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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

My name is Prem, yup i am totally a prem ka pujari. Let me describe my self i am 26. with an average tool of 5.5″. Little small but too useful. Satisfies any and everybody. Well lets not waste time and come on to the experience that I had six months ago.

I had an lady visiting me frequently named sangita. She was married, had two kids but her husband had left her saying that she was character less. She used to come to me for some advices. While she came to my office I alwyas used to be in front of her to see the beauty that she used to cover in the cloths. She is 29 yrs, vitals 38, 24, 38 means she was real big when the question comes for the ass. Which  I alwyas have liked. I started to make some plans to take her to my bed. So the thing started when I told her to give some exam and make some money. She came to me and said she is ready for it but unable to find the form. I immediately agreed to provide the form for her. And luckily I got one form in black and readily paid for it so that I come close to the sex bomb.

Then I called her on phone firstly said that the form is not available she should have told me earlier etc (where as I had the form in my hands) she was sad i said i cant do anything etc etc. then we kept the phone. After about half an hour i once again called her and told her that i have managed a form for her. She was excited. Then I called her to my place. But as misluck some other clients had also come over so I had to give her the form and let her go. I couldnt do anything. But I was not ready to loose so I once again called her in the night and inquired about the filling of the form. She said she was a bit confused. I said I will help you out so dont write anything that she cant understand as the form is really precious. Then she asked me about the price I said dont bother (as I knew that she will be more worth than the price of the form when she is under my bed).

She said she will come to me and I dont know how did the courage came to me and I said you can come right now (it was about 1130 in the night) she said what will I do right now and I dont know how i said anything she wants we can do. She understood my intentions and then said wait for some time. I said how much she said SABRA KA FAL HAMESHA MEETHA HOTA HAI. And then we started to talk on other topics also like my having girlfriends etc in the mean time she had opened a lot then the topic came about sex and I told her that I am still a virgin. she couldnt believe me. But later on she said that she not allow me to be a virgin any longer.

Next day she came to my office she was wearing salwar (low cut) kurta she was really looking sexy yup tooooooooo sexy. I felt PATAK KE CHOD DETA HU ISKO. PAR MUJHE APNE EMOTIOS KO CONTROL KARNA PADA as there were more people in my office. She said she will come in the evening as I was not able to pay any attention to her and went away.

I planned everything in a way that there would be no one except me in the office in the evening. She came wearing yellow salwar and kurta. (Partially see through as I could see the black bra from the back.

She came and was surprised to see that my office is empty only me there sitting in shorts and a t shirt. As soon she entered my office my tool started to get an erection. She could see that. She gave me a suspicious smile and came to sit on a chair near me. I was planning on how to start and thought came to my mind why waste time PAKAD LO AUR KISS KARNA SHURU KARO AAGE APNE AAP HO JAYEGA. As i gave this thought a thought and was going to get up to catch her one of my juniors entered my office. uffff it was GOD who saved me. Anyways I asked what is it he said some problem is there I sorted out his problem and he left. In the mean time all my excitement had gone and she also had a weired feeling on her face. So she took out the form and started to ask me the things that she was not able to understand. I started to tell her all the things. Meanwhile I also started to tocuh her here and there she did not move so I got courage and started play with her boobs which she also was enjoying. Later on when the form was complete she stood and started to move I thought oh god what the fuck. But she turned and told me that she will be coming to me once again in the night at 1000 when there is no one in my office. so that no one disturbs us. I was really glad and once again excited to hear those word from her.

SHe left. I closed the office early on the pretext that I am not feeling well. So everyoine left early. I was watching the TV and trying to kill time. but that day the time had stopped for me. Any ways some how the time was 1000 I was very eagerly waiting for her. And there she came in the same yellow dress. But this time the BRA was missing.

I came to the door welcomed her in side closed the outer door then the inner door also and when I was satisfied that now no one can distrub us I grabbed her from the back she was also waiting for the same moment. I lifted her in my arms took her to the sofa and threw her on the sofa. And also jumped on her we both started to french kiss each other everyone was trying to defeat the other ones tongue. This continued for about ten minutes. In the mean time I was also caressing, pinching her boobs. She was really too hot. Then I moved a little bit lower on her boobs which were really big in size. I tore her salwar as it was real tight and was going o take time in coming out. She was real hot by then so she also didnt bother about her dress. And there were the most beatiful pairs of breasts i had ever seen. I literally dashed on to her boobs suking and pinching them.I was sucking one and pinching the other. She was yelling things like she feels so good she has been waiting for this for a long time, she likes it, she was in every way encouraging me to eat her boobs and I was doing so. Then after about ten mineutes I moved a little lower on her NABHI I was sucking and kissing her on her stomach, NABHI and moving my hands to remove her salwar I was able to remove the salwar till her knees she took out the rest herself. And then came the real part her pink pussy. I immediately darted my tongue in her pussy and she arched herself and satrted yelling ohhhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddddd that so goooooooooood wow what a feeling she was trying to insert my full mouth by the help of her hands she was pressig my head deep as she could. She was moaning and monaning like ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss where were you why didnt i marry you you have been satisfying me in the way no one could have even thought. etc etc. I continued this for three minutes and there she came heavily in my mouth.
I drank it all. It was really great. Now it was her turn. I said to her to take my penis in her motuh and give me a blowjob to which she was hesitant I said do it and caught her and inserted my penis in her mouth she was a quick learner and was giving me the finest blowjobs of my life. And after sucking of about ten minutes I felt the presesure building in me and I was unable to control and lost and all my cum went in to her stomach as she was not in a mood to waste even a single drop of my cum. After that we lay on the sofa on each other for about ten minutes while I was playing with her boobs with my one hand and was caressing her ass with the other one and there my penis started to grow. She was surprised to see that and said she wants it her pussy now I obliged her kept her legs on my shoulder and rubbed my penis on the mount of her pussy to which  she unsuccessfully tried to hav it by moving her hips. But she couldnt and then suddenly I put my penis on the hole and inserted all the length of my penis in a one go she couldnot bear it as it was about three years since she had sex with any one. Tears came out from her eyes. I didnot bother and started to pump in and out of her pusy. After few movements she calmed down and started to help me by moving her hips rhythimically with every thrust. And also started yelling hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gooooooooddddddddddddd you hav a great penisssssss, where ahve you been, now fuck me harder yesssssssssss more  harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ohhhhhhhhh goddddddddddd this is greattttttttttttt meri choot bahut samay se pyasi hai iski pyaas ab hamesha bhujegi. and after pumping her for fifteen minutes I said I am going to come she said dont bother as I’ve alreayd cummed thrice. And said yuo can cum inside me as I am on safe medicines. And as soon as she finished her words. loads of my cum started to flow in her pussy. I lay on her. after a minute or so I moved on one side of her. And strated to say thank you very much. She said no thanks required as I have made her know what is sex. What is the limit of satisfaction. She had been dying for this kind of sex since she was 14 yrs. She also told me that her sex life was not also good as her husband when ever he liked he came, removed her cloths inserted his penis move in and out and in a few moments he was out and rolled over and slept. This is the first time she was enjoying other wise she had left the hope for the sex like this. Hearing all this Once again my penis started to grow. Seeing this she said now it is time for the bonanza i could not get her saw her in a confused sight she understood that I was not able to get her point. So she simpy rolled and placed her ass in front of me and started to massage her ass with ione hand and pointed the other one on her ass saying that this is the bonanza for you prem.

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