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Poona ki Bhabi

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi! I am Raj from PuneYou are all familiar with me now as you have already read my stories in this site. I do remember the date. The date was 23rd Augast 2002. I was just checking my mails in my mail box i found one mail with the subjet “Please help me” it was a small mail with very small description but the sender was a lady with age 29. She was a married lady and want some intractions with me. So the actual story begins from this point ownwards. As you all know that i have replied all the mails which comes to my mail box so after one day i replied her mail with some details of mine and asked her details and what she wants? As usual the exchange of mails and things like this and that we also exchanged our views and we also exchanged our messanger id and chatted a lot on the net. During this time none of us has thought of any further intractions on phone or a personal meeting. As the things are going very smooth and we just exchanging mails, may be 7 to 10 mails in a week. Now the real story strats from 14th of september. So i will describe the story in my Hinglish (That is English + Hindi) style so every one can enjoy it. . Now no more eather uthar ki baat I will start my story.

we were chatting and she told me that she wants my phone number ? She wants to talk with me ? First of all let me give you the details of this lday. Her name is Purnima Gandhi. She is 29 with one child of 5 years. Her husband Mr. Gandhi is a business man. They have some Textile Machinary Manufacturing Factory in Suart. She is comming from a very rich background and she looks very young also. Her figure is 28-26-30 that I came to know later on. But in short she is a good looking lady with good looks and a very sweet smile. As she has internet connection at her place so for us communication was not a problem at all. And from the same city then its not a problem at all. So on 14th she asked me my number and I got shoked. I have lots of things in my mind ? why she wants my number ? Is anything wrong with me ? or why she wants my telephone number ? I was a bit confused and was not ready to give but she insteded a lot then I gave my mobile number to her. She told me that she will ring in the afternoon tomorrow. As per her commitment she rang me next day in the afternoon. She told me that she is quiet impressed with me and wants to meet me. I told her that this is not simple thing as you are already married with kid and as we are from the same city any one can see us. As her husband was a wellknown business man of Pune anyone can recognise us. So intially I refused her demand. But after two three talks she told me that her husband is going out of INDIA for some Trade seminar and only return after 10 days so during this time we can meet at her place only. She also told me that her husband will be going on 18th May and 19th May is a Sunday so we can meet on Sunday afternoon. So as per the talk I was ready for the Sunday. The biggest day of my life. As usual I wore a denim pant and white shirt. She had given me the time also she told me that come between 1:30 to 2:30. So at 1:45 I was at her house. Her house is a big bunglow with a big lawn and one very good imported card parked in a parking.

I was at the door. I push the door bell. after about a minute a lady came and opened the door. I was very mcuh surprised to see her. She was very good looking lady with perfect figure. She was in light blue colour sari with matching sleeve less blouse. She was toooo much. I said hello to her and introduced my self and we had a handshake with each other. Her hands are very soft and skin was like real makkhan(butter). I was a bit confused and tensed. She told me to sit in her drawing room and relaxed. As she had some work to do she told me watch TV and told me to sit there she will be back in 15 mins. That 15 mins was the longest 15 mins on my life. I cannot watch TV also. I was just going through some magazines. After 20 mins she came. The routine conversation started and we chatted for around one hour. the topics from sports to politics and film to cartoons. My life to her life and my business to her husband’s business. After that I told her that I want to go as i have some work to do. Then she told me that “You know, Why I want a friendship with you ?” Then she told me that she will give me a details mail as she will not in a position to tell some things, which can be written very well. So as per the talk with her she mailed me after two days with some 200 lines of details. I am not going to describe the entire thing here but the central idea of the mail was that “She has a fantasy that she wants to make sex with a person who is younger to her and as her husband is very conservative in sex she wants to enjoy oral and anal sex with someone.” As per the mail my confusion was gone and I am in the seventh heaven. To be very frank enough with you I have also a fantasy of fucking a married lady and if the lady is older than me that nothing like it. So in short its a treat for me. So without putting any efforts I can fulfill my fantasy. So we have decided to meet on next Friday at her place on same time.

On Friday I went to her house. As usal she was in plain light green colour sari with matching blouse. She was looking great. I asked her about her son she told me that he had gone to her friend’s place and he will be returing at 7:00 PM. I thought what a planning. I was very much deparate to touch and feel her but i thought that let her make the fisrt move. So after chtting for some time we went to her bedroom. It was a big bedroom with king size round bed in the center. I had never seen such a fantastic bedroom in my life. Not even in the movies also. Now we are sitting on the computer table and surfing the net. Then we started surfing some hot xxx sites. I was hot and from her face I can judge that she was also hot. But we are just waiting for the first move. And both of us are making no moves even she is also waiting for my move and I was also waiting for her move. After about 15 mins. I was out of control and I put my hand on her hand and crush it. She had already closed her eyes and just waiting for my next move. I was very much hot at that time. So I put my lips on her lips and kissing like anything. She was also hot and responded my kiss very well. I as kissing her entire face starting from forehead to lips and the parts of her neck also. she was becoming more and more hot with making good moans. Now I have started giving her french kiss. our tongue are inside each other’s mouth. We are making good use of this kiss. We are passonatly kissing each other. My hands are moving all around her body and her hand is also busy exploring my body. My hand went to her private part. I was amazed to touch that part as on the saree it self its wet. So you can imagin that how hot she is that her love jucies are comming from her cunt to the saree by crossing three layers of cloths. So I was in a plan for oral but after the touch of her cunt I had changed my plan and I decided to fuck her first then do the rest afterwords. so main ne Purnima ko apni baho main le liya. Main ne dhire dhire uske kapde utarne shuru kardiya. usne light green colour ki sari pahan rakhi thi aur uske matching blouse pahan rakhi thi who akdam pari jaisi lag rahi thi. main ne pahle uski sari nikal di aur uske baad uske blouse ke sab hook nikal diya phir usne apne paticoat ka nadda loose kar ke usko bhi floor pe dal diya. Ab woh mare samne peach colour ki lacy fancy bra & panty main thi. phir usne mare bhi kapde nikal diye our muze akdam nude kar diya. Main ne bhi uske bra ke uper se hi uske boobs ko sahala diya aur apna haath uski panty main daal diya. woh ek dam gili ho chuki thi main ne jyada der karni munasib nahi samza aur suko bed par dal diya aur uski panty nikal di aur uske bra ka hook khol diya. mare samne mari dreamgirl ak dam nangi padi thi main ne apne penis ko apne haath main liya aur uski do no tango ke bich me ja kar beth gaya. Main ne apne penis ko uske choot pe thodi der tak ragda aur uske baad main ne apni tip ko uske hole main daal diya. She was very hot and moaning in pleasure with some words which I had never expected that a housewife of such caratory can speak this kind of words. she was moaning with pleasure & same time enjoying the fucking session. Now I was fucking her hard. who jor se chilla rahi thi “Chodo muze aur zor se chodo aaj tak is tarah muze pati ne nahi choda,  chod phad dalo mari choot ko apna pura penis mare ander dal do. meri choot ka bharta bana dalo. muze maa bana do. zore se karo ruko mat aur zorse aur zore se. tum pure muze me samajo aaj jo ho na ho hojay is choot ko phad ke uska bharta bana do ahhh eeee bahut maza aaa raha hai kya chod te ho tum tuz pe main apni puri zindagi luta dungi hai … kya mazza aa raha hai aaj pahli bar kisi asli mard ke sath pala pada hai !! main bhi kitni pagal hu ke mare itne nazdik itna power full penis pada hai aur main ne aaj tak usko dekha bhi nahi hiieeee bahut mazza aaa rahhhhhhha haiiiiiiiiii”. main bhi apne piston jor jor se andar bhar kar raha tha main bhi satve asman pe tha muze bhi kuch samaj nahi aa raha tha main bus apni masti main hi mast tha. Phir main ne ek bar apna penis pura nikal diya or ek hi zatke main andar dal diya who ekdam se chilla udhi aur akdam se mare sath lipat gayi uska pahela climax aa chuka that per muze abhi koi jaldi nahi thi main aaram se apne penis mashay ko andar bhar andar bahar kar raha tha. ab main ne apni position badli aur main ne usko dogi style main kar ke uske uper puri tarah se chha gaya. main ne apni ek ungli ko uski gand main daal di aur apne land ko full speed main zor zor se dhakke lagane laga. woh apne aap ko sambhal nahi pa rahi thi woh zor zor se chilla rahi thi aur nagi nagi aur third category ki language use kar ra hi thi “chodo arre raja aaj apni is rani ko maa bana do is choot ki to chatni bana dalo is me apna pura pani nikal do muze maa bana dalo is choot ne to muze itna pareshan kar rakha tha ki aaj is kambhakt ki pyas buzi hai main tumhara sukriya kaise ada kar sati hu tum batao aaj tune muze jo sukh diya hai usko main puri zindagi bhar yaad rakhigi tum hi mare asli husband ho bus ab muzse raha nahi ja ra ha hai tum muzme aa jao apna pani nikal ke apne land ko is choot main nahala dalo aaaaa eeeee kay kar rahe ho main mar jaungi it na mat karo muze tumhari aadat ho gayegi bus karo mare raja bus ab muze main it ni si bhi takat nahi hai ki main tumhara sath de saku please …. aaaaa………bahut mmmmazzza aaaa raha hai” main uske boobs ko masal rahatha main bhi apni manzil ke akdam nazdik tha mera bhi pani nikal ne wala tha main ne apni puri shakti lagakar uske choot main apna garam garm gel chod diya who to akdam beosh si ho gayi main bhi uske uper so gaya. it was a long sesstion of aruond 30 to 35 minutes. after complition of the work i got up. main ne dekha ki uske choot puri tarah se phool gayi thi uske boobs ekdam lal lal ho gaye the who khadi bhi nahi ho sakti thi main ne usko khada kiya aur uske balo main haath dalkar uske hotho pe ek first class kiss de diya. She was quiet happy and she had enjoyed the game of classic fucking with me. Now we know that we don’t have much time I went to the washroom to wash myself & she went to the toilet making herself ready for the next round.

So after completion of the first fuck session with purnima. She went to kitchen and bring two glasses of cold milk with choclate and some fruits. She was just in a transpserant nighty whthout single piece of cloth inside it. She was looking very sweet and you can see satisfaction in eyes and her face has a new look she looks more sexy then before. After finishing my cold milk my penis are making movements once again. So this time I have decided to take her oral session so i went to kitchen and bring asked her about the bottle of honey or chess spread. she said she had honey bottle but its too old so sorry for that but I think we can try with chesse spread. So I came to bedroom with box of cheese spread in my hand. she is also very excited for this game as this is her fantasy and she want to fulfill as soon as possible. She sit on the bed with pillow under her croch and i spread lot hot cheese spread on her cunt and upper parts of cunt with some on her boobs also. she was very excited her nipples are big and hard like any thing now I have started liking her parts one by one. Starting form her boob and then her naval point and then the real part or her body that is her cunt. Her cunt is wet now with lots of jucies coming from it and mixed it with the cheese spread the view is real cool and making me very hot. Now I was liking her cunt with my tongue. she was in heaven and liked it very much her cunt lips are big and her cilt is very red with lots of jucies comming from her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and telling some abuse words like “Chato chato is choot ko chato mare pati ne kabhi bhi is choot ko nahi chata. tu bara nasibwala hai ki tuze mari choot chatne ko milrahi hai ye choot chatne ke babat main ekdam virgin hai is choot ko aur chato is ka pani nikalo ruko mat karte raho haaaa bara maza aa ra ha hai main ek dam swarg ka sukh le rahi hu ho god suck me you aunty fucker lick it lick it.!!!! bahut maza aa raha hai main ekdam hava main hu muze baho ye mari choot kha jayega mera pani nikalne wala hai main control main nahi hu muze is ladke se bchaoo main chuntne wali hu” after five minutes she receives her first organizm and enjoyed it very mcuh. Then I took some cream (nivya) in my hand and applied it on her virgin ass hole. she was making ahh and told me please do it gently. and then i fucked her ass hole for about 10 to 15 minutes now she is my fan and we had another mettings also with in the same week. I love the way she had given me the sex pleasure.

After that day we have three sessions in the same psssion. But as per other ladies she likes my way of doing oral to her the most so in other two sessions we have more oral then the real fucking. As in my early stories i told you that I love licking & oral sex. On our second encounter I licked her for around 1 hours in this time she came around four to five times & being a good fucker I fucked her that day for around two more rounds I will give you that details in the another story of mine.

Agar aap main se kisi ko aisa hi maza lena hai to muze mare email address per contact kar sakte hai  email address hai   Love Raj…

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