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Pallo Mausi And Me, Pari And Me

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

As you have already read in my last story about how I started to fuck Pari, without Pallo mausi’s knowledge in Summer Holiday story.

Now from July Pari’s behavior totally changed towards Pallo mausi and me, she looked very happy whenever I used to visit her home. Pallo Mausi asked me once what did you say to her , I told mausi that I bribed her that I will teach her car driving also will take her to a hill station soon. Pallu mausi said, Goli you are genius. I said yes and smiled. Next week I got my car and asked Pari to get ready for the driving classes. Pari wore a t shirt and a track pant so nobody will suspect us. As a part of plan I took her out and explained her the parts of car and how they function, then I told her that I will drive the car and you should watch carefully.

As I finished the sentence I told Pallo mausi that I am taking Pari for a drive to show her how it’s done, Pallo mausi unaware of the plan said Ok. I took the car and drove it to a little secluded place with Pari.

As soon as we reached Pari jumped on my dick, opened my pants and gulped it in her mouth, she started giving blowjob to me. Her technique of blowjob was as good as a professional porn actress, in 10 minutes I shot my cum in her mouth, she drank it completely and also squeezed the last drop of my cum and licked it. My dick became limp.

She asked me to lick her, we went to the back seat, she opened her track pants and panty, I saw a clean shaved fair pussy with pink lips, I started licking and sucking the lips, she was moaning with pleasure. While she was moaning with pleasure my dick was getting hard for a 2nd round. I pulled her t-shirt up, unhooked her bra and started pressing her boobs along with timely sucking her nipples and licking her areola. This foreplay went on for 5-6 minutes, then Pari blurted out, Goli bhaiya fuck me, as soon as I heard I inserted my dick in her pussy and started ramming her she was moaning in pleasure.

After 10 minutes of nice fucking we both released , since I was without protection I took my dick out and shot the cum in her mouth, she drank it. We adjusted our dresses and went back home, where Pallo mausi was waiting for her with snacks and juice. We both went and sat at the dining table. Pari was on my right hand side and Pallo mausi was in front of me, suddenly I felt a leg on my crotch, I looked at Pallo mausi, she was smiling. I got the point that she wanted to have a fuck with me, meanwhile Pari was trying to grab my dick using her left hand but I signalled her not to as her moms foot was on my dick. Pari understood and started smiling.

I told Pallo mausi that I will take a bath here and then will go home as I am very tired teaching Pari driving. Pallo mausi quickly asked me to use the bathroom in her room as the geyser is on. I got the point and even Pari got it, Pari also told that she will take nice bath in her bathtub. This was the signal for me to fuck Pallo mausi, and Pallo mausi also got the idea that she has nice 1 hour with me in the bathroom. Pari went to her room teasing me by swaying her ass.

I also went to Pallo mausis room and undressed by self. Pallo mausi came and she also let her out of all the clothes, we went inside the bathroom and turned on the warm shower. Pallo mausi sat on her knees and started giving me blowjob I was on seventh heaven as she became an expert sucker while moving her tongue up and down she also squeezed my balls, in return I used to squeeze her boobs. After some time she positioned herself in doggy style, I got down on my knees and started fucking her from back, she kept moaning.

Nearly after fucking her for 15 mins she had an orgasm and I shot my cum in her pussy. She took her fingers put them inside her pussy and took the cum out and licked it, that was so sexy that I gave my limped dick to her for sucking, she sucked it nearly for 5 mins and then when it got hard again, again took into her pussy. I rammed her again for 5-6 mins, but this time since I already shot 1 time the 2nd cum shot was not much which I released in her mouth.

Then we came out of the bathroom, dressed up and came back in hall. I started watching tv and Pallo mausi was in kitchen. Exactly after 40 mins Pari came out of her room. She was looking super sexy in her loose t-shirt and pajamas. She sat near me and started teasing me by biting her lips and lifting her t-shirt a little bit showing her slim waist, pinching her own nipples. I got a hard on looking at her but controlled as I did not have any energy to fuck anyone after 3 sessions I had in last 2 hours. I told Pallo mausi that I am going home and will come back later, this made Pari sad as she was expecting a fuck with me. I smiled at her and told her that I will call her.

I went back home and took rest, till night 10 pm, then texted Pari to check if she is awake. Pari said she is awake, I asked about her mom, she said she is sleeping. I told Pari that I am coming and she should be at the door to open it so nobody will be disturbed. Pari sent a smiley. I again went back to Pallo mausi’s homeat night. Pari was already at the door waiting for me. I came inside and took Pari in my arms and started lip lock, our tongues were playing with each other. I took Pari to her room and put her on bed. I undressed her, took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them and kneading her boobs. Pari was moaning but I shhhd her as Pallo mausi might hear it.

She then took my dick in her mouth and kept sucking and licking, till I shot cum in her mouth, she showed me the cum and then gulped it. Pari then told me that she loves me and would like to be with me forever, I also told her that I love her and her mom and would love to be with them all the time. Pari was happy she slept in my arms after a nice session of fuck, and before Pallo mausi waked up in the morning I left for my home.

Pallo Mausi And Me, Pari And Me

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