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  • October 6, 2015

Hi Desi lover, Let me introduce myself. I’m Prem based in London. I don’t want to boast myself tell lies about myself etc. I’m 26 with average height, medium built with a good physic. I was a pure virgin until I met a girl called Reena on Good Friday.

On 28th March 2002, I was chatting in desi chat for the first time. Within couple of minutes, a girl named Reena sent me a private message telling that she is also from UK. I asked a/s/l. She replied back with 16/female/ London. As I’m also from London, I asked which area in London she replied Kingston. Its approximately 30 min drive away from the place I live.

We went on deep into the conversation and she asked me what I am doing this Easter weekend. I told I’m free all the weekend. She suddenly asked if I can meet her on Saturday. I replied back with a big yes. I thought I’m definitely about to loose my virginity that particular Easter weekend.

She asked me frankly if I can fuck her as she couldn’t able to tolerate her temptations and can’t withhold her virginity. Being so honest I also revealed that I am virgin aswell (I don’t think she believed at that time).

She asked me how I’m going to fuck her on Saturday. I really made her so horny by telling what all I’m going to do to her. She immediately asked me why can’t we meet on Friday instead of Saturday. As Friday was Good-Friday, holiday for me, I agreed and asked where and how. She told me in Warner village cinemas in Kingston at 1:00pm. To identify me, I gave my Toyota car and registration number and other details. We chatted until around 4 am finally before I was going to bed than she told me not to play fool with her and asked if I’m not feeling bad that she is just 16. I told no.

I got up around 11 am and got ready soon and I drove down to Kingston Warner village. I waited in the car. She didn’t come and I thought she played with me. But out of a sudden a young charming thin lady appeared beside my window and just said Prem. I definitely knew that she was her and I asked her to take a seat. She apologised for being late with a small kiss.

Let me tell about Reena first. She is thin, fair and 5.2’’ and she looks more matured than her original age. Her breasts seem to be well developed. I really misjudged her figure by imagining that she will be just like kid with small breasts etc. As there were lot of people in that area she suggested that we shall go to a movie. I took two tickets to Lord of Rings as its duration is more than 3 hrs. We sat in the top row corner seats. As the movie was running for quite a long time, there were only very few people. Very luckily no one near or around us.

Movie started and for the first time Reena held my arm and started to fonder her finger on my chest. We started kissing passionately. Our kisses lasted for around 10 min. My cock became rock hard. She moved her hands down and unzipped my pant. I told her that I didn’t wear any undergarments for her convenience. She started abrading my cock. First time in my life a girl is touching my cock. I started to fondle with her breasts. I removed above three buttons of her shirt and fondled her breast. I was pressing them like a mango. I couldn’t tolerate and I put her young and firm breasts in my mouth and started sucking them. I bit her nipples gently and she got so aroused that she stated to masturbate her cunt with the seat. I slowly moved down my hands and I unzipped her pant and touched her pussy. It was dam wet and I couldn’t feel any hair later on she told me that she shaved it for me. I put my fingers in her cunt and started to play and gave small movements. She became so horny that she started to scream with pleasure. We both became very aroused and we were feeling little uncomfortable and we decided to move out. We both definitely need a hard fuck.

I asked her if she want to eat any thing before we move any where. She told that she is very hungry as she didn’t eat any thing. We went to McDonald’s restaurant and took two meals. I couldn’t eat properly as I was hungry for her sex. She stopped eating and went to toilet. After couple of minutes, she sighed me to come in. I hesitated to go but thank god it was common disabled toilet with baby nappy changer unit (not men’s or women’s). I really don’t like to have sex in bathroom but we hugged. Thank god toilet was sparkling clean. I quickly removed her top and she was on her lace bra. I pulled that bra so hard that it broke and I threw that bra in toilet and flushed. She removed my shirt and started to kiss my hairy chest. I took off her pants and made her to sit on the baby nappy changer unit. I kneeled down, widened her legs and started to kiss her clean shaved pussy. First time in my life I was seeing as well as feeling pussy. I kissed and kissed and kissed so hard and so well that she released her juices within no time. She was really screaming Aah…….. Aah……… Aah……… more…….. more…. She enjoyed a lot. I also became very horny by her acts and decided to fuck her and I touched her cunt with my hard cock. I was about to explore my bamboo in her valley, we heard some one near the door. We had to stop, get dressed and slowly we moved out. Our minds and hearts were fully filled with haunting passion. Our desires weren’t filled. I told her that I’ll drive long out of town and do it in my car. But she told me that its already too late and has to go home but she promised that she will be back tomorrow taking more time to spend.

I dropped her near a bus stop and we kissed bye for that day. I was thirst for sex and it almost reached climax but………. Nothing happened. I cooled down my brother ‘virgin bamboo’, went home and had a very long shower. When I came out of shower I’ve seen two missed calls on my mobile. It was from Reena. She left a message to call her back a.s.a.p. New hopes aroused in me and I called her. She asked me if I can make to her friends house by 8pm. She told that she got permission from her dad to stay back in her friends place that night to study. She also told me that her classmate Yuan-Fey is Japanese and stays alone with her grand mom and she convinced Yuan about our plans. I jumped with joy and got ready.

I went to Yuan’s house by 7:45. She recognised me and welcomed in her house. Yuan looks very gorgeous and is in her maroon coloured silky Japanese single-piece night gown. Even though she is short (5 feet) she looks far better than Reena. She has firm and well maintained structure. As I wasn’t looking her in that angle. So I was just chatting with her. Yuan knows that I am going to have sex with Reena and started to give naughty smiles.

By 8:10pm Reena’s brother dropped her out of Yuan’s house and went away. Reena just came inside and seeing me just jumped and hugged me. Yuan told her old grand mom that I’ll be staying for half an hour or so and told not to get worried and catch some sleep. Poor Yuan’s grand mom without whispering a word went inside her room by 8:30. Yuan understood our problem and she gave her room and she told that she’ll be watching TV in hall and told good night.

We went in Yuan’s room. Reena told that she can’t tolerate any more and she wants to have sex badly. (I was also waiting for this movement). She told me that she didn’t wear any undergarments. Reena put some soft music and came near me. I told to take off her clothes completely. She told no. then I jumped on her, pinned her to bed and believe me or not, I tore off her top completely with my mouth. Then with my teeth, I unbuttoned her pant and pulled it away. In that dim light, she was looking like angel to me. She came near me and took off my dress completely. We both are 100% naked and we started to fondle with each others body and rolling on the ground. As I observed that she liked my kissing of her pussy that afternoon, I decided to start with that again. I kissed her every where and slowly moved down to her navel and started to kissing and moved further down and took her whole pussy in my mouth and started to massage deep into her pussy with my tongue. All the time I was pressing her breasts and nipples. She really cried hard with pleasure and she wants to kiss my penis. So I changed position to 69. We both kissed for quite some time and when my cock became very hard and I thought I might cum any time and I removed from her mouth.

Now I decided to end this and took a position, widened her legs and tried to insert my 6’’ dick in her valley. It’s really very-very tight and painful. Reena was also feeling lot of pain but I applied small strokes and with a greater force, I pushed my cock hard deep. Reena cried with pain. But I didn’t stop and continuously giving strokes. After some time we both felt comfortable and I started to give strong strokes and at the same time kissing her boobs, nipples, neck etc. She was mourning…….. aaah… aanh………..aan…….Fast…… fast……. Prem I liked it, Prem I liked it. I also got very aroused and fucked very hard giving very fast and strong strokes. At a sudden, I and Reena felt lot of pain and I took out my penis. My penis was oozing with blood and also her cunt. Both my rod and also Reena had a cut. Whole of the blanket was soaked with blood. Reena got frightened seeing such a lot of blood and called Yuan.

When Yuan entered room, we both were naked. Yuan soothed us not to worry, gave us coke to drink and asked to dress up. Reena dressed up. But I wore my t-shirt but I couldn’t wear my jeans as it was tight and paining a lot. Yuan and Reena told not to wear pant. All the time Yuan was looking my penis passionately. I think she even dressed up my penis by cleaning it with cotton and soft cloth. I really felt very painful Reena was normal after some time. Reena and Yuan took a nap and after 4 hours at around 3 in the morning, I became complete normal and my rod was becoming hard.

I slowly moved near Reena and started kissing her neck. She got up and again we both were ready for the show. This time Reena became very aroused and told me to put my pole in her vagina. I inserted slowly and started giving small strokes. I felt a bit painful at the beginning. But pleasure overcame pain. Yuan was awake and was peeping from her blanket. Yuan started masturbating under blanket but I did not bother. I was fucking harder and harder and Reena was moaning Aah Aah……… Aah Aah……… uff… uff….. fast fast Prem fast I liked it. I gave stroke after stroke and finally I Cummed deep into her valley. I really liked the pleasure while Cumming. After that I kissed her and we both lay naked until morning.

Morning I got dressed and thanked Yuan. Yuan told she doesn’t mind utilising her house for that day also. Then Reena told she has to manage her father. I definitely knew that she will make it and with the hope of working hard again, I took good healthy diet. As I expected I got call from Reena telling to come to Yuan’s house by 8pm. I rented out Kama Sutra from a video shop and looked for few possible angles and was preparing myself for the battle that night.

I went to Yuan’s house a bit late at 8:40pm, Yuan told me that Reena didn’t come as yet. I got a bit nervous as I was well prepared for that night. Yuan told me not too get worried and welcomed me inside. We sat on the sofa watching television. Today Yuan was looking very sexy. She is wearing a very broad neck transparent single piece Japanese nightgown. Later on I observed that she did not wear bra. I could clearly see her breast cleavage and nipple erections through her dress. My shaft started to strengthen. Yuan offered me a cup of soup. She told it’s very energetic. I drank it. I asked where her grandmom is. She told she was not that well so she is taking rest in her room. Reena hasn’t come as yet.

Yuan sat beside me started to show her photo album. But my eyes were on her breasts only. She was bending down and was deliberately exposing almost up to the nipple level. My shaft was in full position and was becoming very hard to control. I kept quiet and didn’t proceed anymore apart from peeping through her top.

Out of a sudden, Yuan touched my thigh and asked how is my shaft (b’cos it beaded yesterday). I couldn’t control anymore, took chance and I hugged her tight with one hand and gave a small kiss on her forehead. Yuan struggled to move away from me. But I pinned her to my body so hard that I could clearly feel her pondering heart beat. Yuan in a low voice said no…… Prem……. Reena…….. I closed her mouth with my lips and started to kiss passionately. Yuan was also enjoying but with a bit fear. I moved my hands towards her exposed shoulders and started to tickle and slowly I moved my hand down towards her breasts through her night dress. I started massaging her breasts and nipples and Yuan became complete free and moved her hand down towards my shaft. I unbuttoned her top and GOD dam…. Her breasts were so big and well shaped. Beautiful curves. Can’t describe in words. Her fair color complexion making her structure more sexier. I challenge no man on earth can remain calm after seeing her gorgeous well carved structure. Reena’s structure was no way near Yuan. Every moment is precious to me and I started to suck her pink nipples. I carried her in my arms and went to her bed room and threw her on her bed. I removed her dress completely. Her slightly hairy pussy was soaking wet ‘n’ hot. I felt like biting her whole body and slowly I started to bite her cheeks, neck, arms, breasts, nipples, stomach, naval, waist, thighs, pussy etc. I was biting so caringly and gently that she was groaning uuuunnnnnn……… aaaah………. Aaaaah……. I soaked my head in between her thighs and started to tickle her cunt and sucked it very vigorously. Yuan was caressing my hair all the time. She told she was releasing her beauty fluids and I told I want to taste Japanese honey. While she was releasing she was groaning very load……… uuuunnnnnn……… aaaah………. Aaaaah…… uuuunnnnnnmm……… aaaah………. Aaaaah……

Suddenly, we heard door buzzer I ran into the bathroom and Yuan put her gown and opened the door. It was Reena. It was 9:45. I came out after a while. Reena initially looked both of us with doubt but I didn’t care. She approached and started to play with me on the sofa…….. Kissing me……….. Sucking my cheeks etc… I felt very bad about Yuan as it was not fair to leave her in middle. Reena sat on me on the sofa and unbuttoned my shirt and started to caress and sucking my hair and hard chest. In the mean while Yuan brought some soup for Reena and came near us. Out of my instincts, I suddenly pulled Yuan and made her sit on my other leg. Reena and Yuan were surprised by my act. (Even I couldn’t believe myself). Reena was staring at me. I told gently…. Reena, Yuan…….. it was my dream to sleep with two women at the same time………. Plz……..

As they both were very horny they obliged my dream. What a lucky man on earth I am……… Now we three went into Yuan’s bed room. We three undressed each other. All completely naked. I started kissing both Yuan and Reena every where. They were out of control and feeling, twisting, kissing my body. I wanted to fuck Yuan desperately and I laid her down widened her legs. I slid down my penis slowly in her valley and started giving thrusts. At the same time with my nails, I was caressing Reena’s breasts and stomach. My cock went so hard and thick never in my life I’ve felt like that. Yuan is adjusting her body and giving upward pressure and at the same time massaging my penis. My instincts were overruling me. Stroke strength ness increasing and with every stroke my penis is exploring deep and deep into Yuan’s valley. Action and force is rising and my stroke accelerated fast and is at its best pace. Yuan was groaning very load……… uuuunnnnnn……… aaaah………. Aaaaah…… uuuunnnnnnmm……… aaaah………. Aaaaah…… Groans, Moans ‘n’ growling of Yuan made me to reach summit and ultimately my cum busted out very deep into Yuan’s valley. That’s the best every moment I’ve ever enjoyed. I really can’t explain and put all these actions in words but………. Honestly……… fucking a Japanese girl is really great………. I and Yuan are fully exhausted.

Reena was still horny and in desperate to be get fucked. But I took a break for about 15 min and my cock got into action and satisfied her.

That weekend U.K’s Queen mother (Elizabeth) died and we were given holiday on Monday as well as a mark of respect for her loyal and devoted services.

Same story again ‘n’ again that day aswell……….. My penis became red and swollen b’cos of all these pleasures. It pained a lot too.

Any female in and around London irrespective of age and race, who would like their cunt to be sucked very deep and vigorously can contact me, full secrecy maintained. Suggestions are welcomed except complaining that my story is very big. I indeed made U horny!!! with my story………. Relax………

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