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Oh! My Hot Bhabie

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

This is a true story. I am Raja 26 years Handsome, Good looking and muscular guy lived in Calcutta.This story dates back 5 yrs. My brother,Sunil had just got married to a gorgeous gal from Delhi. Her name was Soma. She was 3 years older than me, 5ft 4 ,had long dark hair, deep brown eyes and was well gifted in the breast department. She was a shy, traditional larki, and always wore tyed clothes. My brother was the unfriendly type..he’d rarely talk to ppl..kept himself to himself.I’m Raja by the way – a horny 21 year old youth!Frustrated as hell. We got the visas sorted and she came over to live with us in Calcutta. Sunil worked as a Salesman in MNC Co., and so he would very busy for his office tour.

It was during my summer holidays that I thought…I gotta seduce her..jaldi!!She would be in the kitchen most of the time. I used to spend a long time eating my breakfast while she would be busy cooking on the stove. She was so innocent!

Little did she know that I was gaping at her shalwaar I wanted to come on her buttocks…Mera dil kya kya khaayaal soch raha tha!….Soma..Tum mujse sex ki bheekh mango gi ek din ,I thought!Being at home alone in the weekdays..I think she got quite bored but she never said anything. One day whilst she was out I arranged to have a cctv camera fitted in her room with an infra red connection to my my room a few rooms away from hers.This was delightful. Jab who kapde utaar ti thi…toh main usko dekhta tha..Waah bhai! Kya maamay thay uskay..Yummy Dil chahta tha kay bhaag kay usko rape karloooo!…lekin sabr One day I asked her “Sadia…tum koi sport nahi khelti” She said” Nahi..bhai koi shawk nahi”

I said..”Sunil keh raha tha ke aap badminton khelti hain?”

She said..”who toh bachpan mein tha!” I said.”How about we have a game/” She agreed..

We got in the car an Idrove to the sports centre. It was just a Volkswagen..nothing posh. She was talking about her time in she missed her parents etc. I wasn’t really listening,I was paying far too much attention on her maamay..which I was gazing at through the mirror.We arrived and I said”Badminton court fo 2″ The attendant gazed at my sis-in –law “sorry sir…she can’t go like that she said” But why not/??I asked We have a policy of gym kit only…and she’s wearing oriental dress(shalwaar kameez to u and me) Ohh..never mind..I said I said to sadia..”Sunno..Ghar chalet hain” She said..”Koi baat nahi..kayi se gym kit khareed lete hain” I said…oh Ok..and took her to the sports shop. Lot of variety.All the skirts were quite short. She eventually went for a red one and a white t-shirt. She put them on..and she looked visibly embarrassed. I pretended that I hadn’t even noticed.! In the car though..her tits were almost popping out of the t-shirt. She kept folding her arms across her chest to cover them. I thought to myself”abhi toh cover karlo..bhabi jaan…..ek din main in par apna sperm ka milkshake banaoonga..aur tumse chatwaoonga…!!” We arrived and played…3 games in total. I won 2 and let her win 1. That was to make her keep playing with me ..which she did once a week for the next 6 months. As weeks passed she grew more comfortable around me,as I had planned. Yet she was still quite shy. One weekend when the hubby was back(he only comes back on weekends) I over heard the conversation. She said “the medical results show that I can’t become a mother…Main maa nahi ban sakti” And she started crying “Mainay apni amee ko nahi bataya..kyu kay uska medical condition hain na heart ka!” Imran said a few words like don’t worry and drifted off to sleep…I could hear him snoring.Paagal.

The next nite I watched them shag from the camcorder infra-red,yummy! Sunil was such an amateur.. just missionary position sex. Mainay toh apni bhabi ki gaand maarni hain abhi!Sunil…!!I thought Every nite as she would undress I would watch from my camcorder and wank away..kitna mazza aaya mujhe..bohhat ! Then one day I composed an mpeg file of their having sex on a weekend. I had a plan! I said bhabi..aap internet use karti hain..she said koi khaas nahi! I said its really good. She liked cooking and so I introduced her to cooking websites. She learned a few dishes like pasta. One day she made pasta. As she was cooking it a phone call came from Delhi..she said “Raja..khana dekhna ..main fone call apnay room mein leti hoo” The food cooked in 10 minutes. I put the food in 2 for me one for her. Then I took the bowl with food for her into the bathroom with me. Mainay apni trousers ko unzip kiya aur wank karnay lag giya.

Haan..mein siruf saadia ka soch raha tha. Uska jisum ..doodh ki tarha…uskay maamay..uski gaand..uski zabaan. and then my cum spurted a machine gun! Onto her pasta. I took it downstairs..About 5 mins later she came down “Phone pay koun tha?”I asked “Meray Pitaji” she said..Khana ban gaya/ I said..haan… And we both ate “Hmm..bohhat mazzay ka hain she said! Little did she know she was eating my cum!Randi nahi toh kya . She gave me an innocent hug in congratulations.I felt her tits touch my body through her kameez…she didn’t intend or notice it..but I lavished the thought…waaah. A couple more weeks passed. Her computer was moved to her room as her husband did some accounts on it. One nite b4 sleeping I asked her if she could do a search for some desi food as I WAS fed up of Italian. She said..”Haan..bil kul..kyu nahi?” So I for “Desi favourite dishes” And then I went to my room

Watching from my cam corded she typed in the statement and lo and behold a whole load of results came on.She clicked on the first one.She was was a desi incest site full of incest stories. She pressed x to exit…but it kept reloading itself.She couldnt get out. Then 5 minutes later I heard a knock on my door..A voice said “Raja..ek cheese poochni hain” I said “kya hain” She goes”Agar computer stuck ho jayain..main kya karoon” I said”Click on all the things on that page and it will go” She said”ok..thanx” And she went back. She clicked on the stories..initially just quickly to get out but then she started reading them..First she seemed disgusted..then eventually..she seemed indifferent. A few more weeks passed..with no luck for me. She was in the kitchen and I was surfing on her computer at the time Then I did something naughty. I took the mpeg of her husband and her having sex and put it on her computer.I also attached a document saying ” I don’t love my wife..and I hope that this mpeg makes me lots of money!!”

Then I put it in a file called x. I called her from the kitchen and said..” stuck ho gaya” She came upstairs..and said kya huwa.. I clicked on lots of things but the computer was stuck. Then I clicked on x. And suddenly her sex scene came up. I pretended to b shocked. She started weeping.. Yeh kya huwa?She said Then she said the letter She was so angry at her husband. She weeped and started weeping on my shoulder I tapped her back and said “there there…yeh tumhaari ghalti nahi….who imraan kameena hain” She carried on weeping like this for 5 mins… Then I tightened my grip..And started hugging erotically. She was annoyed and pulled away.. So I pretended to be angry..and said “Tumhaara is dunya mein koi nahi..aur tum mujko bhee nahi chahti “…I hate u soma.. And ran off. I didn’t speak to her for 2 weeks. Then one night I heard a knock on my bedroom door.Kaun hain I asked Main ander aa sakti hu..she said Haan theek hain! I said pretending to be annoyed She came in..and the next thing I knew she started kissing and hugging me.,..i pulled away pretending to be annoyed and upset. She said Plz aisay nahi karo..plz… I said..nahi ab tum chali jao… She started begging plz….main kuch bhee karoongi. Kuch bhe? I asked? She said…haan ..kuch bhee

Then I said to her “okay bolo…main apnay devar ki randi hu” She said kya/ Mainay bola..bolo!” I said She said it quietly… I said “Zor se bolo” She said it more loudly. I said that’s better. Ab mere kapde utaaro.. She did it..she was desparate I was the only guy in the world that loved her..or so she thought. I said khelo mere saath. She started licking me all over…and sucking my cock “zor se chooso”I said…”Aur zor se” She flicked her tongue over it quickly and sucked…like a little whore

“Maza aa raha hain?I asked Haan she said “Kitna “I asked “Bohhat she said…with that mischievous muskurahat of hers. Then I took overI ripped her kameez…undid her shalwaar and took off her bra…waah she was such a site…And I started licking those Pakistani melons of hers….She was going into ecstasy”Haan…aur karo…plz..tum kitne ache ho”I said “Bolo…main apnay devar ko choodh rahee hu” She said it so seductively..she said”Main apne devar ki randi hu” Then I pushed her down onto her bed and started licking her clit “waah…tum kitne achay ho..Sunil toh bekaar hain..tumhaari lund bhee bari hain Ab mujhe roz tum fuck karna plz”

I started to fuck her “Haan…le le randi..meri saari lund le” “Haan mere pyaare devar..mujhe do apni lund…plz…aur do…haaan..aur bhee jaldi plz…plz…waah….ufffff.uuuffffffffffffffffffffffffff…….yeahhhhhhhhhhhh….aurr….aurrr…….mujhe randi ki tarha choodh” I had succeeded in turning her …this innocent Delhi gal into a whore..and was proud of it.. As we was about to cum..i pulled out.. “Aisay nahi karo..”She said” Plz..waapas jao…plz” “Aisay nahi” I said…”Pehle tum ek kaam karo gi!” “Kya?” she asked “Neeche kitchen mein jao aur ek glass le ao jaldi se” She brought a glass with great speed.

Then I came into that glass… The machine gun was at work again… “Ab chaato ishay” I said. She began to lick a schoolgirl licks a was like milkshake in a glass.. Some was hanging from her lips…she was enjoying herself. We fucked 3 or 4 times every nite for a bit on weekdays anyway.. Then I said one day ” Ab tumhaari gaand maroonga” She got scared…she was in my room at the time “Nahi..”she said”Aisay hee theek hain…” So I grabbed her ..and she struggled a lot. I forced her down and ripped her shalwaar down and went into her gaand “Nahi.kar plz meray devar…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” I went further “Uffffffffffffff…itneee dard ho rahee hain….ufffffffffffffffffffffff…main mar jaoongi!” I paid no attention and started to stroke her nipples too now..and go gently It took about 5 minutes b4 she started responding “haan..ab toh maza aa rahaa hain…aur karo…aur…aurrrrrrrr…ufffffffffffffff…haaaaaaaaaaaaaan…tum kitnay pyare ho mere devar…tum duniya ke sab se achay aadmi ho………..haaaaaaaaaaaaan.”

And I came in her ass! What a randi she was. Maza aaya?! She said..Haan..main tumhaair randi hu…aur hamesha rahoongi.. Wait till I fuck her sister..hey..that’s another story If u wanna correspond with me and wanna sex with me Catch me on

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