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Peshawar Pathan Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi all erotic stories fans, This is for the first time I think that Peshawar is going to enter in the erotic stories session ( for who those don’t know about Peshawar , it’s the capital city of N.W.F.Province of PAKISTAN , where Pathan lives ) I m reading these experiences since been along time and after reading all of your experiences today I m going to share my 2nd experience of my life , The first experience was done by my x-girl friend and I lost my virginity to her and he lost to me which I will tell u next time , first I want u to share my 2nd experience with my neighbour SHAZIA (name changed) , coz this experience was the greatest experience of my life and I will never forget SHAZIA.Let me tell u about my self first, I m a pathan boy of 21 with fair colour and a little redy. I m totally in to fitness from my college dayz that’s y I m having a well built Muscular Body, my name u can call me ZAHEER.

About SHAZIA I think she is the most beautiful, sexy and hunger woman in the world with 36-26-38 figure of 24 years and belongs to panjab. I swear os key jaisi gand kisi ki bhi nahi ho gi, aik dam gori gand thi, SHAZIA was living quite far from our house in the same colony. In those days I was new to the college and had recently given my 10th exams, jab mein ney osay pehli bar dekha standing on the door of her house , apney chotay bhai ko awaz dey rahi thi. He glanced at me aur sharma key andar chali gai , kheir yeh sab to har larki karti hai isliay mein ney ziyada serious nahi liya aur jab woh samney aabhi jati to nazrey neechay kiay huay guzar jati , how ever she got married to a man who lived very far from our colony and after 2 year woh apni family sey alag ho gaya aur yahan hamari colony mein bilkul hamarey sath waley ghar mein rehney laga. After a long time when I saw SHAZIA , she looks more sexy and beautiful from those passed days, now she have a daughter of probably one year old.

SHAZIA ko hamari colony mein ay huay 4 ya 5 months ho gay they , and she start to come our house now, coz parosi hai to mail jol aur cheezein rado badal to karni hi parti hai aur phir hamara ghar is tarah tha key my house on the road and hamarey ghar key sath choti si street mein akaila os ka ghar tha, isliay on ka ziyada tar len-dain ham sey hi tha and os ka husband bhi ham sey achey talookat rakhta kion key he was in multinational company medical representative aur oftenly osay city sey bahar rehna parta , isliay woh ham sey ghar ki care or SHAZIA ki choti moti zarooriyat key liay woh hamein keh kar jata,

Now the story begins it was the month of April when springs starts , mein choonkey fitness mein hoon isliay gym ka takreeban sara saman mein ney ghar mein ooper chatt per room balcony (waranday) mein rakha hua hai. Daily routine ki tarah mein subha chatt per jata aur exercise karta , ab I don’t know yeh SHAZIA ki bachi mujhe kab sey dekh rahi thi , mein apney mazey mein magan shorts(naikar) pehan kar exercise karta aur mujhe khabar tak nahi key yeh SHAZIA rozana mujhe exercise kartey huay dekhti hai actually mujhe wakie nazar nahi ata tha key koi mujhe dekh raha hai aur kisi key dekhney ka chance bhi nahi banta tha kion key hamara ghar kuch is type ka bana hua tha . Later I found key woh deewar key aik hole sey mujhe dekhti thi.

One day in the morning i was exercising and i felt some one watching me from a hole, mein bahaney sey utha aur kahin chup gaya , aur kafi dair tak chupa raha then i saw key shazia dewar per char kar kisi ko doondh rahi , then i found key it was shazia who was watching me, immediately i came out from the hidden place and said to her kiya dekh rahi ho , she laughed , laughed and laughed ,i asked kion hans rahi ho, she said tum nangey ho , then i come to know that i was wearing only shorts mein nechay chala gaya and the other i came with my shirt and short and she was now laughing more to see that i m getting shy, in the after noon IRSHAD (shazia’s husband) met me in the colony when I was coming to home from office in the noon, kehnay laga zaheer bhai mein office kay kam sey abhi islamabad ja raha hoon 2 din bad lotoon ga meray ghar ka khiyal rakhana , I accepted and told in my home that care of her

In the evening a call came from SHAZIA received by my mom and she said to her key meray tv ki frequency kharab ho gai hai plz app Zaheer ko bhej dein. Mom called me from my room and said to go her house and solve her problem , I obeyed and said to mom that I will then go to my friend’s house and will come late , I rang the bell she came and opened the door with a sexy smile ,she was wearing tight shalwar kameez with no rupatta, janat ki hoor lag rahi thi, I responded with smile her aur kaha tv kahan hai , she said bedroom ,ao mein tumhey apney bedroom ley jati hoon ,when she said aoo mein tumhe apney bedroom ley jati ho , i get started to turn on, woh agey thi aur mein pechay ,sali asey hips ghuma rahi thi key mera to khara honey laga, and I didn’t know key is ney mujhe fucking key liay bulaya hai, I went in and when I checked the tv , it was attached to v.c.r and when I put on the tv to there were playing a xxx movie and the scene was that a man fucking a girl furiously , oh my god mera lund to aik dam khara ho gaya, mein ney kaha yeh tum kiya dekh rahi ho, kehti hai do jawan dilon ka pyar aur is key sath hi os ney mujhe honton per kiss mein pakar liya , bari hi garam kiss thi mera to aik danda ban gaya , ab dekho os ney panga bhi liya to kiss sey ham jaisay high sex appeal waley sey, mein ney bhi os key moon ko zor sey pakra and started a loveable never ended kiss , she was so hungry that who kutti meray hontoon ko khaney lagi zor zor sey choosney lagi jaisay kisi pyasey ko pani mil gaya ho then she started to unbuttoned my shirt and began to lick my hairy chest , pagalon ki tarah meri chest ko choomney lagi , aur sath sath kehney lagi kiya chest hai zalim , kab sey mar rahi hoon tumharey liay. She made me so horny that pant mein mera laura bilkul tanna hua tha , shazia ney jaldi sey meri pant utari aur sath underwear bhi with no time, she was so frustrated, when she saw my dick her eyes got widened and said oh zalim kiya ghoora(horse) rakha hai , kitna surkh(red ) hai , tumhara to irshad sey bhi bara hai , she got my dick in her hand and said kitna mota hai , ab to bara maza ay ga yeh keh kar os ney apney moon mein ley liya aur pagalon ki tarah choosney lagi ufffff meri ahein nikalney lagi aur woh meri chest per hath pehrney lagi. I was shocked to see that she is so experienced.

uffffffff mein to satwain asman per tha , who choosney key sath sath ummmmmmmmmm lllllllloooooookhhhhhhhttttt ki awazein nikal rahi thi ,she was sucking my cock furiously that my cap was feeling her throat. I remember her fealty talks oh zalim kahan chupa rakha tha is lund ko ,is ko pyar karney key liay mein kab sey mar rahi hoon , 5 min tak os ney mera lund zara bhi na chora aur musalsal choosti rahi os key bad mein nay osay kaha key mein chootney wala hoon , to os ney apni speed aur bhi barha di aur kehney lagi oh zalim meray moon mein hi chor do na mein tumhara rus peeena chati hoon , is sey pehlay key mein choot-ta os ney aik zor ki awaz nikalli ooooooooiiiiiiii maaan mein to choot gai , agley 30 second mein ney os ka moon bhar diya apney rus sey , itni bhooki billi to mein ney kabhie nahi dekhi thi os ney meray cum ka aik katra bhi na chora aur aur 2 min tak who mera lund mazeed choosti rahi ,aik dam dry kar key chora , woh meri ankhon mein dekh rahi thi os ki ankhon mein lust aur khushi thi, I said abhi to mein ney tumharey sath kuch kiya bhi nahi aur tum abhi sey choot gai , kehney lagi kiya karoon tum ho hi aisay, tumhe dekhtey hi meri CHOOT gilli ho jati hai, tumhe chooney per kiya hal ho ga mera, mein rozana subah chooth jati thi tumharey jisam ko dekh kar, I was shocked to hear kiya tum mujhe rozana dekhti ho, han jeeeeee. She was really a sexy bitch

Then mein ney osey utha kar bad pey dala she was so excited , aur bed pe daltey hi mein ney os key jisam ko choomna shoroo kar diya pehlay to mein ney os key hontoon ko khoob chooosa , she responded me too like wildly woh meray honton ko katney lagi aur phir os ney ney meray earlobe ko katta. Mein to josh mein agaya mein ney os ki kameez jhat sey utar di ,os key mamay black bra ney jakrey huay they , oh god gorey badan pey black kapra , mein os ki breast ko pakar kar masalney laga , woh hmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh karney lagi , mein ney os ka bra khola aur os key chootey chootay cute sey nipple dekhey she was having 34 D farm and fresh boobs with little little nipples (like spiderman movie mein heorein ki izat lut-tay huay jo os key boobs nazar atey hain , shazia key bilkul wohi boobs hain aur wohi figure, but shazia os sey cute hai ) oh god mein to hamesha sey yeh chahta tha key mein nikay nikay nipple choosoon, she was the women of my dream , I then sucked her nipple furiously that os ki awazein cheekhon mein badal gai , hiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh and when I bite her nipple she moaned like ooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaa zaheer zor sey aur zor sey choosoo meray raja jee kiya maza detay ho tum, kiya choostey ho tum plzzzzzzz don’t stop choooooossssssssssoooooo meray nipple zor sey chosoooooooooo, and I sucked them passionately. Oh what a hard boobs, her nipple was erected, and it looks so beautiful with little erected nipples. She was having very hard boobs that I asked kion irshad tumharey boobs nahi choosta kiya, aik dam fresh hain yeh, kehney lagi woh bari care sey choostey hain takey yeh barey na ho jaein mein ney mein to care nahi karoon ga kehnay lagi karna bhi mat, mujhe ajj tak aisa maza nahi mila, tum inhey zor zor sey chooso , yeah that’s it ohhhhhhhh yes zaheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr yess aur zor sey. She was pressing her head right to left on the bed , she get out of control now and her hands were on my head pressing it on her voluntary boobs.

Then I come to her naval part , she was having very firm and sexy naval , I sucked her naval part and my hands were opening the knot of her shalwar ,i threw her shalwar in the air, oh zalim tum ney to mujhe mint mein nanga kar diya woh ab srif black transparent panty mein thi gorey badan per kala kapra yeh meri kamzori hai , black panty mein woh aur bhi sexy lag rahi thi , mein ney os ki panty otari , wah kiya chiti kuss thi aik dam pink shave ki hui , I asked her tum isay kiya kehti ho, she replied with smile “CHOOT” mein ney kaha ab sey phuddi kaha karo gi , she begged hiioo rabaaa jo kaho gay karoo gi bus mujhe yeh laura dey do, I said itni jaldi bhi kiya hai abhi to ham tumhe chakhein gay,she smiled.

This is for the first time for me that I m bringing my face near to the vagina , is ki phuudhi mein bat hi kuch aisi thi key mein ruk na saka mein ney pussy walls ko khol key dekha phuddi andar sey bilkul surkh thi mein ney unexpectedly os ki phuddi per moon laga diya, its a fact, ham mardon sey khubsurati bardast nahi hoti and then I started to rub my mouth on her phuddi , its was a great feeling meray moon ko garmaish mil rahi thi, her little ozzing cum’s taste great , in the reaction she was moaning and pressing my head to her phuddi ,os ki phuddi bari mazey ki thi, mein pagalon ki tarah phuddi choosney laga like a hungry dog , mein ney zuban pey kuch sakht cheez mehsoos ki yeh os ka clitoris tha , os pey zuban ka lagna hi tha key woh aik dam bed per uchal pari , mein ney os key choti si dick (clitoris) ko apney danton mein liya aur masalney laga os key sabar ki inteha na thi who bed per machli ki tarah tarapney lagi os ka moon kabhie aik side per hota to kabhie dosri taraf, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooouuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaar daaaaaaaaaalllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa zalimmmmmmmm naaaaaaaaaay, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr araaaam sey choosooooooooooooo, mujhe kuch ho raha hai aram sey choooso , sara bed hil raha tha os ki jumps sey , ab os key pussy lips band honey lagey os ki phudi mein aik tap-tapahat honey lagi with in no second os ney meray moon mein aik thunderous orgasm discharge kiya , garam garam chicken corn soap penay mein mujhe bara maza aya mein ney os ki phuudi khoob choosi , kehney lagi raja jee ab chodo bhi na mujhe mein tumharey liay mar rahi hoon ,I said mera lund khara kar do abhi chod don ga tumhe. She again got my dick in her lovely lips.

I got out my dick from her mouth and said aisay nahi yeh maza mein ley chukka hoon kuch naya maza do, kuch tomkey shomkey dikhao kehney lagi yeh mein nahi karsakti , kionnnnnnnnn (I said) , sharam ati hai mujhe , acha mein to tumhe poora besharam bana doon ga , phir to kuch nahi milney wala tumhe , yahan to music bhi nahi hai na mein kaisay dance karoon, achaaaaaa! woh jo zor sey gane lagati ho kahan sey lagati ho, I repeated my words kuch nahi milaney wala. She said mujhe sharam ati hai , (i said) doosroon ko jhankney mein sharam nahi ati, besharam kahin ki, she then came near to me and whispered in my ear ab mein tumhe bataon gi key besharmi kiya hoti hai, she then opened TV trolley box and putted on music , Sali bari mast thi , jab karney pe aii to khoob toomkey ghumaye , apna ang ang dikhaya ,pehli dafa mein kisi khubsurat pari ko nanga nachta dekh raha tha, imagine kiya feeling ho gi, I was sitting on the bed , her boobs were jigling jaisay kuch mang rahey hon and when she turn her back to me I get turn on coz her hips was jerking fully , baaaappppp reeeeyy , kiya gorey chootar they, when she gave me her back view my dick got iron rod immediately, I stand up and got her ass in my hand gave them a big squeeze , she moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I through her to bad and without any moment I made her doggy position and was trying to insert my dick in her asshole but os ki gand bari tight thi, she was moaning loudly , zaheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr yeh aisay nahi jay ga pehlay meri phudi maro na , pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz zaaaheeeeeerrrr janooooooooooooo yeh aisay nahi hoga pehlay oil lagana ho ga , mein ney idher odher dekha dressing table pey cream pari thi mein ney jhat sey othai aur apney lund pey lagai , woh meray lund ko kharey huay bari bari ankhon sey dekh rahi thi , yeh kaisay jaiy ga meri gand mein zara malish kar do na janooo mein to mar jaoon gi , I then applied cream with my fingure in her asshole , I was very in hurry os ki gand bari piyari thi, mujh sey sabar nahi ho raha tha , 30 second tak mein ney os ki gand mein fingering kii, phir mein ney apna lund pakra aur zor sey aik jhatka lagaya still I didn’t succeeded mera sirf 1/3 lund andar chala gaya and she moaned loudly ooooooooouuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaa mujhe mar dala , uffffffffffffffff bahar nikalo plzzzzzzzz mein mar jaon gi ,mein mar jaon gi plzzzzzzzzz janooo bahar nikalo, I then stopped for a while and os key kan mein kaha mein tumhe marney nahi doon ga and start massage to her boobs with my hands , she said isay hilana nahi abhi isay meri gand sey dosti kar lenay do phir khoob hilana , tum meri phuddi pehlay mar lo na os mein bari agg lagi hui hai , I didn’t answered her and she said tum ney mujhe besharam bana hi diya hai dekho tumhara lund mein apni gand mein liay huay hoon is sey bari besharmi aur kiya ho sakti hai , os ney gand aur lund is tarz sey kaha key sun kar mujhe josh char gaya aur mein ney os ko zor zor zor zor sey jhatkey denay shoroo kiay , what a feeling yaar bara maza araha tha and kiya music tha os chudai ka, her creamy whitey buttcocks was making a sound like chapt chapt chapt, os key shoney shoney chootar itney naram they kay aisa lag raha tha jaisay mein kisi naram kaprey mein lund gusha raha hoon , yaar gori gand marney ka to maza hi alag hai , in the way of ass fucking I was slapping her chootars , bechari key chootar shurkh ho gay they , aur who hhhiiiiiiiii mmaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr dalaaaaaaaaa , hi meri gand phat gai offfffffff mein to mar gai rey uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aram sey karo na , muft ki gand mil gai hai to is tarah mar rahey ho , lekin os ki batein kon sun raha tha , I continued . after a little while she began to give thrust to her buttcocks to my side and said plzzz zor sey maro fuck me, chodo meri gand ko zor sey zaheeeeeeerrrrrrrrr oh janoooooooooooo maro zor sey jitni zor sey mar saktey ho maro I said kion muft ka laura mil raha kion khainch loon bahar , then she replied innocently, nahi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zaheer meri baton ka bura mat mano mein to isliay keh rahi takey tum shooroo mein ahista karo , plz mein kuch bhi kar loon gi tumharey liay yeh laura dey do mujhe at this I give her big thrust and she maoned aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssss mein tumhari randi hoooooooooon jab chahoooo jaisay chahooooooo chod saktey ho , hiiiiiiiiiiii kiya maza araha hai plz don’t stop zor sey aur zor sey zaheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr , ajj tak mein ney apni band nahi marwai mujhe kiya pata tha key is mein itna maza hota hai and with one finger I was fingering her in her phuddi ,she was getting out of control and at last she came to her thunderous climax and filled my hand with her love juice , with my big thrusts I felt near to cum , so then I slowed my speed coz her gand was so mazedar , itna maza to phuddi mein bhi nahi ata and after a while I filled her gand with my cum , and my cum were oozing from her gand and getting mix with her phuddi’s cum, the moment was very pleasant.

I then felled down on her back , woh sedhi hui aur hum aik dosrey ki bahon mein kafi dair tak letay rahey , 15 min bad jab hamari sansey sanbhli to woh uthi aur bathroom chali gai and then kitchen and came back with the jug of hot milk, I drank it , still there was lust in her eyes , when I finished the jug , then she came and kissed me , raja jeeeeeeee app ney meri phudi to abhi tak mari hi nahi kuch os pey bhi inayat kijiay na , I was surprised to see that after 2 thunderous orgasm still she was hot , socha ajj is ko poora hi thanda kar dein taakey yeh bhi yaad rakhey kis shakhi sey pala para tha , then I started to kiss her passionately and she again started a journey to my dick , in the way she licked my hairy chest and all of that stuff , Sali itni zor sey lulla choosti thi key na kharey honey wala bhi khara ho jay , to my surprise I got again erection in my dick and mein ney osay othaya aur bed pey seedha lita diya and os ki tango ko apney shoulders per and gave her a big thrust in her phuddi , hey I get shocked os ki phuddi to bilkul tight thi meray big thrust sey os key moon sey cheekh nikal gai ,aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh zahhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr aram sey, meri phuddi bahut tight meri beti bhi operation sey hui thi, kismat dekho hamein jab bhi mila fresh mal mila , then I started slowly gently strokes , after a little while she begged me to fuck her wildly aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kiya khatam ho gay maro na zor sey kion nahi martey, maro , fuck me yes , tear my pussy yesssssssss, meri phuddi phar do , operation mein bahut takleef hoti hai is ko khuli kar do ,woh karah rahi thi phaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr doooooooooooo meri phudddiiiiiiiii , hhhiiiiii reeeeeeyyyyyy meriiiiiiiiiii kissmmmmmmmat kasssssssshhhhh tummmmmmmm seeyy meeeeeeriiiiiiiii shaddddddiiiiiiiiiii hooooooo gggggaaaaaaiiiii hottttiiiiiiii , rozaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaaaaa tummmmmmmharaaaaaaaaa lauurrrrrrra merrrrrrrrrri phhhhhhuuuuudddddddddiiii marta , I said aisi kiya bat hai rozana bula liya karo mujhe , mujhe bhi tumhari phuddi aur gand ka bara bura maza lag gaya hai , zahhhheeeeerrrrrrrrrr meeeinnnnnnn aaaajjjjjjjjj seeeeeeeeeyyyyyy tumhaaaaaaaari daassi hoon mujjjjhe jisssssss tarahh chahooo chhooooood sakteyyy hooon , ohh tummmhhhheeeeeeee paatttttaaaaaa naaahhiiiiiii haiiiiiii isssssss phhuuudiiiiii neeeeyyyyy meraaaaaaa jeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaa harammmm kiyaaaaaaa huaaaaaaaa thaaaaa, yesssssss fuck me , fuck me hard and she pushed her back toward me with along my jerks , her boobs were jiggling speedily and she was looking in the sky with widened eyes , I fucked her more furiously she got a big orgasm with a loud moan but I didn’t yet and aur os key cum sey phudi mein rawani paida ho gai maza dubala ho gaya tha i fucked her for 10 mins , in this period she got 2 or 3 orgasm I was feeling tired so I fucked her more furiously so that I can cum and free my self from this randi , woh meri chest per hath phair rahi thi , tum bahut khoobsuratt hoo zaheeeeeeeerrrrr , oh janooooo tum ney jo ajj mujhe diya mein woh kabhie nahi bhool paon gi , mein tumhari bahut ahsan mand hoon , mujhe to yeh dar tha key tum mujhe chodo gay hi nahi , but tum ney mujhe choda aur aisa choda key maza agaya , yeh maza mujhe pehlay kabhie mila hi na tha , I felt I m near to cum SHAZIA mein lund bahar nikal raha hoon mein chootney wala hoon , plzzzzzz zaheeeeerr agar tum ney lund ko bahar nikal to mein mar jaon gi tum andar hi chor do jo hua dekha jay ga , In the next 30 second I ejaculated my cum in her phuddi and she made a big moan with my ejaculation , and phir mein osi key upper lait gaya , she was breathing heavily , 15 min bad mein utha aur bathroom mein chala gaya I was closing the door but shazia jaldi sey aii aur kaha mujhe bhi ley lo apney sath, Sali kitni garam hai khatam hi nahi hoti is ki bhook, i thought I should take a bath with the woman of my dream, she soaped me and I did to her. After taking the bath we came to bedroom and she kissed me and said mein tumhe phir bulaon gi , aoo gey na I said zaroor, parosiyon ka to khiyal rakhna mera farz hai , she smiled and said woh hamarey samney waley S.D.O sahib ki beti bhi tumhari dewani I said woh shabana , she said yes , mein osay kisi din bulaon gi aur ham dono ko tum chodna what a life yaar meri to nikal pari Sali woh to pathan hai aik dam pinky I will tell u later about this in the other story. After that i enjoyed shabana and shazia in every position. They too love me to fuck them till death.

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