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Older Woman Like Old Wine

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

This happened when I was in Std 11, I had already developed very good physique as I used to exercise, and I was popular among girls not only from my classe but also elder ones. There was this girl in TYBA who had long silky like hair and very good figure 36-26-36, and she is always wearing the sexy dresses.

She is President of Drama Club and I am having the very big interest in the drama. I go to try out for the college natak and I am seeing her act in heroines role. Guy who is playing heros role is not good,and one day he is not coming for rehearsal so she is asking me to read lines. We have the very good connection but I am having the trouble with concentration cos I am looking at her big juicy mamme.

She is breathing heavily and her boobs are bouncing like jelly. I am telling her that i am having problem remebering lines so she is telling me to cum after the lass and practise with her. There is the scnee where hero is having to kiss heroine and I am feeling nervous so she says ‘Let me show u how to do properly” She has the big beautiful red lips and she is beginning to kissme and suction from her mouth is wonderful,I can only imagine what it will feel like on my lund. She is beginning to move her lips slowly down my neck, opening top 2 buttons on my shirt,and is sucking and blowing gently on my nipples which get the electric shock, suddenly she is lifting her head and getting my atention by pulling hard on my chest hair. “Do u want more rehearsal or are u ready for the real thing” I can only nod my head dumbly.

She rips open my shirt and tears my zip down,she takes my ‘lund’ in her mouth and licks the head slowly like a lollypop. Then she sucks it slowly like she is sucking a popsicle. I move my hands down, catch her by the hair and pull her up slowly, I squeeze her boobs hardly, and she screams softly in pain,I push her back on the stage and start licking her thighs which are smooth as cream til I reach her shaved pussy which is like a pink shell and the lips are gently fluttering like a butterfly’s wings, I stick my tongue into her inner well and suck out her juices like a bee on a flower, she cant’ control anymore and starts to ocme, I lift my head and say ” Your wish is my command, Madam”, she says “Chodo mujhe jor se”, and I obey quitely, teasing herlightly with just the tip of my lund and then suddenly thrusting it into her hardly, and building up a rhytm to match hers, moving slowly within her, exploring her warmth and tightness.

I start moving faster nad she grabs my arse and holds on for the ride. She moves her hands up and down my back scratching my spine gently like she is playing her tanpura. I can’t control anymore and I take my dick out and come all over her thighs. She winks at me,licks her lips and says ” Chapter 2, Act 1, tomorrow 3P.M, we have a lot more to reharse” If anybody has any comments or wishes to e-mail me please do so on All lovely ladies are welcome and I am open to suggestion.

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