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Power Of Ayurvedic

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi pals, this story is real & lengthy just have a patience. My name is suresh I am an average guy but at sex point of view I am very very strong man. My age is 24y & still studying. Our family is mild class family staying in Hyderabad. When I was doing my intermediate my uncle & aunt (suma) were shifted to Hyderabad. My uncle is business man &he does regular journeys on his business work, he married two women. Suma inspit of having two sons & a girl, she looks like a young girl& she has knowledge over ayurvedic medicine.

In this first I don’t have any desire on her but, on one day  when I was returning from play ground(which is very far from my house) to home I saw that suma( my aunt ) is moving with a person  in autorikshaw. On that day my uncle went to Delhi & children went their grand ma house. After finishing my dinner my mother said that “ go and sleep in your uncle’s home because uncle & children  are not there & in your  presence  aunt will get security” after listening my mother words I agreed& went to my uncle’s home.

In the (uncle’s) house  nobody was there except my aunt after chitchatting with her we both went to sleep on the same bed ( since my childhood she is watching me that’s why she  realized me as child  & I don’t have any sexual desire on her)In the sleep I got a dangerous dream & I suddenly got up at that time the clock is showing 1:30 in the mid night. After drinking water I gazed suma she was in a deep sleep her saree was lifted up to mid of her thighs & her pallu was on the bed & her breast is fighting very hard to come out of the blouse. Her blouse hooks are tight and barely holding on the blouse. Her bare stomach is beautiful and moving up and down slowly to her breathing rhythm. By seeing her half exposed body I lost my control & my dick grown up in full size 7”. (Let I describe to you how she looked, she was about 5’7 in height her figure was 36 25 36)& know I can able to see her naval, thigh & the full shape of breast. On that movement I have decided that I will copulate with suma on this bed only where she always was copulated I want to touch each & every part of her. Second by second my intensions & desires are becoming strong & I have decided not to wait further so I laid on the bed & slowly I moved to her to hug (just like in the sleep) & I hugged her from back slowly I moved my hands to breast now my each & every part is touching her & hands are on her without any movement (she will not take rest in the afternoons that’s why she was in deep sleep)

I am sure she will not accept if I propose her to copulate , so I want to continue like this only, slowly I unzipped my paint, pulled down my underwear pulled out my hot rigid cock & I placed my cock between her thighs & started giving jerks it continued to 10 minutes after that suddenly she woke up in shock . Hooo my god I nabbed red-handedly at that time I am not getting any words. She gazed me very angrily in to my eyes & whole body (at that time my cock is in my hand). Suddenly I said that ” If you say this my parents then I will say to uncle that daily your moving with a person “  my uncle was very very angry man he will not tolerate this type of altitude.” (In my heart I thought that I am finished) with in a second I dressed up. A calm & silence movement went up for while. With in minute suma said “ please don’t say any thing to your uncle & I will not say any  thing to your parents “.( Then I understood every thing that suma is maintaining a boy friend, so I decided to take the chance in my mind ) after listening her words I said that “ I want to enjoy with you this whole night “, she said “ you’re just a adolescent, if you do sex with me your health will spoil “ I said “ you have any virus “, she said “ no…….. but adolescent don’t have the strength in sex if they participate in sex then they suffer a lot with health problems “, I said “ then what to do, who should I fulfill my desire” , she said” show me your cock “, then I pulled my cock out of paint & kept that on her hands , by holding my cock in her hands she said” see your cock has not enough strength to fuck just you have to wait 6 months more to fulfill your desire “. I thought in my mind that she is discouraging me & she want to escape  so I decided  not to loose the chance  & said that “ okay… aunty I don’t  fuck you I want to see you naked & will satisfy myself by touching , squeezing  and suck licking your breasts & pussy”, I thought that she will not agree to  this proposal . but she said “ ok” & she held  my hand pulled me into her hug, by looking in to my eyes  suma said “ I love you my sweet nephew I want to enjoy sex with you forever so I want to build you in such a way so that you will get strength to fuck 24/7    continuously so please cooperate with me I will give you a ayurvedic medicine you take this for 5 week, then you will get strength in sex “ then I said “ you want to escape from me that why you are saying like this I don’t want to loose this chance I want to enjoy this , after that I will follow your word “ she said “ ok, but don’t loose you sperm” then I slowly  held her shoulders & lifted her to standing oh my god she not saying  “NO” to my action, still my heart is shivering whether she will she no or …. Slowly I hold her pallu & removed her saree she was wearing red saree she did not objected. And I kissed her lips. She gave me GREEN signal by opening her mouth. I kissed SUMA on inserting my tongue inside her mouth and keep exchanging saliva for 8-10 minutes. On holding me tightly she also kept on sucking my saliva. Then I remove her blouse first. In black bra her balls was looking marvelous. I started kissing her stomach, neck, lips and etc just like mad and hungry man. Her body was really slimmed and very beautiful Kept on caressing her body and licking I removed her bra. My God, a round shaped, firm breast with pink nipple was before my eye. I got mad and on taking her breast in my hand I started squeezing and with finger start giving slow message on her nipple head. Suma now getting excited and started moaning. Then on taking nipple in mouth I started sucking her breast vigorously. Till another 30 minutes I sucked her both the breast THEN I removed her underwear. She was naked before me now. She is just like a complete young girl with slimmed body, firm breast and milky white in color. I was getting mad to see a naked woman before me. In no minutes I too removed my clothes and took her in my arms. She was like a little girl sitting in my lap. She first saw my whole body and asked me that first she want to feel my body with her hand and eyes

I lay down on bed and then she started to caress my body and on reaching my hairy chest she started to caress her finger between the chest hairs for some time

I told her to lie on bed and making her leg wide I saw a full glance of her pussy which was little and crack length was short. With finger I make open the crack. Reddish pussy opening was before me. Her vagina is still dry I inserting my index finger into her vagina & I started finger-fucking it did not take long before I could feel her juices oozing out as I increased my rhythm. I kept finger fucking her for a while & I inserting my tongue in her deep of pussy & started to suck and lick inside her pussy. She was moaning with great excitement and she was moaning and enjoying the pleasure.

Once again I kissed her and from breast, naval and start licking her pussy once again with my tongue piercing in her pussy and with both hand caressing her breast, body in slow motion. Soon see got hot and orgasm in next 10-12 minutes. I repeat the same for another twice and with my tongue I made her orgasm total 4 times. Then I lost my sperm on her   also emotion & laid on her. she said “ I already said don’t loose your sperm, anyhow tomorrow I will give ayurvedic medicine you take for 5 week then you will get strength after that we will have sex forever & I will forgive my boyfriend”After that we move sleep. On a next day suma came to me & give me the ayurvedi medicine, diet procedure paper & said “don’t do HP for 5 weeks “& I took medicine & followed the diet for 5 weeks. In these 5 weeks I had not thought of sex. 5 weeks were completed I am waiting for the chance of sex. On a day in the night suma called me to sleep. By taking permission of my mother I went to her house then she closed every door of the house

Aunty came close to me and hugs me tightly and started kissing my lips. She firmly held my buttocks and pressed it against her pelvis. I also hugged aunty tightly and was enjoying sensuous aroma of her body. I pulled the pallu of aunt’s saree and kissed her from the neck down towards her boobs. She enjoyed it and lifted her chest to bring her boobs closer to my mouth. The hugging, kissing and licking each other on face and neck went on for a while. My cock became erect and rock hard, but I knew that I can withstand lot more time today, Aunty asked me whether I enjoyed the previous time. I said yes. She then put her hand inside my shorts and held my cock in her hand. She pressed it softly and stroked it. I slowly sat down on the sofa and aunty was in the floor, her mouth directly facing my cock. She pulled my shorts down and removed my underwear. I removed my T-shirt and became complete nude.  She spread my legs, drew my cock near her mouth and cupped it with her lips. She gently moved her head in and out and slowly sucked my cock. I bent forward and reached for her beautiful boobs. I removed the hooks of her blouse and stripped it. Aunty is now down only to a bra, she looked gorgeous in the dull light. I inserted my hand from her from top inside her bra and pressed her boobs and squeezed her tits and was kissing her shoulders. I then put my other hand also and started to play with both boobs of aunty. Aunty was slowly but firmly sucking me and made burping noise. She was secreting generous amount of saliva and making my cock wet.

After some time aunty lied down on the floor and invited me on top of her. I went near and removed her bra. It’s only her saree and in skirt, now. Aunty generously spread her legs wide. I was on top of her pressing her pussy from outside and playing with her boobs. I clutched both her boobs and held them close to each other and licked the tits alternatively. She enjoyed it and moaned. I lifted her saree from the knee level and pulled down her panties and of it. Aunt’s pussy had a nice small mound shape outside and two very pronounced pussy lips. I opened the pussy lips and rubbed the inner layer with my finger. Slowly I inserted two of my fingers inside her pussy and rubbed the outer side with my thumb. I started to finger aunty fluently and increased my speed. Aunty was enjoying it and urging me to make faster and strong movements. I kept fingering and rubbing her pussy at regular intervals. While rubbing I made circular movements spreading the secretions which my fingers got from inside her pussy. Aunty was completely enjoying this and also rubbed her pussy with her hands and pleaded me to lick her pussy. I opened her pussy wide and started to lick her. I licked all areas of her pussy and tasted her secretions. Aunty pleaded me to spit inside her pussy and tough it harder. I did so, and gently bit the vagina. Her thighs were trembling.

She kept herself bent for sometime allowed me to play with her ass. She’s now in the doggy style and reached my cock and glided it towards her pussy hole. She positioned my cock near the whole and I pressed it in with a thug and there it is, inside the heaven. I liked the doggy style because it allowed my lower abdomen to press against her buttocks, while I was fucking her and also I could reach her dangling boobs. The boobs looked much bigger while hanging down when she was in the doggy style. I pulled her boobs down as if milking the cow. This went on for couple of minutes; Aunty took a bar of dairy milk chocolate from the fridge and picked up something from her handbag. It was a condom. We then got into the bedroom. There was a wooden chair in the room with handles on the side. Aunty sat on the chair and put her legs each on one handle of the chair and asked me to come in front. I said aunty to spread her legs wide and gave a very clear view of her clean shaven pussy. It was pink and wet. Aunty removed the wrapper of the chocolate bar and took a generous portion of it. She put it in her mouth and made it wet. After that she took it out and made it like a paste and applied it on her pussy. She made more such paste and used her fingers to paste it inside her pussy and also on her thighs, more chocolate on her tummy and belly button too. She took the rest of the chocolate and applied it on her boobs and tummy. Now I understood what she was up to. Like a hungry dog, I started to lick aunty all over her body and tasted her body along with the chocolate on it. Her nipples and boobs tasted wonderful with the chocolate covered on it. I licked and spit my saliva on her boobs and massaged it with my hands. I then slowly moved down to her belly buttons. There was thick deposit of chocolate in there. I put my tongue into it and rotated it while trying to lick out the chocolate from there, after the mission “belly button” for couple of minutes I then moved further down to her lower tummy and then to the inviting chocolate flavored pussy. I licked her pussy all over, in and out, top to bottom, deep in and on top, also licking her inner and outer thighs. Her thighs were big and smooth. I licked out the chocolate from her thighs. I licked her thighs up to her pussy downwards and upwards. Aunty could hardly open her eyes; she was clutching my hair and pressing her boobs herself. Her body is now completely sticky and messy. The smell of my saliva, her pussy and the chocolate was circulating the room. I continued to lick aunty and it went on for more than 30 minutes. Aunty started to moan heavily and constantly lifted her hips and moved her hips on the air, looking for a thick cock to fill her pussy from the heavens!!!.

After about 35 minutes of licking, she opened her eyes and put down her legs from the handle and sat in the normal position. I asked aunty if I could fuck her. She was extremely happy and said its all yours and you could do whatever you want. She removed the condom from its cover and had it in her hand. She pulled me using my cock, closer to her and sucked it, while carefully stroking it from the bottom. She also pressed my balls and stroked my cock for a while. When she was completely happy about the wetness of my cock, she pulled down my foreskin of my cock down and rolled the condom on my pennis. Aunty took me to the bed, and bent towards its edge and gave me a doggy pose again. She said, I knew you really liked the doggy style. She again guided my cock towards her whole and this time she pressed her pussy against it. It went in easily. I started to fuck her from behind like a doggy. She was holding the edge of the bed with her one hand and playing with her dangling breast with the other. I used my hand to reach the top portion of her pussy and rubbed it hard. I also sometimes pinched it softly. I completely rested my body on aunt’s back and enjoyed the intimacy. Suddenly my urge to cum increased and I started to fuck hard and fast. Hmmm hmmmm..haaannn haaann…wow….were the sounds from both of us and I blew my load soon after that, inside her with the condom on. I kept fucking her even after I blew out my load for sometime. I became too tired. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and collapsed to the floor, exhausted. Aunty got up from her doggy position and asked me “how was the chocolate?”. looked at her and gave a smile. Aunty then helped me to remove my condom and carefully disposed it. We cleaned ourselves and burried ourselves in the bed and slept completely nude in the whole night I fucked her 8 times.

In the morning she said “what I expected you got this I want this type of strength “, I said “thanks aunty to making me like this “.Till then I fucked her so many times & by seeing my strength one aunty will pass this information to another aunty about my strength & then they start think about me they come to me to have a sex experience with me  like this way I fucked 5 aunties & 2 girls.Contact with confidence, for great pleasure of life. Don’t delay, time is running fast.

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