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  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hi friends, I have going through this site recently and would like to share my first ever encounter with an older lady. We were staying in a middle class locality in Delhi when I was in school in a government locality. These localities are constructed in a such a manner that the bath room windows of opposite houses face each other.

I had an aunty who must be about 45 yrs at that time who was staying in the flat opposite ours. I was 15 years old and had just learned the art of masturbation.

One morning , as usual , I had gone to the bathroom to take bath . The window of my bathroom facing outside was open. I was about to close it just when I saw that the opposite bathroom window was open and the aunty was taking off her bra . She had not bothered to close the window. My jaws fell as I saw huge melons ( must be 42″), with big nipples which had sagged a bit . It was my first site to a woman’s top and my prick saluted her beauty automatically. I just stood there dazed watching her take off her petticoat . I could her only up to her navel from the window. She sat down for bathing and her completing her bathing core, she got up again nude , dried herself with the towel and after putting her petticoat and bra and blouse she went out of the bathroom. I had the best shagging of my life till date and since then, timed my bathing in such a manner that it more or less coincided with aunt’s timing.

After about 5 such views. One day aunty saw from the bathroom watching her but didn’t bother to close the window. I was scared that she would complain to my parents and didn’t venture to see her in the bathroom for next few days.

The houses were such that the backdoor entry for the opposite houses too opened facing each other. One day, I was sitting in the backyard and studying . The door of aunty house was open. I suddenly saw that the aunty was sweeping the floor with a broom sitting on the floor. While sitting , her saree was up to her knee while the lower end of the saree was loose and touching the floor thus leaving a huge gap in between . When I saw there, her thighs were visible till the end and I saw a huge patch of hair with a real pink opening in between . Now again , it was my first ever darshan of the pussy and I kept on looking at her hairy pussy while she kept on brooming the floor. The distance between us was hardly ten meters and I could see the pussy opening clearly.

Suddenly, aunty caught me looking at her and got up, looked at me angrily and asked me to come to her house. I was trembling with fear that she would definitely tell my parents now. I went inside her house and she sternly asked me why I watch her in the bathroom and why I was watching her now? I had no answer and begged for her excuse. She took me inside and suddenly lifted her petticoat above her navel, exposing her legs, thighs and pussy and asked “is this what you were looking just now”? ” have you never seen it before”? I was completely dumbstruck. She let her petticoat fall and lifted her blouse from one side ( she was not wearing bra at that time ), exposing her huge sagging boob big huge areole and asked again ” is this what you keep watching from the bathroom “? By now, I was getting horny and my prick was coming back in action . I was wearing a short and a t-shirt. She then directed my to close her door from inside which I did promptly. By the time I came back in the room, she had taken off her blouse and petticoat and was absolutely naked standing. She said ” you feel very hot no? and keep thinking about women all the time?” “come , see how a pussy looks like and literally put her hand on my head directing my face to her pussy. I sat on my knees and had a close look at the hairy pussy from a very close quarter. I could smell it which was a mix of sweat, piss and her own juices…was my first ever aroma and I felt heavenly. I actually sniffed and as if naturally, started licking it. By now, aunty was feeling weak on her knees and sat on the sofa with her legs wide spread and not allowing me to leave her pussy and I too was tasting it very religiously. My hands automatically went on her sagging but huge boobs, which I started pressing. Aunty was loosing her control and started talking cheaply in Hindi calling me names. She then asked me to open my shorts and t-shirt. I promptly took off my t-shirt and short and my undy was wet with pre-cum. She then took off me undy and took my prick in her mouth. It was like a dream for me as everything g was “first” . She then took me onto the bed and guided me to enter her. She was really wet and I had no difficulty in entering her. I had a fuck of my life .

It continued for 2 years by which time , my parents shifted to a bigger house in a posh locality and I lost my sweet aunt’s hairy fucking in the process.

Since then , I am fond of older ladies . I am now 32, very well placed and if any bored , plump aunt ( up to 55 years ) wants to have fun, feel free to contact me at

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