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Online Shopping With Mom

  • desipapa
  • December 18, 2015

Hello this is prasad from Mangalore. I am MBA and working in MNC in Mangalore. I am only son to my parents and dad is working in Nationalized bank as chief manager. Currently my dad working in Gujarat and mom and myself stay in Mangalore. we stay in our own house. since i am only son i got all the privileges at home and can i say happy family. My age is 27 and my mom is 49 and dad age is 5 5. My Mom is graduate and she is housewife and she is kind of innocent. She got 36 B- 36- 38 figure, fair complexion and Little big tummy also which makes her hot.
I am a incest lover and always finding chance to love my mom. Since i have full chance and privacy i was unable to move on. I used to take her bra and panty to my room and used to smell and masturbate. she use normal kind of bra and panty. Since i have started Earning i was not depend on my parents and i spend my entire salary for shopping, booze and other expenses, and mom and dad was ok with it. we generally go to mall for shopping and me and mom like typical mom and son. she always irritate me for my costly clothes.

I am always buy things from online shopping’s and minimum two order deliver every week. This becomes habbit to my mom and one day she really got irritated and opened the parcel before i reach home. actually i ordered Levis underwear. when i returned home in the evening she gave me coffee and and asked smilingly what and all you order from online..? i asked why..? so she replayed your underwear as been come. I was like mom did you opened it…? she said yes and smiled again. I was like mom why you open all my parcel..?she told i am your mom and i should aware what you buy from online and what you do with things. i said ok and she gave the parcel to me.

I went to my room and was trying new underwear and she knocked the door. I came out wrapping towel and asked what happened.. ? she asked ” you order from online and if any size mistake happens what you do..? so i replied there is 30 days exchange policy for almost all the products. She asked how is underwear..? is it good ..? i said yes mom it fits good. She told last time you brought underwear and only once you wore. I said that underwear scratches my thigh and i was explaining underwear design. She did not understand and told me to show. Without hesitating i removed my towel and showed my under thigh and she touched it. I got something in my body and my dick started to become hard and she observed it and smiled and went. I closed the door and masturbated thinking of her and jerked huge cum and came out.

Next day was holiday for me and we were in hall watching TV. Suddenly some online shopping ad was coming and she started to ask me how online shopping works. I was explaining everything and finally opened my laptop and showing online site and products. And I taught how to order product.

After lunch I slept and woke up in the evening and she called me for coffee and told I tried to buy product and it was not successful. Can you please check whether it ordered or pending..? I opened laptop and checking. I got shock to see she ordered Black bra. I was normal and told mom its still pending, you have not proceed payment part. She came near me and watching. I was asking did you selected the size..? she was like I don’t know.. I took some courage and continued..

I opened her selected product and asked mom “ mom which is your size..? she was silent and I was telling her 32,34,36,38 etc etc. she was sitting near me and watching my laptop and simply showed figure to 38b. then I showed her ho select how to select size payment option. 3 days after she received order. I returned home in the evening and had coffee and she told I received the parcel and that cloth become loose. I went and checked the product invoice and bra. Both are same 38b it was mentioned. I told mom , its same product what we ordered. She was telling its loose for me. I told may be this is some other company and size depends from company to company.

Then I asked her are you sure of your size.? She told yes. I went to bedroom and searching for her old bra. She came and asked what you doing..? I told give her any bra..? she asked why..? I told to check size.. she opened wardroom and gave black color bra. Unfortunately label was not there since its old. She checked many bra and there was no label. My dick was full hard and both are enjoying in the conversation. She told leave it and sat on bed.. I got an idea and asked what you wore now.. she told ya this one new one last month purchased in mall.. I said let me check that label. She was like no leave it again I have to remove and check..

I told please mom check, it should not problem for next time purchasing. She was like aa no bla bla.. I told mom you remove blouse and I will check from back side. She told ok and dropped her pallu down and started unhook her blouse.. my dick was full hard and I was behaving normal. She loosen her blouse and lifted blouse backside. I was watching her black bra and bra hook. I told mom label is stitched inside bra and I removed hook without asking her and saw the label and it was 38b. I asked how it possible ..?

Then again she dressed up and told leave it.. I went to shopping site and opened bra measurement option and showed to mom and brought inch tape from room and checked according there size. When we measured bust size and cup size it was 36b and mom wearing local bra size is 38b. later we smiled and ordered one more bra 36b and I was waiting to arrive.

Two days later it came and I was not feeling well and mom received the parcel and went her room.. I followed her and she was not aware of it since I was not feeling good. When I entered she was in bare boobs and wearing new bra. I was watching her she was in shy and smiling. I went near and asked how it fit. She told ya this one is good..

I checked her fitting in backside and shoulder and started to adjust her shoulder lace , and she closed her eyes and I squeezed her boobs and she was in pain and told please don’t do. I was not ready to listen and pressing hard and removed her boobs and started to suck her nipples. She was telling please don’t do like that and moaning ahh aaa… then I stopped and went to my room and slept. After 15 min she came to my room and checked my fever and started to cuddle me and made me sleep in her laps. I started smell her and hugged her tightly and smelling her navel and sleeping on her laps. I fingered her navel and again squeezed her boobs and slept.

At night we had dinner and we slept in our room. After 1 hour went to her room and slept near her and started to hugging her. She was silent and I started unhook ld her blouse and she stopped me and asked what you doing. I told mom please I want to suck your boobs and opened her blouse and d to there was no bra. And started suck her nipple. And slept .

I woke up in the 3 am and saw mom was sleeping and I removed her saree slowly and remove her saree skirt. She was only in panty and there was only small bed lamp. I removed her panty and smelled my birth place. It was yummy and hairy. I started slowly fingering and made my self nude and playing with her boobs and big tummy. And ejaculated on bed sheet and slept. Morning 6.30 am she woke up and saw she both in nude and shocked and I started enjoying.

I placed my dick in my birthplace and saw her face. She was innocently removed her mangalsutra and closed her eyes and I started to jerk her. I smooched her lips and fucking my birthplace and squeezing her boobs.

Within 5 min I cummed inside my birthplace and told I love you mom. She replied love you too my son. I went to bath and we had breakfast and went to office. I came in the evening and observed everything normal. I saw she was feeling very happy and charming and full in mood. Then she told thank you my son for all your love and care. Then she explained her menstrual circle will stop in 1 year and your dad is pune. I feel so insecure and started to cry. I went near her and consoled her and again plant kiss.

After dinner I was in laptop and she in nighty and asked will order something . I opened site and showed all bra and panty. We discussed about bra and playing foreplay and checking bra and ordered 3 bra. And searching panty. Again I brought inch tape and started to undress her , she told lets go to bedroom I am shy. I undressed her in hall made her nude and measured her panty size and ordered 3 panty.

Then we nicely fucked her. I woke up in the night and ordered I feeding bra and G sting and made fast delivery. Next day I took her to bath room and removed her pussy hair and shaved her underarms and washed her assholes and fingered her assholes. She told don’t do its yuck and she started playing with my cock and had nice time. Next day we received all the products and each day we enjoyed with product.

On Saturday told her to wear G string and I started to lick her assholes and she was crying and enjoying . I made her to suck my dick and she was like puking action while sucking. I licked her pussy and ass hole and applied Vaseline to her ass. She was no idea whats happening and I started to fuck her ass. She was in pain and I removed my dick after 2 min and I saw mom shit in my dick and she smiling innocently. I cleaned it and gave deep troth and cummed in her mouth made her swallow.

Next day Sunday after bath I gave her feeding bra and told her to wear. She was again no idea why. In the afternoon I called her to sofa and told give me milk. She started to go kitchen and I stopped her I want your milk. She was silent and I smiled and opened her blouse and opened feeding bra and removed nipple outside and sucking her nipples. She was in tears in love and cuddling me and I sucking her nipple like baby.

Now we always love whenever we get chance and discovering new lingerie and bra. I always suck her nipple , my birthplace and assholes with chocolate, ice cream etc etc. she also suck my dick and assholes.

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