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Patiala boy on the prey

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi to all desi papa fans. i am a regular reader of these wonderful experience stories which desipapa fans write. A ll this ins pired me to write my own experience to the desi papafans. It is not my first experience as the initial ones r not very much worth talking about.This happened to me recently.let me first talk about my self .I am nitish.I am 19 & i live in the princely city of patiala in india. i basically belong to pathankot .i live in patiala for my studies. this incident happened to me when i was in my home town in my winter vaccations in dec 2002. the story goes like this:It was a cold friday morning.i was in the home alone as every body went to their offices. i was enjoying winter vaccations. i was reading a novel . in the living room .& was stroking my rod as the novel was very erotic. Suddenly the doorbell rang. i slipped the novel behind the bed & went to open the door.When i opened the door i saw a beautiful gal standing in front of me.

She greeted me by saying good morning.i replied to her but actually i was astonished to see the great beauty of the gal. wow she was as charming as 1 can imagine. she told me that she is from the nearby management institute & is here to do marketing for som product which was a part of their internship program.i asked her to come in. she came in & i told her to sit on sofa & tell me about the product. she was very pleased at my good behaviour. she started to tell me about the was a pair of wrist watch which she wanted to sell. i liked the watches & asked her about the price. she told me that they cost 4oo rs. i brought them she was very pleased to sell me the watch. then i asked her about her course. she told me that it is the most boring part of theirjob as she was out in the marketing chores in this bitterly cold winter. i was feeling pity on this gal. i asked her that would she like to have tea. she accepted cheerfully. i went to kitchen. & brought the tea after the tea i asked her that i am also in pharmacy field & i would like to be her friend.

She was now looking at me with a different look. i also told her that she should not do this sort of doodr to door marketing as ppl who r alone in the house like me can show some naughty interests in her. she laughed & told me that she would not mind to be my friend but i should not take any more advantage of it. we talked for a while & in the course of our conversation .i kept on looking at her. she also noticed that. she then told me that ” why r u looking at me like u r going to eat me”. I told her that ” tum cheej hi itnni sundar ho ki koi bhi tumpe fida ho jaye”. she told me that now she was a bit afraid. i asked her why. she told me”akele kamre mein kisis ajnabi ke saath beethi hoon darr to lagega hi”.i told her not to worry. but the reality was that i was getting the greatest hard on of my life watching her.she was watching my bulge in front of my pant. & was smiling at it. watching her smiling i knew that i had a chance of fucking her. then she told me that she wants to go to bathroom. wow this was the chance i was waitng for as our bathroom had 2 doors 1 from out side & one from my room which was usually not locked. i showed her the way. she went in & closed the front door. i quickly went to my room & went near the bathroom door .i could hear her pissing. .now it impossible for me to stop.

I opened the door & went in . she was pissing. she was astonished to see me & said wat r u doing here .i told her i would like to love her as i liked her very much. i could easily see the fright in her eyes. but i told her that i would be very gentle.she told me that ” u r a bad guy .”.i took her hand in my grip.& pushed her to wards me.suddenly i kissed her so hard that she too responded very well.i told her to come to my room. i took her in my arms & brought to my bed. i pulled her shirt off gently. this made me have a clear look at her boobs.oh mannnnnnnn they were just beautifull. she was wearing a white bra. then i slowly opened her bra. & released her boobs. i took her boobs in my hand & started pressing them.she was moaning like ohhhhhhhhhhhh” ahhhhhhhhhhhh. then i proceeded further & undid my self. fully. she was amazed to see my cock .it was fully erect ready to destroy every thing. i removed her panty too & now her bushy cunt was before me.

I bent down on my knees & started licking them. i love licking pussy. i am expert in that. she was making somr very erotic sounds when i was licking them like aooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ammmmmmmm. in no time she cummed with a slight shiver& started moving her hips to & fro. then she told me ” pls fuck me nitish .”mujhee chodo nitish plsssss mein mare jaa rahin hoon. then i started the real thing. i separated her 2 legs & placed my rod on her cunt hole. my god it was burning there. & then with a sudden jerk i inserted my rod inside her pussy. she screamed like i had killed her. but i was not bothered by her screams. i continued to ram her pussy with my ro. she was definitily enjoying now. & was moaning with pleasure. i was going with full pace. her boobs were swinging & were looking very beautiful. then suddenly i cummed in her. she was exhausted too. si exploded loads & loads of cum in her pussy. she then kissed mee & then we put our clothes back. .then she took farewell by saying that ” ur my best customer” ha ha ha. now a days i am in patiala. & i am waiting for my next adventure.

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