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Passion Inflamed

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi every body, this is rocky here. I am about to tell u about the various sex escapades in a series of episodes. The time line goes back to one year back when I met a girl who is surely going to attract second looks from guys. Her name was Rita, a slim dusky petite girl of 20 years of age with vital stats 34-28-34. Her voice was a bit husky one.

When I used to excite her over the phone, her voice used to become so seductive that it will surely make u beg her to excite you, which finally results in you panting after jacking off a huge load.

Our first meeting was a bit formal but I tried to woo her with my looks and charming play of speech. After returning home that day she confessed that she is interested in me and may be even eager to try a affair other than friendship. Time started passing by.

We used to talk regularly over the phone at the dead of the night and slowly she started getting close to me. Slowly things started to become romantic and then erotic. I used to excite her over the phone while I used to masturbate on the other side with her listening to all the sounds and voices of mine. We decided to get close physically and satisfy our sexual desires.

Since day-to-day meeting was a bit difficult for us, we planned a special day to satisfy ourselves. Finally we decided to try something hot in a movie hall. We went to the city center in the morning, and chose a flop movie. The movie was already through into its first 20 minutes when we arrived.

We chose to sit on the top most left corner where just in the next row a couple was already getting cozy. She was wearing a tight white formal shirt, which exposed her flat tummy and had the top three buttons open showing of her white bra. As soon we settled down, I pulled her face towards me and started sucking her lips.

She was a bit surprised since she thought I would start with the process of fondling and pressing her boobs and then moves on to that. She also started responding and started sucking my tongue more and more into her mouth. I started getting a bit wild and started biting her lips and making them sore.

She pulled her mouth away and started sucking my ear lobes at the same time undoing my belt and opening my jeans to get a hold of my 6 inches dick. As soon as she had my dick in her full grip, she started moving her on my dick in an up and down fashion. In the meantime I had already opened the rest of the buttons of her formal shirt and raised her bra

and started fondling her nipples. After 5minutes, I opened her jeans and moved her panty to one side and started fingering her while sucking her thick black nipples. She started getting hot and started giving me a handjob. Both of us were literally moaning and as there was no one else in the movie hall, other than the other couple, there was basically no problems at all.

I suddenly viewed the other couple and noticed that the girl has already raised her legs on the front seat and her boyfriend has gone down between her legs and was licking her pussy. She noticed my eyes on her and just had a loud moan before releasing her pussy juice on her boyfriend’s mouth.

I removed my eyes and concentrated more on my girlfriend and started fingering her more rigorously. Within a minute, she started discharging a whole lot of juices. But I had not let my sperms out so I was not satisfied till then, and asked her to give a blowjob. She was so excited that she literally started to bite my dick in a painful manner.

While it pained a bit, but I was enjoying the pain, and within a few minutes, I literally shot my cum in her mouth. She drank every bit of my cum and started dressing up. Both of us then started watching the other couple. The other girl was sucking her boyfriend’s dick and moaning and trying hard to bring her boyfriend to climax. The movie ended in a short while.

After viewing such a live scene of the other couple, I was excited to the core and was just mad to bang my girlfriend. Since we had the whole day at our disposal, we bought some condoms and took a taxi and made our way to the outskirts of the city. While we were in the cab I started fingering my girlfriend by opening the zip of her jeans.

After she got satisfied, she lied down on my lap, opened my jeans, took out my dick and started giving a blowjob. This time also she took my entire discharge in her mouth. We traveled for 30 minutes and then stopped near a highway motel and left the taxi. As soon as we were in the room, I took her in my arms and started stripping her of her formal shirt and jeans.

We started kissing each other just like wild animals. She was in her white bra and panty. I literally threw her on the bed and started kissing her neck. Then I slowly started to go down while pressing her boobs over her bra. I started giving love bites to her tummy and on the upper part of boobs. I snapped off the straps of the bra. She was lying topless in front of me.

I pounced on her boobs and once again starting sucking her nipples. She moaned and said “ Honey, I am getting wait. Suck my boobs hard honeyyyyyyy…… please” I started going down further and stripped her panty of her sexy waist in an instant. I inserted a finger in her pussy and started sucking her. She started to moan loudly.

I sucked her and she suddenly started shouting “ ahh! Ah! I am having an orgasm. I am cuming, my love”. Then she stripped me and started sucking my balls but not the dick. It was too much to be teased in that fashion. I dragged her towards me and next moment, we were necked rolling on bed and kissing each other.

Now I made her to sit in my lap and started kissing her lips so hard then I guided her hand on my cock. She started giving me a handjob. She started making to and fro motion and I stopped kissing her and told her to take my cock in her mouth and suck it. She proposed to go into the 69 position. So I lied down and she came over me and her pussy was directly in front of me.

This time I gave a little bite on the outer wall of her pussy and inserted a finger up her ass and started to suck her vagina more rigorously than ever. Slowly she started liking it and started to suck my cock wildly wildly. At that time I was mooning like ” please… god suck tittt…..please don’t …stoppppppppp”.

After about 10 minutes I came in her mouth only which she drunk completely. Then she stood up and said ”your cock is so salty, I am falling in love of your cum”. Then I made her lie on the bed and started to enter her. I came near her parted her legs and she kept her leg on my shoulders….no I can see her pussy.

Now I took my cock in my hand and slowly rubbed it at her pussy she was so excited and lubricated that she told me to insert my cock in her pussy directly without any more teasing. I slowly pushed my cock inside and she moaned and said ”ohhhh yyyes ……take it inside I can’t wait……….push it harder……….”

As soon as I inserted my cock deeper, she starts moaning real loud. I started pumping hard. She was moaning and saying”pleaseeeeeeeee I beg uuuuuu don’t stoppppp tear my pussyyyyyyyyy’…….fuck mmmme fuck me harder… harderrrrrrrr. harderrrrrr…… pleaseeeeeeeee.”

I too increased my speed she was lifting her ass after 5-7 minutes of hard pumping I was about to come so I told her : ”rita I can’t hold I am cumminggggggggggg……ohhhhhh Ohhhhh goddd……your pussy…..feels so good…..” Rita was moaning ”pleaseeeeeee……fuck me harder …..

Come inside me……I want …to ….have……….your cumm……..inside ……me pleaseee………..” she said ”ohhhhhhh goddddddd yyyes I am commingggggg….comminggg ummmmm…haaaaaaa”. It was too much for me and I shoot my entire load inside her pussy. we stayed in that position by kissing each other and my dick still inside her. After some time, she left the bed and went to clean herself.

Before entering the bathroom, she said “ Honey, I am waiting for u in the bathroom. My whole body was relieved today but u haven’t cared for my ass. Come and fuck my ass.” What followed, will be said later in the other parts. All comments are welcomed on the email – “”.

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