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  • August 22, 2015

Hello dear readers, I am a regular fan of Desipapa and I love reading the experiences people share here through their stories. my name is Surya. I live with my uncle and his family in Thrichi. I have an aunt (mothers sister), who lives in kerala. I had some days off from college I am a engineering student), so I thought of visiting her. I called her and told her my programs.

The next day I was on my way to Kerala ,by road’s got there and my beautiful aunt was waiting for me at the bus stand. she is married to an air force pilot, but they have no children even after 10 years of marriage)!!!

She took me to her house. my uncle was going on a tour for 15 days. so this left me and my beautiful aunt alone in their house.

About my aunt, she is 35,5`7“,slim figure, nice hips and 32 sized curved breasts. I had always loved my aunt, as she was an open minded women. but this time, she was too much open minded. after having dinner we were sitting on the couch and talking about here & there. I was smoking, and my aunt was looking at me with strange eyes. I asked her what it was, but she said that I was looking that you look even more pretty when you are smoking. as I have a little frankness with my aunt, I said that she was much prettier than any girl in this world, she laughed and told me to go to my bed room and rest as you would be feeling tired after the journey.

I went to my room, which had a tv,vcr and a double bed in it. I have a habit of not wearing any clothes while sleeping even in the winters. I went to the bath room to get a bath (it was attached to the room). I had already locked the room and did not thought of closing the door of the bathroom. I took of my clothes and my cock,5 inches in length started to wake up. I knew that as I was looking closely at my aunt`s(sangeeta`s)breasts,i had to have a hand practice’s started to think and rub my cock ,it went of in few minutes and then I started to wash my self. as I looked at the door of the bath room, I saw sangeeta standing in her nighty and looking at me, as she wanted something. I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped my self, she started to laugh, and told me to come out. I asked her how she entered the room and her reply was, there is always an alternative.

Sangeeta started to get close to me ,I was getting nervous. she asked me if I was virgin. I replied positively. she said do you want to break i.e. did not knew what to do. my mind was full of confusion. she came forward and un hooked my towel, and said I want you to break your virginity on me. I was ,of course confused. I said but you are my aunt, my mothers sister, how could I do that.

She said I want to make sure that on shag raat,you know how to do it!!

Then, she came forward and kissed me on my lips. I replied with a little kiss, and then my cock was as hard as an iron rod. after kissing for a few minutes, she said lets go on to the next phase. I sat on the bed and she went to the TV, and placed a cassette in the vcr and played it. it was a xxx movie. She was going to take her nighty off, when I said” let me do it aunty sangeeta”.she came forward and said, I am not your aunty any more, call me from my name’s stood up and said “come close to me sangeeta,i want to feel you”, she came close to me and I grabbed her,were they hot!!! I took of her nighty and her whithe breasts were hanging form her bra. I un hooked her bra and they came out as if prisoners were released from the prison. her nipples were brown.i put my mouth to them and started sucking them.sangeeta was getting hotter and hotter.after a few moments, she bent down and kissed on my was hot and hard. she looked up smiled and said” you are 18 and your cock is so big, your uncle is 40,but his cock is too small”, and put my cock in her mouth. she started to suck it as I felt that I was going to explode, I told her to take it out, but she denied, and I exploded in her mouth. she swallowed every single cum,that came out and said, its delicious. I placed her on the bed, took off her panty ,smelled her pussy,which was shaved, and started licking it. I was so delicious,thet you cannot imagine it. as I was licking her pussy,the movie on the vcr was also showing the same seen.

I then stood up and asked sangeeta to suck my cock a little bit more, so that it gets wet. she did it & then I placed her legs on my shoulders, and inserted my cock in it.sangeeta started to mumble. I went in and out, for about 10 minutes, with my one hand on her right great and my mouth on her left breast, sucking and feeling it together. And then as I was going to explode, I asked her where to explode, her reply was in her pussy .So I did it and her pussy was full of my cum,and some of it also came out and went to her thighs.

I was exhousted and layed beside her. after a few moments, she said that she hadn’t felt better like today even in 10 years of her marriage. Then we hugged each other and went to sleep. I went back to Thrichi, and after every semester, I go back to have some fun!!!

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