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Paid Sex With Maid Servant

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi Friends this is Rahul again here with the new story after having sex with my sister few years back have became despo for sex and see each and every women with lust eyes…….pls mail me your comments at…..gals and ladies you can be my friends and we can chat on yahoo messenger also……..any gals or ladies wana make me her brother, son are most welcomed ……..This has happened some 6 years back. I was around 22 years old at that time. I have started learning many things about sex through movies and magazines and was always looking to view some private parts of girls/ladies around me.

One aunty used to come to our house those days, named Sumi. Then she was around 35 years old, wheatish, around 5’3? Height, thin waist, round ass and nice medium size pair of boobs. Though she was not so beautiful but due to her figure I always knowingly or unknowingly used to stare her. I always go to my room before she came there for cleaning, to get a chance to view something unusual. I could see her ass and cleavage closely while she is busy in her work. I didn’t want to catch by her so I always try to ignore her, or never talked to her much. But I have heard somewhere that women have a sixth sense with which they know that what is going in some bodies mind.

So while working her suddenly look at me and caught me viewing her. This happened 4-5 times. I was so much afraid that I stopped staring her for few days. One day she came to my room for cleaning. I was sitting on my chair next to my bed, reading something. She was changing the bed sheet and she was exactly opposite to me, and here sarees pallu fall from her chest and showed me full view of here cleavage with 2 broken blouse buttons. It was great scene for me, because she was hardly 3-4 feet away from me. I forgot everything and without blinking my eyes I continued pleasing my soul. She was just busy with her work.

Suddenly she noticed that I am going through some restricted area. She suddenly closed the show and approached me. My mother and sister were downstairs. Then she asked me what you are looking for. I was much embraced. I said nothing I was just looking outside. She said I have been noticing you since many days what are looking for, what you want. I said nothing. Then she came somewhat closer to me and asked. Do you want to sleep with me? I could do it for you in 1500 Rs. I am not a prostitute but I need some money. I was stunned. I had no courage to speak. I said I don’t want to do anything with you, there is some misunderstanding. Then she went away from there.

Then one day I was viewing some xxx movies and I turned very much horny. Then I decided to make love with her. I called her to my room to arrange my cupboard. Meanwhile I started dealing with her. Could you come after 10 days for some fun (my family was leaving for vacation after 10 days)? She was surprised first, and then she smiled and said yes. I said I could give you 1000 Rs. as her whole month’s salary was 500 Rs. She didn’t agree. She said I am not a professional like other maids and I need this money. I trust you so I offered you. I had only sex with my husband.

Then I said you will have to stay here for the whole day. And you have to follow whatever I say even if you don’t like (I wanted to do whatever I have seen in porn movies). She agreed. The fine day came and she entered exactly at 10 a.m. She told her family members that she is going to village and will come back in the evening. As she entered I locked our house from outside. I have spent whole night in preparing for my first Suhag Raat. I have placed every required thing in my room. I said you first complete your daily work and come to my room.

When she came to my room. I just started hugging here, but I felt some bad smell from her. I said why are you so smelling, she said she used to take bath every 3-4 days. I said I can’t do that in that situation let’s go to bathroom and I will help you in taking bath. Then we went to bathroom I started removing here sari then petticoat. Now she is in her blouse and panty. When I took off her blouse there was no bra inside. Then I started rubbing soap on her body. Here boobs were so firm and tight.

Her nipple was around 2 cm long. I rubbed soap on her armpit, neck her cleavage boobs and everywhere. Then I told her to take off here panty. Wow I will never forget that day. One lady is completely naked in front of me. She has got hairs on her cunt and ass. I started applying soap on here ass and cunt. I spread here cunt and ass as much I could. Then I shampooed her hairs and started pouring water on her.

She was enjoying like a massage. Now she is completely wet and clean. I cleaned her private parts so hard because I hate door. Now she smells like an angel. Meanwhile I have only used my hand to touch her. I was not in a hurry. I told her to cover herself with a big towel and told her to come to my room. I was wearing a track pant and a t-shirt. When she came to my room she was looking totally different even she was smiling at her in mirror.

Then I asked her have you ever seen adult movies. She had no idea about adult movies. Even she cannot believe that such sex performing movies can exist in this world. Then I started some selected porn movies on my computer. I have removed my t-shirt and she sat beside me on my bed and we started enjoying the movie. She was very much surprised by the positions and actions, especially by 69 and anal actions.

I said you are also going to do all these in few minutes. She looked little nervous, but I assured her that she is going to love it. Then I asked her your husbands do to you. then she said that he just comes lift my petticoat, take out his dick like he take out for pissing from his pant’s zip and start giving shots. In 10 minutes he goes to slip, so sex was duty and not fun for her. Now this is the first time for me so to avoid early ejaculation,

I masturbated in the early morning. So I could stay little longer during the real action. As movie was about to finish. I started moving my hand over her body under the towel. I caressed her everywhere and then I gave here one chocolate to eat. She said where’s yours I said we will share it. When she was trying to break it into two pieces I said you just eat whole. Then after few seconds I locked my lips with her lips and started licking here lips, inserted my tongue in her mouth and started exploring the chocolate. I found and fetched it from her mouth. As she was eating a chocolate here saliva tasted very sweet. She liked the game, now she responded and taken chocolate from my mouth,

We were licking each other lips, having each other’s saliva and continued until whole chocolate melted. It was like a heaven. She was much happier than me that she continued licking my lips so hard. Holding my both chicks in her hand. Then I asked her to lay on the bed and I removed towel from her body. I already arranged some stuff for next round. That was srikhand. It is thick sweet curd with dry fruits and flavoured essence. I opened the tin taken srikhand into my bare hand, the she asked why you brought srikhand here. without answering here I started applying it on her chick, lips, boobs, nipples, belly button, on her thighs , on here pussy and in her pussy.

She was clueless. Then I reached her face and started licking here lips again and ate everything that was on her lips and chick. Now I started licking her chicks. She closed her eyes and now enjoying every movement. Now I approached her juicy boobs and belly. And cleaned that area with my tongue. I sucked and licked every bit of shrikand from there when I was sucking her nipples some liquid gone in my mouth, it was here milk that was amazing.

As she was mother of 7 month baby at that time. With her permission I sucked some more delicious milk from both the tanks. Her nipple grown so hard. Now it’s time to reach magic triangle. I bent her legs from her knee and ask her to spread her legs. As it was hairy cunt and there was so much of srikhand I could not see her cunt. So I started licking my life there. Hmmm that was amazing. She stood up and said she can’t hold.

I just controlled her and again spread her cunt with my fingers and started licking inner walls of her cunts. She was in heaven. She gripped my head tightly with her thighs. I was more exited by her response and even inserted my tongue dipper in her and started fucking her with my tongue, meanwhile I licked all sweat stuff from here cunt and thighs. Now she is as cleaned as she was before.

Now I asked her to turn around and told her to lift her ass towards me. She presented me her black ass hole with some hairs on it. I again taken some srikhand and applied it on her buttocks, her whole ass crack and big load on her ass hole. Now I stared licking her buttocks. It took 3-4 minutes to complete her both buttocks. Now centre line was inviting me for the job. I just placed my tongue on here cunt pressed their very hard and started moving towards here ass hole and eating whatever coming in my path.

At last reached at starting point of her ass crack. I attacked again on her ass hole and spread it and started licking it very hard. Again she went out of control. I could smell soap and srikhand from her ass hole without any hesitation I enjoyed spreading and licking it. Then I told her to face me and asked do you like it. She even could not open her eyes properly. She was feeling like mediation.

Then I told her to take away my pant. She pulled it away and I was without underwear and now completely naked in front of her. It was rock hard. And it is around 6? When at its best. She touched it gently. I told her to paste srikhand on my dick, she obeyed me and then without any instruction she started licking it. (The movie show was helping her). Ahhhhhhhhhh I can’t tell you what I was feeling at that movement. When I was feeling so much heat I told her to stop as I did not want to lose my hardness.

Then she pasted srikhand on my chest, lips and chicks and shoots a sequel that I was shooting few minutes before. Then she demanded for chocolate kiss once more. And for another 15 minutes we ate 2 more chocolates at the same time. It was almost 2 hours passed. We were feeling hungry. So we gone downstairs without clothes and sat on the same chair. She was sitting on my lap facing me, with her back towards dining table, as her thighs are holding my tight dick, and my dick is just touching her cunt and my one hand was playing with her boobs. We took only one plate and had our lunch.

Then after around 20 minutes we came back to my room. We again started French kissing so hard. She is enjoying kissing so I. then I asked her about contraceptive methods. She said that she is having copper T. so there is no fear of pregnancy. I was very happy and leaned on her and asked her to take my dick in her. She guided my younger brother to meet her younger sister. I slowly penetrated in her and I still remember that hotness.

I was doing it very gently. I covered whatever distance I could. And I rested on her chest and started sucking and pressing here boobs. Meanwhile I slowly took out my dick and again inserted it in. I was doing it with very slow pace. Then I reached her lips and started chewing her tongue. Our brother and sister are already talking very hard. She started moaning. I just paused and we both stop acting. We remained calm for another 5-6 minutes.

Then I was feeling wetness inside her. And I again started to and fro movement this time I could not pause myself because she was moaning so hard, that her sound was making me crazy. So I continued giving her shots with more pace and finally I unloaded myself inside here. Then I took my dick out. Still some cum was coming out of it. She has seen some girls eating this in movie she asked how it taste. I said taste like a salt less butter.

There is no harm in having it. She then slowly took some cum that was on her thigh in her finger and taken whole finger in her mouth. She liked it and then started licking my diamond and cleaned it completely. I pressed my dick to bring some load left inside it for her to eat. She was so pleased and then we both hugged each other and went to sleep in same situation.We wake up after almost two hours it’s already 4 pm outside. When I woke she was smiling at me and we kissed each other again. I asked are you ready for another session? She said today’s whole day is yours whatever you say I will obey.

Then I asked her to open her ass in front of me. She obeyed me then I took lots of Vaseline and applied on her ass hole and then on to my dick and told her to rub Vaseline properly on my dick. She did her job perfectly. As she touched my dick woke up sharply. Then she asked are you going to insert it in my ass. I said yes. She said it’s not possible as hole is very small. I said don’t worry this Vaseline will help us. But she was not sure about it, but can’t say no to me. Then I started moving my one finger around her hole and slowly inserted inside. Almost whole finger went in. I asked is it paining. She said no I am feeling very nice.

It boosted me to send another finger in. this time I inserted my thumb so one finger and one thumb are peeping deep in her ass hole. Slowly I started spreading her hole with my fingers. When I took my fingers out her hole as lost some elasticity. So little open hole was now visible. Now I slowly placed my dick diamond on her opened while. Vaseline was guiding it smoothly inside, but the moment when half inch gone inside she felt some pain.

But I ignored and Continued, I almost inserted front one inch inside here now I was not able to go further. Then I decided to use only this much distance because this was also giving amazing pleasure to both of us. So I started back for action. I told her to spread as much as possible. I told her to stand up on her knee from doggy position. The moment she came up I pressed her boobs for behind and we both felt great pressure at her ass hole. I continued moving in and out. We were in heaven ahhhahhhh hmm. Squeezing her boobs going in her coming out of her.

Wow it was amazing day for me. And my load came out in her. We both fall down and were not able to move an inch. The day ended and she was about to leave. When I was paying her, she said she don’t want money as she has enjoyed much more than me. But as she was in need of money she accepted 1000 Rs. she thanked me lot and told me that she could come to me anytime without any charge. She said I have never thought that sex can give you this much of pleasure. She always had pain during sex.

We did not get much chance to do sex due to other family members but we used to kiss and body fondling for 1-2 minutes in a day. One day she came to my room and open up here pussy in front of me, it was cleaned shaven, she said she inspired from the porn stars and used her husband’s razor to remove all hairs. She requested me to lick it for a while and I fulfilled her wish. That’s it, we never had a same chance after wards.

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