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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

It’s again me .. studly_urx, sharing something that happened not too long ago. One of the advantages of living in Karachi is that you have miles and miles of empty beaches to enjoy. That was the first thing that appealed me when I moved into Karachi. Karachi can be a very boring city to be in for a new person. Me, with no friends, none to show me around, the beach happened to be the ideal place to be. A very secluded area of the beach here in Karachi called the ‘French Beach’ is reserved only for the elite of the city and the foreigners here in Karachi.

Some months back, I was walking along that part of the beach, enjoying the quiet and the late summer sun, clearing things that had gathered up in my head. I came up to a sea wall; a huge pile of rocks stretching the whole length of the beach. It was built to stop the sea washing all the sand right along the beach. I looked up at the wall of rocks, climbing fifteen feet above me. As children we had always been told not to climb these walls, the loose rocks could slip and fall, taking you with them. But young men like to ignore danger and I started to climb up the large stones. As I got to the top of the wall, I looked over at the next stretch of beach. The sea had pushed the sand against the wall and the drop on the far side was only two feet or so. As I climbed over, I noticed that the beach wasn’t empty. A naked woman lay on a blanket, sunbathing. She was very close to the wall, which was why I hadn’t seen her earlier. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She wasn’t exactly beautiful but she did look good. Her hair was long, peroxide blond, with a hint of dark roots. She had large, ripe tits. Her body and limbs were firm and I guessed she must work out to keep her figure looking that good. As I stared at her, my foot slipped, sending a rock clattering down the side of the wall to the sand. Her eyes flicked open and gazed about, looking to see what had disturbed her. Her eyes settled on me, perched atop the wall. “Spying on me, young man?” she asked.

There was no hint of challenge or accusation in her voice; it was a simple statement of fact. She smiled slightly and asked, “Why don’t you jump down and get a closer look?” The surprise must have shown on my face. “Come on,” she urged. “There’s nothing wrong with looking at a sexy body. What’s the point in looking good if men ain’t allowed to look at you?” I didn’t need to be encouraged any more. I jumped down off the wall and walked over to her. I stopped about two feet away, my eyes taking in her ripe tits, her slim waist and the flare of her hips, the triangle of dark hair at the top of her legs that pointed to a barely glimpsed treasure. Her skin had been bronzed by the sun and her long blond hair was fanned out around her head, making her look like some beautiful, reposing goddess to my young eyes. She sat up and my eyes were locked on her chest, watching her tits as they flowed from round disks to full, pendulous globes. She noticed my stare and giggled. “Never seen a naked woman before then?” she asked. “Well, no… not really…” I stammered. “And you like what you see, it seems,” she added. Her eyes had fallen to my shorts where a large bulge revealed my dick had become stiff at the sight of her. I reddened and she stood up and gently took my hand. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she soothed. “That’s what’s meant to happen when you see a sexy woman, I think it’s nice. I haven’t had a man get stiff for me since my husband walked out on me. “I suppose you’ve never had sex before, have you?” she asked. Caught by surprise, I tried to stammer out a reply. She stopped me with a finger to my lips. “Do you want to?” she asked. I stared. All the guys at college were forever boasting about how big their dicks were and how many girls they had screwed. Hell, I did it too. No one was going to admit to still being a virgin, but I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

Now I had the chance to lose my virginity being offered to me on a plate. I didn’t have to chat this woman up, take her out on dates and swear undying love to get my dick inside her. I just had to say Yes! And so I did. She snaked her arms around me and gently pulled our bodies together. Her lips sought out mine as we kissed. At first it was just lips on lips but then I felt her tongue run along my lips. I liked the feeling and ran my tongue along hers. Our tongues met and entwined as our lips locked on one another. As we kissed, I moved my hand, trailing my fingers down her back. She liked that, moaning gently as I did it. My hand moved lower, onto the firm flesh of her arse. I ran my hand over her arse cheek, enjoying the feeling of her smooth flesh. She broke our kiss and looked into my eyes. “It’s not fair,” she said, “me being naked and you not.” She proceeded to remove my shirt, running her hands over my exposed chest. Then she slowly pulled my shorts down, her fingers teasing me as they ran down my legs. My released dick stuck upwards, pointing at the sky. “Very nice,” she murmured, looking at it. Then she pulled me back to her and we started snogging again. The feeling of skin touching skin heightened the sensations I was feeling. Her nipples brushed against my chest then as we pulled each other closer I felt her tits squash against my chest. My dick was squeezed between our bodies, my balls brushed by the silky hair of her bush. She broke our kiss again and kissed my neck. That was an unexpected burst of sensation and I arched my head back offering my neck to her lips. She continued to kiss down my neck, down my chest, across my stomach and down, down towards my dick. Her hands slid around my body to my dick. One stroked gently up and down my length while the other cupped and stroked my balls. I sighed. She was soft and gentle, stroking my dick, teasing it harder than it had ever been.

Then her tongue snaked out and licked the end of my dick, running down the underside and back to the tip. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations that were boiling out from my dick and washing across my body. Soon an even more exquisite pleasure engulfed my dick. I looked down to see she had slid her lips around my dick and was slowly moving her head up and down my length. Her tongue snaked around my length as her hands caressed the base of my shaft and my balls. I put my hands on the back of her head and entangled them in the silky smoothness of her hair. I slowly moved her head backwards and forwards, until she was taking about half my length into her mouth. A familiar, boiling sensation grew in my balls and raced up my dick. I cried out as I came, shooting spunk into the warm wetness of her mouth. I jerked my hips, thrusting my dick into her mouth, trying to achieve maximum sensation from the experience. My orgasm raced through my body like liquid fire and as I succumbed to it, my legs collapsed. When I came to my senses, I was laying on her blanket, her arms around me, her body pressing against mine. I reached up and drew her head down to mine and kissed her, tenderly at first, then with more passion. She rolled away from me, lying on her back, looking at me. “Your turn now to please me,” she drawled. I rolled over to her, and kissed her again. My hand tangled in her hair and began stroking it. She moved her head the way a cat does, until my fingers stroked just behind her ear. This seemed to please her, she moaned with pleasure. I kissed her neck, then down her chest to her tits. I cupped her tits in my hands, feeling the smooth, firm flesh under my fingers. I pushed her tits together and let them flow back, fascinated by the way they moved. My fingers moved to her nipples and began to rub against them. They hardened into little points as I teased them. “That’s it,” she sighed, “play with my nips!” I carried on running my fingers over her hard little points, tweaking them, and exciting her more. Her hands reached around behind my head and pulled my face down to her tit.

I soon got the idea and replaced my hand with my tongue, licking around and across the sensitive bud. She pulled my head closer, and I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it in between my lips, running my tongue over the top. I let my teeth gently close on it, very gently biting her nip. She gave out a moan of pleasure, letting me know she liked it. “Now, go lower,” she said after some minutes of me teasing her nipples. I slowly kissed my way down her body, running my lips and tongue across her firm flesh. As I passed her bellybutton, I ran my tongue right round it, making her gasp. I reached the soft, silky mat of her pubes and pulled my head away. I ran my fingers through her pubes for a moment, then turned my gaze lower. She parted her legs, giving me my first real look at her pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and a sheen of moisture could be seen inside. I touched my fingers to her lips, softly running them over her entrance. I took my time, exploring her most intimate, secret place. I slipped a finger between her lips, letting it go deep inside her. The depths of her pussy were silky smooth, warm and wet. I let a second, then a third finger slip inside her. She writhed around my fingers, sighing gently. “Play with my clit, love,” she murmured. I paused. I had heard about the clit, but I had no idea where it was. She soon realised my lack of knowledge. She took my free hand and guided it to the top of her pussy. My fingers probed around, soon finding a little, hard nub. I played with this the way I had played with her nipples, tweaking it gently, running my fingers over it. My other hand was still buried deep inside her and she began to writhe about, moaning and sighing with pleasure. She pulled my head down towards her. I knew what she wanted. I pulled my fingers out of her and stopped. I was uncertain what she would taste like and if I would like it. Then I remembered the way she had taken my dick and decided that if she could do that to me, I could lick her. I let my tongue snake over her pussy lips, then lapped inside her.

The taste wasn’t unpleasant and I moved my head closer, kissing her lower lips. I moved my tongue to her clit, licking and teasing and sunk my fingers deep inside her pussy again. My free hand stroked her thigh, then her hip. She caught it with her hand and guided it higher up her body until it rested on her tit. I began to play with her nipple again. Her passion was rising now, her moans and sighs were getting louder and her body was starting to writhe about. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her, desperate to get as much pleasure as she could. I enjoyed being able to give this woman so much joy. I kept licking her clit and lips, probing her depths with my fingers and playing with her nipple. Suddenly she tensed. I licked her harder and the orgasm that had been building crashed over her body. She bucked and writhed, pulling my face right into her pussy. She screamed out across the empty beach, a sound of joy and release. Slowly she relaxed and I ceased my teasing of her body. I lay on top of her, wrapped my arms around her and gently kissed her. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. “God, that was good,” she said. Her hand reached down and found my dick, now rock hard again. “Mmmm, I want this,” she sighed. “I need it deep inside me.” She guided my dick to her pussy. I was ready to push it inside her, to sink deep into her warm depths and finally lose my virginity, but she ran the tip over her lips, teasing them and me. Soon I was desperate to fuck her. She realised this and guided my dick between her lips. “Take me,” she sighed. “Take my little body, lover boy.” I pushed into her, feeling the warm wetness of her silky smooth womanhood engulf my dick, taking my virginity and bringing me to manhood at last. When I was fully inside her, I paused, enjoying the sensations. Her lips sought out mine and we kissed deeply, tongues entwined. My hand slid down her body, around the flare of her hip, across the tight flesh of her arse and along her leg.

She lifted her leg, allowing me to stroke its length. Then I started fucking her, with long, slow strokes. She spread her legs wider then wrapped them around me, trying to pull me even deeper inside her. I felt her pussy muscles ripple against my cock, trying to draw my spunk out of my balls. My passion rose and I started thrusting harder and harder. She didn’t want me to cum too quickly, though. She grabbed the base of my dick and squeezed tightly. I froze and felt my passion fade. After a minute she released my dick and I started fucking her again. Each time my passion rose she did this, prolonging our fucking. After a while she pulled my dick out of her and disentangled her legs. I looked down in surprise; I wanted to cum deep inside her. She just smiled and wriggled out from under me. She got to her hands and knees, facing away from me. She turned her head and smiled at me. “Come on, then,” she said. “Come and get me!” I realised her pussy was pouting at me from between her legs. I came up behind her and sank my dick into her with one hard thrust. She gasped with pleasure as I filled her. I found I could get deeper into her like this and since her legs were not spread so widely, she felt much tighter around my hard dick. I started to fuck her with hard strokes, grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto my dick as I thrust into her. I reached up her body and found her tits, swaying wildly in time to my fucking. I grabbed them with my hands and tweaked the nipples with my fingers. She groaned and gasped and the sound of her pleasure was too much for me. I fucked her hard and fast and yelled my release as I came, jetting spunk deep inside her body. As I recovered from my orgasm, we disentangled and she pushed my body down onto the blanket. I lay there, looking up at her. She kissed me eagerly, then ran her head down her body, letting her silky hair brush across my skin. The feeling was amazingly erotic. I just lay back and relaxed as she teased my body. Her fingers and then her lips joined her hair as she caressed me. Slowly she moved down my body towards my dick. Her gentle teasing soon brought my dick to life. It hardened and lengthened, rearing up from my body. When she had made it fully hard again, she straddled my body, placing my dick at her glistening entrance, then sank slowly down onto it, enfolding me in her warm wetness again. I found the sight of my dick spearing her body, spreading and stretching her lips incredibly exciting. I expected her to bounce up and down on my dick but instead she ground her body against mine. The sensations were different and powerful. I reached up to her tits and took them in my hands, stroking them, teasing them, feeling the nipples harden into points again.

Her hand went to her clit and she rubbed it furiously. She seemed eager for release now and so was I. I bucked my hips, trying to thrust my dick deeper into her. Her tits jiggled under my hands as I played with them. She closed her eyes and arched her head back, gasping and moaning as her passion rose. She yelled out loud as she came, her pussy rippling around my dick and her whole body shuddering. I bucked my hips, anxious to join her in release. She never stopped rubbing her clit, fast and furious. I squeezed her nipples, roughly now, rubbing and tweaking. I felt my own excitement rising, felt my balls tighten and my seed rushing along my dick to explode deep inside her enfolding pussy. The feeling of my dick spurting, filling her, set her off again and we both cried out in pleasure as a joint orgasm swept our bodies. As she came down from her orgasm, she fell forwards, into my arms. I pulled her close to me and gently kissed her. In the warm afterglow of our loving we cuddled up against one another and drifted away. We must have slept for two or three hours. For the first time in my life I awoke to feel smooth skin against mine, a warm woman cuddled in my arms. As I stirred, she opened her eyes and I greeted her with a kiss. I disentangled my limbs from her body and stood up. She looked up at me in puzzlement. I reached down and picked her up. She squealed like a little girl and threw her arms around my neck, pulling my lips to hers. I carried her down the beach, to where the tide was now coming in. I wanted to fuck her with the waves lapping over our bodies. I lay her down on the wet sand and she gasped as the sea rolled over her body. I kissed her, then teased her tits. She pushed my head away and looked up at me. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve cum enough. Just take me, fuck me, use my body. Now!” she commanded. I lay atop her, placing the tip of my hard dick against her pussy lips. “That’s it love,” she said. “Fuck my cunt. Fuck it hard.” The words coming from her mouth sounded so dirty, they excited me even more. I thrust into her pussy, slick with her juices and seawater. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me deep into her body. Her tits squashed against my chest, her fingers ran up and down my spine.

Our lips kissed and our tongues fought like wild things. I thrust deep into her, fucking her hard as she wanted. The waves crashed over our bodies and then retreated, the feeling of running water over our bodies turning us on more and more. I felt her hands snake between our bodies. One cupped my balls, stroking and caressing. The other moved to her clit and I knew, despite what she had said earlier, she was going to cum again. I moved my hand to her nipple, tweaking and squeezing. There were no moans of pleasure from either of us. Our mouths stayed firmly locked together, tongues entwined. The waves crashed higher over our bodies as the tide came in, running over us like hundreds of silky smooth fingers, turning us on even more. Her hand moved from my balls to my back, running up and down my spine, sending tingling feelings of pleasure sweeping across my body. I couldn’t hold back. I thrust deep inside her and felt my dick erupt again, my seed flooding her pussy for the third time. She came almost at the same time, her hand rubbing furiously at her pussy as the other hand clawed at my back. Her legs tightened, pulling my body as close to hers as possible. Her mouth sucked against mine, as if she was trying to draw even more out of me. I felt her body writhe and shudder as she came then relax as we came down again, our bodies held tightly together. A big wave crashed over our heads, soaking us from head to toe, bringing us back to our senses. The tide waits for no one, not even lovers. Laughing we separated, then raced back across the sand to where we had left our clothes. She had a towel in her bag and we rubbed each other dry. Sand seemed to have gotten everywhere and we rubbed it out of intimate nooks and crannies.

We dressed quietly and she packed her things away. She was looking out across the sea at the setting sun when I had finished dressing. I walked up behind her and let my arms encircle her waist. My lips kissed her cheek, then nuzzled into her neck. “Thank you for a wonderful day,” I murmured into her ear. She turned to face me, never breaking the circle of my arms. “The pleasure was mine,” she said with a smile. “And there was such a lot of it, too. Some lucky girl’s going to really enjoy your love some day, young man.” We kissed once more, then parted. She picked up her bag, waved goodbye and walked away across the sand. I watched her until she passed out of sight, then turned and started the long walk home. I had walked a long way when I realised we had never told each other our names! That was some months back now. I’m at university now, studying electronics and computers. I’ve met a nice girl, called Sarah, and we are deeply in love. I think next summer I’m going to take her for a walk along the beach and make love to her on the sand under the old sea wall. I’mm 20 .. exploring things .. If you wanna contact me .. mail me up at

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