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One Evening With Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi I am Dev here big fan of desi stories…. Last time I sent a story accidentally one night with sis. All of u liked it so much. It was just an accident after completed her study in Surat, she got back to Baroda and begun her practice in private hospital. After that accident I asked Poonam that why she did all of that. who was behind all of this .she told me that it was just for fun and what is wrong if she could earn money and fun together .so many girls were doing as same.

She told me that she was so careful about that but unfortunately I was there and it happened. After that incident Poonam tried to behave with me in normal way but both we felt that something had changed between us. Exactly after that incident both were us decided that it should be better that we forget all of what has happened. Otherwise it would become a tale of mistakes.

So Poonam begun to go to hospital regularly and I began my M.B.A classes. Everything was just becoming normal. Her beginning 4 months of practicing in hospital were passed. Then she decided again to go to health club and after left hospital she went to the health club and spent 1 hour daily there. All of family member just knew about it that she went to the health club nobody took any of interest that was she going exactly health club or somewhere else.

If I did not know about her fun loving habits then I must not interested with this matter. But I smelled something fishy. Sometimes she reached home in time and sometime she got late. My parents believed on her so much as she was known as a very innocent girl but not for me. One day I decided to follow her after her practice time. I did not habit to wear helmet during motorcycle drive but just right on that day

I bought new one to hide myself during chasing her. I approached there before 30 minutes when she leaved the hospital and was waiting down there hide me with helmet. I was just made my motorcycle on stand that I saw she was coming outside it seemed that she was in big hurry. She just came outside and watched her wrist watch again and again. Within two minutes a safari car approached there and stopped just front of her.

Without of any wait she got inside and it moved forward. I started chasing the car it was a area with traffic on the road so it was easy to followed the car without of any problem. Car took some turn on the road and stopped front of a lodge. First Poonam got out of the car then middle aged men appeared from driving door. I recognized him. He was a doctor from same hospital.

When they got entered in lodge I made my motorcycle on stand and entered in lodge very carefully. I saw that Poonam moved forward with doctor to upstairs and a man just ordering something to receptionist that man was owner of the lodge and knew that he is known as a friend of this doctor I had to wait outside there he was giving some instructions after 10 minutes he moved to another room on ground floor

Receptionist left her seat for a while it was a lucky chance to me without of any disturbing I crossed reception and moved toward the upstairs. Carefully I entered on first floor. I was smelling there that which of the room they have entered there was just one lobby and all of rooms opened in the lobby . I heard voice of Poonam from behind the door where I was just standing, sir, I just have one hour, then I will have to leave,

It is okay Poonam, I will make u free in time.’’ Doctor replied. What was she doing. I got angry and just within second I knock on the door doctor opened it as he thought that there was his friend (lodge’s owner) outside . I got inside I got out of my mind to watch a scene. Poonam bent on her knees ,handled doctor’s full erected 8 inches of big cock and was moving it up and down.

She just wore red underwear and red bra her healthy boobs just trying to getting outside of that red barrier. Her well shaped stomach, super sexy ass ,and sexy healthy muscular thighs I cannot explain in word. Poonam shocked to see me ,’’ you…….? doctor speak loudly,’’ who are u basted,’’before I uttered anything Poonam said,’’ he is my x-boyfriend.

Get out from here.’’doctor speak loudly again.”Poonam,cover yourself ,,it is enough…’’ I said…why said her x-boyfriend I thought my honor have little bit saved.But Poonam was not a so innocent girl which all people thought. She moved towards me wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long French kiss .by sign she showed to the doctor that keep quiet as she will handle all of things .

I felt that I would forget every relation again. after finished a long kiss she got some step back to me and uttered in super sexy way ,’’ have a look toward me….this unbelievable and solid fucking young girl’s body is yours too..Don’t get out of your mind….enjoy it, Then she addressed to doctor,’’ sir please….don’t mind ..if any of disturbance would happen here then it will harm your prestige too…

I know he would just agree to fuck me….u both can do this please…hurry up …without of any delay….,’’ and she removed her bra too. I got word less situation….I could not even leaved her …What a figure she had….amazing…oh god …why god have made her as my sis…but she is not my sis…

She have proved it…..without of my permission she opened my zip and took my erected cock inside her warm mouth Both are cocks had erected fully….Poonam I will fuck u face to face position…lay down back on bed and place your legs on my shoulders,’’ I ordered removed my trouser and underwear , Poonam just obeyed. She laid on bed on her back when she raised up her both of legs for me, her super sexy figure and her down treasure with red underwear …oh good.. I forgot about everything

I moved toward the bed and removed her red underwear up …my cock fully reached its heights. sir..please…have patience little while.. ,’’she called the doctor who had become foolish and stood nearby bed.I placed my heavy tool exact on her cunt’s mouth . with first stroke she made a little scream. Up, down, up, down, speed were increasing .

Poonam’s sexy boobs moving and giving reply for every stroke . this time she was having sex with staring in my eyes now she was replying from down in the language of strokes . She held my shoulders and was giving the full support from down. My cock reached deep in her smart cunt and was rubbing it badly stroke by stroke.

Doctor was having masturbating in helplessness way by side both were us forgot about him .Actually Poonam was enjoying this fucking session very much . I was not getting idea that who was fucking other . I was feeling that she was fucking me with gasping and uttering every short ,’’ fuck, Whenever I reached my climax I was making stop my stroking that moments were full of excitements because whenever

I stopped my stroking she was giving me smile and she made wink her eyes to show that we were making fool that doctor. because of excitement he had made cum 2 times after got every little breathing we started again rubbing each other her buttocks were hitting with my thighs and making fucking sound after 15 minutes of fucking she asked me to change position now it was opposite then before .

I was down on bed on my back below her and she got a shape of bitch above me my cock got entry from down again sir , my second hole is free ,u can drive’ she asked to the doctor .Doctor had been waiting for her call like a child having his cock in his hand He just jumped on the bed and made a heavy stroke in her ass hole Poonam totally fell on me and screamed while this moment her mouth got close nearby my left ear doctor begun stroking from back like hungry dog

Poonam whispered in my ear ,’’this bastard doctor is able to just for my gaand . this harami will be finish in just one round .thank god u followed me .I really don’t like this harami budda . but what can I do ..I have to do all of this fuck me but don’t cum soon Poonam’s fucking session with two cocks had begun doctor was abusing very badly to Poonam and making slaps on her lovely buttocks

Same as before we both made stopped whenever we reach climax but doctor loosed his control within 10 minutes because Poonam made some heavy stroke by her gaand toward the doctor . when doctor was having his climax and uttering leaving short sounds poonam was passing me smile and winked her eyes that this budha to gya kaam se

Im very sorry sir but next time I will not make u unsatisfied, and I can manage to go home by my own,u can leave carefully….i have to do this session complete ,’’she asked to doctor who was moving toward his clothes fuck me hardly again dev and show this harami buda that what is called real fuck..’’ she whispered again in my ear. We started stroking each other again her boobs were swinging and hitting to my face like ripe mangoes .

I gave firm grip on her hip and was reaching her deep inside .Poonam stiffened her buttocks and was getting my cock inside her deep and deep and deep doctor leaved the room to said ,’’next time I will see you the fast gasping sound of Poonam and hitting sound of Poonam’s buttocks against my thighs were making me mad……Poonam started uttered again with every stroke……Fuck!

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