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Only She Can Tell

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015
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Only She Can Tell

Writer: Unknown

She was fair, cute, and full of fun, 18 years of age and had been my maid servant for the last three years. I was in my mid forties and had over the years developed an attraction towards her. The naughty thoughts one gets at my age especially if one has such a young girl around the house and wife staying away for long periods of time. One evening when I returned from office, she asked me what I would like to have for dinner and absent minded I said I want to have you.

She was surprised and enquired how that was possible. Since she was standing very close to me, I pulled her towards me and kissed her on her lips and said “that’s how I want to start eating you. Fires must have ignited within her and she stood there stunned at what had happened. When she gathered her senses, she ran into the kitchen and stayed there till dinner was prepared. In the meantime I had my shower, changed into a fresh set of kurta pajamas and stretched out on the sofa with my drink.

Usually after office I love my drink and a movie on TV around 9:30 I heard her saying that dinner was ready and whether she should lay it out on the table. Ok, I said and moved to the dining table. While laying out the table, she whispered I thought you were going to eat me? Any drunken man hearing such comments would have done what I did; I pulled her close to me and kissed her lips again. Your breath smells of liquor and she said Ok from now onwards, before drinking

I shall kiss you and after drinking I will kiss your boobs.” Saying this I slid one hand over her boob. It was tight, round and I could feel the pulp inside. She closed her eyes not knowing what to do as I had my other hand round her shoulder. Slowly I slide my hand down her back and unbuttoned her blouse. Two juicy well shaped mangoes popped out ready to be sucked, the nipples indicating where to start. I held both her boobs in my hands and slowly caressing the pulp inside.

Initially both her hands were on my chest trying to push me back but when I curled my lips over one of the nipples and the warmth of the palm on the other, must have sent shivers down her spine. The pressure of the push on my chest reduced and I found her hands moving up towards my shoulder. I placed the tip of my tongue over her nipple and started sucking it. Her hands moved to the back of my head and she pressed my head towards her boobs.

I changed the boob and started sucking the other nipple but continued caress her other boob. I could feel her heavy breathing on the back of my neck so I continued the sucking, alternating between each boob and caressing the one I was not sucking. She pulled my head up and started kissing the smell of liquor did not make a difference any more. I knew she must be getting wet down under so I slowly slid one hand over her puss.

She parted her legs slightly allowing my hands to cuddle her puss over her saree. I pulled up her saree and caressed her puss. She spread her legs further and I placed one finger over her clit. Now she was uncontrollable. Spreading her legs as much as she could, allowing, me to fully feel her puss which was certainly wet. I rubbed her clit and glided my middle finger inside her puss. Now she was moaning like an animal gone wild, kissing my lips and biting it.

I started finger fucking her and her whole body was wriggling and shivering. Then the flash point and her juices started spurting out covering my middle finger inside her puss. Her body went slump and she was all over me. Reality returned and she ran into bathroom. I washed up, had my dinner and went to bed with a hard on still wondering whether I should take her to bed. It must have been 3:00 in the morning when I felt hands trying to untie the lace of my pajamas.

I had just returned from the loo and as such could guess who it could be so I pretended to be in deep sleep. Untying the lace of my pajamas, it was being slowly pulled down to a point when my penis would be in full view. I guess she wanted to see what we men have and I was willing to give her the opportunity. Slowly a hand moved over the penis and since it had slept with a hard on, the strength was slowly returning.

She softly tried to pull back the foreskin and the tip of the red head was visible. Sliding her hand below the penis to examine the balls, I moved slightly to open my legs still pretending to sleep. She pulled back immediately thinking I had woken up. I still pretended to sleep. Having felt the balls, and the base of my penis, she folded her hands around my penis and started to slowly rub upwards and downwards. The hard on returned and I thought it was time for some excitement.

I continued to pretend I was in deep sleep. Raising her saree over her hips, she knelt over me with legs on either side and started rubbing the red tip inside her pussy lips. I let her continue for some time and when the tip was the point of entrance of her puss I have a jerk upwards, entering the cave of ecstasy. She screamed. I held her down by clasping her butt. Let me go, it hurts. Just let it be inside for sometime the pain will go.

Slowly I made her lie down on my chest and started caressing her butt. Her warm breath on my neck, I lifted her face and kissed her, she responded back. While caressing her butt I taught her what tongue twisting kiss was all about? Her body relaxed and I caressed her back, her hips, the butt and her thighs. Later I made her get up and lie on the bed with her legs dangling from the sides. Wiped her puss with a wet towel and covered her puss with lots of cream, also rubbing cream over my penis

This time I entered her slowly, though she stopped me for a few seconds when the cherry tip of my penis was at the entrance to her puss. Her puss was tight and after a long time I could feel the tight clasp around my penis. I stayed inside for sometime while I was kissing her and caressing her boobs. Then started the action for the achievement of ecstasy.

I was carefully with the strokes, lest she would complain about pain, but with the amount of cream between us the movement was smooth. I could make out that her legs were spreading so I increased the strokes. She bent her knees so that her puss lips could kiss the base of my penis whenever I was fully inside. That did give a great sensation and so I would hold back for a few seconds before the pulled out for the next stoke.

The momentum increased and I could feel her wanting more. Spreading her legs as if asking me to push in all that I had and she was moaning and wriggling underneath me, her arms round my neck, kissing me as if it was the last day in her life. Her puss was all wet and I got the feeling she would erupt anytime now, so I started to move in rapid strokes to match her and we finally erupted together.

Then both slumped on each other, she playing softly with my hair as if to say “Thank you. We slept together that night and had one more go the next morning. From then on she continued to be my part-time wife till she got married a few years later. Even before she went for her marriage we had one full weekend of sex and I still have doubts about her first son, it could be mine. Only she can tell.

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