her and started sucking her milky globes.her grandma was busy sucking my hard dick and with my one hand I was playing with priya’s pussy.after playing for sometime with pussy, my fingers caught her clit.then I went down in between priya’s soft thighs and kissed her lower set of lips.then I took her clit in my mouth and started sucking,sometimes biting the clit and also I was fingering her with my two fingers.

This made her moan and the room was full of sexy noise and sexy smell.then arched back as she had a big orgasm and gush of water oozes out of her pussy,as she was shouting to fuck her.then I put my dick at the entrance push inside but priya was telling it slowly as she was feeling I slided my cock into her slowly and slowly until my whole dick was inside her.once inside I started give small pushes first she was enjoying.but as I started fucking her little more faster she started to enjoy.and told fuck her hard and fast.that day I fucked priya also twice after fucking her grandmother.since that day we use to fuck everyday including her grandmother too.

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