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Poonam’s Secret Stranger In Home

  • desipapa
  • October 31, 2015

Since my husband work in IT, his timings to reach home is always around 1 or 2 at late night. My name is Poonam and I got married at the age of 24 to a 40 year old guy. His name is Sagar. I am 25 now and I never cared about my husband much. I married him because he earns a lot and I can get settled in Mumbai. I was born and brought up in village. But I got educated well and sexually active even in college. I kept myself fit and used my husbands money lavishly with my new friends I got in this apartment. I maintained a figure 34 26 34. I have a dusky complexion which makes me think, I look slutty. We live alone in a posh apartment. Life couldn’t be much more happier. Still my sexual activeness is never satisfied by my husband and I don’t even want to by him.

One evening I was talking with my friend. I told her I get bored sitting in home. She said to chat in net. She tempted me that I can flirt with lot of guys. The idea tickled me and since I didn’t have any plan on that day.

I went to Google and searched for Indian chat site and started to chat. It was around 3pm. The moment I entered, I was flooded with messages. I didn’t know which one to response. I just took more time to close the private chats. Still one guys nick, interested my attention. It was named Hard Rammer. I found it kinky and I messaged him, to my surprise he was very gentle and talked with me politely.

I started to like him. He showed his pictures and he was very in his 30. I showed my picture and he praised my beauty. He even asked me for coffee at evening. I said no first. But when I thought I don’t have anything do whole night and my husband also comes late night. So finally I accepted.

We decided to meet at Coffee Shop, and he said he will pick me up. I wore a blue jean skirt which came up to mid thighs, a sleeveless light blue low cut t shirt and a small white sleeveless jacket. I wore a leather boot. I made myself clear I should not look like a married woman. I left my hair loose and got myself ready for the date.

I went out and I was waiting at the place I told him to pick me up. It was 10 mins walk from my place. People passing me, gave a shocked look to see me. Most people were looking my leg which looked shiny of the cream. It was almost 5 minutes since I reached and to my disappointment, it started to rain. I got wet in a minute and I was about to run, a car stood before me. The window lowered and I immediately found that’s the guy I met in net and I opened the door and got in . He apologized to me for not coming sooner . I told him its okay. I was drenched fully. I removed my jacket and my t shirt was hugging by body tight in wetness. I could see my bra line on the dress.

When I turned and looked at him, he was looking at me awestruck of my wet glistening body. He regained his senses and asked me, whether we can go. I told him its no point now as its raining heavily and I asked him to come to my house. He thought for some time and when I said no one is there, his face brightened and said ok. I giggled a little and showed him the way. We went into the apartment gate and showed him a place to park. Since it was raining, we both ran to the lift. While running I passed a car, which is black color Skoda.

We entered the lift, and the moment the door closed, he hold my hips and hugged to his body. I just gave a gasp in shock, looking at his face. He said, “ I never thought you will look this sexy in real and that too when I saw you in wet, my dick got big”. He wasn’t kidding, I could able to feel his harness since he pressing me against him hardly. I liked his dominant approach, still showed my innocent look. He started to lick the water on my face. He kept the two hand on my ass and pressed it hard. He said, “ I am going to fuck you like a bitch you are”. When I showed a stern face when he said that, he replied, “ don’t act like you don’t want this, otherwise you wont dress like horny slut to meet a stranger” and he started kiss my mouth hardly. I enjoyed every minute of it and I kissed him back hardly, by putting my hand around his neck.

The lift stopped in my floor and we came out. He left one hand inside my skirt from top, holding my butt and we moved like that only, since it was 4, I didn’t mind much since there’s no one the corridor and I liked it too. We reached the door and I opened. We went in, he started to suck my tits on my dress itself and I managed somehow to lock the door. I started to moan a little when he bite my nipple. And then I heard a noise from the bathroom.

“Honey is that you”. It was my husband. I was totally shocked and then I remembered that I saw a black Skoda car while coming in, and he came soon that he should be. I replied, “yes” in fear. When I was about to ask the guy to leave, my husband came out from the bathroom and looked at me. I just stood frozen there. He said, “ Oh my God, you are wet”. I turned around I saw the guy was not there. The door was still closed.

“Wow you look so hot today in that dress”

I looked around and then said, “ Thanks, went out to meet some friends”.

He was in towel, came towards me and hugged. He pressed breast in one hand and said, “ I came soon to spend some time with you today. He dropped his towel down. “ I was stroking cock thinking of you since you were not there. But you came in now. I saw down and his cock is erect almost. I smiled a little thinking there’s a stranger in home horny somewhere and my husband standing here also horny. He put his two hands on my shoulder and pressed down. I knelt down. He hold my hair and pushed me towards his dick . I know what he wants, and immediately took his cock and started to suck hard. “ Oh my god, slowly dear, you will make me in a minute with the force you are sucking.” and that’s what I want. I sucked him, he started to moan and he couldn’t able to stand proper. In 5 minutes, he drained his cum in my mouth. He gave a huge gasp and ran to the bathroom saying he ll take bath again and come.

I drank all the cum and got up immediately and started to look for the guy. When I went front a little he was behind the sofa lying down. He had his zip open and stroking his 8 inch dick which is full hard. I was shocked to see his size but yet I want to make him go out of the house. He got up and pushed him towards the door and asked him to go silently out. He stopped and turned back. He suddenly grabbed me and closed my mouth. He forced me hardly on the back of the sofa. He made me to bend down on the back of the sofa. I struggled a lot to get away from my grip but I failed. He lifted my denim skirt. I was wearing a lined cotton panty.

He just moved it in the side. He was still holding a hand on my mouth. In a second, he inserted his full dick in my wet pussy totally. I gave a loud scream which was muffled by his hand mostly. He started to give hard strokes like a sexy hungry monster. Now I know why he kept his nick as Hard Rammer. A stranger fucking me in hall while my husband in bathroom made me more horny and I responded to his rhythm. He was ramming me for 10 minutes in that same position and he cummed in me with slight moan and fall on me.

The bathroom door opened and my husband came out. Before that the stranger went inside the bedroom and closed, still with his dick out. I adjusted my skirt down and stood normally, even it was little hard for me to stand straight. My husband saw me, smiled and started to move towards the bedroom. In a hurry, I followed him. When we both went in , I couldn’t able to find the guy there. I guessed he was under the bed. It was almost now 6pm. Sagar told me to prepare food as he was very hungry and before that he asked me to change the dress since its all wet. I removed my dresses, opened my cupboard, wore a pink panty and sleeveless silky black short gown. I didn’t wear any bra and my nipples were poking in the gown. I felt erotic since there’s a guy in the very room hiding. My husband changed to lungi and a t shirt without even looking me and went out of the bedroom.

The moment he went out, the guy hiding came out from under the bed. He went and locked the bedroom quietly. I got so horny again on seeing him. I just ran and jumped on him. He kissed me with his tongue in my mouth. My gown came above my thighs and he was holding my ass with both hands. While kissing me he was fingering my ass hole. This time he stopped me and asked me to go and do the food. I left him with a kiss on his chest.

I went to the kitchen and started to prepare meal. Sagar was sitting in hall and watching tv. After around 40 minutes , the food was almost ready. But suddenly I saw my panty was pulled down and a hard dick went in my ass. I turned and saw the guy in full lust. I tried to stop, as Sagar is in the hall. But I couldn’t and so I tried to stay quiet. He was fucking me madly in ass as though we were alone.

Sagar asked me whether the food was ready, still looking at the tv. I was kissing the guy so hard turning back and still he fucking me. I replied, “ ah ah ah ya , aaaah just ah more ahh ahh 5 minutes”. Sagar was puzzled on the reply and said why u sound breathless, still watching the tv. The guy increased his momentum fast after hearing this. I replied, “ ahhhh its just heaattt in the kitcheenn, ahhhhh.” My husband got up from the sofa. The guy immediately pulled his cock out and ran to the bedroom and closed quietly. Sagar came to the dining table and sat. From there he can see the kitchen clearly. He saw me holding the kitchen slab in bent position and breathing heavily.

I suddenly moved my gown down. He saw me and said, “ you look tired, are you okay?”. I said , “ ya its just I got drenched in rain and I think I am not feeling well”. I kept the food and on the dining table. We both started to eat. I couldn’t able to sit properly and I am horny, since we got abruptly cut during the last ass session. After 15 minutes, I got up to wash my hands. I went to the bedroom bathroom to wash the hand. My husband asked me why cant I use the kitchen sink. I said I have to put some clothes to wash also after that.

I went to the bathroom and I could see that guy with his pants down. I thought myself what if my husband came in the bathroom now. I just saw his dick, knelt down before him and started to suck his dick. He hold my hair and pushed my face deep in his cock.

After 5 minutes he pulled his dick out. I was so eager to get it back in my mouth. But he turned back showing his butt to me. He then hold my hair and pushed it towards his ass. I started to lick his hairy ass, while in one hand stroking his cock in front. Even though I never did this before, the rawness and the domination the guy showed, wanted me to do anything he says. He kept his leg apart and I moved my face further from the back and started suck his balls. He started to moan now, and he opened the tap nearby in a bucket.

I got out of the bathroom after 30 minutes. In that time I was fucked twice in ass and my pussy and we cummed together. I came out and saw my husband was in the study room. I grabbed that guy now and took him to the door and asked him to leave. I gave a hard smooch to him before leaving and smiled at him. That was the best fuck I had after long time and I want him to know that. When I opened the door, my husband called me from his study room. I immediately said to the guy to leave and close the door and I ran to the study room. My husband asked me what I was doing till now in bathroom. I told him I took a bath. I came out and I saw the door closed. I will surely miss that cock.

It was night around 10. Me and Sagar got ready to sleep. I changed to nighty. My husband slept in 10 minutes after lying down. I saw him sleep and I was still remembering the whole day event and got fucked in my home when my husband is still in home. It made me so horny. I started to rub my pussy on the nighty itself. After sometime I slept.

Around 12 am I suddenly got up. My husband was sleeping facing opposite to me, showing his back. I felt a little chill on my body. When I looked down, I saw my nightly was raised till my waist and I saw my one leg lifted up. When I tried to see back, my mouth was closed by the stranger. He didn’t leave the home till now. Instead of getting shocked, I was happy to see him there. He shifted my panty a little and inserted his thick cock inside me. I was in cloud nine to feel that dick again in my pussy.

He silently started to fuck me on the bed itself whole night. He asked me to come to the hall. But I said him to fuck me there itself on the bed where my husband also sleeping. It made me so horny and made me feel like slut to get pounded there.

He fucked me in all positions, and we controlled our self not to moan. I know my husband sleeps like a dead pig, but I wanted him to find me fucked by another guy and make him feel how useless he is. But that never happened the whole night. He cummed in me three times. He left the home by 4 am and I see to that he left by closing the door myself. I looked down my thigh and I saw cum was drooling on my thighs. I just gave a smile and went back to bed and hugged my husband.

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Poonam’s Secret Stranger In Home

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