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  • September 10, 2015

Hi I am Mohanan from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala I have grown up with my two sisters and having spent so many hours together. I have always considered their beautiful, along with all other males who have laid eyes on them. They got a beautiful baby face with pouting lips and long blond hair and have developed a fantastic and sexy figure in the last year or so. When I left for college, I kissed my sweet “innocent” little sisters good-bye. They were 21&14 then. I am starting my real story. Once, I heard my sister giggling in the studying room. I slowly crept to the half-opened curtains and peeked inside. The scene on the table made my heart stop and my cock stiffen.

There was my beautiful second sister Divya, 14 years who is in class IX, doing oral sex with her tuition master Mr.Premod Msc (Maths) .He was sucking her little clean shaven pussy.I had a perfect view of them, He had his arm around her shoulder. His hand was already down her shirt. Playing with her ample tits. She was playing hard to get. But not too hard. She made him work for it. But before long, he managed to get her shirt off. Her hard nipples pushed against the material of the thin bra. Divya was in a real pleasure. She kept pulling one side of the bra off of a tit. Letting him nipple. Then covering it back up. Only to feed him the other delicious melon. The master had a lump in his pants bigger than my fist. Divya would squeeze it once on a while, but she wouldn’t set it free. She was driving the boy crazy. My hand was wrapped around my pole as I watched. I kept up a slow steady stroke.

I wanted it to last. Didn’t want to come too soon. It took him another half hour to get her dress off. She is really sexy in only panties and bra. The crotch of her panties was set. The silken material clung to the swollen lips of her pussy. She let the boy get his hands between her sweet legs a few times. Just long enough to stroke her hot lips. But, before he could get his hand under the leg band, she’d push him away. She wanted it as bad as he did. I knew that. But he didn’t. “Take off my panties, Sir.” She whispered. She didn’t have to ask twice. He was on his knees pulling the silken sheath from her bunny treasure in an instant. Divya even lifted her hips off the couch to help him. He inserts his hard shaft in her cunt and started pumping and she was moaning with enjoying the pleasure. But he cannot do its more times, he suddenly windrows his cock and sprayed his sperm to her mouth, she had drunk it very deliciously.

Immediately I entered the room, he sibbed his pant, but she was in skirt only I scolded him and he shamefully went out my sister put her shirt and she begged me to don’t tell any one. I agreed that and allow to her to continue making love in one condition never make pregnancy. During our discussion my first sister Vidya and she had understood what was happened. That time my cock was in fully erected both them were noted because I was in LUNKY without underwear .Divya told me elder sister having sex with him daily and she agreed also. That time I catch Vidya and embarrassed for reading their mind. They told me you are only loving brother whatever you can punish us. I take them to bed room just I started kissing to my younger sister elder sis also joined me. I told them I am going to punish you as making love. They very love fully agreed, that our mother was in school as she is a lecture in a Higher Secondary School and our Father is an Engineer in a MNC, he was also not here. I started remove their dress. Now we were in sharp nude. We enjoy the each others body’s shape and every thing.

I started sex with my elder sister that time my little sister take my hard cock and started sucking. I suck both sisters beautiful breasts and split legs of Vidya and opened her bunny pussy, I licked the clilts and enjoyed her tasty juice. Then Vidya lay on her back I lift her beautiful legs and insert my hardened pennies to her rose hole mm by mm I hardly banged her she started moaning after 10 minutes she got complete satisfaction. After I lay on my back my pennies was like a pole suddenly Divya came upon me and insert my pole to her tight white bunny pussy and slide up and down after 5 minutes continuous blow my cum had came out, immediately I pulled out my shaft from her little cunt and spray to their mouth. They drank and say thank me .Since that day we are sleeping together in abed after the light off and making love whenever we desire.

Once holiday I and Divya were doing sex in our garden, she was on top of me both we were moaning with tremendous pleasure our mother came there and she sow us, we afraid of what our mother will think and do. But as she is a broadminded lady she told us please carry on and we completed the sex in front her.

The same day after the dinner mother invite me in her bedroom. I told about this to my elder sister and she encourages me to fuck her if she need. The same thing happened. She openly asked me to fuck her that night was like us as a first night; I had banged her four times every time I dumped my cum into her steaming mouth. She didn’t stop licking my cock until it was completely shrivelled and clean as a whistle. When there was no more cum to be had, she sat up and licked her lips like a satisfied slut up to morning 6.30. Now days we had make a time table for my two sisters and mother and their friends. 

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