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  • August 31, 2015

Dear readers of Desipapa…it is my pleasure to add to the existing collection, the experience I had not very long ago with my aunt who still lives in Coimbatore. I was 17yrs old then and it was during my 12th grade summer holidays that I went over for a 5-day visit to my aunty who lives with her 2yr old son in Coimbatore. I was visiting her after 3yrs and I had no clue that this visit was going to be the most remarkable one in all my life for it was after this that my sex life changed. She was 31yrs old but had one of those great bodies that could make a dead man’s penis come alive.

My uncle had to leave to Dubai because of his new job in a rigging plant. He would visit her every 4 months or so and I’m sure every woman goes through a lot of feelings deep down within her when her husband is away. I reached Coimbatore in the afternoon after my journey in the morning train. I was so tired that I had enough energy just to catch an autorickshaw and
reach her house. I knocked at the door and aunty answered it…and there I saw the sexiest sight of my entire life. There stood
my aunty in her sexy nightie that took the curves of all her feminine charms, all my sleepiness vanished and all I could ever
think of was her perfectly maintained breasts. She was so sexy that all I could do was stand there staring at her eyes that
sent shivers down my spine. I broke out of it and said “Hi aunty…how are you…it’s been such a long time…”

She was so happy to see me there and all she did was hug me tightly in an aunty like way (who knows?) and welcomed me

She told me that I had grown so much from the last time she seen me and that I was more manly than before. I too
complemented her on her lovely straight hair and jokingly said that her body did not look 31 to me. She laughed at what I said
and added “why you naughty boy…your uncle does not appreciate that any more…all he does is have his fun and then fall
fast sleep”.

I then gave her the little toys my mother bought for Jamie – aunt’s daughter. Aunty then told me to take a bath and have
some rest. She showed me to the bathroom with a little twinkle in her eyes. I went in and had my bath and came out. I was in
my shorts and aunty too had her bath, fed little Jamie and put her to sleep. She was watching TV when I interrupted her
asking her the exact time. She looked at me and said if I had something important to do. I could not help staring into her
eyes and her breasts…she caught me red handed looking at her breasts and tried not to let it show. She then playfully added
– “Is something around here distracting you Mark”…”Maybe I could help you get out of it if you wanted to”…I was so choked that I bluntly replied…”I think your very beautiful aunty”…saying this I sat down beside her.

Aunty did not say anything but I noticed that she was looking at me in a very different way…in a very seducive way. I was as
horny as hell and I wanted to squeeze her breasts and fuck her wildly…”what’s happened to you Mark” she said…”are you
not well or something?”…She touched my forehead to see if I was having a fever and yes…I was hot…I was hot for her…I was wanting her pussy and her mouth around my now bursting prick. When she touched my forehead I accidently brushed against her breasts…that brought out a moan from Aunty who I guess wanted me as badly as I wanted her. The next thing I felt was something soft on my dick through my shorts…I bent down and seen that my aunt had her hand on the bulge in my shorts and was very softly running it up and down its entire length. I could not believe what was happening…she began to tighten her grasp around my dick and was softly pressing and releasing it. All I could do was moan and say…”Aunty I need you so badly…I need to see your body…I need to fuck you so badly…”

Aunty then began to kiss me full on the lips and began thrusting her tongue inside my mouth. Her breath was warm and
sweet that I felt myself bursting for release. She began to put her hands through my shorts and feel the total length of my
throbbing penis, which was now to its maximum 7 inches and throbbing uncontrollably in her hands. She began to slowly
move my foreskin back and forth at the same time pressing my softly yet hard. I began to kiss her back and heard her moan
softly…”Mark…let’s go to the bedroom and have fun”…. I could not believe my ears…I took her gently in my arms, never
breaking from the kiss we were locked in. I pushed her on the bed and began to kiss her from her toes and proceeded unto
her knees…she could not control herself any longer…she reached up and pulled me on top of her and begged to be fucked at
once…I did not want to straight away fuck her…I wanted to taste every inch of her body and to remember this incident
throughout my life. I held her hands down firmly and removing her nightie began to kiss my was down to her navel…way below that until I smelt her lovely bush…the aroma was intoxicating…no other thing in this whole wide world got me so aroused. Her smell was sweet and sexy…her musk filled my nose as I removed her soaking panties and kissed her softly on her love box. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and I was going wild…I could not control myself anymore.

I kissed her hard on her cunt and at once began using my tongue to probe her deepest secrets. From down below I could
hear aunty moan in ecstasy she started to make cooing noises from her throat and said…”Oh…Mark….lick me hard and lick
me all over my itching cunt…lick me deep inside…”. I was so aroused that I almost came hearing her saying these things. I
dived into her pussy with all I had…I sucked hard on her clit and held it in my mouth for a few seconds and then released it…I inserted two fingers with force into her cunt and began to twist them deep deep down inside and finger fuck her. I licked the entire length of her cunt and even tongue fucked her tight assehole. I pulled her pussy lips apart and sent my tongue darting
through her love box with all the force I had in me. Aunty began to move fast now, thrashing her head from side to side, she
began to moan louder and held my face tightly to her cunt…”Aaarrrrrgggggg…….Aggghhhhhhh……Ohhhhhhhh…….I’m

Suck me and lick me Mark….I’m cummingggggggg”…she said as she began thrashing without control and her stomach
began twitching. I felt her pour out her sweet honey and I licked her clean without wasting a single drop of it.

She had a big smile on her face and got up…on all fours she approached me and said…”Now it’s your turn big boy…let me
taste you…”. This was all I could take…I was waiting to push my prick into her mouth. She grabbed my throbbing fuck stick
and without warning pushed the entire thing into her mouth. I was so surprised at her action that I almost shot into her that
very instant. She sucked me so hard that I felt my balls contracting. I held her head in my hands and could feel her ears
through her hair. I ran my fingers around her chin and touch her lips…pulling her apart from my throbbing pole for a
second…just to get a sample of how I tasted. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and tongue fucked her for some time. She
then got back to my prick and licked the slit in my penis and playfully kissed it and sucked on the head part of it like a
lollipop. She pulled my foreskin all the way down and slowly from the head…sucked hard on it till almost all of my 7 inches
was in her mouth. She kept bobbing her head up and down and increased her speed when I started moaning. The feeling was
heavenly and I could not control myself. I cried out her name as I shot a load of my sticky cum into her mouth…I came so
much that her mouth was full of it and some even trickled out on her cheeks. She rubbed the remaining cum on her tits and
smeared them there and got me to lick it from her tits and nipples and gulped everything down. Giving me a big smile she
said…”Hmmm…you sure do taste nice…is that all you have for me big boy?”

I sure did have more in store for her for after that all I did was fuck her in the morning, noon, evening and night. I learnt a lot
from my loving aunty. I got to fuck her in the ass, which I should say was tighter than her cunt. She made me lick her ass
clean after I fucked her there. Most of all she thought me how to eat a pussy and, yeah…I could bet all my fortune that I am
the best pussy eater in all my state. If any of you horny women are in desperate need for sex and need someone to eat
you…don’t hesitate. Get in touch with me at

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