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Night Surprise

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

It had been about a month now, since I moved out of my parents house into my own apartment which was located in a rather “seedy” side of town but it was close to my work place and that made it convenient for me – and oh yes it was also fairly cheap rental. At 22 this was a major move for me as I had always lived at home and was always under the scrutiny of my – well – very strict parents – so to say the least it was like REAL freedom. Well, it was one night, late, when i was woken up with knocking at my door, and being half asleep and with heavy rain pelting on my window. I didn’t know if i was dreaming or what – but – yes – there was a pounding noise on my door.

I got out of bed – drunk from a lack of sleep and went to the door,and just as I was to open it, I asked – “WHO THE HELL IS THERE?” To my surprise a voice came back through the door:”John, it’s your aunt Clare here. Can you please open the door for me?”

Well still half asleep i opened the door and standing there was my aunt Clare – my moms older sister – Her hair all wet, her coat soaked and she looking like a drowned rat. I told her to come in quickly to get out of the rain. It was then I realized that I was only in my boxers – as thats the way i sleep. And as I went to my bedroom to cover up, I told her to take off her wet coat and put the radiator on for warmth. I went to my bedroom which was off the main room, and picked up my dressing gown. When i turned to returned, stopped suddenly because standing in the middle of the room was aunt Clare. She had removed her coat, and her shoes which were obviously wet, but she had now hitched her dress up around her hips and was pulling down her wet stockings – a sight that turned me on more than i thought.-

As i entered the room she quickly dropped her dress and warmed herself at the radiator which was now warming the whole room. She apologized for her intrusion, and told me she was on her way home from work. She did night administration at a local hospital, and her car broke down, and her cell phone was flat. And then she realized she was close b to my place so she decided to walk over for my help, and it started pouring rain.

I said that it was OK, and would she like to call her husband and let him to know. She said yes and it was then i wondered what was going on. I went to the kitchen to make some coffee for us both, and heard her say to her husband that the car had broken down, and she was waiting for the auto club to come and fix it – that he shouldn’t worry – but I knew she hadn’t called the auto club as yet – so i wondered what was going on. Clare is a woman standing 5″9, has shoulder length auburn hair, pleasant facial features and a slender frame, and i always remembered her looks when she visited our place . I came back with the coffee and she said all was OK, so we sat opposite each other drinking and warming ourselves and chatting about nothing special – just idle chit chat. It was then my eyes focused on her long slender legs, that were visible up to her thighs as she pulled her dress up as she sat. And as she finished drinking her coffee she asked what it was like in my new apartment and would i show her around.

I laughed and said, “Well there isn’t much more than you see” to which she laughed and said, “Oh come on, show your aunt Clare where her favorite nephew was now living.” And as she got up I thought i noticed her purposely spread her legs to let me get a glimpse of her panties – which I did – which were red. So I started by showing her the kitchen – small as it was, then the bathroom, small as it was – although she commented what a good size shower it had – “Perfect for two people,” she laughed, and then we were back in the main room. It was then she said: “Haven’t you forgotten something, where do you sleep?” I said: “Oh yes, but my room was quite messy and besides it’s only a bedroom. It was then that i was “floored”

When she said – öh yes – but its the fun part of any place. With that she took my hand and walked across the room with me to my bedroom. On entering she looked at me and said that she wanted me to have sex with her, and being now in a daze i just stood there as she started to remove her dress. To say the least i was turned on, my bulge was hard and she knew it. There she now stood in her lace red bra and thong pantie and looking me straight in the eyes she asked me: “Well, do you like what you see? Do you think your aunt is good enough for you?”

I was stunned to say the least and just nodded, and as i stood there she came to me, her scent was intoxicating, and as she opened my gown and placed her hand on my now enormous bulge, my body just trembled. She stroked me softly and guided my hand to her breast, and when i felt her hard nipple through the material of her bra, and heard her soft moans, I couldn’t control myself any more, as i pulled down her bra cup, exposed her soft breast and grabbed the nipple in my mouth and as tarted to suck it. I am not sure if her moans or mine were louder, cos now she had pushed my boxers down and was rapidly stroking my now rock hard 8″cock as i sucked on her nipple. She suddenly yelled: “I need to be fucked NOW, come on and fuck your aunt”

I didn’t need any further encouragement, as I backed her over to my bed, threw her down, tore her bra and pantie off, spread her legs and rammed my cock into her now dripping wet pussy. And as she grabbed the cheeks of my ass she kept yelling “YES FUCK ME – FUCK YOUR AUNTIE” while I kept doing, ramming my cock deep into her pulsating cunt, thrusting it further and further as she yelled for more and more.
Clare had two massive orgasms before I had my first. And when it came, it was like a lightening bolt thrusting in her, as I pumped and pumped my cum into her love hole all, so i could understand she had shouted:
“MORE MORE, PLEASE MORE” But i now wanted her ass – i wanted to thrust my cock into her ass hole and cum in her there – so i pulled my cock out – to her protests, rolled her over, spread her cheeks to view her “other” entry, and with my already cum lubed cock, thrust it hard into her – making her scream – but not from pain – but with pleasure.

I kept up my relentless fucking in her ass for who knows how long, until suddenly through all her screams of pleasure i heard her say she couldn’t hold back anymore and needed to pee, and that i should let her up. I slapped her ass but kept fucking it, and told her to just do it – now – as i fucked her which must have excited her, even more for just before. I felt the stream of warm pee flow form her body. She pushed her ass back hard against me making my cock go deeper in her cavity. Well, you can imagine that i was in heaven. Here i was fucking my aunt Clare’s ass as she pees – a thought i never would have dreamed about, but it didn’t stop there.

I kept my cock in her ass, thrusting in and out as my fingers also fingered her soaking wet pussy, when she turned to me and said she needed to use the toilet. She needed more that a pee. I understood her request, withdrew my still rock hard cock, and watched her naked body walking into my bathroom where the toilet was. I gave it a minute, then to her surprise, i entered the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet, her legs open – doing what she was there to do. I walked to her, my hard cock at attention, and standing between her legs i said “SUCK IT AS YOU SHIT”
Well, this must have gotten her excited because before i knew it, my cock was being drawn into her mouth, and being sucked while she sat and did her thing. I finally exploded in her mouth, withdrew my cock, watched as she wiped her ass, we showered, we went back to my bed, we slept then woke and fucked for the rest of the night.

And up to this day i still wonder what she told her husband when she got home, as late as that was, but i will let you know when i meet her next time – and that will be soon.

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