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  • September 28, 2015

Hello Friends!!! I read many stories here and I really liked everyone of them and this gave me courage to share my experience with all of you. Now let me tell u about myself i am 20 male from Karachi in Pakistan and my name is Nadeem. I always have a lust on girls elder than me and i always had a fantasy about having sex with some really sexy bhabhi. Althought I am not a vargin but still I really loved these incident which took place in my life so I am writing u. A few weeks ago a woman moved into the opposite house across the hall from me.

She is drop-dead GORGEOUS. 36-26-36, I swear it. 5’8″; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; big blue eyes and a killer smile & her name was Saima. She was just 25 yrs and I really like girls elder than me. Within a short day we both becomes close friends. She always used to call me whenever she was alone for chatting as we both were become a close friend’s. I used to go whenever she called me and these continue till 2 months and by the time we both have come closer to each other and we used to do a normal chat .Whenever my friends came to my home she used to teased me and make comment on me .

One day when we were talking in the afternoon when she was alone she told me that how is my g/f , etc and i ans all the question she asked me then the chat turn on to sex conversation and she asked me that r u a vargin then i told her that yes i was a pure virgin, I lied her, then i ask Saima that r u satasfied with ur husband then she told me that she was not.She was very horny women and she need sex all the time but her husband was a slow guy .Immediately as the conversation was going on my dick was erect . She saw that my dick was erect which was easily visible throught my pants.She then sat just close to me and started talking with me in a soft voice and then she started to move her hands on my hands and legs which made me really horny.Then i understand that the Saima wanted to have sex with me so i hold her face and kiss softly on her lips and immediately she hold me and started a French kiss and soon our toung were touching each other’s. She took my hand in her hand and placed it on her boobs. She was wearing a black saree and a black blouse. Soon my hands started playing with her soft and smooth boobs and she was slowly moarning AAAAAAWWWWW Mannnnnnnn lady in black so damn beautiful I started squeezing her huge 36 C boobs slowly. And she started showering kisses on me I started kissing her back. I removed her pallu which exposed more than half of her beautiful breast. As I continued kissing her I started opening her blouse and then her bra and her beautiful huge boobs were set free.

AWWWWWWWW MANNNNNNNN that view of her boobs was the best. I had never seen such beautiful breast they were so firm felt like virgins boobs (untouched). Without wasting a sec I started sucking her boobs making small circles around her nipples making me hard to suck on while I squeezed the left boob and crushed the nipple really very hard between my fingure. I continued doing that for about 10 minutes. She was moaning soooo loud I would have been deaf. She was really enjoying very much and by that time I got a little bold too I moved down licking her stomach then her navel. She was just wearing a petticoat I removed her petticoat and her pantie and my-o-my she had a beautiful and sexy pussy which were shaved one. And I asked her that how come its like that. She answered that her husband liked shaved pussy. Her pussy was pink and very soft. I started licking it. As I did it she started moaning and it made me horny as hell I started licking more and more faster she was squeezing her breast and moving her hand in my hairs. I pushed my finger inside her pussy it was not so tight that my single finger immediately went inside. I was imagining how will my 8 long cock will get in. but didnt cared about it that time. I moved my finger in and out, faster and faster. Then my other finger. She was really moaning loud so I moved my other hand by which I was squeezing her boobs near her mouth and pushed a finger in her mouth and she started licking it she said awwwwwww nadeem , mujhe bohut maza aaa raha hai. Ha aur zoor se zoor se mujhe tumhra lund chahiye abhi and she made me sit on the edge of bed and removed my pants my cock made a tent of my underwear. She couldnt belive her eyes it was so huge and was throbbing out of my underwear.

She saw in my eyes and said tum ne mujhe aaj khush kar diya, itna bada lund tumne abhi tak mujhse door kyon rakha. And started sucking it. She took it really deep she said tumhara lund to mere gale tak ja raha he she took it really deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as she was sucking she was looking in my eyes. She was tired so she slowed down, but I was really horny I said zor se choos Saima and grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep in her mouth she started liking it and she increased her speed. I said haaa aise he choos aur zoor se zur zoor se khush kar de mujhe to mei tumhe prasad dunga and in a few sec she made me CUMMMMMM. She was so thirsty she took it all inside and sucked me dry. She liked it so much that she started sucking it again, but I stopped her and said pehle mujhe tumhari choot chaheye. I grabbed her hand and pulled her on the bed and I stood on my knees. The bed was short in the height and was the right size so that I can reach her pussy. I lifted both her legs high up in the air and I slowly pushed my 8 cock inside her pussy. It was not so tight I pushed it very very slowly she couldnt even feel my cock moving. Her pussy was really warm and wet and my cock was sticky with my cum so it made it easy to push my cock inside. I pushed my cock completely inside. I started to pump slowly. I could see on her face that it was paining her she said dhere se daal nahi . But she was enjoying I started moving faster she started to moan I started moving faster and faster she enjoyed it so much she was squeezing my ass and scratching it. I hold he from her waist and pushed really deep, deep as as it went. I was gone mad and was fucking her like crazy animal and she was doing the same we both we at the height of our passion.

I cummed once and again and again she just didnt wanted me to stop. I was tired so I went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed she came on top and started riding me and she said tune mujhe all sach me bohut khush kiya hai I said abhi ke liye itna bohut he, thoda aram kar le phir me tujhe phir chodunga, bhabhi I said with a smile. And we both started laughing. After that we waite for the while and had a chat on the sex, she told me that she had never experince anal sex and she really want to do it with me and break her ass virginity . actually I had also never experince a anal sex before in my life but still I gather some courage and said that I will do it just for u. So after that we aagain stated kissing me on my lips and as soon as she kiss me on my lips my dick was again like an hot iron rod. Now I told her that we will do the anal sex in the doggies style and she readily accept that and I took the bottle of oil and applied it on her anus so that while doing the act she wil not get much pain and I also applied it on my dick. After that I made her on the doggies style and just entered the mouth of my dick, but her anus were really tight and she started screaming loudly, and told me that with a one push I have to entered it. So I gather some courage and with one push just entered my dick in her anus but my dick was not completely inside her anus .i waited for a while and with another stoke I just entered my whole dick inside her anus and she was screaming with pain and pleasure and moaning at the same time. After that I started to fuck her ass faster and faster and she was moaning with my each strokes and was screaming and telling me ah ah ah ah a a a ahhhhh nadeem fuck me harder and harder and faster and faster. After fucking her ass for 20 min I could not hold any more and I was about to cum and I told her that I was about to cum, she told me that cum inside my anus and I cum inside her anus and her anus were filed with my hot juice. After that we lyed in the bed kissing each other and I was pressing her boobs.we .

We sleep for half and hour and then I told her that as i had my computer class i have to go home and go to the class. From then we both do sex nearly for 2 to 3 times in a week and whenever she is horny she call me and we both enjoy with each other . If any girl between 16-22, married womens between 23-35 and moms between 36-45 if interested can mail me for these type of act.Girls, married womens , divorsed womens and mom’s around Karachi can mail me i will reply them soon.My email id is

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