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Poornima And Priyanka

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

My Name is Poornima. This Happened when I was 18. My friend Priyanka and I went to the beach often. One day when we were there, it was getting late and everyone was leaving. We decided to stay because it was
still warm and the sun felt good no our bodies. Soon, no one was there but the two of us. I guess we must have dozed off while we were lying there in our bikinis, because all of a sudden I opened my eyes and 4 big guys were standing over us. They all looked to be in their 20’s. “Can we help you?” Priyanka asked snottily. She was always such a wiseass. Without so much as a word, the men flipped us over on our stomachs, put
our hands behind our backs and slapped handcuffs on our wrists. We tried to struggle, but they were too strong for us. We yelled, but no one could hear and then they tied gags around our mouths. Two of the men
picked each of us up over their shoulders fireman style and carried us over to a big blue van with blacked-out windows. They shoved us inside and three of them came in the back with us while one of them got in the
front to drive. Priyanka and I looked at each other with panic in our eyes.

Here we were, half-naked, handcuffed in the back of a van with 4 men. One of them came over to me and began to feel my breasts through my bikini top. I tried to squirm away, but there was nowhere for me to move.
He smiled as he pushed aside the material covering my breasts. He pinched my nipples, and although I didn’t like what was happening to me, I could feel my nipples getting hard. His hand moved to my leg and was
rubbing up and down.

“You’re so smooth, and so young,” he leered at me. The other two guys went over to Priyanka and one of them was feeling her breasts while the other one rubbed her pussy through her bathing suit bottoms. They
were all laughing and making comments about our bodies. I could see their dicks getting hard through their thin shorts. Soon the van stopped and we were again carried out of a van and into a house. Not much else was around the area, from what I could see. I was starting to realize that this was something that had all been planned out. I don’t know if they targeted Priyanka and me because they had seen us on the beach all
summer, or they just picked two girls who happened to be there, but these guys had definitely thought this all out, and had possibly done this before.

I was dumped unceremoniously onto a bed; one of the guys uncuffed my hands and ties each of them to the bedposts. He did the same with my ankles. He left the gag on my mouth. All four of them were standing in the
room with Priyanka in the middle of them. She was still handcuffed and gagged. “When we take this gag off you, there’s no sense in screaming. There is no one around here to hear you. If you scream or try to get
away, we will only make this worse for you.” This came from the guy, whose name from what I had gathered from their conversation was kunal. Karan, spoke up. “We’re going to have some fun with the two of you.
You are going to be our sex slaves today. You are going to do whatever we tell you to do, and if you do not do it, we are going to hurt you. We are going to change you from virgins into the dirty whores we know you
really are. First, we’re going to take the one with the smart mouth into the next room. We are going to fuck her every which way we can- in her cunt, her mouth and her ass; sometimes with all of us at the same time.
If she puts up a fight, she’s going to pay for it. Then he looked at me. “You get to listen to everything that’s going on in the next room. Then it’s your turn.”

The realization of what was going on really started to sink in and I started to cry. I had never had sex before and neither had Priyanka , and now my first time was going to be by force with these 4 brutes. The
other white guy, Jaggan, walked over to where I was spread-eagled on the bed. “Hey- don’t cry,” he said. “If you’re a good girl and do what we tell you to do, it won’t hurt too much. It might even feel good!” He
laughed. Then he pulled my bikini bottoms down a little so that my pussy was exposed. He put a finger on my clit and rubbed it slowly. I squirmed, but I couldn’t move away from his finger. He moved his finger lower
and inserted in me. I was crying even harder now. Finally he took his hand off of me and walked back to where his friends were standing with Priyanka , but he left my pussy exposed. I was humiliated and felt very
vulnerable. “That should give you something to think about while we’re next door with your friend,” Jaggan said. They all laughed. Ashwin , then took the gag off of Priyanka ‘s mouth. She immediately started to call out for help. “Shut up, bitch!” kunal yelled and then backhanded her across the face. “Just for that, Ashwin ‘s going to fuck you first. He has a fat 10 inch dick and it’s gonna hurt.” They led her into the next room and left the door open. For the next 45 minutes, I heard all sorts of things: smacks, slaps, Priyanka crying,
begging and whimpering, the guys laughing and groaning, banging, little screams. At the same time, I felt horrible for Priyanka , but also terrified for myself. What were they doing with her in there? I could only
imagine. Finally they brought Priyanka back in to the room I was laying in. The four men and Priyanka were naked. She had spooge all over her face and body. Her ass was bright red, and her face was beginning
to bruise where kunal had smacked her. She was crying and blood was trickling down her leg. Seeing her condition, I resolved to comply as best as I could so that I didn’t end up as bad as she was. I was untied and they put Priyanka in my spot. “Do you want to look like that when we get through with you?” Karan asked. I vigorously shook my head no. “Then you’ll do as we say without hesitation,” he said. They led me into the next room, which was bare except for a bed and a small table that was about waist high. I was again warned not to scream and then my gag was taken off. I didn’t even think of yelling for help, after the condition Priyanka was in. “First, you will need to clean off all our cocks after the fun we’ve had fucking your friend,” Ashwin
said. I was ordered to get on my knees, and the guys all lined up in a row. I was told that I was going to suck all of their dicks, and that I had better do a good job at it. I’d heard about girls giving blowjobs, but I had never actually done, so I was frightened that they were going to punish me for not being good at it.

First in line was Jaggan. He was flaccid, and I took the whole thing in my mouth. I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do, but then he put his hands on either side of my head and started to move my head back
and forth. His cock started getting hard in my mouth, and soon it was easier to give him head. “Suck on it harder,” he said. I used some more suction, and then he told me to run my tongue along his shaft while I
was doing it. He pumped his hips so that his cock was fucking my mouth. After a few minutes, he started pumping harder and faster; it was getting more difficult to suck on him while he was doing this. When I
thought he would never stop, he went still, and I felt his warm jism shooting into my mouth. It tasted salty and a little bitter. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it, so I just swallowed it, disgusting as it was. They all cheered and made comments about what a good whore I was. I tried to ignore them. By this time, the other three were hard from watching me with Jaggan.

Next in line was Ashwin . kunal wasn’t exaggerating when he told Priyanka that Ashwin had a fat 10 inch dick- he was HUGE! I started out by darting out my tongue and licking the tip of his cock. It jumped a little and groaned in pleasure. I then ran my tongue around the tip. He seemed to enjoy that, so I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft. Ashwin reached for my hand and placed it on his balls. I started to feel them while running my tongue all over his cock. I then put my mouth around the tip of it. There was no way I going to get all of Ashwin in my mouth, but I tried as hard as I could. I settled for taking my hand and jerking him off while trying to get as much of him as I could in my mouth. I guess this wasn’t satisfying Ashwin because he put his hand on top of my head and kept pushing it towards him. I was gagging, but Ashwin paid no mind. I tried to push away from him, but I couldn’t; Ashwin just kept going faster. Finally, after what felt like forever, Ashwin yanked so hard on my hair that my head was pulled back all the way. He spurted his cum all over my neck and breasts.

kunal was next. When I put kunal’s cock in my mouth, Jaggan came up behind me. He knelt down and began to play with my breasts. “You have nice tits,” he said. He ran his fingers around each of my nipples until they
got hard. Then he pinched them lightly. His hand kneaded my breasts, and then moved down to my pussy. Jaggan took one of his fingers and rubbed my clit. I jumped, but was again warned not to resist. I continued to
lick and suck kunal’s cock while Jaggan played with me. “Harder!” kunal commanded. I obeyed, and soon I felt kunal spurting his hot cum in my mouth. I was commanded to swallow it, so I did.

Now it was Karan’s turn and Jaggan was still playing with my clit while I tried to take all of Karan’s dick into my mouth. My body was beginning to get very warm with feelings I had never had before. “Just suck the
tip of my cock,” Karan instructed. As I went to do this, Jaggan took his other hand and slid a finger inside my now wet pussy. I sucked on Karan’s cock while running my tongue around the tip of it, but it was getting increasingly difficult for me to do so. Karan was getting annoyed and he grabbed my hair. He pushed my head back and forth fast. Tears were running down my face as I was blowing him. Through the pain, I could
still feel Jaggan moving his finger in and out of me while he rubbed me. The warmth finally built up and exploded into an orgasm. Right afterwards, Karan came and spurted it all over my face. I was crying even
more now because I was so ashamed over having an orgasm. “Aww, is the poor baby upset?” Karan asked sarcastically. “Let me wipe away those tears.” As he did, he rubbed his cum into my face and laughed. “Now it’s really time to make her our fucktoy,” he said. “Lie on the bed,” he told me. Still crying, I went over to the bed and lay down. Jaggan climbed on top of me and put his knees on my upper arms. He ordered me to start sucking him off again. I tilted my head up and began to suck. I couldn’t see what was going on because Jaggan impeded my view, but I felt my legs being pulled apart, with one person holding each of them down. I heard kunal say that he wanted to see what a virgin tasted like, and then I felt a tongue lapping at my pussy. The hands holding my ankles were too strong for me to do anything about it. His mouth then left me and was replaced by his cock. The tip of it pushed slowly at the opening of my pussy, which was wet from him licking me. Then he pushed harder and harder until I felt this awful pain tearing through me. I almost bit Jaggan’s cock it hurt so much, but he pulled it out of my mouth just in time. I let out a cry from the pain, and the guys just seemed to get more turned on by it. “This virgin pussy is so nice and tight,” kunal said. I can’t wait to try that ass,” he joked with the other three.

I kept quiet and continued to suck off Jaggan. The pain started to become bearable. After a few minutes, kunal got up and told Jaggan to get up too. “I have an idea,” he said. I was told to go over to the small
table and bend over so that my upper half was leaning over it. It was small enough so that my upper body fit right across it. Jaggan got in front of me and kunal got behind me. kunal entered me from behind and I
started blowing Jaggan again. Karan putt his cock in my right hand, and Ashwin put his in my left hand. kunal kept pumping away at me, and soon he came all over my back. Then Jaggan came around behind me and started fucking me, and Karan came in front of me so I could give him head. Jaggan soon came all inside me. When Jaggan was done, Ashwin came up behind me and tried to slowly ease himself inside of me. It hurt and I cried out. It was really hard for him to, but eventually he got his cock inside of me and began fucking me while I was still blowing Karan. Ashwin and Karan then switched and Karan was now fucking me while I sucked
Ashwin ‘s dick. While Karan fucked me, he took one of his fingers and began to rub my asshole. It was the oddest sensation. Then he began probing and tried to put one of his fingers in me. “I’m just getting you
ready for later,” he said. Soon both Karan and Ashwin came at the same time; Ashwin all over my face, and Karan on my back. I was a mess; I had cum all over me. Apparently they guys noticed it too. “Wow, she really
looks like a dirty whore now. Let’s get her and her friend cleaned up so that we can have more fun with them.” I inwardly groaned. Would this never end? I though to myself. What more could they possibly do to us?
They brought me into the room where Priyanka was and uncuffed and ungagged her. They then brought us into the bathroom and told us to get in the shower. We did, and they turned the water on. We were both too
tired to care that we were naked in front of each other, but then Karan told us that we had to wash each other off. We were told that if we didn’t do it, we would pay for it afterwards. I took the bar of soap and began
to wash Priyanka ‘s bruised face. When I got to her breasts, I hesitated. Karan took smacked my face, and then took my hand and forced me to touch her breasts. I realized that he really meant what he said and I
washed the rest of her off. Priyanka then took the bar of soap from me and cleaned me off as well. The men watched us and were comparing the two of us the whole time.

Once we were cleaned and dried off, they led us back into the bedroom. Ashwin said, “You two seem to have a problem with touching each other. We’re going to change that!” He ordered us to lie on the bed facing
each other. “Now kiss!” He said. I grimaced and put my mouth up to hers Our lips lightly touched and then we pulled away. “That’s not a real kiss,” kunal said. I want to see you two give each other tongue. He walked
over and placed our hands on each other’s bodies. Then he pushed our heads together until our lips were touching. “Now do it!” He ordered. I tried to block the fact that this was my best friend and I went ahead and kissed her. We were told to feel each other’s bodies, and when we didn’t comply, I felt a hard smack on my ass. I complied and began to touch Priyanka ‘s breasts while she ran her hand up and down my body. We were still kissing while we were feeling each other up. I was then told to lie so that my head was facing the other end of the bed, facing Priyanka ‘s pussy. “Now we want you to lick each other’s pussies,” we were told. I shook my head no and felt two more really hard smacks on my ass. I started crying again. “If you don’t do
it, you’ll get smacked even harder.” I inched forward and lifted Priyanka ‘s leg up a little. Priyanka did the same to me. I began to lick her, while she licked me. All four of the guys were watching and rubbing their cocks. “Finger each other too,” we were told. I put one of my fingers inside of Priyanka while still licking her clit. I moved it in and out, and I could feel moisture on my finger from her. She inserted a finger inside my pussy also. I started to feel warm again, and I moved my finger faster inside her. She was lapping away at me
and pumping her finger in and out so quickly that before I realized what was happening, I was having an orgasm. Apparently, so was she. I could feel her body shaking from the tremors in her. The guys could tell
what was going on, and when we were done, they told us to get up. “Well, it seems like you both enjoyed your playtime together,” Karan said. I felt my face go bright red from embarrassment. “Now it’s time for us to
play with the both of you some more.” Ashwin and kunal got on the bed and lay on their backs. I was told to straddle kunal while Priyanka got on top of Ashwin . I was still wet from my orgasm, so kunal slid inside of me pretty easily. kunal took my hips and moved me up and down. I soon felt someone probing at my ass with their fingers- it was Jaggan.

Karan was doing the same to Priyanka . Jaggan told kunal to stop moving me for a minute. He spit on his fingers and then pushed two of them deep inside my ass. The feeling of his fingers in my ass while kunal’s
cock was in my pussy was very strange. A minute later he took his fingers out of my ass and rubbed some saliva on his cock. He got up behind me and slowly stretched open my ass with his cock. It hurt and I tightened up. “If you try to resist it, it will hurt even more,” Jaggan said. I looked over and Karan was doing the same thing to Priyanka . It did not seem to hurt her as much- probably because they had fucked her in the
ass while she was alone with them.

Once Jaggan was inside of me, he and kunal had a double rhythm going; kunal would push in deep while Jaggan pulled out a little, and then Jaggan would push in when kunal pulled out. Being fucked by two men at the same time was a very odd feeling. kunal grabbed and pinched my nipples while they were fucking me. Soon, Jaggan told kunal that he was going to come soon. kunal started pumping harder and they both pulled out of me. They then jerked themselves off all over my face. Ashwin and Karan had already cum all over Priyanka ‘s face.

Afterwards, they blindfolded and gagged us. We were carried out of the house and into the van. The van started moving. “We’re done with you whores now. You did a good job being our slaves for the day. If you ever
tell anyone about this, we know where you live and we will hurt you,” Karan told us. When the van stopped, we were pushed out onto the ground. We heard it drive away, but by the time we got our blindfolds off, it
was out of sight. They had dumped us back at the beach, only now we were naked, cold, and abused. Priyanka and I decided never to talk about that day, and we don’t go to the beach anymore.

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