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Peeping Partner

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Dear Desi fantasy-mates, When I read you regularly, I also feel that I should share my experience with you, too. I am going to narrate one of my experience. This happened in a guesthouse of a pilgrim center. I had been there to meet a friend. I was staying in a double room of that guest-house. This was supposed to be a part separated from a huge family suite. The door separating the two sections had some tiny holes. In the night when I had put off the lights I could notice streaks of light emanating from the adjacent room.

By curiosity I just peeped through those holes and I could see a young couple occupying the room. Not much interesting though. But after about 10 pm I guessed that some thing interesting must be going on in the other room and peeped into that room. Yes, my guess was right. I could see the couple engaged in very intimate act. Man was almost nude and woman was only in her bra and a petticoat. He was rubbing he face on her breasts and pressing her butts very hard in an attempt to take her much closer. When he wanted to take off the remaining clothes the woman asked him to switch off the light. But he seemed unwilling to do that. Probably wanted to see his woman completely naked. I could understand, not all the couples will have privacy in their own home where they can have their wishes fulfilled. The man pulled at her bra and petticoat… she was giggling deliriously but resisting strongly to get naked… finally when the man succeeded I could see a beautiful young woman in her naked beauty. My prick was erected.

I put my hand on it to subdue him. How I wished to be in the place of this man! But suddenly the woman got up and switched off the light and the sight I was enjoying. I was thoroughly disappointed on this and had to submit to masturbation that evening. Next day later after noon I saw a young girl, may be of about eighteen, standing in the balcony of the next room. She was overgrown for her age. She was strangely beautiful. She was effusing such sensuousness without being aware of it. She was holding a small baby and trying to play with him. When she caught me staring at her she smiled. I asked her who was the child and she said it is her sisters. She also said her sister and brother in law have gone to temple for some ritual leaving the child in her charge. I found out that the couple whom I same mating was her sister and brother in law. The balcony she was standing was an extension of some other room. When I walked in I casually peeped into those wholes and for my pleasant surprise I found those two again lying in an intimate embrace. I went out on the balcony. Seeing the girl standing there asked to come into my room so that I could also play with the child. She obliged. When she was in my room I again asked her about her sister and brother in law. She repeated saying that they have gone to the temple for puja.. then I told that girl, ‘no my dear, they have not gone anywhere they are in the room’.

When she didn’t agree with me I asked her to peep through holes and see for herself. I held the baby for her and she hesitantly peeked into one of the whole convenient to her height. She pulled herself off it as if she saw something forbidden. She blushed. For two reasons, firstly she was wrong in telling that they had gone for puja. Secondly, she had seen for the first time two adults being in such sensuous intimacy.. She immediately snatched the baby from me and tried to dash off. But I prevented her and talked her into something more comfortable and casual. I offered the child and herself some thing to eat. When she was more comfortable I asked her why she blushed and pushed herself off from the partition. She told in a very broken syntax that what she saw there was something unbelievable but tingled her alright.. when I asked her if she wanted to see some more time… she was silent .. I took the child again from her and asked her to go to the door. When moved to a farther section of my room the girl hesitantly went to the door and peeked in to the whole…. When I approached her she was breathing heavily. I put my eyes on to another whole and say the couple in a very tight embrace. Man was ardently kissing the woman… and the woman’s hand had disappeared into the man’s lungi.. and then the man sighed and shifted his attention to her breasts and started sucking at them even above the fabric of the blouse… When this girl realized that I was also beside her looking at what she was enjoying looking at… she suddenly took aback and asked me to give her the baby and she wanted to immediately go away…

I thought I should oblige her or she will breakdown because of the kind of excitement and embarrassment she was experiencing. That evening when all of them met me in the courtyard of the temple I befriended the couple and talked to this young girl as though I met her for the first time. I found an opportunity to talk to this girl alone. I told her that if she can manage to come to room that night she could see much more of her sister and brother in law. By that time she had developed so much desire to see that again… she didn’t refuse outright. She said she would try. Her name was Vasumati. She was put up in a single room section and the double room section was occupied her sister and her husband. The child was supposed to be in her charge. That night, as I had expected, Vasumati, knocked at my door softly. She came in.. she was shivering with anxiety. Said in a low voice, ‘the child is sleeping in the room’. I told her she could return soon. Now she was wearing a nighty. With her fresh face and long hair tied loosely on her head she was looking amazingly sexual. I sat on the cot. Made her more comfortable by offering her some cold drink. I told her if she doesn’t mind I would put off the light, because that would give a better of view of the next room. She didn’t say any thing. I put off the light and the streaks of light from the other room became more evident. She slowly walked to the partition door. Put her eyes to one of the holes and started looking at what is happening in the other room. After a little while the room became softly visible due to light coming from outside. It was enough to follow the movement and even feelings of this little angel.

I went to the door and took my position at another hole. Her sister’s name was Savitri and her brother in law was Raju. Now I was Raju being lying on the top of Savitri pressing her to the bed hungrily. He was half nude. He seemed to say something in her ear she giggled gave a gesture of not accepting his suggestion. But he was adamant this time… he got up and pulled her up to her feet. And embraced her full form with his hands around waist and his face on her full-grown breasts. After a minute he started removing her nighty. She resisted only for a while and then allowed him to satisfy himself. He unhooked the nighty and let it drop to the ground. She looked gorgeous with her milk pot jutting out of the confines of her bra… he put his mouth on one of them and manage to unhook the bra from behind. He gracefully removed the bra from her smashingly beautiful body… he admired her nude breast for a while and the she playfully pulled his face to her boobs… when he met them he had his mouth open and one the breast was in his hungry mouth… he pressed her further into his mouth by using force on her back… she was moaning …. Who was moaning?… I glanced at Vasumati… her face was red with blush..she was breathing heavily and moaning softly.. I put my hand on her shoulders… she noticed me..but I didn’t looked at her… I was seeing into the hole… when I started stroking her shoulders she squirmed a little and when persisted she seem to give away to this…again she engaged herself at the peeing hole…

From bellow I put my hand on Vasumati’s chest and I found two mounds of soft flesh there. I just brushed them and remove my hand before she could possibly pushed my hand away… inside the room… Raju pulled at the waistband of the petticoat and it dropped off. Savitri was in her panty now.. Raju put his hand on to her mount and rubbed softly there.. Savitri immediately held his hand tightly there as if she could not stand the immediate pleasure. A second later she allowed him to rub her there… I put my hand on Vasumati’s butts… with her bend position I could find beautiful curves of soft flesh and I started to caress them.. this time with no resistance from the girl… I left the peeking hole and I wanted to look for a fucking hole … I came behind vasu… put my hand around her waist and put them on her breasts… she the bent position her small breasts were protruding. I pressed me loin on her buttocks and pressed her boobs very softly… I was surprised when Vasu neither stopped me nor even left the door-hole. She was excited beyond reason. I decided to go further. I lifted her nighty from behind. And surprisingly she did not have any panty and it is only then I realized that her breast were also naked under her nighty. When her buttocks were denuded I bent and kissed at the soft globes… reaching her breasts under her nighty was easier now… I don’t know what she observed her moaning became all the more louder.

And her young nubile body became restless she started rubbing her ass on to my loin.. when took a chance peek into the other room Raju had completely denuded his sexy wife and now she laid spreading her well rounded thighs inviting the attack from her husband… and Raju with his erection was preparing to dive into her… it was this sight that has made young Vasu to become excited and desire for much more that what she was getting just now… I lifted her from her bent position and made her stand with her back to the wall… started rubbing my face on her fresh and soft cheeks. I kissed her on her mouth… she was till now only receiving and now suddenly grew very active and embraced me all her young force. She rubbed her groin on mine uncontrollably.. she was heaving very heavily.. I took her to my bed…and pushed her on to the bed… lifted her nighty completely beyond her head to make her completely naked… vow…what an amazing beauty she was, Anita… by this time my lungi had already fallen off and I was naked too… I paid my sexual regard to each inch of this little angel. Sucked at her small tight boobs… bit softly at one of her seedlike nipples. This made her jump with sensuous joy… I was not in a position to prolong this any further.. firstly because I was already too much of sight, sound and touch…and secondly I didn’t want to let this young thing go away without bestowing me the pleasure… I spread her young creamy thighs… came over her… bend to her face … whispered in her ear… ‘Vasu… do you want to experience what you sis is doing under your Bhava…?’ she was silent.. but the upward and restless movement of her hips was speaking it all… I licked her nipple just ease her further…put my tongue into her hot mouth…just in case I had to chock her shrieks.

I descended in to the love valley… and my erected dick was into her lovely virginal pussy just a bit…I didn’t hurry… only on the behest of the girl I pushed my prick little by little… and finally full eight inches disappeared into that tight pussy… and what happened after that … I was unaware because…Anitha… fucking a nubile young girl is an experience from the heavens where the worldly consciousness fails itself… I met Vasumati another three time during our stay there… third day morning the adjacent room was vacated and vasumati had disappeared without our exchanging contacts… she is only a memory to me after that. I have not met her again… how I wish I met her…. Not necessarily, Vasumati. It could be any hot-bodied woman or an anxious girl. If interested in sharing experiences or even live bed, contact me. at >

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