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Old Desire With Mami

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  • December 4, 2015

Hello Desipapa readers,
This is my first story on this site. My name is Aakash from Nagpur. This story is about me and my maami. It all started when she was married to my mama (and became my mami) I was 18 years old then. She was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my whole life. She was slim, fair and had long hairs till her waist. She didn’t have big boobs or big ass, nor she was sex goddess, she was just a cute looking beautiful girl.

I was so much attracted seeing her in wedding saree. I was so jealous of my mama that he will get to fuck that beauty. I masturbated whole night imagining my mami and me having suhagraat. Well, I still masturbate thinking of it.

Few years later, I was in 2nd year and I had a preparation leave for my winter semester, I was at home watching T.V. and my mom was taking bath. There was no one in the house, when someone knocked the door.I opened the door, it was my mami.

Mami: where’s your mom?

Me: she is in the bathroom.

We sat in our main hall, she joined me watching T.V. as my mom takes time for bath, mami was bit bored watching T.V.

We don’t interact usually, because over all these years my sexual desire for my mami had grown more and more and I didn’t want her to know this.

Mami: I am hungry

Me: wait here mami, I will make something to eat.

Mami: no no you sit here, I’ll cook something for us.

Me: no mami it’s my house, I’ll make something for you.

Mami: fine, but at least let me help you.

Me: ok mami

We went to the kitchen where I started cooking pohe (maharashtrian snack) for us. She stood near me making sure that I was cooking properly. After 15 minutes pohe was ready,

Me: mami I’ll cut lemon

When I tried to cut lemon accidentally I cut my finger and I screamed.

She was panicked and was looking for turmeric. She couldn’t find turmeric so she put my finger in her mouth and started sucking my finger.

I was looking at her face when she was sucking my finger. She was looking so innocent. I started imagining my cock instead of my finger and it made my little Johnson hard. I was feeling awkward when my little Johnson begged to touch her.

Me: mami, it’s OK. I am fine.

Mami: are you sure? I am sorry, actually I get panic when I see blood.

Me: its fine mami, it happens.

My mom came to kitchen after her bath to check who’s in the kitchen.

Mom: oh shital, when did you come?

Mami: just 15 mins ago. Aakash made us pohe. Want some?

We sat in kitchen where they were talking. I was busy in eating when I saw my mami’s belly (as she was wearing saree). It was so smooth and fair, while she was busy in talking her belly button was shivering with every word she spoke. There were tiny golden hair on her belly which added more beauty to her. I was turned on by looking at it. I made an excuse and went straight to washroom and masturbate thinking my mami sucking my cock.

I came out. My mom and mami was waiting for me.

Mom: Aakash, please drop mami to her home.

Mami: please Aakash, I am too tired to walk.

Me: sure mami, what’s the big deal?

Mami sat behind me on my bike. As you know the condition of Indian roads there were many potholes making me break my bike which resulted in touching of mami’s boobs to my back. I was awesome feeling. We reached mami’s home. She asked me to come in. I sat on the couch.

Me: where’s mama?

Mami: he is in the office, he won’t come till 7 p.m.

Mami went inside to bring me a glass of water, I looked at the wall clock I was 3 p.m.,

She came and bend to give me water, I was looking at her cleavage. She noticed me looking at her cleavage but didn’t say anything, she smiled and looked in my eyes. I avoided looking at her.

Mami: why are you so afraid of me?

Me: who? Me? I am not afraid of you.

Mami: then why do you avoid me so much?

Me: I am not avoiding you.

Mami: oh come-on, I am your mami, I have been noticing it from so many years, you don’t interact with me frankly.

Me: no mami, there is nothing like that.

Mami: pakka?

Me: yes mami.

We sat watching T.V., there was a intimate scene, where hero was seducing his heroine.

Mami: this scene sucks, he doesn’t even know how to seduce.

I was shocked hearing this from mami.

Mami: what do you think?

Me: yes mami but what can he do heroine is not that good.

Mami: what do you mean, look at her she is pretty and sexy enough. It’s a man’s job to seduce a girl

Me: naah, it depends on girl. Of a girl is sexy then every man will want to seduce her.

Mami: your mama never tried to seduce me, does that mean I am not sexy? Tell me.


Mami: oh come-on, you said you are not afraid of me. Come-on tell me the truth.

Me: yes, you are sexy.

I looked down because of embarrassment.

Mami: in fact, screw mama, you never tried to seduce me. You think I am sexy but never tried seducing me. See, point proved. It’s a man’s job.

And well I am sexy, that means you are not man enough.

Me: (angrily) I am man enough.

Mami: awww… No, you are a kid… A sweet kid.

She teased me by making funny face and went to kitchen

I was so much angry. How dare she said that I am not man enough. My little Johnson was angrier. He wanted to show mami that he is not useless… I went to kitchen and looked at my mami from behind she was cutting some fruits, I went near her, she was wearing deep back blouse which was exposing her her fair creamy back I looked at her golden fair neck which was looking as if it will melt like Venila ice cream. I went nearer and then….

To be continued…

Hope you guys liked my story.

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