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Painting On Shilpa Shetty Hot Body

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

I am a student of Fine Arts and I am little bit famous among my friends for painting Tattoos and things like this on different parts of the body. All my friends ask me to paint Tattoos on their arms, cheeks, etc. Even my teachers admire my works. Such a teacher of mine is a good friend of the famous celebrity Anupam Kher.

This incident took place when that teacher of mine was working with Anupam Kher in the film “BADHAI HO BADHAI.” Anupam needed to pain some Tattoos on the body of the Heroine SHILPA SHETTY for a song. My teacher recommended my name and I had the chance to show my talent in the films for the first time. However, on the scheduled day, I went to the fixed place. My teacher introduced me to Anupam and he instructed me about my job and what kind of work he needed. I was to draw some traditional Indian arts on the Navel, Waist and Back of Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa was late, as usual. I was sitting at the side of the set and was watching the shooting of the other actor and actresses. I watched the cute actress Keerti Reddy and was thinking of the beauty of both her face and figure. She was really a Tease. While I was very much into the thoughts of Keerti, the spot boy informed me that Shilpa was arriving soon and he showed me the make-up room of her. He told me to wait there. I was very much excited. I was a very big fan of Shilpa Shetty. I liked her cute face and specially, her tall, slim, sexy figure. In a few minutes, the door of the room opened and there Shilpa was standing. I was devastated. She looked more beautiful than in the movies.

She was wearing a blue sari and a very tight blouse. Her hairs were a little short of her waist and she had set them loose and that made her look even sexier. She had medium sized boobs. But they looked huge in respect of her very slim figure and those perfect mounds were just jutting down in her tight blouse and were pointing straight outwards. Wow! She was looking damn sexy with her nice small waist and beautiful ass. She smiled beautifully at me and her thin sexy lips looked so luscious that I felt pressure down there. She came and sat next to me. I introduced to her and she seemed very friendly. She asked me about the work and what I was going to do. I informed her in details and after that, she said, “So, what are you waiting for? Lets start.” Saying that, she went to the small bed, which was at one side of the room. She lay down on her back. I took my bag and went near her, with a fast beating heart. Now, I was to paint, on her belly. That’s why I needed sari to be removed. Looking my hesitant condition, she asked me what happened. Hesitantly, I told her about the condition and she smiled at my condition. She teased me for my condition. She stood up, went to the door and locked it. Then, for my surprise, she began removing her sari. Soon she stood in her silk blouse and petticoat, giving me a lovely sight of her bare arms, a hint of cleavage and a bare midriff. Her bra was visible through the thin transparent blouse. I was unable to take my eyes from looking at the blouse. Her buttocks were really sexy and they were killing me with the feeling of lust. Then she lay on her back again. But I was still hesitating to start. She again asked me what the reason of my hesitation was. I told her, “I am instructed by Anupam to draw figure and your navel will be in its center. That’s why you should lower petticoat.” Now, she smiled loudly and said, “You can’t tell me this small thing? You naughty boy! Go on.

Do it yourself. Do I have to do all the works?” I couldn’t believe my own ears. But I recover from the shock when she asked me to do that again. With trembling hands, I unfastened the knot of her petticoat. But it was still very hard for me to lower it. Then Shilpa held my hands and made her petticoat lower with my hands, lower enough to make the straps of her panty visible. I was standing there – Shocked! All know that Shilpa has a flat belly. But I was then watching that LIVE! Her stomach was really smooth, silky and FLAT! In that flatness, the big deep Navel looked so SEXY! It was inviting me to taste. I was brought back on earth by Shilpa’s voice, “Now what are you waiting for? C’mon!” I opened my bag and took out my paint and brushes. At first, I took a special chemical and rubbed it on her belly with my hand. The moment, I touched her smooth belly, a shiver ran through her body. I saw her belly moving sideways in that sudden shiver. I looked at her face and she blushed red. As it was my golden chance, I rubbed the chemical very slowly so that I could feel the sensation of her wonderful belly a little longer. Then after some time, I started painting. After some strokes of brush, I blew some air on the paint to make it dry soon. But whenever I blew, she made moaning sounds, “Hmmmmm…..” and lifted her butt a little from the bed. I understood, it had made her HOT! I was dying to kiss on her belly instead of blowing air, but it was too scary for me. So I went on doing that. She didn’t speak one single word while I was doing that. She was lying there with closed eyes and was enjoying my touches. In one point, a little paint fell on her navel. It was very hard for me to resist myself from cleaning that big deep navel by licking. Somehow I had some control over myself and I put one fingertip inside that deep hole and did a very slow move so that I could enjoy her wonderful navel. When I inserted my fingertip and moved it slowly, she hissed, “Ohhhhhh….” and grabbed a handful of the bed sheet with her both hands. It was a heck of a SEXY SCENE to watch! With that finger of mine, I felt the HEAT of her body. After a long 20 minutes of work and some sweet feeling, the first tattoo was finished. Who wouldn’t be feeling lucky to get such an opportunity to play with such a FAMOUS CLEBERITY??? However, I had two more tattoo left. One at the back and other at the back of the waist – just upward to her sexy hip. I asked her to lie on her back so that I could do my work.

She immediately lay down on your stomach. Her ass was sticking up. Her waist was as smooth as silk. Just the sight made me hard! But there was another problem. She had to remove her top so that I could paint her back. I explained her the condition. She turned to me, lying on her back and smiled naughtily. Then she asked me to unfasten her blouse which had three small hooks at the front. Again, I couldn’t believe my ears! Then, with trembling hands, I unfastened the three hooks one by one and soon Shilpa’s bra was revealed to me in its entirety. Shilpa then removed her blouse completely, showing me her armpits too. Her beautiful boobs were pushed in front. I was enjoying that lovely scene and suddenly Shilpa stood up, letting the petticoat to fall on the ground. Shilpa stepped out of the petticoat and soon stood in just matching bra and panty. I was mesmerized with the lovely scene. Almost all the beauty of her body was now in front of me. Those shapely long legs and wonderful thighs were a great pleasure to my eyes. Then she looked at me and laughed loudly, watching my condition. She then opened her mouth, “Oh! That was bothering so much.” Then she again lay on her stomach and her beautiful curvy back was in front of me. But the bra strap of the back was right on my work place. I held the strap a little upward and began my work. After a few moments, Shilpa said, “Looks like you are having some trouble. WAIT! Let me undo my top, so you can get my whole back with no problem!” The next few seconds I watched her untie her straps and even helped her with the one on her back. By then I had lost my power to get surprised. At that moment, I had developed a hope. A hope to get what I had been dreaming for years – To taste the SEXY body of SHILPA SHETTY!!!! Shilpa let the sides of her top drop down. I could see the sides of her tits. Boy! Did they look great!!! Then I picked up her hair off her neck, so I could work on her back easily. The sight was great! Her back was smooth and soft. Again, like her belly, I spread some chemical on her back and started rubbing slowly with my hand.

Now she started moving her back in excitement and was moaning softly. Suddenly she turned to me and without giving me the chance to understand what was going on, she held my head and pushed my lips against hers. Shilpa kissed me on the lips. Her mouth wasn’t wide open. Her tongue was inside her mouth; but her mouth wasn’t tightly closed either. My mouth dropped open as she kissed me, and instinctively my lips drew hers apart so my tongue could taste them. It took me a few minutes to finally accept the situation and my body seemed magnetically attached to hers. My arms were wrapped around her back, and my hands started caressing her smooth buttocks. Her arms were around my neck, and she pressed against me, her body surging against my booming, blood-engorged member. Shilpa kissed me back as her tongue danced into my mouth. It was a whole body kiss, vibrant with passion. Shilpa and I held each other tightly, tongues and lips working with a fury of passion. I shifted my hand from her buttocks to her waist, and of its own mind it slid up towards her breast. A few moments later, we got apart and our eyes opened. She looked at me like a deer startled by headlights and shook her head. She murmured, “Oh, BHG, you felt what I felt. We both want it. We both need it. Fuck my brains out, I want to feel your dick fucking my hot pussy.” Kissing me again, she pulled me close to her. She made me sit on the bed and she sat on my lap. We drew breath and kissed again, interlocking lips. I kicked off my shoes, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Then I felt her tugging at my belt buckle. She smiled at me, and undid it, then unsnapped the button. I caressed her breasts, weighing and evaluating them. Her breasts were beautiful, full and firm, with thimble sized nipples and brown areoles, as they swayed before my eyes. They were just of the perfect size. I kissed Shilpa’s chin, then licked her neck, and delicately kissed her nipples, first the left, then the right. Her hand crept into my pants and held my penis, which gradually hardened in her warm grasp. She shifted her hips back so that my cock was pressing against her ass cheeks.

She got the idea, and twisted around and kissed me vigorously. My hands went to her breasts, and had free play with them, tickling, rubbing, massaging, twisting the nipples, and rubbing the good feelings into her entire chest and belly. She wiggled her ass against my cock, but was otherwise helpless in this position, and lay back with her head on my shoulder as I caressed her from shoulder to thighs. After I was done with her beautiful breasts, I told her to get up and turn around. Then she straddled my lap, her legs resting on my hips, her hips resting on my thighs. She undid my shirt and pulled it off my chest and shoulders. I quickly undid the cuffs and the shirt dropped to the floor. She rubbed my chest with her hands, pinching my nipples. “Fair play,” she giggled. Then as she massaged my chest and abdomen, every once in a while, touching my rock-hard cock through my pants, she began to kiss my neck and earlobes. I reached around behind her and gripped both her firm buttocks with my hands, squeezing them like peaches. I moved my hands to her crack again, sliding up and down it as I felt her quivering flanks. She shivered as she licked my nipples and kissed them, alternating. She undid my zipper and jerked the band of my briefs down so that it sat on my cock, bisecting its length. I picked up her upper body and gobbled up her boobs, licking and nipping them like a starving man. I was giggling, and she was squealing, “Ohhhhh…. UMmmmmm.” I stopped for a second, then again and teased her titties with my tongue for a while more. I took both her heavy breasts in my hands and pressed them together and sucked both nipples at the same time. She went back, with her hips beating a pattern against my dick. Then my hands went to her round and slim buttocks and I savoured the soft feel of the moons. I bent her at the waist and kissed the left orb and then the right moon, caressing her hanging boobs. Meanwhile, she took off my trousers. Then she grabbed my cock through my briefs and held on to it as if it was giving her utmost pleasure in holding a hard staff. She could not continue long like this, so she slid my briefs down. My penis flopped out and stood straight before her. I straightened.

She looked up and saw it dangling there before her and touched the tip with her index finger, then tasted her finger with her tongue. “Mmmm… nice!”, she said. Shilpa kneeled before me, and smiled up at me as she held my prick. “I will love it so much that it wont want another pussy”, saying this, she licked the bottom of my cock from the base to its head, then swirled her tongue around the head. Then she slid it into her mouth, encompassing it with her wet kiss. She reached around and grabbed my ass-cheeks with her hands, then held me still as she began to slide her mouth up and down on my shaft. “I can taste the pre-come on the tip of your cock, BHG,” she licked the shaft then sucked on the head. I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked on my prick, “How do you like it, Shilpa?” “I love your cock. It tastes and feels so sexy sliding in and out. It’s making me so horny.”, Shilpa slid my penis past the sweet lips I had kissed. As she bobbed her head on my shaft, I started fucking her warm and wet mouth. She encouraged me by pulling my ass cheeks towards her. I fucked even deeper, and felt my cock in her throat. She gulped my meat lustily. She caressed my thighs and balls. “I will eath these”, she screamed. Shilpa surely knew how to give a blowjob, and it wasn’t long before I was ready to blow. “Ooh! I’m going to come. “, I said. “Mmmmf,” Shilpa pumped her lips and tongue even faster on my cock. One hand moved to my balls, and she fondled them as she pulled my butt to her and deep-throated my cock. “Oh, Shilpa. Haan. I’m gonna shoot a huge…”, I came. I shot jets of sperm into her throat and mouth. She sucked my shaft deeply and swallowed all the juices that I spattered in her. She fondled my balls, coaxing all the come out of them, as she sucked me. She continued sucking as my legs became weak and my shaft became sensitive. Then she sucked beyond the sensitivity as I maintained my erection in her warm, wet mouth. I leaned my head back and wiped my brow, “Shilpa, you gave one hell of a blowjob. You are a wonderful cock-sucker. I mean that as a compliment. Your mouth was even better than I dreamt it could be.” She licked the shaft and head again, then smiled up at me and said, “It’s your turn now, BHG. Eat me. Eat my juicy pussy.

Give me your love.” Shilpa opened her sweet mouth. Grasping her waist, I drew her towards me and kissed her. I held on to her waist and pressed my lips to hers strongly. She relaxed and put her arms around me and gave her lips to me to taste. We kissed for five minutes and then sank back into the bed, breathing heavily. I was thrilled. I started rubbing her cheeks first and kissed her eyes and nose and came to lips and kissed her upper lip and lower lips and my tongue was out to brush her teeth. I kissed on every part of the face of that angel and by this kissing she was so wet! I again hugged her and kissed her passionately on her lips. When our lips parted, I went a little lower. I took her warm breast in my mouth and gently pressed it with my lips and tongue. Then I cupped her other breast in my hand and started caressing it. She hugged me closer to her and I became aware of her heavy breathing. Then I pressed my nostrils in her two roomy armpits, which had a lovely erotic odor in them. I put my hand on her belly and started rubbing very slowly. The touch was just like a electric shock and I felt a sudden shiver going through her body. Her nipples were standing erect. I pressed the nipple with my figures and with my finger nails, I just started slowly scratching her nipples. She hissed, “Oh!! Yesssssssss!” Then I began to get lower, kissing all the way. I kissed her belly and her beautiful deep navel while I took her panty off and threw it away. There was the wonderful love-hole. I moved my hand over her cunt. It was clean; no hair on it. I moved one finger along the length of her cunt lips. Touch of her juice on the cunt lips and touch of her cunt-petals were giving most exciting pleasure. She was just closing her eyes and enjoying. With my nails, I touched her clit she was feeling great, “Oohhhhhhhhh BHG!!! I love you! You are doing greattt shhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Where have you been this looooooong!” My fingers were playing with cunt petals and clit. I took clit between two fingers and messed it slowly.

She moaned. I continued with moving my fingers along cunt petals and messing with the clit. She increased moaning. She pulled my head towards her. I started licking her lower tummy with my finger inside her cunt. While licking, I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She spread her thighs. With her own hands, she parted the lip petals of her cunt. I had the first view of the most loveable and sought after cunt in the country. I kissed the pink area of cunt; removed her hand and spread lips further apart. It was all pink and juices were all around. I put my tongue on the lips and moved along the length of cunt. Shilpa moaned and pushed my head down. I licked the cunt and took the clit between two lips and kept pressing it. Her hip started moving up and down. With the clit in between my lips, I pushed the first one and then three fingers in her cunt. I moved my fingers in her cunt fast so the lips also moved over clit faster. She was moaning and then she started talking dirty, “Fuck me, you motherfucker, put your dick inside, my pussy is burning, put your water! Bastard! What are you waiting for!” Her words made me more excited and the movement of her hip increased very fast. I lift my head and slid over her body. I placed my lips on her and took one breast in hand and pressed it hard. With other hand, I took hold of my dick and placed it on her cunt hole and pushed hard. It was very tight. With the third hard push, my dick slid into her tunnel. There was fire all around inside. My cock was feeling heat and immediately I started moving slowly. I then took Shilpa’s both breast in each hand. “I feel your cock! It is hard and strong. Aaaaaaaaah! It is nice! Push hard! Keep pushing hard! Yes like that!” She lifted one thigh and placed it on my shoulder. She was screaming, “BHG, keep fucking me! I will give you maximum pleasure! Whatever you want! You can fuck your Shilpa any time you want!………” The she lifted her other thigh also and placed it on my other shoulder. Now I was able see my cock going deep in her tight tunnel. I was unable to stop. I increased my speed. She stretched her hands and held my hip. She was meeting my thrusts faster.

She was moving her hips very fast. Few times, I pushed my dick in her vagina very fast and very hard and then pulled out my tool to the entrance of her cunt hole. She kept thumping her hips. “Why you stop, you bastard! Now I am in the verge of ecstasy! Please continue! Please don’t stop!”, she cried out. I kept still for sometimes and then with full force, I pushed my dick deep inside. She stretched her body, lifted her hip and then came down. She stopped moving. I knew she got her orgasm. I felt very proud to be able to satisfy this SEXY BITCH! But I was not in a condition to think of anything more. I continued and increased my speed. Her vagina was eating my dick tightly! My balls were getting rammed against her hip. Shilpa’s tight, satisfied cunt was giving me extreme satisfaction. I moved and pushed my cock faster in her pussy. Then with a sudden shiver, I exploded in her pussy. I felt our juices oozing out of the cunt. I collapsed on her beautiful sexy body. I put my lips on her lips and took hold of breast. That was the time, we both were freezed by a girl’s voice, “That was a good show. But don’t forget to shut the window next time, when you shut the door. Because only the curtain can not keep the watchers away!” Our eyes went to the window. It was KEERTY REDDY! She was standing at the window and definitely had seen all that happened…… [ Hi! All!! This is a really HORNY BOY ( from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a very big fan on this site. I have read all the stories. I also want to share erotic stories with you. But I don’t have any story of myself to share with you people. Because in the age of 20, I am still a virgin. So I am sharing my FANTASY with you. Girls and Ladies of any age, any type wanna be friends or more… mail me at Note : Someone is sending viruses to many people, using my email address. Please don’t blame me for that. I have nothing to do with that. ]

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