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Preeti Fucked Prakash

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

I have a friend, Dipak who stays in Bhubaneswar. He became my friend because his wife is working in my office as my subordinate. He loved involving wife sucking and fucking other men’s cock. After developing confidence level He had requested me to guide him to convince his wife to agree for fucking and sucking with other men and accordingly I gave him some hints and advice, how to induce the thought in her mind and how to make her agree for it. He did his lessons sincerely and finally his wife, Priti agreed for a threesome on experimental basis and was even ready to talk to me. Dipak talked to me freely about his wife’s body and even made me acquainted about her sex habits. I could talk to Priti also and she was a bit shy at first but as we got acquainted, she opened up and we now talk freely about sex. She even described her body to me in detail and asked about mine. She was happy when I told her about the size of my cock, 9 inches.

She said she would love to have it in her nice wet cunt and also in her mouth. Once we were talking and she was telling me what she liked in sex and at the same time Dipak inserted his cock in his wife’s cunt and she moaned Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhh! He is inside my cunt Prakash ! I asked her if she would love my cock in her ass at the same time or could she suck me while her hubby fucks her. This made her very hot and she moaned on the phone and asked me to fuck her mouth. I asked if she would love big cock of mine and talked dirty to her. She moaned even louder and I could hear Dipak shout in climax with his cock spurting in his wife. Priti too climaxed and came copiously. She told me this on the phone after their lust sated. She even thanked me for spicing their sex life with my chat. This continued for 2-3 months and I became part of their sex life. Soon I got a phone call from Dipak was inviting me to her home, threesome and more. How could I refuse! I also talked to Priti about this and told her the things we would do with her and how I would love to put my cock in her cunt in all the possible positions. She was very much excited to listen to this and told me so and finally we decided to meet.

I went to home. None other than Priti with a smiling face opened the door. She was wearing Lemon yellow silk sari tightly wound around her lush body. The sari clearly showed her graceful figure and some portion of her stomach and slightly bulging belly. Since she had worn the sari below the naval, I could see her deep belly button. Now let me tell you that Priti has a nice figure with 36 D boobs and nice 36-inch solid but soft ass. Her waist was also not too fat and widened into those fantastic hips. She was about 5’2″, with whitish complexion and had smooth skin. She had nice big eyes, which you can say inviting but I say they were full of life and really talked to you. I continued to stare at her body and slowly traveled upwards to her breasts. The blouse was of same matching color, sleeveless, low V-cut with broad back-cut.

I could see her smooth shapely arms. Her 36D boobs peeked from the low-cut blouse and smiled at me inviting me to hold them and make love to them. She had thin lips and had put dark, brownish lipstick making them look hungry for me. She had put round earrings that were swaying with every move of her. I list looked at her and forgot about the presence of her husband Dipak in the room. I woke from the dream as Dipak coughed and made me aware of his presence. He said, “Hey Prakash ! Welcome to our den. I saw you totally engrossed looking at my wife. Did you like her? She is really dressed for you. Go on look at her and admire her charms. She loved to be admired. Isn’t she inviting today?” As per his wish I went near Priti and looked at her angelic body. She looked sexy and smelled all sex.

I did not know which perfume was this but surely it made the situation exciting. I saw her sari clad body and went around her to admire her from all angles. Her smooth stomach and fleshy belly were inviting me. I could tell that her ass was soft and tight. I went near Priti held her hands. She smiled at me and looked at her husband with grateful eyes, thanking him for this. I pulled her towards me and she jumped into my arms. Her soft boobs pressed into my chest. I held her close to me and my hands roamed on her back coming down and resting on her soft ass. She sighed and clung to me pressing her body against me and moving her hand to my cock. With this my cock sprang to life and struggled to get free. Dipak clapped his hands and getting up from the couch and coming to us, “Ohh Prakash ! I am dying to see this. My wife in the arms of a third person! Look how excited she is! Prakash you have fulfilled my fantasy and now let’s get on with it. My wife is yours for today and you can fuck her pussy, ass and mouth and do anything you wish with her body. I will join you soon. Go ahead and enjoy now. Come on let me undress her for you. Come here Priti! Show Prakash your body. Show him how nicely you can fuck him. Come on Priti!”

Priti took my hand and we both went near her husband. Dipak removed the pin that held her pallo in place and her pallo fell down showing me the two big melons of pleasure encased in the fabric and the black bra. Dipak pulled the pallo and the sari began to unwind. Priti turned around with the sari and showed me her body from all the angles. Finally she stood before me only in her blouse and petticoat. I could see that she was wearing matching black panties that showed over the petticoat. Dipak unhooked the blouse and threw it on the floor. Her big bra clad boobs stood before me proudly.

Dipak held those two melons in each hand and showed me, “Prakash ! These are my wife’s boobs. See how big they are. Aren’t they succulent? These globes are sensitive too Prakash . Here let me bare them for you.” And he removed the black bra, “See these Prakash ! See her boobs. See how big her areolas and the nipples are! Wow! Aren’t they long and thick? Feel them for me Prakash . But before that let me show you the real treasure of my wife, her cunt.” Dipak removed her petticoat and then her black panties. I took the panties from him and smelled them. WOW she had all her cunt-juice soaked in the panties! And she smelled nice. Dipak patted his wife’s ass cheeks and called me near Priti. He asked me to hold her right boob while he held the left one and kneaded it. I held the soft boob in my hand and rubbed my palm all over the boob flesh. Her skin was smooth and soft and my hand slid easily over it. Dipak watched me kneading her boob and was very much excited and pressed her boob in his hand with all his force. Priti moaned and asked him to do it slowly.

“No Priti ! Feel the pain when you want pleasure. Ohhh Prakash how I longed to see this! Ohh God; you are kneading my wife’s naked boobs right in front of my eyes! Feel his hands on your boobs Priti! Feel the pleasure as I watch this. You wanted it too! Didn’t you! So have it fuck! Fuck! Ohhh God! Prakash ! Come on Prakash undress! Show my wife your big hard cock. Show her you’re 9-inch Lund! Come on! See that cock Priti. It’s yours for today. Fuck it, suck it or do whatever you wish! Take it Priti!”

“YES Dipak watch me getting my boobs rubbed! Ohh Prakash ; knead my boobs! Suck on my nipples! Eat my breast! Ohhhhhhh GOD! I can’t believe this happening. Come on Prakash show my hubby how good you can do it.” With all this encouragement I caught both the boobs of Priti and pressed them with all my might. My fingers sank in the soft flesh and Priti moaned with delight. Her nipples sprang to life and started to grow hard. They were about 1 inch long and thick too. They stood proudly over the breasts. I took one hard nipple in my mouth and chewed on it. It was spongy and I bit it softly with my teeth and felt the nipple grow even harder. I wondered how big it would grow. I did the same to the other nipple and Priti gasped urging me to bite it and eat it. Dipak was now naked and he signaled me to remove my clothes. I was naked within minutes and my cock was rock hard and stood to greet Dipak’s wife. Dipak called me and asked me to kneel in front of his wife’s cunt, asking me to watch it from close distance. I went near Priti and sat near her feet and looked right into the fleshy cunt. Dipak had spread the cunt lips and was showing me the pink cunt hole.

“Watch my wife’s cunt Prakash ! See how thick her labia are! Aren’t they thick and fleshy? See the inner part of the cunt. Ohh! It’s sticky with cunt juice for you. She really gets excited fast, and with your cock pointing at her she is even wetter. Ohh God! She is so hot! Her cunt is like a furnace. Ohh God! Here is my wife spreading her legs and showing her cunt to another man while I watch. Ohh come on Prakash feel the cunt of my wife. Lick it. Suck it and then fuck it.”

“Ohh Dipak! I am so excited! I am showing my cunt to Prakash while you watch. Ohh GOD! Come on watch me getting licked by Prakash . Ohhhhhhh! Prakash ; come on lick my pussy. Show my husband how you love to lick it. Ohh Yes! My cunt is flowing! Se this cunt juice on my thighs. Ohh God! Suck my pussy !”

Now I put my hand on her cunt and started exploring it. I pushed my finger into the opening and felt the cunt juice on my hand. Priti sighed and spread her legs wider for easy access. I then put my mouth to the nice smelling pussy and sucked in the fleshy labia. Priti jumped and pushed her cunt more on my face, trying to rub as much as she could. Lot of cunt juice smeared on my face and I licked whatever I could. Then I moved my tongue all over the engrossed slit and felt the taste. Her cunt juice tasted nice and salty. I had to slurp on it to swallow the honey and more flowed in. I moved my tongue to the upper side of the slit, feeling the clitoral hood and trying to locate the love bud, the clitoris. I felt a small cock like thing peeping from the hood and I put my tongue on it. Priti jumped and shuddered with the sensation.

Ohhh Prakash ! She is very sensitive there! So do it carefully. She may turn nymph if you excite her more and it will be difficult for both of us to satisfy her. Ohh watch the clit coming out Prakash . Suck on it and show me how much you can excite her.” I moved my tongue lightly over the clit and felt it throb with excitement. Her clit stood about ½ inch. It was fleshy and suck able. I applied my lips to her clit and moved them lightly over the entire length. Priti moaned loudly and moved her ass to make better contact. I then slowly sucked in the clit and licked it with my tongue holding it between my lips for support. She received dual pleasure and I felt her body convulse and she came calling
Dipak and me. “Ohh Dipak I am coming! Ohh Prakash you made me come just by licking my clit. Ohh God! It’s wonderful! Come on Dipak press my boobs and make me come stronger. Oh God. I have two males pleasuring me and one of them is my Husband. I am so lucky to be his wife. Ohh God! Lick my clit! Rub my boobs. Iiiiiiiiiiiii ammmmmm ccccccooommmiiinnnnggggggggggggg! Oooohhhhhhhggggggg ggooodd ddddddd!” Ahhhhhh………..uuuuurrrrrgggghhhhh…..oooooooo…mar gayi…oooh bhai…chud gayi….main jar rahi hooon…….Prakash …jor se…..behnchod phad de..chod le…oooohhhhh jhareeeeeeee Priti bilakh rahi thee. Mera lund bhi ek foware ki tarah chhoot pada.

And we could see Priti’s legs tremble and Dipak had to support her ass he came. I never saw any woman coming so strong. No doubt that the presence of her husband and his watching did all the wonders. Readers! It’s a pleasure to watch and being watched and I know many love it but don’t come forward with it as Dipak did. Be bold men! Dipak put his wife on the floor to allow her to rest for some time. The cunt juice had flown on my face and some of it was dripping from my chin. Priti’s thighs were covered with the cunt juice too and Dipak licked every drop of it and then putting his mouth to the cunt of his wife he licked away all the cunt juice and then kissed her. The husband and wife exchanged the fruit of nice orgasm and their tongues rubbed against each other’s. Dipak then offered her wife to me for a kiss. I caught her head and kissed her, smearing the cunt juice all over her chin and lips. Priti opened her mouth to allow my tongue to explore her own. Dipak watched us kiss and went to his wife’s dripping pussy. He put his cock in the cunt of his wife and asked me to excuse him, as he had to come fast.

He pushed his nice sized cock in his wife’s cunt and started to fuck her. Priti moaned at this and bucked her hips, meeting the thrusts of her husband. I watched this special lovemaking and admired the love each one had for another. Priti was still kissing me and her hands traveled to my cock .She held my cock in her soft hand, rubbing it as her husband fucked her. ” I say I want to fuck you doggie fashion. I love your ass. Kneel on the sofa, please!” With that I flung her over the back of the sofa and from the rear, I entered her pussy. She squealed and screamed, “Oh my God, it’s so big, oh, oh, uh, mmmmnn, aagggg, oh shitttttt…!!! Yessss, fuck me, fuck me with your big fat cock, feels so good, oh yes!!! That’s it fill me up, don’t stop Prakash. I love your big dick; my husbands’s cock is not even half of it, yessss!! Oh, oh, my goddddd!!”

Dipak was watching us and fucking his wife. He wanted his wife to do more than just kiss and he instructed her, “Come on Priti ! Rub that big hard cock! Take it in your mouth and suck it while I fuck your cunt. Ohhh God! I can’t believe it happening! See how big the cock is grown. Come on suck it, swallow the rod! Let me see your mouth full of the cock. Ohhh Yessssssss! Suck Prakash ‘s cock! Suck him!”

“YES my dear hubby! I am here to oblige you. Do you like to see me suck another man’s cock? Yes I know you love it! Come on watch me suck Prakash ‘s cock and fuck me with that cock of yours. Come into my cunt! Here I am sucking his cock! Watch me!”

And Priti pushed her open mouth over my cock, taking in about 4 inches of it in one smooth motion. She moved her tongue on the underside of my cock and tickled it. My cock swelled inside the wife’s mouth and I urged her to sallow more of my cock meat. I took her boobs in my hands and kneaded the massive globes, mashing the flesh with all my strength. Priti moaned over my cock and her eyes smiled at me. Now Priti had about 2/3 of my cock in her mouth and my cock head touched her throat. Dipak was now fucking his wife fast and deep making her move her ass faster and at the same time her mouth moved faster over my cock. Her hands caught my balls and she played with them, rolling them in her palm tenderly.

I caught her nipples and massaged them and she went wild! Dipak was now coming and shouted his wife’s name as he came, “Ohh Priti I am cccommiinnnnggggggggg! Take my come in your womb! Ohhhhhhh the sight of you sucking Prakash ‘s cock made me come fast! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhaaah! Ahhhhh! Here I commmmmeeeeeeeee!” And Dipak lay on Priti’s body, exhausted. His cock came out of Priti’s cunt and he lovingly wiped his come and then licked her cunt, tickling her clit with the tip. Priti pushed her legs up instantly and Dipak signaled me to mount his wife and slid away. I took position in between Priti’s thighs and poked her cunt with my cock, finding the fuck hole. I pushed my cock slowly, feeling the soft cunt walls as it went in. I moved my cock from side to side as I slowly fucked Priti and let her cunt walls feel my cock. It sort of churned her cunt as a mixer does. Priti moaned with delight and moved her ass from side to side, holding me tightly in her hands and mashing the big tits on my chest. Dipak had taken place near the legs of his wife and was watching intently as my cock slid in and out of his wife’s pussy. He was cheering us and asking me to fuck his wife deeper with all of my 7 inches of cock meat.

Priti too looked at her husband as she bucked her hips and moaned, “Ohhhhhh! Dipak! Watch me take that cock in my pussy! Ohh I love it! I enjoy it while you watch! Come on watch me fuck the cock. Ohhhh Ggooooodddd! Fuck me Prakash ! Fuck my cunt! Fuck meeeeeeee! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Your cock feels so big inside my cunt Prakash ! Let your balls bang at the cunt gate! Push that entire wonderful dick in my cunt! Fffuuuccccckkkkkk meeeeeeee bastard!”

I had all of my cock inside the cunt and was fucking her fast and deep. Puchh …. Puchh …. Puchh …. Puchh …. Puchh …. Puchh …. Puchh …. aaaaaaaaah…….. Puchh …. aaaaaaaaah…….. Puchh …. aaaaaaaaah…….. Puchh …. Aaaaaaaah…….aaaaaaaaaaaah ………aaaaaaaaah…… Sound produced when I am fucking the bitch Priti in front of her husband.

Dipak now came near his wife and started to suck on her hard nipples, chewing them with his lips and kneading the other at the same time. I asked Priti to be on her hands and knees without removing my cock from the pussy. Priti adjusted pulling her leg out and then getting on her hands and knees and thrusting her ass high up at me. My cock slid deeper in this position and I could knead her ass cheeks as I fucked her. Her massive tits now hung free and were swaying with each of my thrust and Dipak loved watching this. He lay near his wife and watched as my cock slid in and out of her cunt. As my cock came out, Priti’s cunt walls were coming out too, giving the cunt the appearance of flesh-tube. Dipak loved this and urged me to hold his wife’s ass cheeks as I fucked. I held the big ass cheeks in each of my hands and my hand sank in the soft flesh.

I also hit her ass cheeks as I fucked, making her jump and beg for more. I spanked her ass and she enjoyed it very much. Dipak went below his wife and looked up at her cunt, looking at my cock sliding in and out of his wife’s cunt. Soon Dipak too was hard and he asked Priti to suck his cock while she fucked my cock. Priti took her husband’s cock in her mouth and sucked on it, making it harder and harder. Priti was showing signs of orgasm and I fucked her deep and fast, making her climax on my cock. She spat out Dipak’s cock and took deep breath as she came, “Ohhh Iiiii ammmm coming! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck meeeeeeee! Cccmiiinnng!” Priti came and I felt her cunt spasm over my cock, sucking it deeper and milking it faster. Her body jerked and her ass vibrated as she came hard. Dipak watched this and smiled. His face looked contented with look of satisfaction on his wife’s face. With this he was hard again and mounted his wife, pushing his cock deep in her slippery cunt. I looked at the couple fucking and could see all the love and affection they had for each other.

With the feeling of her husband’s cock Priti cried loudly with lust and pushed her cunt over his cock. The fucking of husband was different! It was an act of love and they embraced each other as they fucked. Priti had held Dipak tightly and I could see their bodies as one. Dipak fucked his wife fast and short and I could see all foam at the junction of the cock and cunt. It was all my come churned by Dipak and the cunt was very much opened up for any size of cock. Priti’s nipples were very hard and stood up proudly. I could not resist suckling on them and shouting at Dipak to fuck his wife faster and deeper. Dipak shouted that he was coming and sprinkled his juice in the cunt of his wife and lay still on her prone body, kissing her and fondling her breasts.

With all that show in front of me, I got a hard on too and I made Priti doggy and inserted my cock in her cunt. Her cunt was now very loose and she took my 9 inches easily. I fucked her cunt, moving my cock in and out and asked Dipak to lick her clit as I fucked his wife. Dipak came below his wife and pushed his tongue on the clit. Sometimes his tongue would flick over my cock and it felt wonderful. Priti was bucking her hips as I fucked her and felt her husband sucking at her clit. This double pleasure made her come instantly and she pushed her ass back on my cock and her cunt spasm in the strong orgasm. Dipak was glued to his wife’s clit and his mouth moved as Priti came, with the movement of her ass. I came too and deposited my come in the still dripping cunt of Priti.

I wanted to take Priti ’s ass. Dipak had opened it for me. I asked him to change places with me and he obeyed. Now she rode her husband while I entered her ass. My fat meat stretched her ass wide and she cried,” Nooooo…yessssss…ohhh my god….it hurts….noooooo…fuck me…fuck mee” I began to hump slowly. My big cock was finding it hard to move in her tight ass.

Priti moaned excitedly and helped us both to fuck her ass and pussy. She was using her hand to fondle my balls.

“Mmmpphhh, Mmmmppphh, Mmmmppphhh,” she moaned repeatedly as I reamed her tight ass with my piston. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her ass deep “Aaagggh, Fuck meeeeeee…aaaaahhhh!” Ummphhhfff… Ummphhff Innnnnnnnnnn meeeee…Prakashssssssss…gimmmmmmeeeee…mmmmffff…it…outtttmffhf…… mmmfhhh…cummmmminnnnn…meeeeee.” She was groaning with lust. Priti aab puri masti mein thi aahhhhh baas yun hi chodo haaannn yun hi chodo mujhe uuuffff aaaah aur ahhhhh aur hh aur chodo…iissitarah chudai karo meri oofffhahhh” Tu hi mera mard hai…Tu hi mujhe maa banayega…Mere bachon ka baap banega…Tera jijja to bas naam ka hi pati hoga…Mera asali pati to mera bhai hoga….Chod dal aaj….Phad dal meri choot…..Bahut pyasi hoon main!!!”

I’M CUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG. We lay on each other’s body and Dipak was contented to see us both come and were satisfied. This was their dream and it was now fulfilled.

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