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Night With Jinal My Neighbour

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Finally I got some time to share my experience which I had recently:) with a married lady. Hi everyone I am Sumeet from Mumbai..I am 24.. I belong to a middle class family and love to party, spend time with friends, watch movies..just like most of us. We shifted to this new apartment 3 years ago. many families came in the same time. I reside on the 9 th floor. There was a sweet couple staying on the 6th floor. guy must be around 30 and girl was 24(which i got to know later). As all were new, we socialised by celebrating festivals in the society. I just spoke to few people…some uncle aunties etc. Some faces still look unfamiliar even after 3

This lady who lived on the 6th floor, her name was Jinal.. a marwari housewife.. Me and Jinal got along very well within few months. I use to smile at known faces as we all do while waiting for lift or see each other in the garden etc. But Jinal and me use to talk.. like where you going, or on any stuff..if she see me going somewhere smartly dressed ..she would ask..’koi function me ja rahe ho kya’..
Her husband Sandeep was not very friendly but a nice man indeed..very polite and understanding and not like some others who were irritating to talk to. yes and forgot to mention their baby Jaineel (3-4yr old now)

So it was all fun we getting to know each other for 3 years. I never thought or desire anything beyond good social circle about Jinal until last month:) when this incident took place. My parents had gone for holiday to Lonavla with my mama and mami. Just for one night. But tats was enough for me to party and hav a blast with my friends, as my parents rarely go out on holidays . so it was a great opportunity to be alone at home. I called all my close friends. we decided what to to do..offcourse we were going to Booz..but how to ..shud we go out.. have dinner and then come home to drink or we must order food..

It was decided in 15 minutes that we should order food. I left the responsibility on Akshay and went to buy the rum and beer and some snacks. It was 9pm then. I got everything in my gym bag. Soon the food arrived too. We put some music and enjoyed the Night with our drinks. As expected we dint had enough stock of alcohol as we had our own stories of having important work next morning. But ab kya kare 11:30 baje hi daru khatam:( I decided to get more. 2 of my friends agreed too. Akshay said he was done and will prefer to sleep. Me and Dipesh went to buy the alcohol. we got into the the place was little far where we get alcohol by this cell rings..Akshay said yaar gaye hi ho toh get 1 quarter for me too…saala hamesha prove karne me laga hota hai ke woh humse zyada hi pita hai at any point of time.

We got the booze..Dipesh met his frens jus near the shop..Now he decided to join them as unki car me ladki thi..koi slut si idiotic frend.He said me to carry on and he will join within an hour. Ab main kya bolu..I returned alone. I saw Jinal waiting for lift. She said “íss waqt gym?” . When I went near toh she understood I was drunk. “Kitni pi hai kya? uncle aunty nahi hai kya? I was tensed..I said ya..but kisise kehna mat.

She started giggling. Humko invitation nahi hai? on which I replied come if you want..”haan mera pati mujhe nikal dega ghar se”… lol I only dont know what I I was drunk and trying to bee sober..ab aise situation me addme kaise behave karta hai yeh mujhe alag se batane ki zaroorat nahi.She said she had came down to say goodbye to her relatives. she covers her head with saree whenever she is infront of any senior member of society..most of them marwari.

Night passed and me and my frends did lot of masti..Dipesh dint return..he went home directly. My parents returned the next day. A month must hav past..when i got ‘Hi’from Jinal on my Facebook. we never chatted much to be frank. She started asking next party kab hai…? then v talked for a while.. i asked her wats her husband and kid doing..She said husband has left for his native place for some family matter over she is alone and kid is playing with neighbor kids.. It was 10pm.

She asked about the party I had last month..i told her I had rum .I asked her if she had tried. to my surprise..she said she use to hav vodka few years ago in her college times. I could believe this. I also told her tat I wonder about that how she had it… she looked so simple. She started laughing ..yaar shaadi se pehle se main aisi nahi hoon..but in a girls life she has to adjust bit n all after marriage etc.. I was bored to listen all tis as you guys must be.. She also showed me some pics in western outfit..O MY.. she was hot..Nice round tits..t shirt and jeans.. mmmmm I was impressed. still think anything stupid. Then she asked if I want I can go to her place and we both can drink..I shud get vodka for her. Lol I was surprised. I said no and made some excuse. She asked me to get it as she dint had it for many years and was tempted. I was scared as if anybody sees me goin to her place I will get screwed and even she. I said I have some work and thats why i was online..will take atleast 2 hours to finish it..

On which she asked my cell no..and said she will call me after two hours..I said okay. I thought she was just joking and timepass but I really got a call at 11:30..Jinal bol rahi hoon…Ho gaya kaam? I said yes ho gaya. I told my mother am going to my friends home to work and would return in morning only..I went to get the booze.. when I returned the watchman was waiting at the lift. I took the lift to 9th floor…and then walked down 3 floors hoping no one has their door open to see me..and even the watchman would think I went home..
i did ring her b4 going so she keeps the door open and I dont have to wait out risking to get caught by anyone ( I had backup plans though incase anyone asks) She looked excited. Her house was well furnished. Had never been to their flat before. She had put on a gown. I had never seen her like this..we soon started our drinks.. talking like friends and joking. in between I got calls from my friends which I answerd.. I realised she wasnt calling any off her friends..I asked you dont talk to your friends? …she said she does..but not at this time like all r busy this time:):) to which we laughed She asked me about my girlfriends..I said I had one last year and we broke up as things were not good. 2 pegs and she was opening up. like she must be in her college times..usually she used to address me as TUM and AAP it was TU.. I found out she was of my age only…I thought earlier she must b around 26-27..
I asked her how was it getting married at 20 itself and having which she smiled and told how things are in their tradition..culture ..its not a great deal getting married at 20..its just that way.. I asked her that dint she had any ambitions in life or career? She was quiet for a moment. then she expressed she wanted to do acting and work in serials. She had also participated in college fashion shows..

Oh i was getting impressed.. By now I forgot she was married… she was just a sexy friend for me sharing a drink and chit chatg.. Time passed and whole half of vodka was empty..we had 3 pegs each.Her kid woke up and was calling her..she rushed to her bedroom.. I started getting bored in 5 minutes when she dint returned..I called reply I thouth even she slept with her kid.. I entered her room..she looked at me n said “shhhh..abhi soya hai yeh” jaag jayega.

I said ok and I will be leaving now. “neend aa rahi hai kya?” she asked. i said no but you will be sleeping so I must leave.She replied shes not sleepy and came out with me in the living room.. Again talking..etc about her wished career and stuff.. I said now also she can do if her husband allows..she said..ab nahi see the rules its way too far. I said yes..and one should also have good figure etc to get into that industry..she asked me angrily what did I meant by that..and also mentioned she had a good figure. I started saying that I dont which she said haan offcorse aise kapde me kaise maloom padega. I said koi bhi kapda pehno but now u hav kid and I am not convinced that you hav great figure. “aisa bacche..2 min ruk” she said. She went in and returned wearing a tight blue jeans and a black spagheti top..good enuf to show her bra outline. Oh god..she looked just like I had seen her pic..jus she had more flesh than before..

I was amazed and excited instantly… I immediately said..oh my god hot and sexy!! she started laughing and could not hide the excitement she got from me praising her. “Ab maan gaye naa”she asked. I replied “Yes totally . please try can get good work”.
She said her husband cant agree as she need to take care of kid and even if he wish he cant do anything as he wont go against his parents and it was decided right at time of marriage that she wont be going out for work and something like she wished was very much out of question. “meri saas ko attack aajayega” .lol I kept motivating her.. and joking ..which made her feel good and happy.

She went inside saying saying she will change again to gown now..I dont know what happened to me now… I followed her as soon as she went inside. the door was open and I peep in…she had removed her top and loosened the jeans..What a view….Dim Lights..she was in white bra and also white panties which I could see as her jeans was bit lowered. she put her gown and droped the jeans.So I dint get to see her in panties:(

Her wheatish skin was looking so exciting and her round I was very horny now.. filled with all type of thoughts..She turned and noticed me looking at her..then a few seconds silence followed.. I couldnt stop and said “Jinal you are so and hot”
Again few seconds of silence..”ök baba ..ab bahar chalo warna jai uth jayega” she said. I wanted to hold her so badly..but dint knew how to proceed..suddenly my drunk head got a very stupid idea . stupid because now if I think I did tat I laugh at myself and think what a poor guy I am. I pretended that i am not able to walk and my head is spining i went ahead and fall in her arms..hugging her..”kya ho raha hai, paani pilo na thoda” she said in lowered voice and also fumbling a bit. Her body was soft and warm..I hugged tightly and touched my lips on her neck..she was silent..i kissed her softly and tightened the grip around her..she was enjoying it.. one knows when the other person is liking it or not instantly..i became bold and came to her face and touched my lips on hers.mmm..she opened her lips and let me kiss her well. our smooch lasted quite long..making us both desperate. we used tongues was such a awesome feeling…i pushed her on bed and was all over her.

She was moaning little by now..her baby was besides.. the kid was beside us and we were so lost in each other to stop the touching and kissing. It was so passionate. I lifted her gown and felt her thighs and went upto her bra pressing her boobs. they must b 34..(very similar in size compared to my x) i pressed then and kissed her all over . I pushed her bra up and started playing and licking them..the nipples were big and were hard. I sucked her very hard “mat karo yeh galat hai plz” was her soft request…I just ignored it and started kissing her belly and feeling it…she was going..”aaaahhh hmmm ohh…ooooooooooo” I felt her panty ..i was eager to feel her pussy..i was not so desperate and excited even to feel my x gfs pussy earlier. I pushed my hand in and made her open her legs…
that was warm and soft..mmmmm I removed her panties only to see the most beautiful thing I have ever seen till date. her pussy was covered with small hair..I guess she must have shaved a week ago..oh boy it was wonderful to touch…I managed to push my finger was totaly wet ..jinal had lost her senses complately and was enjoying my every move..Not wasting time I got my average 6inch but thick cock out and mounted over her..

I was rubbing my hard penis on her pussy and kissing her madly..I got up and lowered my pants further to take full pleasure and comfort of fucking this mmmmmsexy Jinal BHABHI(as called by society ladies etc)… She opened her eyes and was staring at me and my penis at that few seconds..”kisise kuch kehna mat pls.doston se specially” she said.. I just noded and she suddenly got up and started looking for something in the drawer besides..I wondered what was she doing..she took out a plastic bad and removed a CONDOM and handed over to me. I wear it and again got into position and pushed inside her..what a great feeling..I started moving my hips and slow…the bed started getting the vibrations and.. the kid got disturbed..he was almost waking up ..we had to stop..she asked me to remove my cock from her..i thought it was over.

Then made sure the kid is sleeping asked me to go out..and followed me the living room.. The tube light here was on and I can see her face in full brightness. The vodka had started its work long back and we both were very much in a good kick of it..not me though as I was drinking frequently but I know what it must have done to her as she was having after a long long time. I was not even sure if she had a full quarter for real anytime earlier. I made her comfortable on sofa by smooching her again..and she was holding my hard cock and stroking. it was good that I wasnt losing my erection else the condom wud waste. then I again lifted her gown up above her breast and saw her body in full bright light…oh that was intoxicating.. Her pussy was inviting me..I kissed her pussy nicely and started licking it…slowly stimulating it with my fingers. i was spreading her lips with my finger and licking her clit and the walls making her moan and enjoy.

After licking her for 5 minutes..she said “ab andar ajao na.. aah” I placed my cock on her hole and again pushed it in…her face was looking so good and the expressions of pleasure ..ooohh still so alive in my mind.. I pushed in her hard.. completely in…and fucked her very fast. i lifted her legs and gave her big and hard thrusts..She had closed her eyes and had an orgasm..she moaned while pushing on my cock back…. I could last longer experiences such a moment. i cum inside her.. completely trusting the safety solution.
That was so relaxing and great moment. We lay there for In a while , I put my clothes on properly ..collected the bottle and any mess that we created.. also the condom;) and said her bye..she was too tired even to get up and kept laying on the sofa itself half naked. I looked at watch it was 3:45am. I made sure through the peephole that no one is around the lobby. I dint took the lift and went climbing.. On the 7th floor there was a big dustbin kept near the staircase and also some plastic bags that the sweeper takes away in the morning.. I droped all the garbage i was carrying there itself tying a knot to the plastic bag and left immediately. I entered my flat silently and crashed on my bed ..thinking about the adventures I had some time ago:):):) i felt very Happy stisfied.

Next morning I told my parents I returned early morning after and was working all night long. then I again thought about the work I was doing in the night:) But I was really concerned how will I face Jinal now.. I was thinking what if she doesnt talk to me anymore..or what if she tells her husband.. All this things were in my mind.

Like a gentleman, I made an attempt to call her…and check whhat is the situation… I called her on her mobile.. It was ringing..but no answer:( My heartbeats started getting faster..I was worried. then sudddenly she called me.. and I answered… I asked her ” so did you enjoy the vodka?” . she said yes. it was nice to have it. Now I dint knew what to ask or say..but before me saying anything she said “and everything was so good” :):) i smiled ..i got the hint that there is no danger and she enjoyed the night. She asked me to do a favour.. I asked her what must I do for which she said “please get a condom before tonigh as Sandeep would be returning that night itself. they wont be having sex but whenever they will, she doesnt want to get into any trouble if he remembers the number of condoms they had. I started laughing and promised her to get it within 2-3 hours. we talked for another 2 minutes normally and nothing about last night.

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