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Pallo Mausi, Pari And Me In Love

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

This happened this year in September , as you have already read how I was fucking Pallo mausi and Pari, though Pari knew about Pallo mausi and my relationship but Pallo mausi did not know about me and Pari.

One afternoon while me and Pari was having sex in the car, Pari told her sexpectation that she would like to see mom(Pallo Mausi) also getting fucked by me while she is getting fucked on the same bed. I told her it is quite impossible and Pallo mausi will kill me for that as you are still not 18.

Pari being the smarter one here told that she might have a plan which she read in few ISS stories. I told her to think twice as we are enjoying and her mom is also enjoying so why disturb this routine. But Pari started to argue that she wants all 3 together in bed fucking each other. I gave up to her idea and told that I will not take the step forward, you – as her daughter need to do something. Pari was ok with this idea. She said lets go home and then the plan will start. I finished fucking Pari and she drank my cum as usual and we started for home.

We reached home, snacks were ready, we were having snacks, suddenly Pari told Pallo mausi “Mom your cleavage is showing too much, did you boobs got bigger? Pallo mausi was shocked but she composed herself and told Pari,”Beta you should not ask these type of questions infront of everybody”

For this Pari said, but Goli bhaiya is family na, so that’s why I asked, I am sorry. Pallo mausi said be careful next time and went to kitchen. Pari winked at me and said, “now it will be fun” I said to Pari ”watch out be careful”. Pari just smiled, I don’t know what’s going in her mind. How she will make Pallo mausi agree for a nice 3some. That evening I was at Pallo mausi’s house, Pari was in her room and I was sitting with Pallo mausi in hall watching tv and fondling her boobs, pinching her nipples. In turn she was giving me a handjob,

Suddenly Pari appeared from nowhere and again caught us. She said very angrily to Pallo Mausi, mom I thought you have promised me that you will not do all these things, now I will have to tell Dad. Pallo mausi was afraid, She said “Pari beta, please don’t tell your dad about this he will kill both of us” She was pleading to Pari, I looked at Pari she gave me a wink and I understood her acting, I also told Pari, please don’t tell uncle. I will do anything and you mom also will do anything, for this Pallo mausi also agreed.

Pari said that this is the last time but she would need few favours in coming days, me and Pallo mausi both agreed. Pari said ok, now you guys can continue I am going to my bedroom. Pallo mausi was surprised, but she continued and gave me a blowjob, I bursted in her mouth, she drank all cum.

I told Pallo mausi,”I don’t know what will happen in coming days, I am very much scared what if uncle will find out, what if Pari tells them?” Pallo mausi was quite confident she said “Goli, don’t worry if she did not tell at the first time she will not tell this time, but I don’t know what she wants, might be she wants the new iphone6 or something else”. I was happy.

Next day being Sunday I again went back to Pallo mausi’s place. She was in kitchen, Pari opened the door and welcomed me by pressing my dick over my denim and I squeezed her boobs. Then I sat on the sofa and Pari sat beside me. Pallo mausi came and she sat on the side. Pari said Mom sit in between us. She was surprised but sat.

As soon as she sat Pari again started “Mom your boobs looks bigger, can I touch?” and Before Pallo mausi could reply, Pari touched her boobs over her blouse. Pallo mausi said Pari what are you doing, Pari, Just checking you boobs Mom, Pallo mausi but why, Pari cause you were having sex with Goli bhaiya, wanted to check or else dad can check too. As soon as she said dad I said please I beg you, Pari said Goli bhaiya suck moms boobs, I just quietly obeyed as the part of the plan.

I opened Pallo mausi’s blouse, lifted her bra and started sucking her righ boobs and left boob was being pressed by Pari. Pallo mausi started to enjoy, she was moaning, her eyes were closed. I looked at Pari while sucking her boobs, she was untying Pallo mausi’s saree. Pallo Mausi was moaning, she did not mind it.

I took over left boob and started pressing the right boob, meanwhile Pari was untying her petticote and got it down. Her black panty was also down and Pallo mausi was just moaning tll then. Suddenlu Pallo mausi opened her eyes as Pari was sucking her clitories and she jumped in excitement. She couldn’t believe her daughter was sucking her pussy while I was sucking her boobs.

After the sucking Pari said fuck her in the bedroom infront of me, I said ok and we all went inside Pari’s bedroom. I put Pallo mausi as doggie position and entered her from behind and started fucking her, she was moaning. Pari took her top off and came under Pallo mausi and have her nice soft boobs in her mouth, Pallo mausi was so intoxicated in fucking that she just took them in mouth and started sucking them. Pari was moaning, Pallo mausi was moaning and I was giving deep thrusts.

Then Pari asked me to fuck her, I said ok and left Pallo Mausi and pulled Pari towards me pulling her legs so her pussy is near me and Pari can suck Pallo mausi’s boobs. I started fucking Pari lifting her legs position while Pallo mausi was still on top of her in doggie position and Pari was sucking and nibbling her boobs and nipples.

In between while fucking Pari I used to finger Pallo mausi’s pussy and asshole, she used to moan in excitement. I fucked Pari for 10 mins and then said I am cumming. Both Pallo Mausi and Pari hurriedly positioned themselves to drink it, I gave it to Pallo Mausi first and then Pari, both drank my cum and were happy. Pallo mausi hugged Pari and said now we all 3 will be happy.

We lied on the bed for sometime, while I was kissing Pallo mausi, Pari was sucking my limp dick to make it hard again. From that day Sex was free for us. I used to fuck Pari and Pallo mausi separately or together whenever they want. It is a paradise for us.

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