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Party Fun & Sex With Priya

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi desi fans this is my second experience i am posting after a very strong response from all the desi fans thanks for your comments ok lets start the story I have always been a very horny girl and always liked to have boys touch me a little even when i was in school. then when i was 22 one of my friends was getting married and he was having a party only for the boys but said he wanted to have some fun on that night so he requested me to go and be a stripper.

(I agreed it because i had seen many striptease movies) i was very happy as i really like making guys cocks go hard. So that night i got dressed in only my black bra and my black panty which is so thin from the back like a thong. and i wore a long gown on top of it.

I got to the house and waited in the bedroom for the party to start and the guys to get a little drunk. while waiting i started thinking of how the boys were going to get so horny when they see my 32B breasts. i got a little wet and started playing with my juices. a few minutes later one of the guys came to the room and said “we’re ready for you”…. i was now a little bit nervous because i have never done this before. so i asked the guy to get me some drink which i had in a few seconds and then i felt a bit better. i went into the living room and there were 3 guys (one of them was my friend getting married) – i put on some sexy music and turned my back to them… I am a very sexy dancer and i started moving my hips from side to side… i could hear some of the guys getting very excited already. slowly i loosened my gown and let it drop to the floor. my friend who was already very drunk said “what a beautiful round ass you have priya, come let me feel it” i went towards him still with my back faced towards all of them. he caressed my left cheek and then my right cheek and the pinched really hard and said “why didn’t you let me know what a beautiful ass you have priya??? maybe we could have had a good time together?” i turned around and now they all saw my beautiful big round breasts and my trim and tight belly…. i looked at all the guys cocks and saw that they were already very very turned on.

I started getting excited that i could turn on so many people together. i then went to the desert table and i saw some grapes. i put one between my breasts and went to my friend (his name is Akash) and i told Akash… “suck it out” and he put his head between my boobs, stuck his tongue out and suck the grape into his mouth. then i got some chocolate sauce and poured it on my thigh and asked the other 2 guys to lick it up….. i put the leg on a chair and they licked all the sauce off my thigh. i felt my panty getting wet with excitement. i then started unhooking my bra and let it slip to the floor. i did a small dance in which my boobs jumped up and down a lot. then i turned my back to them and started removing my panties. i got another grape and put it just in the crack of my ass and asked one of the other boys to try and get it out with only ther tongue. i bent over and he came knelt behind me and stuck his tongue in my ass. it seemed he was not even trying to get the grape and he had a long tongue because i started feeling him licking on my cunt. my knees started feeling weak and i wanted more. finally he got the grape out but by then my nipples were hard and my pussy was dripping. i saw that 2 of the guys had already dropped their trousers and started masturbating.

I looked at akash and his eyes were filled with lust. i lay myself down on the floor and said to him “it’s never too late akash. come play with my ass and pussy how you used to when we were little” akash knelt down near me and his hands went straight for my boobs. he pinched my nipples and i felt a sense of pleasure like i had never felt before. “lick my tits” i said. and akash put his tongue over my left breast and started sucking…. while he was sucking my breasts i felt a tongue on my thighs licking me up and down…. akash then removed his trousers and boxers and i saw his 8 inch cock and felt the sudden need to have it in my mouth. akash saw what i wanted to do and knelt above my mouth and out his cock in until it was in my throat. i felt suffocated but i knew i wanted to suck him until he came.

As i ran my tongue around his hard cock i felt a tongue flick my clit. this was amazing – i was sucking akash and someone was sucking me…. as i licked and sucked akash faster and faster the tongue that was licking me went deeper and deeper… “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh priya i’m fucking your mouth, priya don’t stop” i heard akash say… and i didn’t stop. and he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. and i started writhing my pussy up against the mouth that was licking me. and akash cam right into my mouth, and i drank every single drop. then he withdrew his cock from my mouth
but i still had not come and so now i concentrated only on the mouth that was in my pussy – i wrapped my legs around his head and pushed my pussy in and out faster and faster oooooooooooohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha…. ha… oh i’m coming…. oh don’t stop” and i was pushing my pussy harder and harder into his face…… the pleasure got higher and higher and finally an explosion – and i felt my orgasm thundering in my head and groin… i looked up to see who it was that was giving me such pleasure. his face was covered in my cream and he smiled at me.

I was still not satisfied as i had not had a cock inside my cunt…. so i asked the same guy to come on top of me and then i guided his big hard throbbing cock into my wet pussy. slowly he slid in and started pumping. i felt a little pain, not much. i was a not virgin and also had played a lot with sex toys so this did not hurt me much. the feeling of a 8inch cock in me was too much for me to handle – i started moving my hips faster and faster… and then akash said to me “wait, you want more pleasure?” and i said “oh yes akash” and then akash made me kneel like a dog… he had something oily on his fingers and he pushed his fingers into my ass.

It felt amazing. next he pushed his cock in and slid in and out 2-3 times. then he told the other guy to lie down on the floor and i lay my body on top of him and put his cock in my cunt. now i was fucking someone in my cunt and someone else was fucking my ass. we pumped each other faster and faster… shouting and screaming in pleasure…. then akash told the other guy “ey.. tony, we come at the same time to give her maximum pleasure ok” and tony agreed. Faster and faster they fucked me and i was in another world… my head felt light and i felt i was going to orgasm and so i screamed “this is it… i am going to come… oooooooooh i am going to come now” and akash said to tony “ok tony now release” and i felt their cum shooting into my pussy and into my ass at the same time and i screamed out of pleasure… and my orgasm was a huge and long throbbing… akash got off me and i got of tony. then lying on my side i let akash and tony lick me clean. as i looked around me all i could see was the cum of the other guy who had been watching us masturbating.If you would like to hear more, or would like to tell me more about your experiences email me at

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