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Pilgrimage To Heaven

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

This is the story of my initiation to sex which happened many years ago when I was about 18 years old. I belong to a middle class Nair family of Kerala with an agrarian back ground. Though agriculture and business are our main occupation all in our family are educated. As in the case of all orthodox nair families we have a family Goddess. Our family goddess’s temple is on a hilly area about 100 k.m away from our place.

Someone from our family, generally women members visit the temple 5-6 times in a year. Usually we go there in the evening, stay overnight and participate in the night and morning pooja sessions and return to home in the after noon. Temple has a guest house with minimum facilities for pilgrims’ stay. Except during festivals the temple attracts no big crowd. It was really a pleasant experience to stay at that place surrounded by lush green forests. There is a big stream not far away from the temple which is considered a holy river. As it flows from the hills the water is not polluted. It was our custom to bathe in the holy river before going to the temple. That time it was decided that I should go with my mother to offer some special poojas at the temple. I was on vacation and everyone else had other engagements. So we packed things for a day’s stay and as usual started in the afternoon. We reached the temple by 5 p.m. and engaged a room in the guest house. As we were regular visitors, almost all people in the surroundings knew us. One thing I liked most about the place is the stream. I would love to spend hours together in that crystal clear water. I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the river before the pooja session stared at 7p.m.So I requested mom to hurry up for bathing.

We took clothes to change, bath towel and soap and reached the bathing ghat. There were few people at the bathing ghat. We walked up stream by the side of the river to a secluded spot covered by woods so that my mom could bathe safely away from the prying eyes of males. It was not unusual for the women pilgrims to move away from the common area for privacy’s sake. As soon as we reached the spot I took off my pants and shirt, dived into the water and started to swim. Mom sat on a big rock watching me swimming and occasionally alerting me not to go deep into the water. After some time I got tired and climbed to a rock in the middle of the river and sat there padding the water with my legs. Now my mom stood up and looked around for making sure nobody was there in the immediate vicinity and removed her sari. Then she unhooked her blouse and removed it. She was wearing a white lace bra. Next she untied the knot of her petticoat and pulled it over her head. Before I could see what was happening she slid into the water and began swimming to the rock where I was sitting. She was a good swimmer. When she reached the rock she stretched her hand and I pulled her on to the rock. The scene was amazing, any impotent man would have got a hard on if he saw her that way. The combed cotton panty and bra had got wet and become transparent. The brown cherries on her breasts and the black thatch between her thighs were clearly visible. Her white skin sparkled after being immersed in the water. She had a lot of bushy hair under her arms and on the crotch. Later I came to know that my father liked natural look of a hairy pussy and under arms and not the unnatural clean shaven look. Her ass looked like big golden pumpkins covered in wet white clothes.

At that time mom was around 38 years. She had a tall curvaceous hourglass shaped body. She did a lot of work and so there was not an inch of bulge on her. It is common for rural house wives in Kerala to do lot of work and so it is uncommon to see obese people there. My mom had firm middle sized breasts and white complexion. There was a rhythm in the movements of her high buttocks. She was jovial in nature and all in our family had that trait. Though I had seen her in semi nude state umpteen times, this was the first time I was seeing her in the transparent panties at close quarters where everything was revealed almost in nude. So I got a hard on and there was a bulge on my underwear. I folded my knees so that the bulge was not revealed to my mom who was sitting in all her glory in front f me. After a while she swam back to the shore and started to soap her body. She turned to the other side and pulled out her melons and soaped them. After sometime she pulled down her panties opened her legs and soaped inside her pussy. This time I could see her naked bums. Then again she went into the water turned away from me and repeated the process, this time to wash off the soap. I could see that immersed in water she had inserted her fingers into the pussy and gave it a thorough cleansing. I too swam to the shore and soaped my self and went into the water. I took my dick out of the underwear, washed it thoroughly and in the process giving it some excitement by rubbing on the pink top. I saw a small white thread like flow from my dick into the water which was immediately swallowed by fishes around me. By that time mom had wiped her dry and was about to change clothes. Malayali ladies wear a traditional dress called set saris and men wear dhotis while visiting temples.

She walked up to a big tree holding her clothes and called me. I still had my erection but somehow I managed to hide it from her and went to her. She placed all her clothes on my shoulder and asked me to open my dhoti and hold it in front of her like a curtain. On the other side she had the cover of the big tree. I did as she said. Now turning away from me she unhooked her bra and took it off. Then she pulled down her panties and came out of it. She stood there fully naked. I could see only her shapely ass. But luck smiled on me when she turned to take clothes from me. I saw her naked breast and hairy pussy. It was the first time I was seeing pussy of any woman. First she took the towel and wiped her private parts. Then she started to put on her dresses one after the other like bra, panties, petticoat blouse in that order. My cock was throbbing in the underwear to release the load. I wanted to jerk off but could not do anything. Finally some drops of cum flowed into my under wear. Though I could not resist the temptation to graze on her nudity, my mind was feeling guilty. When she finished her dressing I folded my dhoti and wiped my self dry with the towel. Then wrapping my self with the towel I removed my underwear. I started to dress. By this time mom collected all wet clothes and took it for rinsing in the water. When she took my underwear she touched the sticky cum I discharged in it. I think first she did not realize what it was. So she opened the underwear and felt it. Now she realized it was my cum. There was a naughty smile on her lips. She washed my underwear rinsing it many times and feeling again and again that the sticky substance is gone. I felt embarrassed. I could not look at her face. But she acted as if nothing had happened and she knew nothing. Then we went to the temple performed the usual services(pooja) and participated in all rituals till the closure of temple at about 9p.m. After that mom made some shopping of pooja articles to be used at home. Then we had specially ordered vegetarian food from a house known to us (It was difficult to get good and hygienic food at the place so we preferred to have it from that house and pay for it). While walking around I saw people staring with lustful eyes at the beautiful body of my mother.

We reached our room around 10 p.m and got ready to sleep. There was only one double cot in the room and we had to share it. After going to the toilet I climbed on the cot. Mom too went to the toilet and then switched off the main light and switched on the night lamp. She took some incense sticks and lit it. She closed the window and covered it with a bath towel. Now she started to undress. Within minutes she was wearing only panties and bra. Seeing this my heart beat increased and my cock started to rise again. She watched me through the corner of her eyes and understood my uneasiness. Then she called me to her side and took a yellow thread with a talisman and asked me to tie it on her neck. It was one of the things she bought from the shop. Next move of hers took the breath out of me. She hugged me in a tight embrace and started kissing me. My body was willing to respond but mind was hesitating. I felt shy. I think she read my thoughts. She whispered in my ears “darling, don’t hesitate to show your feelings to me. You are a part of my being. I know what you need now and I am glad to give it to you. To whom else can I give it with such pleasure? As we are part of each other it is as good as masturbating; nothing else. Do as you like without any inhibition. It is between me and you only”. “Then why do people say bad things about mother and son relationship?” I asked. “That is because of jealousy. If a son develops such an intimacy with his mother that may create problems in the family. In our case there is no such thing. Your father will be too happy if he knows that my son makes love to me. Do you think I will allow any one to touch me if that violates my chastity? It is my duty to satisfy your needs till you find a companion” she replied. Her words encouraged me and I could not stand it any more. I pressed her against my chest and we French kissed each other. Her tongue started exploring my mouth. I took her lips and tongue alternatively and sucked it. We exchanged mouthful of saliva.

My hands squeezed her ass cheeks from above the panties. Her hands were all over my body rubbing and caressing. Now one of hands went to her breast and started caressing it. She moaned slightly. She put her hand on my erect dick and rubbed it. All this we did standing. Now I removed my lungi and took off her bra. Hugging each other we climbed on the bed. I moved my kisses downwards to the breast. Holding both the breasts in both hands I put my lips on the nipples alternatively, I chewed, sucked and licked those nipples. All the while she was caressing my head and shoulders. Then I moved downwards. I looked at the panties and saw a wet patch there. I kissed on the wet patch. The aroma made me mad. I started licking her panties. Mom pulled down the panties and opened her legs for me. I buried my face in her bushy cunt and combed her cunt hair with my tongue; finally I found her clits. I held it between my lips and twisted it with tongue. There was a torrential flow of her cunt juice which I lapped up without losing a drop. Then she stretched her hand to remove my underwear and I adjusted my self so that she could take it off easily. She removed my underwear and bent forward taking my dick in her mouth. I climbed on her and gave it into her mouth at the same time inserting my tongue in to her love hole. We sucked each other for about 45 minutes. We forgot everything else except sucking the cunt and the cock. Meanwhile she cummed twice into my mouth and I swallowed the delicious juice. Her hands were holding my head to the correct position on the pussy and running the fingers through my hair while I caressed her legs, inner thighs and ass hole. I had seen some adult movies and the scenes in them became very helpful in my first sexual exploit. I rolled my mom on her stomach and started kissing and licking the back. I inserted my tongue into the slit of her big bums and licked there. While doing this I fingered her pussy in fast to and fro motions. I bit on he ass cheeks. Then she told me it was enough for the time being and to finish the play fast. She turned on her back and folded her legs opening them to both sides a far as possible.

Now I got the full view of her pussy. It was a fantastic scene. It had the shape of small tortoise shell with a slit in the middle and liberal thatch of curly black hair. The pink lips were shining with the juice. I came between her legs and brought my dick near the slit. Mom took my cock in her hand and inserted it into her pussy. I started to thrust it deeper into her; she too lifted her waist and reciprocated my thrust. With few pushes my cock fully went inside her honey pot. Now I balanced on my hands and started pumping her. She started moaning. Her hands were holding my buttocks and pulling it deep into her. Occasionally I bent down and sucked the nipples. Some times I sat on my knees making her rest her legs on my shoulders and while doing so I licked her legs and sucked the fingers. She was crying with pleasure. Some times I thought I was hurting her. So I asked her “Mom, are you hurt?” “No, it is the pleasure. I can’t bear it. Don’t stop, fuck fast, fill my cunt with your juice” she replied and I continued the pumping. She was moaning and uttering lot things about the pleasure she was experiencing. “In every way you resemble your father, even the cock is same” she complimented me. I too uttered many things about her cunt and the heavenly pleasure that her cunt was givig me. It gave us a lot of excitement uttering obscene words while fucking. She was impatiently urging me “pokki adi, pokki adi “(strike hard).Finally I released my semen into her hot vagina and she clung to me in a tight embrace locking me in her legs and arms. Then we moved to sides and she took her panties and wiped my cock and her cunt. Then we slept hugging each other. Next morning I woke up at about 5. Mom was sleeping with legs wide open. The sight of her naked breast and pussy gave me a hard on. I hugged her. She opened her eyes and hugged me. She understood my need. She brought her mouth near my ears and whispered into my ear “you naughty boy, you want my thing again; go to bath room, clean you’re self and come”. So I got up and went to bathroom. I could not piss so easily because of the erection. Then I washed my cock, face and hands with soap and wiped dry. While I was washing, mother too entered the bathroom fully naked. She sat on the closet facing me and began to pee.

I saw the piss jetting out of her tight cunt with a hissing sound. I wanted to place my mouth there and suck the piss. But did not have the courage to do it then ( later I tasted it many times). She judged my interest and opened her legs to give me a full view of the urine flow. Then she washed her private parts and followed me to the bed. I sat o the edge of the cot. She climbed to my lap and sat with her face to me. My erect cock was touching above her cunt. She hugged me and said “my darling I have given you my precious things and I shall continue to give it to you as long as you want; but you shall promise me on four things” “Mom, have I ever disobeyed you or father? I know how both of you love me. I shall do anything you want me to do” I replied. “I want only a promise that you will strictly observe these. First one is that you shall never touch a girl or boy ( I did not realize the significance of word’ boy’ till I joined a hostel during higher studies) for sex other than me till you finish your studies. Second one is that you shall never touch me at home. Third one is that you shall stop courting me on the day you are betrothed to a girl. Fourth one is that you shall never in your life go to a whore”. I took her hand in my hand and swore in the name of the goddess that I shall abide by her wishes. She was very happy. Then she told me “last night you were in a hurry to tear my body and it hurt me a lot. Today I shall teach you how to handle a woman’s body delicately and derive maximum pleasure”. Then we repeated the game we played previous night but this time my mother taking command of the performance. We fucked for about one and half hour and I learnt a lot about sex that day. I religiously kept the four promises I gave my mother. We continued our relationship till I got a job and moved away from home to Karnataka. Whenever we wanted to have sex we went to my grandpa’s house or on small tours where we could share a room together and enjoy without any botheration. That saved me from the trouble of going after girls during study days.

I always laughed at my friends who spent a lot on girls just for being with them without getting the moneys’ worth. Many thought I was an impotent. They never knew I had an M.Phil in sex from the University of my Mother. My initiation was so excellent and I had all the blessing of my mother that I hit a sex jack-pot when I got the job and moved to Karnataka. This is a unique experience. Thus I learnt the true meaning of the Sanskrit saying “Janani Janma Bhumischa Swargadapi Gareeyasi” Your comments are welcome to

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