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  • November 13, 2015

I have been reading stories in this site for more than a year but never thought I will have a chance to write one here, but I felt it will be really unfair if am not sharing my own one even after reading so many from this site. I would also like to inform you that I am not writing this stories to impress anyone or being contacted for illicit relationship, but as a gratitude I would like to get a feedback from you people if you wish to and my mail id
I am San (name changed ) aged 27 from Delhi basically but all settled in chennai and work in chennai as a fashion design analyst. I am not such a super looking guy with huge body and stuff but a fair enough guy who can to be with , and My work is in such a way that I have to move between Delhi and chennai every two month once. It was a fine Saturday evening on December and I had to fly to Delhi as my client was already there in Delhi , so I had to spend some extra penny to get a evening flight . I had to rush to the airport as I was already late. When I reached the airport it was a big que in boarding counter and I had no option other than waiting, suddenly I heard a smooth voice behind me and someone was calling me.

It was a women , trust me mates …. She was so super cute , slim and perfectly shaped , fair lady … I though her to be like 23 or less but later I found she was actually in her late 20s, she was wearing a decent t-shirt and a lose pants , I should say that she had the best styling sense with some mascara in her eyes, and her name is Tania (Name changed )

This was the conversation we had…

Tania – hi, are you flying to delhi ?

Me – ya , 7pm flight , hopefully I can catch them , I am already late I guess !

Tan- me too man…… Is there any other way we can break this queue , so that we don’t miss this flight ?

Me – I hope so , but I don’t think we got any other option .

That’s were we spoke for the first time and we ended the conversation with a smile . Then I got my turn to take my boarding pass, the attendant asked me are you together pointing his hands toward Tania , when I was about to say no, Tania said yes , and “issue us a seat next to each other “.

We were in left corner seat and she took the window side. When the flight was about to take of we started talking again

Tania – I am sorry for making you sit along with me , I always have a bad luck in the aeroplane in which I either get a old fellow or stupid faced person who would never even care to give a smile back !

Me – so I am just here to make you feel better ? And what makes you think that I am better ?

She never replied and just smiled back and asked me

Tan – so what’s up with you ? What you do ?

Then when I said everything about me she was excited to know that I was In fashion industry and we spoke a lot about each other

From our conversation I came to know that she belongs to Delhi but married to a business man in chennai , who was very busy with his works always , and she was traveling to her moms place all alone for break and some marriage function in Delhi.

And I found her to be a real genuine person to be as a friend , she was so talkative , sporty and nice in every ways.

When we arrived our destination we had to depart , and we did not share our contact or anything after landing as I felt she might think me odd.when I was in the conveyor belt to collect my Baggage she came back and stood beside me ,

I really felt odd but no other option to ask her to be my friend , but never felt this way before , so I made some dialogue in my mind and was practicing , when I found she was about to leave after getting a Baggage , I called her Tania and …

Me – Tania , I am sorry but I just feel weird to ask for your contacts or being a friend of yours …. As I m just a stranger to you and we just met for some 3 hours for now . But I just felt you to be someone really nice and perfect to be in touch with . If you mind then you don’t have to give , if not I would really like to be your friend !
She laughed for a while and said

Tan – I just had the same feeling for you re … You were fine in the flight, but being a girl I too have some shyness … And that’s the same reason I never wanted you to ask myself , but would u mind being a friend of a married women

Me – don’t you have to ask me this ? What’s your marriage have to make me think . You are really nice to be friend . I don’t mind your marital status …

She poured out her number and I shared mine , she offered me a drop in my hotel but I said no as I felt it would be like taking advantage or something , so I moved away myself ….

Later in the night around 11 pm I had a message in my whatsapp like ” hi, what you are doing ? ”

I saw the message some 15 min later as my phone was in silence mode.

Then when I replied back she told she want to sleep and she buzzed away…

After that we did not contact each other for 2 days , then one fine evening I remembered her and called her to know what she was upto .

She picked the phone in her second ring and said hi ,

Our conversation….

Me – so busy family girl ….. How is you ?

Tan – ya ya doing really fine …. By the way , why you din message me ?

Me – thought you were really busy or something , din feel like disturbing !

Tan – you know what , a girl comes to her mom’s place after marriage, just be in all free mode and I am doing that in a better way !

Me – see , I don’t want to be a burden to you in your holidays

Tan – oh Come on … It’s time for friends too

Me – so I am your friend now

Tan – I think that’s the reason I gave you my number , that too to a unknown person

Me – so what made you trust me .

Tan – a girl can find a guy with the way he looks and where he looks ! And I find you to be fine ! I don’t know how you are to others but you were fine that day with me . So I thought we should be friends.

Me – thanks a lot for trusting me , don’t worry I would keep myself the best with you

Tan – hope you do

Then we had to cut the call as she had someone in her home..

The next day morning I got a call from her in the morning enquiring where am I , when I told I was still in Delhi , she asked me if I had any work in the evening .

When I said that I was little free , she invited me to her cousins marriage near Haryana border, and she promised to pick me up in the hotel around 6 pm.

As expected she came there little late , and I had to wait for an hour in my hotel lobby ….

When she arrived I got in the front seat of her sedan , and she was wearing a superb choli with half tops and she was looking stunningly beautiful . When I asked for others she told they have left already and she came here to pick me up .

While we were traveling she informed me that she will introduce me as her college junior and she wanted me to maintain the same, I felt little awkward with the position I got, when I enquired about her husband she told he was busy in some project work in Mumbai who had to cancel his program in the last minute due to other commitments.

When we entered the reception hall everyone had an eye on her beauty for sure , she was like a doll make-up and Since it was her far relatives marriage she did not have any major commitments , hence she was spending most if the time with me .

In some part of time we started checking partners for each other in teasing manner , we were playing in such a way that no one had to doubt us what we were upto.

At one point of time I had a long legged skinny girl crossing me , and I said I liked her. She told she doesn’t have enough flush in some part of body which brings a tingling feeling for any guy when she is for sex in bed next to each other.

I was stunned with the way she spoke as that was the first time I was hearing something like this from her. Might be we were little drunk , but still we were conscious enough to keep our words in limit…

It was going the same way for more than 2 hours and we were having a major fun , in other side we were being more open to each other , which we both realized.

After the party ended we had to depart and she came back to drop me in my hotel, we did not talk much in the car, When my hotel came , she dropped me and thanked me for the company, I thanked her back for keeping me busy, then we quit for the day and went back.

Next day morning I had to leave back to chennai as my work was over in Delhi , I called her to inform the same, when I spoke to her , I found her voice to be low and down , when inquired she told me some personal issues in there home , so I didn’t put my head inside and bid her bye and left Delhi ….

We were in touch with each other via whatsapp and she used to chat with me when ever she finds time , later after a week she was also back to chennai after her holiday session, and we were getting really busy in phone and whatsapp .It was in the same level for more than a month.

On a Sunday evening when we were on phone , she asked me few common questions like girl friends and thought about marriage and stuffs like that ….and on some point we got in to a different level of conversation .

Tania – so , you must not be a virgin for sure ?

Me – what’s that so important to talk about my virginity ?

Tania- are you trying to say you are impotent ? That you don’t have to talk about virginity ? Lol

Me – I got many ways to prove that I am sexually fit .. If you weren’t my friend I would have taken you as a test specimen to prove my worth (I said this the risk involved in it )

Tania – that’s making me proud , that I m not attracting someone as I m his friend !

Me – I think that’s the way it should be !

Tania – anyway let’s not get deep in to this ( I know she moved away )

Tania – but tell me what’s sex all about to you

Me – it’s something which has to happen with real passion and not just for sake of fulfilling the sexual needs , it should be involved with real love and not just to keep your desires fulfilled…there should be enough fire in each other to get the other hogging on you .. It should be like something which you were waiting for a long to get done with someone whom you really wanted too….( I know I have given her a enough hint of my interest )

And one thing I like about Tania is that she puts her question very direct and nothing behind

Tania – so are you passionately attracted to me , fuck this friendship stuff…just tell me if you are or not ?? And your answer is not changing any of our relationships as of now….so tell me

Me – I don’t know …. But I just think of you …. But I know it’s not a good idea… Since you promised me nothing is going to change I m saying this . I am personally involved with you from my side . Forget my words and let’s change the topic

Tania – hmmm fine ….. Anyway got to sleep …I am feeling sleepy , catch you in the morning , good night

I was like fuck …and I thought I screwed up the entire thing , I was feeling weird to message her but I felt bad to be this way either.

Finally in the morning I got a good morning message from her with a note in the bracket saying let’s forget yesterday nights conversation…

I was so thrilled and I replied her with a smiley good morning …and it was going in the same Normal way for another 2 months with some semi sex talks here and there.

It was again I had a client in delhi for which I had to fly , but this time with a one week notice , and that day night I was sharing the same with Tania and she was excited.

And the game starts here ,

She wanted to visit delhi with me this time , she asked me if I can accompany her in the flight, and you know what’s the answer would have been.

She told her husband she wanted to visit her mom , for which he never said a no.

We booked our flights together this time , and we were waiting for the day to travel together , and as far as I know it was just a traveling together. We boarded the flight and we were pretty close than last time , and I was seeing a different Tania this time…. Then we had this conversation

Tania – you know something , according to my mom I am reaching delhi 2moro and not today

Me – then where you are going to be tonight ? ( with a shocking expression )

Tania – I wanted to stay in a hotel alone in delhi and want to know how it is

Me – you want me to book a room in the same hotel where I stay ?

Tania – ya but a separate room and we will be like different people representing a same company for a project , so that no one would suspect us , infact there is nothing to suspect but still we have to be this way for betterment of our life !

We got down from flight , cleared our Baggage , then moved to my regular hotel In counaught palace … We checked in as if we were two different guests and got our rooms . And mine was in 2nd floor and she was in 3rd floor

After some half an hour I got a message in my phone

Tania – so what’s up my little boy what you doing ? Being so close but still we can not talk face to face na ???

Me – I don’t have any objection in you coming to my room but make sure I don’t want to be raped or something . ( I told this with a funny note but with a message in it )

Tania – oh ya , I am looking to rape you it seems , I can make you sleep with me , with my smile , trust me

Me – I am not falling so easily

Tania – arre , I am feeling bored either you come here or I m am coming there

Me – wait , actually I am on my shower I will get back in 10 min , so you can come after that

Tania – chal fine … Make it look simple

After some 15 min , I had a ring my room and I opened the door , and I was shocked to find Tania with a stunning black short skirt and a top which highlighted her boobs so perfectly.

Me – what’s the occasion you are wearing this for ?

Tania – something special , which you will know …

I had my air conditioner switched on I my room but still we had an excessive heat flowing out of our body. We know what we both were upto . But we were acting to be formal.

My room was filled with silence and nothing much , suddenly I don’t know what made me to do this , I went near her , facing her, just very close to her and watching her eyes . With just half an inch gap , our body never touched each other’s . But we so close .

I had a massive erection in me , and her eyes filled with lust, until this time we never spoke about sleeping with each other or anything but then everything was happening due to attraction between us .

She broke the silence with one sentence……

Promise me we break whatever is there between us after tonight and we never meet up or talk forever , if you agree I am all yours tonight …..

I had to be silent as you know , it’s a pain to be in love kind of moment.

Half heartedly I said

If you wish that’s the only thing you want after this then fine ……

She bite my lower lip in such a way , I was about to bleed if I would have let her for another minute .

I took her in my arms and kissing each and every corner of her face with love and passion. I was seeing tears in her eyes , which clearly indicated this to be the last and first night of us being together. We know we were in love but we also know we were not supposed to be in …

I was just biting her neck in a seductive way and she was responding in the same way .

We were not touching either of our private part till then,

After some 15 minutes of kissing , I just lowered my hand from neck to breast and she was moaning with a mild sound and hum , that made me go wild and tore apart her top , which actually shocked her…. She gave a better shock to me by taking my hand and made me press her Brest … It was a cloud nine moment I should say ….

We were not in any urgent till then , we both had the special storm kind of thing in our body when my chest touched her naked Brest , in the meanwhile my hands were below her shoulder checking the broad piece of single skin in her body.

I was feeling her pussy to be all wet in the skirt , and she was kind of embarrassed as well as proud of it . We never spoke a single word till I got her to the bed ,

When we were in the bed , I heard a mild voice saying….

I wish you don’t use your condom , but then we should for our safety …

She helped me with the condom and I was feeling her in every possible way … The vibes we created for each other was so fantastic that can’t be explained in words , it was my passionate sex I ever had . We made it four times that night…. She even offered me for a back doggy style , but with a little regrets in her face , I managed to catch her scare and lack of interested and ignore that , but then we made the best love between us .

The promise which we made in the night was still on in the morning , and she was pretty strong with that , that was the only thing which she wanted me to do for her and that’s the only thing I forced her not to do , but then she moved away saying it was for our future …….. But then ……

Atleast this I need to keep this personally with me…

Hope you people enjoyed my real story , hope you guys get a better chance to have a passionate sex in your life . Please if you have some thought or suggestion or feedback , feel free to write in my mail I’d

From Stranger To Friendship To Romantic Sex With A Married Woman

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