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Peshawar Ka Maza Zara Kay Sath

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Well first of all thanx for clicking on my story. Im a 23 years of age and i belong to Peshawar ( Pakistan ). Today im going to tell u people a true story, a part of my life that i can not forget my whole life. As this is my 1st experience so hope u people will encourage me for more and more….

First of all let me tell u about my self. My name is Asif khan and im 24 years of age and im a student in the university of Peshawar and i have a very rich family background.

This great part of my life starts from 1st October 2003 when i saw zara for the first time in the university of Peshawar. Man she looked beautiful and sexxxxxy. Let me first tell u about zara. She is round about my age 23,24 and have a good height. She is a little average build with blue eyes and brown hear. Her pink colour thin lips and boobs used to make me hot most of the time. He had a superb figure of 36 d, 33 and 36 and was whitish in colour in short she was the dream girl of half of the department. i was also a big fan of her beauty even i have fantasized about her in the university bath rooms when i used to see her beauty.

To my luck she was in my class and i always wanted to talk to her not only me but the whole class male students wanted to talk to her or even ………….. As im a good student of my class so she used to talk to me and discussed with me some topics related to our course. One day during the university hours strong rain accompnied with thunder came and continued for about 5 hours and on the other hand only15 minutes were left to university closing.After the closing every one was worried that how can they reach their home and specially female students so one of the female studens requested me if i can drop her and some of her friends to their home to which i agreed as i belonged to a rich family and had my own land rover jeep. along with her friends zara also sat in the car as she lived in hayatbad. i also lived in hayatbad while the rest of the students were from here and there so it was decided that i will drop zara at last as we both has the same destination and i was happy also because i can have a chance to talk to her lonely. wel the moment came when she was alone with me and i started generall chat with her and also was staring at her big boobs from side as they were looking superb. As we reached there home her father was waiting for her very anxchioulsy on seeing his daughter coming home safe and sound he thanked me and asked me for a cup of tea at first i refused and when zara asked me so i thought this wil be the best chance to create friendship with her. During the chat with her family i found that zara has one brother who is in uk and she lives with her parents alone in peshawar. In the chat i didnt realised the time and it was dinner time. we became so close to eachother in that first meeting that after that i used to go to their home regularly and when ever i didnt visited them they used to become annoyed. One day her parents called me for lunch and i went with zara from university. As soon as we started to take lunch a pone came which was received by zara who gave the message that one of their relatives has passed away so zara parents excused me and told me to enjoy lunch with zara while they went to their ralitives home. and from now the story starts..

After lunch we started a generall chat and in chat we went to friendships and i was superised when zara started a topic about sex. She asked me that how much i know about sex and i told her that i have no experience about sex and when i asked her she said that im also a virgin. she then said that a friend of her has experience about sex and she often tells her story and then she said that some times she also likes to have sex after hearin her frineds stories to which i was stunned. She then told me about sexy sites on the internet and she also gave me the adress of desipapa that she often visits this site and read stories there now i thought this was the chance so i asked her that can i see this site now on the net she agreed and turned on her computer she explored that site i was surprised to see this site from her after seeing some images and reading stories both of us got very much horney and were looking for a signal to start. Now when i realised that she wont do any thing first so i asked her for a glass of water and when she went i started masterbatung in the room to the images ( suhaag raat pictures ) when she came back she saw me and came straight to me i was pretending that she is not watching she said that asif here is ur water so i made my self a little confused and she smiled and took my lund in her hand and said that asif u have a thick and large thing she then asked me my size and i said that its 7. now i held her from her hand and hugged her tighlty she also got her arms around me and we both of us were on. i then kissed her on her whole body and i couldnt believe that she cam during the kissing from which i realised that she is very hot. then she requested me to take her clothes of and i did it immediatly. when iwas taking her bra off i failed so i tore it with my hands to which she laughed and said that now she came to know that u havent fucked some one i didnt care what she was saying i was looking at 2 of the most beautiful boobs of the world i immediatly started sucking them and she was enjoying it and was shoutuing huummmmmmm,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.sssssssssssssssssssssssss.haaaaaaaaaaaa and was giving sounds like yes my baby empty my boons they r for u empty them from milk comon im enjoying it hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sssssssssssssssssssssss. and after 15 minutes of sucking i started finger fucking her she was enjoying it alot then she asked me plz fuck me i cant wait for so i just wanted to tease her that thats enough for today and we will conitue from here other time to which she got annoyed and shouted i will kill u and again hugged me so then i decided to fuck her so as it was my first time so i tried to insert my dick like this i mean without oil to which she was feeling a olt of pain and then she said that get oil from that cupboard and pour it on ur dick and also on my pussy lips and i obeyed her and again tried to insert my dick in her and this time i was having a little sucess but as the head of my dick went inside her she started screming and i stop as i was aware that she is having for the first time and start messaging her bobbs and was also kissing her ass when her pain was released a little then i pushed in a little it was very thight pussy i noticed when i was consistantly trying to insert my dick inside and failed then i decided to have a full jerk in it and as soon she was normal again i with full force inserted my with with one jerk to which she screamed so loudly that i have to keep my hand on her mouth so that the near by neighbours could not hear them and again started pressing her boobs but all in vain this time she could not bare the pain and she was in tears i trid to calm her down and at last i was succeded and she was feeling a little normal now again and then i started my jerks and when she also started to enjoy it she also started taking her hips up and down and after 20 minutes of consistant fuck i was about to come and told her that im coming she said that dont take it out no matter what happens but i was aware that this may cause her problems later and took my dick out and came on her stomach then she cleaned my dick and stomach and said that she enjoyed it a lot and kissed my dick she was very happy but when she noticed that there is blood on the bed sheet and also some spots on my dick she laughed and saiid that u r my husband now and ahe is not a girl any more and again we started kissing and then again she demanded a fuck which i obeyed and this time i took more time in cumming and after that day we had fuck for about 1 month and then they left to uk to live with their brother and i she left me alone. this is the end to my true experience after that day i m in search of unsatisfied wives,aunties,widow,divorced and girls and taxies but didnt succeded so i thought that desipapa might be a way to find another wife for me. so any unsatisfied female or taxies looking for money can email me on . i dont like blow jobs in sex so my sex will be free of it but if any one llikes it i wont desapoint her. so do reply and encourage me.

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