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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi Desi friends, this is Ali from Lahore , Pakistan . is my favorite website I reed almost all of its stories then I decided to share my experience with all of you. Let me describe myself first. My name is Ali 26 years old and 6 feet tall. I am working with a well known pharmaceutical company as area manager.

A year ago due to a business meeting I visited Gujranwala (70 KM away from Lahore ) the whole day was busy. The meeting was concerning to purchase of medicine by he government (very boring normally) but very intrusting due to one attractive lady doctor (She was the member of purchase committee). She was wearing a sleeve less tight fitted yellow color cotton shalwar suit. Every body can see her black push-up bra and black panties. During the meeting I was thinking that might be I get a chance some time with her. She was very sexy and beautiful.

At 5:00 PM meeting finished. Me and my best friend (who was also present there and representing another company) went to a Bar-B-Q restaurant and take some food. Then we leave for Lahore on our cars. During traveling to Lahore we were in-touched with each other through SMS chatting on mobile phones. My friend’s car was behind me. We were discussing about the sexy doctor.

At 7:30 we crossed River Ravi Bridge and entered into the Lahore city. When I taken left turn from Government College to the Mall road, I saw two girls standing behind a tree in the darkness. The both girls were wearing burqas and naqabs (A dress which camouflage all body and face normally use in Islamic countries). The sexy thoughts were running in my mind. I immediately stop my car and saw the both girls and ask them if they wants lift. The girls quickly entered in my car. One of them taken seat with me in front, while the other on sit at rear seat. I asked the girl that where you want to go. She replied that where are you going. I told her that I am going to my home at Lahore Cantt. My friend was following me on his car. I just can see her hands which were white complexion and nail polished. At that time I can imagine that she is very beautiful girl.

Suddenly she moved her hand towards my paints. I was surprised. I asked her that what you are doing. She said that she just want to see your dick. I was panic. This was the first time when I given lift to some girl and she was insisting to see my dick. I said no. She again requested me that please Sir I just want to see that how is a disk of young man. My dick started moving. I said ok but at first I would like to see your face. After a little bit habitats she removed her naqab and I was in the world of surprise. I cannot express her beauty. She was very beautiful.

I asked her that has she some safe place to do this? She that she have no place but no problem sir I can do it in your car. I turned my car to some dark roads. She opened the Zip of my paints and pulled out my dick. I can see a shine in her eyes. She was very pleased to see my 9 inch long dick. She started playing with my dick. Her hand was moving and touching every parts of my dick and I was in heaven. The girl who was sitting at the rear seat behind me start playing with the hair of my chest. At the mean time my friend called me on my mobile and asked that what is going on in your car? I told him that just follow me and do not ask any more question. I requested the girls that would one of you can go in my friend’s car? The both girls said the we will go together not alone.

She was moving her hand slowly suddenly she leave the seat and sit on the floor. Then without and habitation, she taken my dick in her mouth. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. That was a nice feeling. She was moving her mouth up and downs and I was enjoying. During she sucking me I touched he pussy with my hand and I feel that she is a virgin or her pussy is very tight. She immediately stopped me for this act she said sir please don’t do anything just enjoy. She was making sexy sounds from her mouth and increasing her speed. After 10 minutes she asked me “Sir how much time you would take”. I told her that this is depends on you that how sexy suck you can. She responded me with a smile and said okay sir, please tell me when you feel that you are about to cum (At that time I think that she will masturbate me when I will cum). I said okay. She was tasting my pre cum like she is eating some sour thing.

During that I reached Yateem Khana crossing. I decided to use motorway. Then I turned my car to motorway and told he that she come into the normal position. After crossing tool plaza she again stared her job. I was enjoying with the both girls. There was very dark on the motorway and with the chance that girl sitting behind me started to suck my neck. I cannot explain my feelings coz that was multiple feeling two girls using me and I was driving car.

After 10 minutes I feel that I have to cum. I told the girl that I have to come. She immediately increased her speed and my dick was touching her throat. When she feel first drop of cum in her mouth she taken my entire dick at the end of routs in her mouth and stop. At the time I felt that the all force of mine is finished and I am dying. Oh what was feeling at that time? She was drinking my cum. She cleaned my dick with her mouth till the last drop and pushed my dick into my paints and locks the Zip.

After finish I was thinking that now she asks me for some money but I was much surprised when she tried to give me 500 rupees. I asked her why you are giving me this money. She said you take some fresh juices and milk and restore your energy. I told her no problem I can do it myself. I gave her my mobile telephone number for future contact.

(Those both girls belong to some feudal families of Punjab and studying here in Punjab University . The girls live in hostel. In hostel life both saw XXX movies and start engaged in sex. But the both girl were virgin. The girls said that we cannot lost there virginity due to there marriages are settled in family. They enjoy sucking men dick as well as anal sex. This all history of them I come to know when they contacted me again. I enjoyed with them and one other there friend for the one year. Now that girls finished there studies and back to there homes. I met them many times and enjoyed group sex with them which I will tell you in my next stories.)

Then I stopped my car on motorway shoulder and the both girls were gone to my friend’s car. I called him on his phone and told him that these girls want to suck your dick. I also told him that I am going to home and you enjoy now.

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