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Planet Of Mother And Son

  • desipapa
  • December 25, 2015

Hi friends this is Rathode and it is my another new story please leave your comments and opinions on my id
This story includes some of the concepts about quantum physics and general theory of relativity and it also includes romance, lust , love and sex between a mother and son .
Year -3151 place-egl head quarters

“Earth” the home of all human beings is going to became an abandoned planet, due to selfishness activities of humans made earth unstable, the resource of earth vanished all of suddenly earth is nothing but a waste land, due unstable nature of earth all the nations formed a committee called egl that is earth guardian league through which they found a planet which contains exact atmosphere like earth, the newly found planet is exact replica of earth like when earth is in earlier stage

Year- 5056 place-omega providence

Blue 041 is the beautiful city in the omega providence of the norma planet, people are very busy here and we respect nature here every home got its individual little greenery to maintain the eco balance, as our four fathers or elders says that our previous home planet destroyed or abandoned due to disrespect towards nature and I am here tell you the story how we survived, get established over this planet and the different ritual followed by our peoples which previously not followed in earth.

We call ourselves normans as compared to earth norma is really bigger , each day counts 62 hours here and the year exactly contains 826 days , so compared to the earth peoples we live for more than twice and half of their life span , if any people there in earth then the one year of our life is equal to their 2 and half here so technically we live more than humans in earth(if there), every year we celebrate mother son day in our planet to respect the saviors of our planet and our race, in this particular day all mother and son should mate each other and all the fathers should not be in there home , when son reach his puberty and become 20 every son must mate his mother on this mother and son day.

I know why all you peoples become shocked why we peoples are committing incest in the name of our planet saviors , yes it contains a reason our planet saviours are both mother and son and they committed incest in order to save our planet so to respect them and their courage we are committing incest , so let’s go to story how did this happen.

Year-3060 place-egl station

The earth destruction started early from what egl expected so the egl directors took the decision to evacuate the planet but the problem is the selected planet still not studied completely and we partially known that the planet we are moving is compatable for humans or not, but in the present situation we do not have any options rather than abandon the planet so egl committee decided to immediate launch.

The spaceship we are going is called glacier, we have 3 glaciers each capable of holding 15 crore people, 92 landers which are well equipped to stay and observe in any atmospheric condition, 402 rangers which are capable of withstand and fight back any resistance they came across, 69 reserves which contains fuel for the glaciers (each landers can hold 10000 people in it and rangers can have 2000 peoples in it) other than this we had planters which can take 1 lander, 1 reserve and 3 rangers.

The evacuation starts on feb 21 3061 the glaciers are stayed in polar axis ,the landers and rangers pick all the peoples who are still alive and made them to reach glaciers but some of the peoples couldn’t rescued because calamities occurred on that time some might left behind due to shortage of space in glaciers.

Glaciers our spaceship contains its own world inside it, it has all the necessary for human life, each glaciers contains one crore thirty thousand cabins where each cabin is well enough for 4 peoples to live very luxuriously.

The captains of the mighty glaciers announced the commencement of our voyage around the space which is unknown, never explored and contains mystery within, we know that our fuel is the main cache and details about the planet is not sure but the last hope we had is this planet so we continued the journey the scientist identified the wormhole nearer the orion molecular clouds belt which directly connect us to noran galaxy which is billions of light year away from our milky way galaxy, so if we get in to that wormhole we can clearly go to the selected planet without any trouble and our fuel can be saved.

As the days passes in the glaciers there are lot of responsibility on the shoulders of glacier crew they need to look after education of children, food for all peoples, glaciers contains many soldier who trained for any circumstances ,the days turn into months and months to years, everyone adjusted to the living life style on the glaciers it took 3 year 78 days to reach iras dipole crossing centaurus cluster, hydra cluster, cmb dipole in about 3 days all the glaciers will reach orion clusters where the wormhole has been showed up.

Computer- alpha c-36 unit commando assemble in defence control chamber number 12

Every team had 40 soldier 2 doctors and 5 health assistants and one group head, alpha c-36 is one of the group in the defense of glaciers, as commando and some unit entered

Computer- authorized entry , password confirmed ,alpha c-36 welcome

Captain- team check the if any consequence is there near wormhole because our approach should be clean and we don’t want to take any chances it’s the matter of all the life of our people

Ramaiah(group commando)- yes sir , it’s our duty to serve our peoples sir

Captain-i love the guts of all my armies go ahead and lets name it as mission clear

Ramaiah- roger sir

Ramaiah – sir I had one request to u

Captain- what is that ramaiah

Ramaiah – I will assign this mission to my soldiers on the supervision of my son sir if you permit

Captain- go ahead I heard your son is brilliant learner and he is the topper in all the task during is training, indeed I will salute you ramaiah for the contribution from your family

Ramaiah- sir it’s our honour

Captain – no it’s shows the respect you and your family had towards egl and earth , your younger son died during rebellion suppression on earth but still your wife is working as doctor and your elder son is now getting his promotion as commando that’s really shows courage of your family

Ramaiah-thanks sir

Captain- you may leave now

Ramaiah-yes sir

Computer-authorised exit please visit us next time

Alpha c-36 base

Ramaiah – boys take your positions

All units getting in their position

Ramaiah –boys mission clear is given in to the hands of alpha c-36 so I am ordering you all to make this as successful as our previous missions

Soldiers-yes sir

Ramaiah- rathode take a step forward

Rathode- yes sir

Ramaiah-i am making you as the head of group and you will lead the mission clear team

Rathode- thanks sir

Ramaiah- I need full effort from you and all your team members you understand

Rathode- affirmative sir

The group dispatches for their respective places, ramaiah called is son rathode and take him to the private cabin of their family

Rathode and ramaiah sit in the couch and ramaiah put his hand on the shoulder of his son and begins the conversation

Ramaiah-son you are now a respectful officer ,i want you to became famous and honorable person as our family guys , your brother achieved a respect in the society we have your mother is one of the great doctor we have and myself group captain of the glacier defense, so I need all this respect to you also

Rathode- dad don’t worry i’ll make all your dreams come true

Suddenly vijaya enters to the family cabin

Vijaya- oh looks like father and son are in deep discussion

Rathode-no mom we just talking about new mission

Ramaiah-u heard our son is getting promotion

Vijaya-yea I know that honey that’s why I took some sweets for all and some bear it’s call for family celebration

Family get into celebration and they watched some movie and get in to deep sleep, the family cabin got 2 rooms one drawing hall, kitchen, bathroom each and I entertaining room. All three members fell asleep in entertaining room but somehow rathode got up because there is no comfortable space, he tried to push his mother to make some space but during process somehow her gown opened a bit and revealed part of her breast and suddenly she put her arms around rathode and made her breast to settle opposite to rathode chest , rathode become too red and then he started to feel a bulging in his pants so he pushed her and went his room.

The wormhole came nearby and the alpha c-36 units took a planter vijaya is assigned as chief health organiser to mission clear, ramaiah ordered for green signal rathode took captainship and ordered to get dispatch from glacier 2.

The alpha c-36 took all the readings and measurements and indicated a green signal to glaciers to move forward towards the wormhole, but suddenly a small space junk which is about large as football stadium coming towards glaciers, the planter of alpha c-36 released the all three rangers they have , rangers started to fire towards the space junk rock but the velocity of rock is so high they came hit one ranger that ranger get fall on other the fire from one ranger misplaced and it made target on other ranger so all with in fraction of seconds all rangers destroyed the space rock is slowed and all the peoples of glaciers became happy, here rathode announced to re connection of planter to glacier because it is about to enter wormhole.

For humans taking a journey in wormhole is new experience since it is shortest war to travel long distance in space, several gravitational turbulence may cause so they prepared for everything, sometimes wormhole may redirect us to time travel because in wormhole time is also dimension, it is considered as dimension which we practically vary it.

Planter alpha -36 is attached to glacier 2 all units get down and glaciers about go with zero gravity rathode and vijaya remains inside to last checks in planter but suddenly the space junk rock gain velocity due to the activity of gravitation near to wormhole and it started to move directly towards glacier 1 main frame, captain declared emergency to defense since planter alpha c-36 is nearer rathode immediately took responsibility and ejected planter towards direction of space junk , rathode and vijaya shifted themselves to lander and planter containing reserve is made directed to rock the sudden huge explosion of planter made glaciers and lander alpha c-36 to get separated in wormhole (planter had reserve which is more enough to get huge explosion) inside the wormhole due to gravitational turbulence the glacier not able to contact the lander.

After traveling 1.5 light year the captain announced the call off of emergency in glaciers, the people nearly experienced the death and they thought the brave act of commando rathode and senior doctor vijaya made them alive, captain took the responsibility and gave all the medical needs for peoples in glaciers , captain also announced the 2 min silence for our brave commando rathode and his mom who served all the rebellion suppression act and missions through her medical help and I am giving this honorable medal to his father on behalf of them.

Ramaiah felt proud that his son and his wife achieved something in their life and he requested for immediate rescuing support for his son and his wife, captain took oath that he surely find them when the signals can transmit over the horizon space.

Glaciers approaching the end of wormhole as every wormhole contains black hole in it’s one of the opening side, the gravitational anomaly and it’s pull are the main threats for glaciers.
Mom ,mom………..Mom where are u?

Rathode get consciousness he as fallen from the control chair, he stood up and immediately ran all over the lander shouting his mother name but he didn’t get any indication of his mother, he had some small scratches and wounds suddenly he ran to control chamber and took control of lander and set it in auto mode and again he started to search his mother, in a upper laboratory he heard some voice he went through the voice trail and there he found his mother on the floor and above her a table has fallen he took that table up and made her stand up, finally they both found each other vijaya bursted in her sorrows cuddling her son in both her arms, rathode made her calm and gave her the strength she required then both mom son went the control chamber.

Rathode- mom are you okay do you need some more medical assistant

Vijaya-no son I am good all I am worrying about is where we are and how can we reach to glaciers

Rathode- mom don’t worry I send call back signal in all the frequencies and in all the ranges it will surly reach glaciers and they do definitely come for rescue but due to some gravitational turbulence signal is so weak but we need to keep try hard

Vijaya-i wish they would come for us

Rathode- mom don’t be so narrow they will come for us

Vijaya- ok let’s check the lander for any damages and food reservoir

Rathode- ok you check that i’ll look after the main frame engines ,connections , fuel and batteries okay

Vijaya-okay do fast

They went and check all the cabins of lander for their luck everything is running smoothly and they came back to control cabin and they found that the wormhole dead end is about come.

All the glaciers came out from the wormhole and they used maximum energy to get pass from black hole , they all happy that they cleared the one risk they mainly afraid of, here the lander is about to reach the opening of wormhole ,rathode recognizes the power of gravity pull is more than he expected so he and his mother transferred the all the important things to first main half of the lander when they came out they went to subjection of gravity by black hole.

Rathode deployed the other 2 halves of lander in order to attain maximum threshold energy for first half of lander, the multi staged lander get split and the rathode and vijaya escaped from the gravity of black hole.

Rathode-mom o my god

Vijaya-ufff really we came just from the hell

Rathode- I thought we will never make it

Vijaya- yes me too but thanks to smart and handsome kid of mine

Rathode-(with blushing) woo mom stop I am not that smart

Vijaya- no son you are really a smart no one can handle this situation as better can you even your dad can’t

Suddenly computer voice interrupts the conservation of mother son

Computer- low fuel , low fuel, low fuel requesting immediate refill , immediate refill, immediate refill

Rathode-mom all the fuel is in last half of the lander what should we do

Vijaya-don’t worry son go and check in emergency storage in lower grounds

Rathode checks and he found some gallon of fuel and some solid fuel which is capable of travelling 30 thousand of light years

Rathode-mom we can only travel about 11% in the way of our targeted planet and yet we didn’t receive any messages from glaciers

Vijaya- ok go to hyper telescope chamber and take the redings whatever you got okay

Rathode-okay mom

After about 1 hour rathode called his mom to hyper telescope chamber

Vijaya-did you find any good news

Rathode-yea it’s merely a good news

Vijay-what is that

Rathode- mom I found a planet which atmospheric condition is good on based on this readings if we could make it over there we can save our fuel, food and batteries , we can live about 80 years with the resource we had once we reach there we try to send signal to glaciers and they will definitely come for the rescue

Vijaya-but son

Rathode-mom no but’s it is the only chance for our survive

Vijaya-what if they do not come

Rathode-mom we had enough resource we can stay there without any worry and from this observations I am sensing some living creatures is present in this planet who knows may be humans like creatures can exist over there and if there they can support us if not we can survive but here we have to keep moving still we have fuel after that what mom , think about it

Vijaya-okay son you are wright that is the only chance

Rathode- I am going to set directions to that planet once we reach nearer to that planet we synchronize with that planet rotation and then we land

Vijaya- why are you taking orthodox method of landing

Rathode-mom we don’t have fully equipped spaceship over here rather than that we are alien particles to this planet that planet suddenly cannot accept us wright that’s why

Vijaya- you are so smart son, come hug your mommy

Rathode hugs his mom and they stayed for a while and then took up their respective works in order land the lander

Glaciers were ahead towards the targeted planet still signals are not strengthened so they are doing more than they have to find the lost ones, ramaiah is drown in sorrows

The lander approached the planet they have found and they slowly joined to the rotation of that planet

Rathode-mom it may take 5 days to jump to next orbit so please go take some sleep

Vijaya-no son we can take to next orbit with in tomorrow

Rathode-no mom planet is comparatively big compare to earth so it takes longer time to one rotation and yet I have to make some observations so it requires 5 days to me to shift the lander in to next orbit

Vijaya- okay son bye

Vijaya went to hyper sleep chamber and starts to take nap in the tub shaped bed , she closed upper portion went to long sleep

After about 15 days

Mom get up, mom…….. Hurry get up

Vijaya get up from hyper sleep chamber in a trans state suddenly she don’t know what’s happening

Vijaya- what rathode

Rathode-mom we are near to the last orbit jump I need co pilot to land so please we don’t have time

Vijaya and rathode went to control cabin and they took controls , the lander enter in to the stratosphere of that planet , the pressure, intensity are so high as they expected but they entered atmosphere neatly without any damage, he saw lots of greenery and yellowish trees like structure and many more creatures flying and running in the forest like areas unlike in earth there is no concrete buildings no pollution at all but still they need to check the oxygen level for the human compatibility , he ran lander on the surface of that planet they found more number of islands he knows that south and north side poles of every planet is cold and so he opted the equator region, he slowly landed on the one of the beautiful island which much bigger compare to other islands nearer , the land holders opened and they landed safely.

They both took the oxygen bags and came outside of the lander , both mother and son put their first step in the inhabit planet for the first time they collected air samples and they ahead towards sea , the sea is like crystal clear water and they took the sample of that water also and went back to lander.

They made that air and water to undergo several experiments and they both find the oxygen level is more compare to normal requirement for humans and the methane level is good and other gases made satisfy to them but they still not know that their body get adopt to that environment , one main think they are happy about is the water , the sea water is so sweet there is no 0.00001 percent of salt in it so the problem of water is solved they can use as much as they can, the gravitation of that planet is more that’s why each and every step is feeling like tagging 10 kg of weight in to their legs but they know as the time goes on they will get adopt this gravity.

The first half of lander contains a control cabin, hyper sleep chamber, laboratory, hyper telescope room, entertainment hall, lower reserve , medical care cabin, food reserve, energy synthesis chamber and 7 rooms to stay.

The planet contains 2 suns and three natural satellites (means moons) but both the suns rise at a time and sets at a time, day is so much hotter and night is so cold but during night darkness is less compare to earth because all three moons will give sufficient light to look clearly.

Six months as been over both mother and son slowly adjusted to the environment and now they don’t carry oxygen bags with them their lungs can in hail the atmospheric oxygen they can run and jump freely as they can.

Sun rises rathode and his mom vijaya were still asleep in separate sleeping cabins , they doesn’t care about time they don’t have any rules and regulations to follow both are tired of their life in this planet, rathode wakes up and get freshened when he about to move towards control cabin he passes across his mother cabin and he went there to check on his mother, he entered password and buzz in vijaya still sleeping wearing a transparent nighty it reveals everything in her body, when saw his mother in that state his dick got erected without his notice suddenly vijaya woke up and saw her son standing in front of her

Vijaya-0h son you wake up already

Rathode-yes mom (unable to control is erectness)

Vijaya-what happened to your voice

Rathode-nothing mom go get fresh and come to cabin we had things to discuss

Rathode leave his mom’s cabin as fast as he can to hide the erectness but during his running his dick came in full size and it made is boxer to like tent, vijaya saw his son got erection but she thought it’s just common for boys at his age maybe it’s morning erectness but when she went near mirror she herself and thought “ damn I am fully visible” that’s why my son got erected and she went to fresh up.

She keep on thinking about his bulginess he is not a boy anymore he is 21 now and in this age all the boys always thought about sex and sex only, poor kid he can’t resist when he see woman body but wait I am his mother how can he see me like that oh first I need to get rid of this concept this making me crazy all this things are just accident that’s all.

Vijaya enters control cabin while rathode is busy in some work

Vijaya- hey son what’s up you said there is things to discuss

Rathode-mom good news our message has been delivered to glaziers we may get rescue in 10 or 20 days

Vijaya- is it real son is it?!

Rathode- yes is it is

Vijaya- hurray finally we made it, I thought we gona rest here our entire life

Rathode-don’t worry mom when your son his here, i’ll always be there for you at any time at any moment

Vijaya-yes son if you are not here I am sure I let lose my hope of rescuing

Rathode-ok mom we will enjoy this 20 days in planet let’s see what this planet got


Both mother and son took some things and detach a 4 seater flying machine which they call mob and went to trip they found a big waterfall which is 70 times bigger than niagara falls, some beautiful beaches which is sweet in taste, different kinds of animals birds, caves, mountains during same time they tested each and everything which are organic and edible and what’s the composition of that things, indeed they found some of the other element which behaviour is not as same as our elements listed in periodic table so that means this planet had many more elements which is not known to us.

They spend several days and nights in travelling and finally when they are going back to lander they saw rock which is shining they went nearer to that and found that that is radioactive material and it’s not harmful means they not emits radioactive rays and gives energy more than 1000 times better than uranium 328 isotope which is energy source of current in earth, they become over exited and check if they are more and they found this planet is full of this rocks.

When they came to lander a message is blinking on the screen of control cabin, they now that is from glaziers, rathode went and open the message there appeared captain of glaziers in screen

Captain of glaziers- happy to get a message from you two and I appreciate what have you done and to save the people and we are happy that you both are alive please came into live contact we are expecting you both

Vijaya and rathode become most happy and rathode establish the live contact with glaziers

Rathode-requesting for authority to contact captain of glaziers

Computer – personal identity verification number please

Rathode-alpha c-36 line 111000020

Computer- welcome now you are rerouting to glazier main controls

Captain-hello rathode and vijaya

Rathode and vijaya- helo sir

Captain- okay thank god you are safe, but here’s the situation the planet we had selected for staying is not good from above readings we getting from here but still we are not sure, so we need to go near that planet and check the possibilities if it’s ok we can reside there or we must find other planet for that to happen we need more fuel so we can’t offer you rescue, I think you understand the situation we are facing and please be co-operative with us and your husband ramaiah is here to talk with you mam

Rathode-what? What are you saying cap

Captain – yes rathode this is our present situation

Rathode- but sir…….?

(vijaya interrupts and rathode and she continues)

Vijaya- yes sir we understand the situation and we respect your decision for the welfare of our peoples

Captain – thanks for understanding us mam, now please talk with your husband

Ramaiah- hey fellows (this is how he usually calls them when he is in fun mode but now with mixing expression of joy and sorrow)

Vijaya and rathode- hey dad, hey ram

Ramaiah- I am very proud what you two did early and what you going to do now, I am not going to be in depression instead I celebrate that my wife and son are such a brave ones

Vijaya- we gonna miss you ram

Ramaiah-me too darling

Rathode-love you dad

Ramaiah-me too son, don’t lose more power in the lander use very less in amount so that you can live more longer

Vijaya- ram why is ramya in that cabin and why she is holding your hand

Ramaiah- because .. Because I married her , I thought you died and she likes me more so I had to do this

Vijaya- how cruel you are, your son and wife is missing and you married her

Rathode- mom cool down

Ramaiah – what can I do it’s already 7 months since you missing but we thought you died and she forced me and I am also man I too have some needs

Vijaya- but ( rathode interrupts )

Rathode- shit! Dad I forgot say something

Ramaiah- what is that son

Rathode- what a damn I am, dad when we separated I found one planet it is really good for habitat and we also found some flora and fauna

Captain- what, what are you saying, is it real!

Rathde- yes sir it is

Captain-did you check the respiration ratios

Rathode- sir everything about air and water we already conducted preliminary test and experiments and the results are positive but we need to conduct a full deep experiments

Captain-what is adoptability percentage on basis of this conducted experiments

Rathode-adoptability is really difficult for starters but as time goes on and who had healthy immunity they can really fit here sir, I can give 71% to that

Captain- rathode we can’t take risk, just think if we adopted but our children who born there couldn’t adopt what we do all this thinks we made will go in dust

Rathode-yes sir but to check that possibilities glaziers have to come here

Captain-rathode just for checking we can’t come over there if it’s doesn’t work out we lead all of our kind to danger, now we add two option

1 go and check our predicted planet, if it’s ok we reside there or else find other planet compatible for us nearer to that planet

2 come to your planet and check the possibilities, it’s ok we reside there

Once we come to your planet we don’t have enough fuel left with us to go our predicted planet and vise versa, so check all the possibilities in your planet for humans to stay

Rathode- sir we don’t have enough equipment here

Captain – okay go check lander’s last storage cabin we always preserve embryos take that and put them in computer surrogate cabin so we can test the adaptability of human children

Rathode – sir we dispatched the last 2 stages of lander now we are one lander I on 1 sir, so we don’t have embryos

Captain- give us a minute i’ll contact you again okay

(connection stops )

Vijaya- son what would they do

Rathode- don’t know mom

Vijaya- how can your father do that

Rathode- mom don’t worry I am here I will take care of u

Vijaya-( looks rathode in different way) son you really a responsible person and a son

Rathode hugs his mom she put her head in his chest

Vijaya- but how can he do that

Rathode-mom shh dad is good person but his need and pressure from her made him to do that, just get rid of that our task is to save our peoples

Rathode feels her breast getting slightly bigger he felt a womanly nature from his mom, again the connection established and captain came in to screen

Captain- rathode we don’t have any option we need to see the new born baby get adopted there or not based on that we should take next step

Rathode- but how we don’t have embryos here

Captain- yes we don’t but we can produce baby naturally

Vijaya- naturally! What?

Rathode- sir what are you saying

Captain- yes we want you two to produce baby and see whether that baby survive there or not

Vijaya – what are you saying sir are you out of your mind, for god sake we are mother and son how can you ask us to do this

Captain- I know this is embarrassing I can’t ask from you peoples but what else we have as option, please for the human kind please take this one step I am begging u

Vijaya- oh no we can’t to it

Captain- it’s not like you are making any crime, it is for saving the whole human beings, our kind please don’t say no to this

Vijaya- what peoples think about us and my husband think about me

Captain- no you don’t have to worry about anyone they all respect you because you are doing this to protect mankind and your husband only first agreed to this

Vijaya- what ? Can you please put him in

Captain- yea ok

Ramaiah- vijaya I know this awkward foe all of us but it is mater of human kind I don’t have any objection with this and after all this for world not foe your satisfaction

Vijaya- how can you say that you are one cruel person first you married that lady and now you are asking me to sleep with our son

Ramaiah- your miss understanding me I married her because I thought you are dead and I asking you to have baby because of the welfare of our kind
Vijaya- no I can’t

(by saying that she ran away to her cabin and locked her door)

Ramaiah- I hope you understand rathode

Rathode-yes dad

Captain-rathode go find your mother and please realise that it is not bad it is foe whole human kind

Rathode- sir i’ll try

Rathode ended connection and ran to his mother cabin, he opened the door through his master access password when he enters room vijaya is crying in her bed

Rathode-mom don’t cry, I don’t want to see you like this please

Vijaya- look rathode what they are saying

Rathode-i know mom it’s to weird but they are asking for to save our kind

Vijaya- yea I know but I can’t digest what they said

Rathode – mom

By saying that he hugs her from backwards like a son to mother hug and then vijaya realise that what she is doing entire species is depends on her decision and she finally said ok, by hearing this ramaiah ,captain and all crew staff of that control room becomes happy initially it kept as a secret but later on everything revealed to all peoples .
A day after the both mother and son agreed for giving birth to child

Rathode-mom where are u

He doesn’t get the answer, he checks all the bed cabins and control room when he about check storage cabin his mom answers him

Vijaya- I am here son in the bathroom of second bed cabin

Rathode-how many times should I call u, come we need to change the oxygen portal our automatic injection went to failure we need to do it manually

Vijaya- yea one sec

Vijaya came nearer to rathode in her bathroom robe but it is fully transparent revealing her bra and panties and her sexy outline is showcasing in front of his son, rathode went in trance for a second

Rathode- what a sexy body( he said himself)

Vijaya-what did you said something

Rathode-nothing mom come lets fit that one

During exchanging of oxygen portals accidentally vijaya slips and her huge breasts get rest on rathode’s back , she is his mother but he forgot that he started to feel her as woman.

For the reference vijaya is well built women of 42 with 36dd sized breasts and slim tummy she had some flesh on tummy but only to add little sexiness to her body figure totally and with little big ass she is looking like goddess who got wealthy treasures whereas rathode is boy of 21 who is very well built and had athlete body since he is a soldier his body is just like a rock which every girl fantasies .

Rathode-mom it’s almost night

Vijaya- so

Rathode- nothing mom just said

Vijaya- you are hiding something come on tell me

Rathode- nothing mom

Vijaya- come on son I am your mom tell me don’t be shy

Rathode- mom you know what I am saying

Vijaya- no I don’t know at all

Rathode-ok I won’t say

Vijaya- ok baba I am just kidding with you that’s all, I know what are you saying

Rathode- so today

Vijaya- so eager to go to bed with your mom

Rathode- mom I am not asking because of pleasure it’s for our people

Vijaya- but you are just a little more interested in that isn’t it my son

Rathode-(with blushing) no mom

Vijaya- okay baba come to my bed cabin after half an hour

Rathode absorbs his mom while she is going to her cabin with little mischievous smile in her face and her ass dances each time she took a shape

Rathode says” oh my god” he never thought his own mother will acts as seductively like this , she is flirting with him and he just imagines her in naked and he is fucking like her husband in that cabin, just a imagination lead him to get a big erection which he never ever got in his life time.

He is eagerly waiting for get in to room he looks at time calculator and he wait’s again he looks at time calculator and wait’s finally a voice is generated in computer “ sunny you come in now”

Rathode eagerly went his mom bed cabin and he opens the door , his mom is looking ravishingly sexy she is in just a small piece of towel which covers her deep breasts to her thighs, when he saw her his mouth get opens but he managed to not to show his feelings to his mom

Vijaya- sunny look we are doing this because world’s need this so we need to make some ground rules

Rathode- what is that mom

Vijaya- since our aim is only for baby we will not enjoy sexuality here just a normal fuck that’s all

Rathode- anything ok mom

While she is tasking ground rules and moving from one end to other end of bed cabin her breasts and ass making rathode to get blast in his pants

Vijaya- okay then get into bed

Rathode steps in to bed from one side from another side his mom came in, vijaya took his son face near to his face “i am getting naked just to arose your tool don’t thing dirty about your mom” by saying this she took rathode’s face nearer to her breasts

Vijaya- open the knots of towel

Rathode- ha hmm yes mom(with lust and fear)

Rathode opens her towel wrap to her body her big melons came outside like a butter rathode thought “oh my holy and divine breasts of my mother “ after removing he looks above to look her mother

Vijaya- go on taste your mother breasts after all you did this long time ago now you are getting another chance

Rathode- yes mom no son got another chance like this

Rathode came nearer to vijaya’s left breast and cup her both breasts in his hands but that breasts too big to get cover in his hands, rathode took her lest breasts nipple in his mouth suddenly

Vijaya- ouch ha

By hearing this rathode got aroused and took her another breast in his mouth he, fondles and takes her breast in his mouth for about 10 min while his mom moaning in full enthusiasm , rathode hugs her and make her rest on her bed and then he came above her

Vijaya- sunny remove your dress it’s not fair that only your mother is naked

Rathode- sure mom

Rathode removes his dress vijaya impressed with his body but she didn’t appreciated him because he thinks she is on to him, now rathode came back above her looking her like a hungry tiger his shaft is become too long that even he can’t also imagines, he went nearer to her lips and gave her huge kiss but she said “ no, no just a sex that’s all”

Rathode become so furious and he get his shaft ready to enters his mother lovely cave which he came from before 21 years, he apart her sexy chubby legs and saw his birth hole whooshing sex juices from it, after seeing that first thought came inside him is to taste his mother pussy and give that pussy a toungue massage but he knows that his mother not going to allow him to do that, he took his weapon in his hands and looks his pennies and his mother pussy, oh god what are we doing the organs which never ever get each other they are going to make connection here, my dick and my mother’s pussy oh my god

Vijaya- are going to stay like entire night or you going to do what we have to do now
Rathode-yes mom i’ll

Vijaya-(in lust filled voice) it’s to time come back to mummy go on son

Rathode inserts his dick inside his mother’s pussy the sensation is really amazing they are both lost in heaven, the walls of vijaya’s pussy giving a well treatment to his son’s dick, the warmness inside the pussy made rathode’s dick to grow more bigger and he give a one big trust to his mom’s pussy

Vijaya- oh ouch

Rathode- what happened mom

Vijaya- nothing son it’s just pleasure pain that’s all

Rathode then again gave another thrust his mother vagina is really tight like a teenager after giving three more thrust he completely went inside his mother pussy, then rathode took the flow and gave her rapid strokes they both came into suitable flow and started pumping each other every strokes of son meets every strokes of mother, vijaya wraps her legs across his son and holds him with her hands, they are fucking in full throttle and give each other most sexual sensation they ever got, the fucking of rathode made vijaya to scratch his back with her nails

Rathode- oh mom that hurts

Vijaya- what

Rathode- you scratched on me

Vijaya- you scratching all over inside what should I do, baby just fuck don’t spoil the mood

Rathode by hearing that word from his mom he started pump her with much more power, for each and every thrust her moaning gets increased

Vijaya- uff hmm ha

Rathode- ha ha ha ha ha

Vijaya- o god hmmm ufff ufff oh this is so good

That whole cabin looks like a honeymoon suite filled with moans of two lovers ,after about half an hour rathode send his sperm into his mother pussy to make her pregnant , the potent sperm of a son went inside the mother’s cave in search of egg to fertilize.

Rathode and vijaya rests in the same bed vijaya experienced her best sex in fact this is the first time she ever been fucked this long duration, her husband had sex only maximum of 7-8 minutes , she looks her son sleeping beside her and thought “ is this the son I gave birth oh my god he is really good in bed”

Without knowing herself she is getting started to fall for her son, she gave kiss to his forehead and cuddle herself with her son in his arms.

A beautiful morning two suns shining like a crystal, one sun is in 25 degree another is in 40 degree birds were chirping making a pleasant sounds a light morning cool breeze is in flow rathode wakes up holding his mother naked in his arm, they had nothing except a bedsheet he slightly removed the bedsheet from his mother her glory of treasure came into his presence, such pretty and sexy lady who would doesn’t want her she had perfect body that a angel can having proper amount of flesh in proper parts but she slightly chubby due to her age and add little more sexiness.

His moment made her to awake when rathode notices vijaya waken he pretend to be sleeping, vijaya looks her situation her naked body is cuddled with her naked son her face become red and she gave a kiss to her son on his lips and went to get fresh up, rathode become so happy that she is not only doing it for the sake of peoples she also enjoying the sex with me, rathode also stood up and make himself freshened and went control room.

He established the connection with glaziers, glaziers stop there journey and stay where they are waiting for signal from lander c-36 to know human adoptability in that planet, rathode told about their improvements in order to produce human off spring and glazier captain requested them to make it quick rathode assured them that they really going to do as fast as possible.

When rathode came out from control cabin vijaya appears in front of him wearing her old transparent robe by seeing her only his pole get erected

Vijaya-my son become a more than a man I expected

Rathode- no mom it’s just a ha

Vijaya- I know you all men are same seeing a woman it’s enough for you guys

Rathode- no mom I am not that kind I am one women guy

Vijaya- what’s your point I am your only women

Rathode- mom it’s difficult to answer

Vijaya- okay enough discussion come to my cabin we need to try harder

Rathode boner get much more increased by hearing that and he follow her to her bed and the computer door closes

Rathode in a naked position pumping his mature sexy naked mom in the bed while his mother enjoying each and every bit of moment

Vijaya- oh god your like a hunk

Rathode- is it mom is I am that good

Vijaya-yes my boy your good than your father was

Rathode- so mom can I kiss you in lips

Vijaya- for just to arose I will kiss you but don’t think bad about momma

Rathode- no never mom you always great in my eyes

By saying this he gave a mouth watering kiss to his mother , vijaya let his son to go inside his mouth and their tongues fighting each other , they both fucking and kissing ( what a mother and son bond ) after about 20 minutes rathode came inside his mother and they fell exhausted.

That whole day they were in there bed cabin fucking and mating each other, the whole agenda of their life is to fuck and make baby, from 2 days they are not a mother and son they are more than lovers their genetic organs always in union situation .

1 month as been over after they started fucking each other and they are lying inside their private cabin holding each other nakedly

Rathode- mom I never thought that we would do like this

Vijaya-me too son, I am feeling like a complete woman now, I never experienced this much fun this one month is days of my life, thank you son for making so special

Rathode-mom don’t praise me, this all because of u

Vijaya- what I did

Rathode- oh mom not like that I gave that much pleasure because you make me that much arose

Vijaya- (with smiling) did my son loves his mother

Rathode- yes mom I love u, you know mom I love since I am 19

Vijaya- really how

Rathode- mom one day when I came our private suite in glazier you and dad were fucking each other and that day I saw you nude for the first time, during nights I always had dreams about you and me living in a home with lot’s of kids

Vijaya- oh you want to marry your mother

Rathode- yes mom you are the only one I loved and I want to marry you

Vijaya- oh son me too, you know when I saw your father with other girl then only I decided to marry u, I found a hidden love for me in your heart that I needed , I love you son I love you take me as your wife

Rathode- really mom, hurry I am going to marry you mom and i’ll give you all the pleasures of world

By saying this he kissed her and took her to bathroom nakedly and closes the bathroom door

After 4 months

Rathode and his mom become so close that they never feel shame on what they doing in fact they are enjoying the moments where as in glaziers ramaiah had a dream which visualized the picture of his beautiful wife came to room with white silky robe in front of his naked son while his son holding his dick in his hands showing to his sexy mom and his son take off that robe and took her in his arms exchanging mouth to mouth kisses finally takin her in missionary position and fucking like two wild beasts .

But suddenly ramaiah woke up his younger wife is sleeping beside him but he is so jealous of his son luck to fuck his own mother, initially he took that matter in a sportive manner because he too had sexy younger wife with him but as times go on he lost interest with her and began to think about his wife and son, he went to his control where his wife and son send some video of their sex moments because it is demanded from captain to check whether they are really doing or not.

Ramaiah opened the folder contains that video, he saw two video and he opened first one length of that video is about 1 min, he played

Rathode and vijaya fucking in natural waterfalls in that planet, vijaya is fully naked and her body and her hair are fully wet, rathode fucking her(standing position) in rapid force holding her firmly she is supporting him by grab his waist her breast which is half immersed in that pool pressed against manly chest of his son, for each thrust she is jumping and biting her lips and giving kisses to his sons, they were playing in that pool like two teenagers, the video ends

Ramaiah- I can’t belive they are mother and son they are fucking like hungry dogs

By saying this he switched to next video

Rathode and vijaya are in the top of lander both the suns were in their brightest position, the rays were so hot but both mother and son fucking like rabbits rathode is in down while her mother driving him like no one ever, ramaiah saw his wife breasts they were bouncing like crazy balls, he noticed that his wife become little chubby taking proper amount of flesh in wright places just to make her more sexy she ever been, he blamed for his situation and get jealous for his luck, the intense of fucking and suns bright rays made them to sweat like a rain due to their aggression in there fucking the lander assumes that it is earthquake and opened some air bags, both mother and son are laughing at what they did, video ends

Ramaiah is out of mind” what a luck they are having even in a unknown planet just mother son sex made that planet to look like heaven, it’s almost four months since they started fucking may be in 6 months we can go there but what she likes to stay with him rather than me and does this society accepts this, fuck why should I worry about if they are enjoying I should also”

By saying this he returns to his room and saw his 23 year wife sleeping in two pieces his dick get erects, he thought “ why should I call them lucky, I am also lucky who got 23 years wife in the age of 58”

In the unknown planet

Rathode and vijaya in cold regions of that planet fucking in the land of snow and ice surrounded by the big ice bergs , they are enjoying in every place of that planet

Vijaya-hmm ha uff fuck

Rathode-yes I am

Vijaya- you are better than anyone, you’re the best

Rathode- yes I am the best for my best mom

Rathode fucking her in doggy style in standing position, vijaya holds her breast squeezing with her both ends biting her lips and making loud moans since there is no one to hear her, whole planet is their fucking bedroom now they are free to fuck, they are free to nude all the time.

Rathode- that day you said your first preferred fantasy is to get fuck in the sea beach during night with cold breeze coming and moon should be in his full size remember

Vijaya- yes rathode , why are asking me now

Rathode- because I have surprise for you tomorrow

Vijaya- oh my little son have surprise for his big breasted mommy

Rathode- yea my sexy queen, my dream lady

Vijaya- now shut up fuck me and lick my breast

Rathode –okay

Both were fucked for about evening and they left to their original position where the lander is landed.

Vijaya is checking for the something in control cabin rathode comes slowly and hugs her from behind and says” happy birthday mom”

Vijaya- what today is my birthday

Rathode- yes mom

Vijaya- but we are in another planet time varies here

Rathode- yes but I comapared the rotation timings of earth with this planet so on that basis today is your birthday

Vijaya- thank you son, thank you very much

Rathode- no mom it’s my duty take care of my mom/my queen

Vijaya- you naughty

Rathode- are you not my queen then

Vijaya- yes I am your sexy queen and you are my lovely king, your father never made this type of surprises to me in fact he doesn’t know when my birthday is

Rathode- I am happy mom because you said I am better than my dad

Vijaya- yea your lot more better than a good husband and a good son

Rathode- I also have another surprise

Vijaya- and what is that( making her eye brow up with the mischievous smile)

Rathode- remember you said your fantasy about having sex near beach in night)

Vijaya- hoooo really

Rathode- yep my dream queen and please that golden silk robe which as no buttons just a thread

Vijaya- you are so romantic and sexy

Rathode- yes I am and please do not wore anything inside

Vijaya- okay now go out and make arrangement I’ll going to get ready

Rathode- okay mom

Vijaya get bath and become fresh she ware the golden silk robe underneath that robe there is nothing in a meanwhile rathode take some woolen blankets and spread them near the beach, both the natural moons of that planet shining in glory sounds of waves and birds chirping and cold breeze made that night romantic just what the newly weds needed but here they are not newly weds they are mother and son.

Rathode is waiting for is mom nakedly counting each seconds of the time

Vijaya- hello my dear

Rathode looks at her and her beauty is mind blowing her 36dd breasts oozing out from that robe, robe covers till her thighs which give the wonderful seen for his son, her skin his radiant and shining in the moon light, her lips and cheeks are red as rose

Rathode- hey beauty mom come here your son his waiting for u

Vijaya- yep my son I am coming

Her cat walk make his dick to maximum, she went towards him and held his jaw of his face and make get up and took her mouth towards his face and says

Vijaya- undo me

Rathode –( in mouth watering face) yes mom yes

Rathode slides the robe from her shoulder and gave her a kiss on that place and untie her thread, robe slips from her smooth silky body revealing her glory of body

Rathode-mom you are the most beautiful woman I ever saw

Vijaya- you are good liar

Rathode- no mom ( and shows his dick to his mom) look at the effect you made me, it only happens when a beautiful women comes in front of us

Vijaya- now show your momma how much you love me

Rathode gave her a long kiss their tongues fighting in the mouth exchanging saliva each other and make her rest in her back he concentrate towards the breast taking both the breast one after the other he made her realise what the real pleasure is.

Vijaya is moaning very loudly while rathode exploring her entire body like a tiger, he went towards her navel part and have hot kiss and move towards the gate of heaven ( pussy ) and looks up to see his mother, she saw her son is about reach the his birth place and realise herself there is no pleasure in world that equals to this looking at my son when he is about to look my womanhood.

Rathode licks her pussy put is tounge inside made her feel the pleasure, he licks for about 20 min she almost experienced 2 orgasm now this is her turn to show how much she loves, she gave him blowjob that he never going to get, finally rathode took her below and showed her the tool which she made and now it is going to same whole.

The first thrust made her feel moan slowly and then rathode gave her enormous thrusts back to back she never been had

Vijaya- fuck me my son like a husband and make pregnant

Rathode- I want you to make pregnant with my babies not just a baby

Vijaya- oh ya , you can make as many babies you want

Rathode – I want to raise my family with you , take this ha

They were in kinky mood they teased themselves and fuck like wild animals who don’t know what civilization is, vijaya looks towards sky the stars were shining, moons were in their full size, waves are making music, the waves reaches there body making them full wet and the feel of cold and warmness in the arms of his son made her fantasy real

Vijaya- I love you son, may be god made my lover through me only fuck me

Rathode- yes mom I love you too

Rathode put his potent sperm inside his mother and fell exhausted, she gently combed his hairs holding him in her arms, rathode head rested in her breasts

Vijaya- you know my love I too had a surprize for u

Rathode- ( fully exhausted ) what is that surprise mom

Vijaya- I am pregnant

Rathode-what , are you serious

Vijaya- yes my dear

Rathode- mom this is the most wonderful thing, our whole world will be happy

Vijaya- I know son

Rathode stood up nakedly and took his naked mom and held her up making swirls around, they discussed their future life and they both slept in each other arms in sea shore itself

Rathode constantly fucking his mom in every possible places and every possible ways and looking her belly grown, he is enjoying his present life while vijaya experiencing everything as new girl who is spending her life like newly wed, she is happy that she found a lover in her son and she also enjoys present life rather than old life

After 6 months

Vijaya delivered the baby girl, when she had pain he took her to emergency cabin there they had an advanced equipment which is capable of delivering a baby, rathode is so happy and he make that situation live to glaziers, all the peoples of glaziers are so happy that baby is survived during birth and they want know how that baby develops, ramaiah feeling jealous about his son but he can’t do anything since he only gave them permission but some where he is also happy because the birth of baby is hope for them to live

Rathode and vijaya put baby into constant observation and when it becomes 1 year old they conformed that human survival is possible in this planet for a foreign human body also and local human body also.

On the time the glaziers reach that planet rathode and vijaya already become parents of another two babies, then the construction of world began, government also formed, constitutions came into existence, new technologies introduced, so this planet converted into our home planet but earth remains as origin planet for humans and all nobel ones call this planet as norma planet and in honour of our guardians rathode and vijaya we perform mother son mating day.

I am the citizen of omega providence of norma planet aged 22 going to take my mom in my arms because this day is mother son day

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