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  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Dear friends, let me narrate my story here. i am a Bengali man of 34 years. my name is hemanta. 8 years back i married rita, who is now 32. both of us are very much uninhibited. we indulge in various kinks and have no objection for having extra marital sex. both of us come off families very much free and frank about sex. her father with the consent and presence of her mother first fucked rita at the age of 18. i had my first fuck at the age of 17 when my parents introduced me to the joy of sex and my first experience was with my mom. my father helped me to fuck mom. he spread my mom’s legs and even licked my cock to a big hard on and inserted it in my mom’s cunt with his own hand. just after i had withdrawn dad fucked mom in her cum filled cunt. he taught me the joy of sharing wife. we used to have kinky parties in our as well as other houses where a bunch of like-minded people used to have nice orgy parties. it was a great sight for me to see mom writhing and panting being fucked by other people when i fucked or ass fucked the relatives of my father’s friends.

in a party like that i first saw rita who was introduced by her parents as a new member in our club. it was a love at first sight for both of us and i took my father to a corner and told him my feelings. i requested to fuck her right there and let us get married provided he found her good to fuck. daddy was just happy to announce it. everybody applauded. it was decided that dad shall fuck rita while i shall fuck her mother. i grabbed her mother and took her in the doggy fashion while dad took the missionary to fuck rita. rita’s mom was a plump woman with melon size boobs and very big round ass (like rita is now). when we finished all the four of us agreed to tie the knot. but it was decided that we would finish our studies first. then while all others watched i fucked rita for the first time. till then we used to have wild family get-togethers and before we got married i fucked rita and her mother numerous times.

two years back we found that we were bored in the same type of sex parties and decided to spice in our sex life further. rita proposed that let us introduce some people of lower class since all the sex we had were from rich people like us who were much polished. so we thought about taking cheap people like servants, maids, rickshaw-pullers etc. we tried cheap prostitutes too but we always feared about diseases and none of us could freely lick their cunts. and no cheap gigolo was available. so we were desperate to have our hands on the other people. in a day like that rita informed me that viru, the husband of our maid lata looks at her curves with high interest. he used to work as casual labour doing different odd jobs. we hired him for a day to clean and rearrange the entire house furniture. he came to our house at 8-00 a.m. with lata and started the unnecessary jobs. while working near rita he was often found stealing glance at rita’s sexy body clad in a very thin nylon sari. let me tell here that rita has a 5’2″ 38dd-32-44 plump body now and has a fair complexion. at 9-00 lata left. she used to come back at 4-30 for the rest of the job. we knew this is the time. in a few minutes i called viru to our bed room and directly charged him – ” kya baat hain, memsaab bolti hain ki tum unko ghur rahen the? ” he blushed and denied “na na, saab, kya bol rahen hain!” i threatened him ” tum jante ho yeh kanoonan jurm hain? saach batao barna police ko bulayenge.” he put his heads down and said, “mujhe maaf kar dijiye saab, ayinda aisi galti kabhi nahin karenge.” i waved rita to come in and asked him in a softer voice “kya dekh rahan tha?” he blushed. i asked again “bolo kya dekh rahan tha?” he shamefully murmured “memsaabko”. i said “thik se bolo, memsaabka kya dekh rahen the? sidha baton mein jabab do”. he was cornered and had to say “unka chuchi aur ganr”. i was much softer now. i brought rita closer to him and said –”lo, tab najdigse dekho” he lifted his eyes once and again put it down. i said, “are sar utha kar dekh gadhe” he lifted his face now and stared to rita’s melon size boobs. i took the palloo off rita’s body and told him “dekh, achcha hain na?” he said nothing. rita wore no bra and her very big nipples were erect and were clearly visible. i opened the hooks of rita’s blouse and exposed her boobs and pressed those a little. rita giggled. i said “le, dabake dekh”. he was more than astonished and perhaps understood the whole story. sheepishly he cupped rita’s left breast and squeezed. i said, “kya re, memsaabko chodega?” he looked at me and smiled. i said, “tera lund to bara hain na?” and before he could say anything i lifted his lungi and took out his already erect cock. it was a black giant, at least 10″ long. i masturbated it a few times and told rita, “dekho darling, achcha hain na? tumhara chut ko bahut aaraam dega.” rita said, “to ise aur khara karao na, aur tu meri chuchi ko sahela raha hain kyun jor se daba na” viru started kneading her breasts like it was flour and he is making a dough. i took off his loongi and vest and made him nude. i also stripped rita and turned her around and told her to bend. she did. i said, “aab dekh, ganr bariya hain na?” he had regained his courage now and grabbed rita’s ass and said “ji saab, bahut moti ganr hain, lagta hain makhan se bana hain”. but he was not prepared for what i did next. i knelt down and took his cock in my hand. then started licking and sucking it. he was overwhelmed and started fondling rita’s breast and ass and started licking and pinching her nipples. after a few minutes i took the two of them to the bed and spread rita’s legs. i inserted a finger in her cunt and started licking the clit. soon rita was panting like a bitch in heat. i took viru’s lund in my mouth again and took out to insert it in rita’s cunt. with a single thrust viru inserted the full ten-inch in her cunt and started fucking her with all his might. rita was really enjoying the fucking by a cheap man in her husband’s presence and started saying dirty words like, “aah aah, chod sala motherchod, bahenchod aur jor jorse chod, meri choot phar de, tera lund kitna achcha hain, mera chuchi ko daba dabake lal kar de, ooooh” he also started saying “chodta hoon sali randi, tera boor bahut garam hain, le sali kutti aur le.” etc. within a few minutes rita had a great climax. i knew viru would now come too. so i went to his back and started rubbing his balls and touched his dirty asshole with my tongue tip. he was almost crazy with lust and came in frenzy. he lay there on rita’s body exhausted. i then took out his cock, which was still erect from rita’s cunt and sucked his as well as rita’s come from it. i then dipped my tongue in rita’s cunt and swallowed all his semen and her cum. i then told him ” aaj se jab chahe tu meri biwi ko chodega, chahe to uski ganr bhi maar sakta hain. sam tak jitna baar chahe chod lekin tera biwi ko bhi merese chudbana hain, manjoor hain?” viru was extremely happy and he said “han saab, jaroor chudayenge.” all of us were happy.

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