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Passionate Sex With Lots Of Licking And Foreplay

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

This is Rajat. I am 35 and belongs to Nagpur. The story happened around 12 years back. There was a couple staying next to our house, married a year back. Ravi and Kalpana were very jolly in nature. I had very good relationship with their family. I used to visit their home very frequently but never had any bad intentions about Kalpana bhabhi. We used to chat very often in their home, even go out with for her household work,. Ravi had no problems. I was very caring for both of them and vice versa. Ravi often used to come late night and drunked. He also used to fight with her for several nonsense reasons.

She started feeling upset. One day i asked her and revealed what is happening. I felt bad but then she started sharing everything with me. Actually i have the habit of keeping things confidential hence womens feel safe with me. One day she was angry on me for some reason and i was sitting on bed and she was sitting on chair eating something. I was constantly apologizing but she was not agreeing. She was wearing a gown and her legs were on bed so i took her legs in my hand and said sorry, then she agrred and gave a wonderful smile. Then one day while watching TV we were sitting on sofa in the night. She was very close she suddenly took my hand and put it on her breasts. I was astonished by her move then i started playing with both the boobs. Then she sort of slept on sofa with gown. I started slowly moving my fingers on her beautiful legs. She was enjoying it the i touched her inner thighs with lots of love and care for her body, she loved it then i touched her pussy above her panties.

Suddenly bell ranged and Ravi came. Then we were searching for opportunity. The day came when she was at home. I entered the house she was taking resg rest. I sat besides her, kept talking, she suddenly pulled me on her and we started kissing each others like anyhthing. I am master in licking and kissing. I love lot of foreplay whch gives pleasure in final innings. I kissed her neck, earlobes, eyes, nose, forehead and then french kissed her for 5 minutes. She was moaning. Then i told her that now i want to give you every happiness, pleasure that you deserve the most.

I started rolling my magical tongue on her feet by kissing n licking all fingers of her feet then moving upwards started rolling towards thighs. Ii took 5 minutes for my toungue to reach her pussy. She was wearing a panty and was now almost gone wild with my foreplay, all the way i was pressing her boobs also by hands, tongue and hands both tickling her senses. Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ummmmm, ummmmmm were the sounds throuout the room. I removed her gown, panty and bra with full swing and she suddenly removed my pants and innerwear and the monster came out rock hard. My pennis is preety large and thick, will not mention the size as i dont like it. She started shaking it with full swing.

Then i requested Kalpana to sleep on her stomach and started massaging her body gently which she was liking it very much as i was doing it with love. Then again i started kissing her on her back, neck rolling my tongue all over, slowly coming down i even kissed her hips and she literally jumped and said i am too hot now, lets start then i said let me love your pussy by my tongue and started kissing her clitoris, she was enjoying like hell.

Then i parted her pussy lips and started two and fro motion of my tongue deep inside. She was literally pulling my head deep inside her pussy. I was literally eating her pussy while playing with boobs. I loved her expressions of satsfaction and enjoyment when i was loving her pussy. I have literally eaten her pussy deep inside, touched inner diamond also. then within 5 minutes she had her orgasm and her beautful juices paved their way to my mouth. I dranked every drop of it. Then i sweetly and gently kissed her pussy and she pulled me to her mouth and started kissing me wildly. She said Ravi has never loved and cared for my body, i am all yours. Then she started kissing my whole body, came near my pennis, kissed the forehead, i even said to her that if she doesnt like to do it, i will not mind. Bute she gave wonderful blow job.

My foreskin of pennis was and is still intact, i entered her pussy, mine was big one to occupy in her tight pussy, she was moaning and shouting oh come on Rajat, i love youuuuuuuuuuuu,ummmmmmmmmmmaaahhhhhhhh. then i give one strong push and it touched her ineer walls then i was pumping her hard, she was also giving strokes from her end, fully co-operrating. We fucked for around six to seven minutes and both had solid orgasm. She was holding me like that for next ten minutes and was loving me with so many sweet words. I then left her house as Ravi about to come.

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