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Night With University Class Fellow

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am a regular friend of desi stories. now i want to share my own experience which happened to me 10 month ago. i read in local university in Peshawar Pakistan. I am 22,5.11,well muscular built.we r 39 students 23 gals and 16guys.all of my class fellows r sexy,but the one who was in the eyes of every one was rabia. she is tall5.7, 21, atttractive eyes , fair reddish white sexy figure. In univ. there is where there r numerous beautiful girls but no one compete for sexy body of rabia .her boobs r damn tight and she wears dresses in which they can be easily noticed. she is very conscious abot dress and always come to college with very fashionable and thin dresses that her boobs and buts constantly trying to come out of it.she is very popular in college guys for her sexy body and thin summer her dresses r really shocking and mind blowing. she lives in posh area in city and come in big car to collegfe.

Her father is a rich businesman, luckily i am in her batch in class. one day she invited me to her home, saying that her family have gone to enjoy hilltop tour and she is lonely in home to discus seminar topic with her. this was the first occasion that i got. At 6.00pm i ring the bell. she took me to her study room where there was a bed and sofa along study table and comp over it. she made a cup of tea and sat on sofa to discuss the topic. she has weared white dress , black bra and panty ,totall visible through dress. it make me really excited. i had concetrated my eyes on her boobs and butts most of the time. there was complete silence in home. we were on sofa and discussing the seminar for tommorrow.she came close and close durin disc. and put her hand on my thighs and started rubbing it. i made mood that i am fully ignorant and continue the discussion, but internally the storm was building in me. the hormnes were travelling up and down in my body..she gradually travel towarsd my cock and become surprised to see that it was already hard.she said ooooooooo—— oooooooooooo——– what the big it is?????????she gave jerk to it and i was completely out of senses.she was rubbing it and taking my breaths away.she grab cock 9, and start licking it. she give fast suck and i was near to dischrge then i undress her. i removed the bra and see the 2 red oranges for which the whole college is thirsty. i squeezed and she cried oohhhh—— ohhhhh ——-ohhhh..i kissed her juicy lips and then take nipples in mouth. she was frying from her internal heat. i went down and found a groove in b/w the thighs. her pussy was clean shaved, fresh and scented(as she had perfumed it).lick——- —.lick——–lick i am sizzling?? . i inserted the tongue and stir it inside. she moaned oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh———-ooooooohhhhhhhhh she was in wordly heaven crying and enjoying.fuck it now—— fcuck it hard —— 00hhhhhh0000000hhhhhhh. ii penetrated my 9 inch rocky hard.

There was a resitance first but i salivate it . i push the whole cock and then raised her limbs up to my shoulder.i increased the speed and she still demandig more spees. fuck me hard oooooooooommmmmmmmm———–ooooooommmmmmmmmmm——–000oooooooooooommmm. i came down on sofa and bring her butts near thr margin . i made her in dooggy position(the pleasurable positon of mine) her flabbyb butts were touching my thigs and making me wild. i fuck her harshly and i exploded inside her. i lied on her belly wth great pleasure. we went to bath room and took shower combinedly.she insisted to stay at night and i remained there for night. we watched movie at night which raised our desire to the climax. we fuck for thrice at night. whenever we find occasion now, we don,t miss it. girls mail me for

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