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Prakash Bhaiya Ki Biwi

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello desi fans I am Priya, a 46y old lady with still sexier figure than that of other woman of my age. My whole life has been a sex saga. My incest story is a unique one. If you consider it by definition, the beginning wasn’t incest in true sense but as per social norm it was the best incest. We lived in a huge ancestral mansion wherein there were about 11 houses. My parents were the heirs and owner. All those lived in those houses were our tenants. Ours was the biggest house.

There were about 12-13 other children in the age group of 3-15 years. The oldest was Prakash Bhaiya, who was son of the family that lived closest to our house. He was like Big B of all children and everyone liked him very much as he was very friendly, who spent time with us entertaining, playing, and teaching us. He was our friend, teacher, guide, entertainer and everything.

He took our homework; he taught us hundreds of games, swimming, etc. In fact, we never needed another tutor for tuition. He had a solution for our problems and had an answer to all childish queries. He was intelligent and helping too. Even our parents and older people liked him as he was the most knowledgeable and dependable boy.

I was 4 years old when he was about 18. As I was only child to my parents, on occasion of ‘Rakhi’ I used to cry because I didn’t have a brother to tie Rakhi as did other girls to their brothers. That year, my parents called Prakash Bhaiya and asked me to tie Rakhi to him. He obliged happily too. Every year I used to tie Rakhi on his wrist and do ‘arati’. He used to give me chocolates, kiss me and pamper me a lot.

There were only 4 girls in that building. I being youngest and only daughter of the landlord much pampered. There was another reason – which of course I realized later – why I was pampered much was that I was very cute and also had sexy looks. Prakash Bhaiya was my favorite too as he pampered me a lot. I hung around him most of the time.

My parent’s house was two storied and the top floor was mostly used by children to play and study. If the lights weren’t put on there used to be some darkness in the rooms there.This Prakash Bhaiya is the hero of my sex saga. It all began when I was about 6 years old. Though many children often hung around him at times I used to be alone with him. On one of such occasion one day, on the upper portion of my house, while I was playing on his lap I detected a huge bulge in his pant, “Hey, Bhaiya! See what it is!” I wondered.It’s a funny toy, baby” he said, “would you like to see it?”

I just looked his face with my wide open eyes. I only knew it was something that was forbidden. Without waiting for my response he opened the zip of his pant and took out his dick and showed me. I just gave a blank look though the huge, brown meat roll fascinated me. “Don’t be afraid, just touch it and feel. It’s neither dangerous nor dirty”.Hesitatingly, I touched his throbbing dick with my finger tip and quickly pulled back.

The he took my hand and made me hold it in my fist. “See there is still some funny thing”, he said and pulled my fist down. “Wow!” there was that glowing, conical, head of his penis red like cherry. By then, we heard some noise and he pulled his pant. We went down as our parents were calling us for lunch. On the second occasion, he showed his limp penis to me and asked me to hold it in fist and watch how it became big.

He demonstrated his dick as if it were a new toy. I started developing some interest now. I asked him why it is like that and why I don’t have one. He explained me many things about penis. All boys have it while all girls have a pussy – he pulled my panty and explored my pussy. He explained that boys use their penis to insert inside the girls’ pussy when they are grown up. This gives lot of pleasure to both and so on. I asked him if he would insert his penis in my pussy.

He then said, “Your pussy is too small for my pee, when you grow up we will do that. Till then we can only play with each other like this. Remember, you should never let others know about it.” I didn’t understand everything then but such occasions kept coming often and I gradually started understanding few things. As he was older and my favorite person I just co-operated him and never let anyone know about it.

Another two years passed in this way. My father died and only three females I, my Mom and my aunt (father’s sister) remained at our home. My aunt was a spinster of about 37 years old. She couldn’t marry because of some family problems at home, unknown to me. She was fair and good looking woman and was working as a teacher in a primary school.Our sex games were going on and we often used to discuss about sex. Innocently, once I told him, “I wish I were a grown up girl. I could have taken your pee in mine. I want to see how it feels.”

“You will have to wait for few more years, my little baby. I don’t want to force it and hurt you.” He thought for a while and told me “Well, if you want to see how sex is done I have an idea.” “What?” I asked. I will do it with your aunt but you will have to do what I say and help me.” Sometimes, Bhaiya used to ask me about my aunt – whether I have ever seen her pussy or her boobs? How did it look? He wished he could see her nude, etc.

I was scared a bit when aunt was involved in our sex discussion. He assured me there won’t be any problem if I did exactly what he said. I agreed. Within few days he brought couple of tablets and told me to dissolve it in water or milk that her aunt drinks at bed time but of course without her knowledge. So, I did at that night. He came when all were slept. I opened the door without making noise and took him to my aunt’s room. Bhaiya made some noise and shook my aunt.

She was fast asleep. He told me to sit on a chair and watch what he did. He straightway mounted on my aunt and kissed her everywhere, then caressed her, squeezed her boobs for few minutes. By now his dick was rock hard. He gently pulled her gown upwards. Her pussy was exposed as she didn’t wear a panty. He lifted and widened her thighs. He pulled his burmuda and his solid dick sprang up. He straight way penetrated my aunts pussy. There was some resistance as she was still a virgin.

He gave jerks and pushed his penis inside her cunt inch by inch. My aunt groaned 2-3 times but didn’t wake up. He moved his hips in such a way that his penis went in and came out. He kept thrusting for may be around 20 minutes. I was curious and watched silently though I didn’t feel any excitement at that age. Then Bhaiya became stiff and thrust deep inside my aunt’s pussy for about 12-15 times.

Then he laid on her for couple of minute before pulling his limp organ out. There was some blood on my aunt’s pussy and his dick. He wiped everything clean, pulled her gown as it was before. Then he kissed me, warned me not to tell anyone, thanked for what I did and went home. I didn’t think my aunt could realize what happened with her at night.

Next day, Bhiaya asked me what I felt about entire episode. We discussed about all that happened. In next 8-9 months period he fucked my aunt about a dozen times with my help as before. The incidence cause more curiosity in me about actual experience. Not knowing consequences, I was ready to fuck him but he was kind enough to refuse. He asked me to wait for few years. We continued playing with each other’s parts whenever we got an opportunity.

Now, licking and sucking also happened about half a dozen times during this period.When I was 9 Bhaiya left town for his further college studies. I had to part with this wonderful companion. I felt very nostalgic and missed him a lot. I felt much disappointed when he didn’t even turn up for that Rakhi. I didn’t eat anything on that day. When he visited after couple of months my parents told him how I missed him.

He hug me and consoled me telling that he missed me a lot too but we have to bear until his studies are over. I felt a little relief when he promised he would visit every Rakhi fest without fail. He kept his promise for next 6 years. He used to come only on Rakhi day and used to return within 3-4hours. We hardly got any time to talk freely. There was no chance for sex talk or so. As I started maturing my innocence, dependence and childishness reduced and I developed shyness too.

He returned home after he finished his final exams. I was 18 and was having periods since last 2years. I was not anymore a child now. I understood much about sex and had feelings too. All that happened in childhood was child’s play and to be forgotten. We were interacting like good neighbors now. Used to talk together about general topics, my school, etc. I used to ask my difficulties to Prakash Bhaiya and he always taught me.

Meanwhile, I had developed some interest in reading stories and novels. So, he often gave me story books and novels. As we started interacting and spending more time talking we became closer day by day. Yet, sex related things were out. Probably, both were hesitant especially because I had grown up. I didn’t know about Bhaiya but my sexual feelings for him were increasing as days passed. Our attachment for our parents was such that they felt we are like real siblings.

As usual once again Rakhi fest came and I called Bhaiya to tie Rakhi. After tying Rakhi and ‘Arati’ he told he has a special gift for me. I curiously asked to show it but he held it in his fist and teased me. When I rushed to open his fist he ran around the hall. As I chased him he ran upstairs where we played in childhood. I chased him upstairs. When we reached a bed room there he raised his fist high in the air. He was 5’11” and I 5’3”. I couldn’t reach him. In the excitement I jumped and put my arms around his neck. I tried to reach his fist hanging to his neck.

My breasts pressed and rubbed hard on his chest, my nipple became erect. I hung few more minutes and touched his crotch with my thigh. Suddenly we both blushed and looked deep into each other’s eyes for few seconds I pushed him back and jumped away from him. As I was unable to get the gift I stepped away pretending anger. He quickly pulled me holding my hair. I lost balance and fell on him. My ass hit his dick which was already hard. I was trying to escape.

He pulled me close again, put his left arm around my chest and squeezed my right boob before I could understand what is happening. Simultaneously, with his right hand he reached my crotch and quickly rubbed my cilt. I was spellbound for couple of moments but as I realized what happened I blushed and ran. Suddenly Bhaiya grabbed me, turned my face to him, hugged me tight and started kissing me all over.

I couldn’t resist anymore and responded. He lifted me and dropped on the bed. We hugged, kissed and caressed. When we were heated up we removed each other’s cloths quickly. He showed me his rock hard dick and said, “This is your special gift, my sweet little baby. Now you can take it inside you.”I watched with excitement. “I was waiting for this moment desperately.” I said.

He mounted on me and straightway rammed his tool inside my wet cunt. It went an inch inside. He rammed again and again. His hard and hot tool made its way inside me. It was painful but turned into pleasure as he trust 4-5 times. He kept thrusting in my pussy furiously. It felt so good. It was a new but heavenly experience for me. After about 15 minutes I felt a surge of blood inside my body.

I could sense nothing but the pleasure. Body became stiff and I felt spasms in my cunt. His dick bathed in my cunt juices. He kept stroking me for about 30 minutes and then he spurt his jizz inside my cunt. Meanwhile, I climaxed twice again.On relaxing I smiled and asked, “Was that a special gift from a brother to his sister on the day of Rakhi? ” Bhaiaya gave a nasty smile and replied, “Of course, my sweet heart. How did you like it?”Simply awesome.” I said.

Then onwards we had sex often. “How would I live without you, Baiya?” I purposely continued calling him Bhaiya. It gave me a kind of pleasure.
Well, we will get married” he said.Is that possible?” I wondered, “Will our parents agree?”I will manage with my parents. It will be more difficult to convince your parents but not impossible.” I just looked at him with a doubt. You will have to be firm on marrying me. You have to say so obstinately whenever needed. Can you…?” He asked.

Yes, sure” I said. Well then rest of the things I’ll manage” He assured. Both families liked both of us. They had seen us as brother and sister. Now they had to digest this sudden change in our relation. But as Bhaiya said he managed his parents’ resistance and finally they made up their mind. My Mom and Aunt couldn’t take it easy. How a brother and sister could marry? Bhaiya told them that sibling relation was force on us by them only while it was not our choice.

Though we didn’t object to their wish we never lived like brother and sister. This situation continued for few months. Meanwhile, I had missed my periods for about 4 months. When my parents realized this they were worried. Bhaiya told the best solution for this situation now was our marriage. After lot of resistance my Mom gave in as there was no other choice. Bhaiya also assured them he would let me complete my education.

Ultimately, we so called brother and sister got married to each other. Even after marriage I continued calling my husband Bhaiya but not in front of others. I liked to call him Bhaiya more especially when we romanced or fucked. I became a subject of gossip for some time in town as I got married at very young age and gave birth to a baby boy too. People really were not much aware of our earlier sibling relation.

So, for them our marriage didn’t appear to be a problem. Being sexy girl some boys felt bit disappointed.My married life was wonderful. As both of us were horny we fucked a lot in all positions.Few days after marriage, once I asked my husband, “I was pregnant so you could blackmail my parents for our marriage. But you had fucked my aunt earlier. What if she had become pregnant?”

He smiled mischievously, “Darling, I had made you pregnant intentionally so that I could marry you but when I fucked your aunt I took care not to make her pregnant.” Occasionally, he continued fucking my aunt as he did before with my help. I didn’t mind helping fulfill his desire as long as he loved me.

After 4 years I gave birth to my second son. No one knew then this will start another chapter of incest in my life. I will write and post this new story for you soon but meanwhile, don’t forget to write your feedback on this story.

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