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Pehli Chudai In 11th Class With Pyari Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • December 23, 2015

Hi! My name is Sandy from Panvel Mumbai, my mail Today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex experience with you people (especially girls). I was a student of bsc.and had done my masters specialization in marketing management and currently working in one of the most reputed concerns of India and posted in Mumbai I am 26 years old.
Having a good body not so tall but of 5.9″ with good athlete’s body now at this time I feel beautiful girls always attracted me, and women with tight, round and big backsides. I always wished to fuck the females having big butts. My sex life started when I was in just tenth class and it happened accidentally when one of my friend bought a small book from somewhere as he told to me.

That book was having some naked photos of women. After that day I always try to see someone without clothes let me introduce about my family. I have an elder brother and elder sister. Both are married. Sister is living in Pune. So there were 6 people in my family mummy papa my brother and my dear bhabhi.and my nephew who was 1 years old. Let me describe abt my bhabhi first of all.

She is about 5 ft 7 inches, rather tall wasn’t she? Very fair and quiet pleasant looking. Her well built up –gorgeous boobs, she is a sexy lady with 38-28-38 figure with fair complexion. My papa, mummy and brother both are working. So as I started to see naked matured bodies, I turned to my bhabhi. I was studying in 11th, she always considering me as a child .one Saturday I came from college bhabhi was in a deep sleep with her child.

I came in her room what I saw my bhabhi was in a deep sleep with one spongy boob was naked. There was a clear cut show was there. At the same time, her saree was up to thigh, no one was in home. I surprised to see that. My cock got fully erect. I went to bathroom and masturbate suddenly I got a golden chance as after two months my brother got a chance to go to Canada for company’s work for two he decided to go.

But everyone was unhappy as he was going. He planned and he went. Now I got much relaxation. And I started to see my bhabhi naked.two three times I got a side view of her spongy boobs during feeding. In next week that was a Friday. Phone rang. That was my mamas (mother’s brother) phone. My grandmother was serious, so mummy and papa decided to my uncle’s home.

So they went I evening. So I and bhabhi was there in home. As bhabhi is too much free with me, and she still considers me as a child. But the thing was different. There was 7 inches stone rod was developed in my underwear. That day I was very happy.bhabhi made our dinner. That was winter season. So much cold climate was there .my semester exam was also near .so I was studying in my room what studying..i was just waiting for a chance to be with bhabhi.

She was watching a TV in their bedroom. so after some time she came to my room. And she said… sandy… I am afraid to sleep alone…So pls.come and sleep in my room…I nodded…and she left my room as soon as I heard her words my cock started to be like stone. After two hour I went to her bedroom. There was single bedroom bhabhi was in a deep sleep….her spongy huge boobs were naked for feeding reason and saree was up to thigh.

I surprised…there was two blankets one is for me and one is for her .still she was not using her. I went near to bed. There was a storm in my mind as I was fully exited I came in bed and trying to sleep. Only my nephew was in between us. As I keep my hand on her tummy. she was in a deep sleep. I started to move my hand to upper side I was showing ke I am in deep sleep.

And this in happening in my sleep. my hand came near to here boobs.i was very exited that time. I couldn’t control myself I squeeze her spongy boobs. And what happened.she was moaning as she might thinking of my brother…suddenly she woke up and see me , as I was showing that I am in a deep sleep. She kept my hand aside took blanket on her and she slept…..I was very afraidI thought she will tell everything to my parents…so I also slept quiet.

Next morning i woke up n saw bhabhi was already woke up and working in kitchen…. .She saw me. And she smiled. And asked r u sandy……has u got enough sleep……she was continuously smiling to me. I said ya o.k. and I started to be ready for college…whole day I was thinking about my bhabhi and her marvelous boobs…… evening I came to home……..bhabhi weared a very beautiful gown which wads very transferring.

I was surprised….she smiled to me. And say hi…….. And she spent one hour with me….asked abt my college my best friends in that one hour .we became like best friends. At the same time. Her kid woke up. She went inside her bedroom and came with chotu (her kid).without any hesitation she started to feed milk to chotu… chupkese I was watching that.

So a bulge developed in my pant I went to bathroom and jerked off. We took our dinner. I was studying in my room .and she was watching TV she said i am going to sleep come and sleep in my room after finishing ur studies.. I studied for one hour. And came to room it wad dark….. I came and switch on light. What I saw there were single blanket on her. As light on she woke up and saw me and smiled. And said,, come as in afternoon chotu made ur blanket dirty.

So I washed it. Come and sleep in the same blanket… and she slept…this time she was feeding baby, so she purposely kept baby on another side and she slept…. I went to bathroom and came….switched off light … went to bed now bhabhi was very next to me …as there was too cold.. I inserted myself in blanket..I was only in shorts. Suddenly bhabhi made herself towards me bhabhi might be naked up to her waist. Coz her huge rounded hips were touching to my thigh.

My cock wad very hard that time kept my hand on her naked hips.. She pretends to herself in a deep sleep. I moved my hand on her body… I came to know that there were no any panties inside… I kept my hand on her pussy. She just turn to be suitable for me. I started fingering to her… slowly. Still she was in sleep now she started to moaning….My hand on was on my bhabhis waist and one leg on hers. She was sleeping facing me. Her hand was on my shoulder.

I tried to remove my hand. But bhabhi held it firmly and opened her eyes. She switched on the bed lamp and smiled at me. She had the same strange look in her eyes. She took my other hand and placed it on her breasts. My mouth went dry since I realized what she had in mind. She said, ‘My dear, I told you, you are like a friend.

So treat me as a friend, not as bhabhi’ Saying this, she started moving my hand over her breasts. They were firm. she placed her other hand on my dick. This sent electric wave through me. She was moving her hand delicately over my dick. pulled mom near me and kissed her deeply on her lips. She took my tongue in her mouth and sucked it. She pulled down my tracks.

My dick was at its full length – 7 inches long. I pulled up her top.. I was amazed to see the shape of her body. She had maintained herself very well. Her body was firm and shapely. I took hold of her breasts with both the hands and she played with my dick. I wanted to suck her breasts and told her so I started sucked her nipples one by one. It gave her a great pleasure. She started moaning and urged to continue.

Now both of us were stark naked. She pulled my one hand and placed it in between her legs. She started moving my hand over her cunt spreading her legs. I pushed one finger and started massaging her cunt lips. They were already moist. I continued sucking her breasts, kissing her on lips once a while. I said, ‘bhabhi ,

I want to see you naked’. She smiled and got up. She stood in front of me, spreading her legs. I was excited so her naked in front. ‘Are you pleased, darling?’ she asked. I nodded. ‘Now let me see you naked, my boy’, she said. So I also stood up on the bed itself. Bhabhi said, ‘Great body, darling. You will satisfy your wife.’ She approached me, unwinding her hair. She stood on her knees, and without a word, took my dick in her mouth and started moving back and forth.

With one hand, she was caressing my balls while she massaged her own cunt with the other. She asked me to lie down on bed. She spread her legs wide apart and sat in front of my face. She asked me to lick her cunt, which I did vigorously. When she was completely on, she moved down, and sat over my dick. She guided me in her hot wet silky cunt.

I gave a push from beneath and drove in all the way. I was enjoying mom and she was enjoying me. Her up and down movements increased and we gathered tempo. Slowly, she bent down, making sure that my dick did not come out of her cunt. She first kissed me on my lips. Getting up to some extent, we asked me to press her boobs and fondle with her nipples. I obliged her.

I literally pinched her nipples with my fingers. She was now almost shouting with sheer pleasure. I asked her ,’ darling, you look very much excited. You must have experienced this excitement before. Tell me about it.’ said, ‘Yes, I had experienced such excitement before, but only a few times. you thought of me?’ bhabhi said, ‘A few days back, I saw you naked in your room. You were not aware that I was around. When I saw your long thing dick, I wanted that in me.

I thought that instead of flirting around with others and sharing bed with them, it would be better if my only brother in law would do it for me.’Our tempo had increased now. I said, ‘, I am about……’ she immediately got up and went down. She took my pulsating dick in her mouth, placing one hand firmly at bottom. She moved her up and down, first in slow motion and then rapidly.

She was applying pressure on my dick by her cheeks and tongue. When I was about to shoot, I tried to push her mouth aside. But mom refused. I started shooting out, jet like in her mouth. Within seconds, I was empty. was now happy lady said

Whenever we find an opportunity, we will enjoy. I want you to satisfy me to the full before your marriage. Will you do it for your bhabhi ?’ She did not require any answer. That night we slept together, naked. I fucked bhabhi four times that night, even through her ass. Our sexual relationship continued for almost till my marriage… so if any girls like my story pls give feedback on my id as

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