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  • August 31, 2015

This is the true story that happened a three months back, my friend told about this site from that day iread all of the stories, now i think that i should post my true story. First time i am writing the experience. First i introduce my self, I am venkat from Hyderabad, 26 years of age 6 feet and a little fat. All of my friends call me Handsome. Ok now i will tell about her, her name is parvathi, she is a medico, she is staying beside my house, she is stunning, white very fair, i dont know the sizes, but she is having a great structure, I completed my engineering and doing business (Software company at Hyderabad (India)). My sister is doing MCA in a reputed college, my sister and parvathi are close friends.

As a software eng i am having my Pc at home and an internet connection, my sister regularly uses the net to chat with her friends, parvathi also used to come to operate internet along with my sister. Recently five months back sister got married and she went to her hubbys place. As usual my mother and father are very close to parvathi regularly she uses to come to my home when ever i am not in the home she uses my internet. (She is native of Visakhapatnam) she is staying along with her friends besides my house. ‘PC will be in my bedroom’ After my sister wents i am free in my room and i am using to watch so many porn sites, two months after my sister marriage mother and father went to see my sisterin the holidays. I am alone in the house, one saturday after from her college she came directly to my bedroom, when i was in bathroom. she switched on the computer and surfing net after five minutes i cam from bathroom, with shot on me nothing else, we both shocked in that position, she is about to watch some desi site, she caught red-handedly, she was shevering (she doesn’t know about my parents has went to my sisters house) she said sorry ans she about to leave, but i told that dont’ worry lets do your work as i had not seen that she is watching some port site, and i turned towards cupboard to take a tshirt, she was wearing lite blue color chididar, in that dress ahe looks like georgeous, she shutdown the system and inquired about my parents, i told they went to my sisters house, they wont come for another week. I invited her for dinner, as i dont know how to cook i requested her to come and prepare, she agreed and she returnrd at arount 7.30 in the night, just i kept the rice in electric cooker.

She came directly to the kitchen, she is stunning, previously i had not seen in that dress, she is in tight denim and a tight t-shirt. she is looking very sexy, she smiled me and took the vegitables(Califlower, alu) and knife, i am watching nearer to her , she washed all the veg and chopping in a manner. when she was preparing the curry i saw her she was watching me indirectly with some gaps. i am getting some hardon on her looks. we are talking on different subjects, meanwhile i asked about her friends, and family, she asked about my friends, i explained briefly, she asked about girlfriends, i said no, you are only the first one girl i am talking this much time, she laughed when she is laughing, her breast was shaking like anything, i got little hardon at that situation, i asked about her boyfriends, she told she had a couple of friends, and she told about disco thecks and datings. now i got some courage that she is like minded girl, she asked about my marriage, i told that my parants are looking for better match, may be in the next year. Again she laughed, now the time ia 8.40, the curry was over, together we are taken the dinner and sitting on the sofa watching the TV, in HBO we are watching My best friends wedding, we are discussing some other topics, at that time the scene on the screen is a french kiss, boath are looked at same time she smiled sexily, and she came to nearer to me, i got understood that she wants me badly, but for me guys/girls this is the first time i am going to taste the fuck (i am having the experience of XXX rated movies and stories).

I am little bit confused. she kissed on my cheeks, i get some courage i put my right hand on her left thigh, she again smiled, she smiles like anything, i am not able to control i kissed on her lips she stunned for my immediate response, and given a sexy smile. i advances and again kissed on her lips she also responding me, we kissed for some minutes, we hugged very tightly, her tits were aroused and i am getting the sensation of her tits pressing against to my chest. i shifted her to my bedroom, i closed all dores, and i begin to kiss her she is just watching what i am doing madly. she stood up and she lifted my t-shirt, my chest is with hair, she was kissed on my tits its shuddered me and she was playing with my chest hair. and i removed my tshirt, as well as i am going to remove her tshirt she resisted and ahe moved away from me, i am not understood why she away from me, she is smiling dam shit, she is running around the bed. after awhile i caught her and i tored her tshirt she is with white laced bra, she was taking a fast breath, the breast were responding to her breath. i put my hand on her tits and i am pressing on her bra she was moaning little, i am pressing her boobs from the top of her bra mean time she put her hand on my dick from the top she is rubbing it, i removed her bra, and i am sucking her right boob and pressing the other boon with another hans. we played like this for some time. after this i removed her short and she removed mine now we are with our panties, i thrown her on the bed and i sitdoen at the edge of the bed and i am kissing her thighs and she was moaning, as i reached to her panty she closed with her hands, i removed the hands and removed her panty its really stunning, first time lively i am watching a shaven pussy from very near, its pink in color.

Already it is wet i am just playing with her pussy lips and i inserted my finger and i am playing for some time she was moanong very badly, she is getting very wet, she is not controlling the emotions she take a pillow and pressing it hardly, now i opened her vaginal lips with two fingers, and licked her cum with my tongue. I circled her vaginal exteriors and then licked her pussy she was moaning like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, do it smart do it. I started fucking her cunt with my tongue then twisted my tongue and let it reach as deep in her pussy as I could. She was trying not to let that loud cry out of her and biting her lower lip and pressing the pillow. Her hands were moving though my hair occasionally pulling them when she felt very ecstatic. I was enjoying the tongue fuck too. I licked her saltyhoney juices and gave her a good pussy suck. she cummed all on my mouth, she tasted her cum with my mouth kiss, its very funny. Now she removed my underwear and she took my 7 inch thick hot dick in to her hands, first she bit hesitated to give a blow job but as i had sucked her pussy, she was not thinked more she kept her mouth on the top red globe, she was tasting my pre cum, she was motioning my hot rod, she was seeing my reaction and doiing the blow job, meanwhile i am playing with her tits , i am circuling the tits with my two fingures, when i am going to cum i removed from her mouth but there is no time the sperm was on her breast and some was on floor, we together cleaned and went to bathroom, she wants to piss, she sat in front of me and pissing, first time i am listening the sound of pissing a girl, after that we did some fore play in the bathroom, i got an immediate hard on, we both ran to the bed.

I kissed her passion, she responded and we rolled on the bed from one side to another my dick was in a seriuos search of her pussy but it was not getting a way, we did it for some time, now the time came for action part, i stood and reached the pussy part my hot rod was jumping to reach the pussy, i opened her vaginal lips, and i am trying to get in but not got the way, then she took my 7 inch tool and kept at the entrance, its some what tight, i given a hard stroke, in to her cunt, ahe cried much, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, with satisfaction, the pussy was very tight, ia m moving in and out very slowly, i am teasing her with very slow motions, she was biting her lips with emotion. she was crying like anything, fuck hard do hard, like some pretty words she is using now i started my engine i am giving a very good strokes, for each and every stroke her boobs were moving rythamically, its looking very nice.i am giving very hard strokes, she was moaning for each and every stroke, i am circiling in side her vagina with my tool, my tool was hitting inside her cunt depth. The hot hole was very soft and slippery. She is shouting and moaning, “Yessssssss uuummmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…unhhhh.” I started stroking my cock inside her cunt. She had her eyes closed, she tried to bite her lips but she couldn’t help shouting. she yelled, moaned, screamed like she got killed. i was fucking her gently, listening to her moan after every stroke.

I worked my way up to a steady motion. It was quiet an effort though. she held my arms very tightly her breasts were jumping up and down with every stroke. her eyes were shut . she got her tongue out and rolled it over her lips. She was surely enjoying this. the thought of me being the instrument of the pleasure of a hot sexy lady like this made my cock really hard and wild. then she grabbed me and we were embracing hard. She rolled and moved over me. i was lying on my back and she sat up facing me with her riding on me. her breasts were right on my face as she was bouncing up and down on me, by now my dick was fully inside of her. she was breathing heavily. i started sucking her tits. her screams got louder and huskier, but she didn’t stopped stroking. she was riding me in the fastest speed she could. hugged her tightly to feel her breasts very close to my chest. As she was going up and down, her big boobs were rubbing hard against my chest. the feeling was amazing at this moment we were both involved in this wild session. she was feeling orgasms two to three times. I was ready to cum. within a few seconds i told her that i am going to cum she told no neeed to worry, cum inside i cummed all my cum inside her hot cunt. she felt happy finally she screamed hhhhhhhhh. i remained inside her about a minute and then slowly pulled my dick. she was over me. she was smiling with sexy. her satisfied smile made her look more beautiful than ever. she kissed me and whispered in my ears, ‘i never satisfied like this in ever prior’ I was surprised. i told that you are stolen my vergin and again she laughed sexily. after this we fucked in dogy style and we take rest, at morning 3.00 we played in three positions. she satisfied a lot, she told me that next time she introduce her roommate to me that is another story, we enjoyed this session till my parants came back, even after my parents came we went to outside Ramoji film city, ocean park, next time we are planning to my grand pas form house in the next week with her friend sita. i fucked her friend twice in front of parvathi.

This is my real story happend in Hyderabad, if any body girls/ladies/elder than me i want to learn some other interesting positions and some other bedtime related things any body are interested nearer to my city or inside India mail me for interchange of thoughts if any body are interested i will introduce to my parvathi and to her friend sita we are looking for group sex. we want to learn some lessons from the elder womens. you can mail to, those who responded i will send some of my photos.

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