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Preeti Ne Peheli Baar Chudwaya

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello everybody. this is Preti. hope u guys remember me. this time I’m gonna tell u abt my second experience a foursome. Vineet was very happy at the overwhelming response received to our story. so we planned for a foursome. he had called his friend sujay n I had called Sushma.

dad n mom were as usual at their offices n as my engg was completed I used to stay at home.i had called sush for that day. sujay n vineet came from the college. we all had some beer which they had got. I had told sushma that it would be a gr8 day today n she knew that I had set her up for a real banging that day.

we came to vinny’s room n saw a xxx movie which aroused our feelings. we both got up n started doing a strip show to please them. we removed our salwars n kameez together n started fondling each other’s breasts for some time as they took out their shafts n started stroking them. sushma’s facial expressions showed that she was desperate for a fuck. vinny went to sush n removed her bra n started sucking her nipples. she was moaning with pleasure. sushma had a gr8 figure of 36 26 38 n I admired her for it. she was my lesbian teacher.

in the meantime sujay came near me n started french kissed me n explored my body from the lingerie I was wearing. I pulled out his cargo n his undies n started giving him a blowjob. His was a bigger n fatter dick than vinny’s. he stopped me in between n we both removed the clothin off our bodies. we laid on the bed in 69 n started sucking each other. vinny n sush came to the bed n laid in 69. we sucked our partners off till they came n in the process we also had orgasms.

We then told them to sit n watch us play till the got aroused again. I laid down on the bed n sush started to lick my cunt n I kneaded my breasts till I came. I then laid her down n returned her the favour. They were aroused by that time n came to us. We were ready for the onslaught. Sujay caught hold of me n put me in doggy n entered me slowly. He started off with slow strokes n increased his pace steadily.

vnny laid on the bed n sush wanted to start off.she was far more experienced than me but I didn’t know how. She climbed on top of him n started to ride him. I then turned towards vinny n we started smooching n he squeezed my breasts gently. I then had a big orgasm n sujay released me. we then exchanged our positions n I spread my legs wide for my kid bro n as always he was glad to enter me.

He inserted his dick into my pussy n started banging me. he fucked me for abt 10 mins n dropped on me. I took over then. I rode him for 6 to 8 mins n he was ready for an orgasm. I stood up n started jerking him till he released his load into my mouth. I then shared a kiss with sush so that she got vinny’s taste.

In the meantime sujay whipped sush in doggy till she released a truck load of her juices on his dick. Sujay was also building up inside n he took his dick out n released his cum on her body n some on her face. I licked her breasts n stomach clean. Sush wentto the bath to clean herself up. She came out in 10 mins n the boys were tired n lying on the bed. Sush ‘s mom called up n she had to leave. So she thanked us for the entertainment n left for her house.

I then went to the bathroom to cleanup but both the guys told me that they were left with some more to do with me. so I told them that I was all theirs n laid on the bed. Vinny started licking my pussy n sujay my breasts. I was fondling with sujay’s balls. Vinny licked me for some time n then sujay took over. Vinny came to me n started smooching me. sujay had a peculiar style of licking which made me cum even earlier than I used to.

They both wanted to fuck me the sane time n so sujay started to widen my ass hole. He put his fingers n fingerfucked my ass. Vinny laid on the bed n entered my pussy n from the top sujay entered me in the ass.They started whooping me slowly with long strokes n steadily increased the speed. My body was aching under the pressure in my 2 plugholes so I told them to stop for a moment n they obliged. They again started n this time I got adjusted for the pleasure of a lifetime taking 2 guys at a time n came very heavily. That was the biggest orgasm I ever had in my entire life.

They fucked me for abt 15 to 20 mins exchanging each other’s position, n sujay was the first to reach the climax, n he held it for another 30 to 40 seconds n took out his dick from my ass. Vinny also did the same n they started jerking off near my face n both of them exploded at the same time at my mouth. They splashed all over my face but the major portion went to my mouth n I drank the mixture of smuts happily. I licked both their dicks clean n sujay licked my pussy clean.

I went to the bath n cleaned myself up. Vinny n sujay followed suit. We dressed up n went down n sujay went home. But vinny was not totally satisfied n he wanted some more of me. so we went to my room n I undressed him n started licking vinny. But he had something else in mind n he stopped me n told me to undress. I did so n he started kissing my thighs n legs. He then started licking my pussy used to stop whenever I tightened my legs to ejaculate. This made me more n more intense n finally all hell broke loose n I exploded on his face.

He then came near my breasts n told me that he will fuck me in there. So I held them together n he started pumping between my breasts. He kept giving small gaps whenever he felt like ejaculating so that he could build it up for a long one n finally he released his huge load on my face. It came flying to my face n I had a taste of his diluted semen. He collapsed on me. I licked his dick clean n dressed up to leave. He also did the same. We both went to the kitchen n had some fruit juice to revive ourselves from the fatigue.

This was my best experience which I’ll remember for a lifetime. Thanx Vinny for all the enjoyment given to me.

I thank desipapa for the chance given to express our feelings. I have received a lot of response for my first story but I am not interested to have sex with strangers. I am satisfied with vinny very much. email :

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