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Night Spent Between Brother And Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 28, 2015

I am writing a true story for the first time. My name is Sherry, I am 22 years old. My Girlfriend’s name is Anum, she is 21 years. This is the story of what my girl firend experienced during her visit to her uncle’s place.. This story is in parts and this is the first part

Let me Describe her body first, she is bold and beautiful and has huge boobs which I love to suck and fuck them all the time when she is around. Once to arouse my sexual feelings she told me her story of what she experienced while her visit to her uncle’s home last year and how she enjoyed fucking session between a brother and sister..

One day after a long time we came to our native town to meet with our uncles’ and their families. We stayed there for a night and that’s how I got to know about the incest thing between my cousins. There was not many rooms in the flat so my mom and my sister slept together In a room and I had to adjust with my cousin apia.

We talked for a long time and later on I was sleepy so I asked her to sleep. After around an hour I heard the sound of door opening, someone entered in the room and went directly to the other side of the bed where apia was sleeping. I just watched all this with half opened eyes. That guy was none else than my cousin and apia’s brother shahzad. He slowly kissed apia on her cheek and then was touching her body and kissing her lips. Apia got up and she saw her sucking her lips. To my surprise she give him a smile and then:

She : don’t do tonight anum is sleeping right here

He: so what I can’t sleep without making love to you.

She: No please not tonight, she will tell everyone about this and then I will not get your love and will get married.

He: I won’t let this to happen ever. You are just mine.

She: ah.. I love hearing this from you.

He: Will always love you like this and will keep

After this they kissed each other passionately, he was rigorously sucking her lips and was moving his hands on her body. He started touching her boob and was trying to put the hand inside her shirt.

She: Let’s go to the other room

He: No there are anum’s mom and sister.

She: then let’s get down the bed and have on the floor, I am afraid of anum.

He: ok come down..

She then stood up of the bed and started undressing herself. She removed her shirt and then threw it on the bed and then threw her bra. I could feel the fragrance of the body of that whore from her bra. She asked her brother to come near her and then made him to suck her nipples. He was sucking her boobs like a kid and I was feeling a mother son relation between both of them from the way she was feeding him. He was sucking her nipples and was pressing boobs and she was enjoying that pain of the boobs been pumped by her brother.

I was aroused by all this and wanted to join them, looking at the brother and sister enjoying each other bodies was driving me crazy. But they both were deeply in love with each other that they pay no attention to me.

After sucking the milky boobs of her sister, he asked her to remove her shalwar. I just got shocked to hear that he will fuck her own sister. Obviously he must be fucking her every night. That bitch is a whore for her brother and let him fuck her every night and don’t charge him even a penny. He inserted his cock in her pussy, I was thinking of the night when his brother would have taken her virginity. He started fucking her and was saying:

He: won’t you let me fuck u every night?

She: I will my little brother I will, every night

He: I will suck your milk from your boobs

She: yes u will have to, these boobs are yours, my pussy just need your cock more deeper, fuck me harder , fuck your sister , Fuck me , I am a whore .. fuck me motherfucker.

He: will you let me suck your milk after you will give birth to baby?

She: yes i will let you to suck my whole milk

He was fucking her hard, and was abusing her as well. She was enjoying the fucking session with her brother and so was I while looking at both of them. I started to rub my pussy with one hand was also pressing my boobs with the bed. She was asking him to fuck more hardly and after few seconds he was about to blow out.

She: Don’t blow in my pussy, put it on my boobs and let me suck your cum too..

He: No, only if you will give me a blow job.

She : Yes I will, come put it in my mouth and let me suck it .

He put the cock in her mouth and she sucked his cock and was sucking his juicy cum.. They were also having conversation of the how they had fun with their mom and how
she made her to fuck her mom.

He: Please help me in fucking anum

She: No, you can’t she is outsider and can tell anyone

While hearing all that I was unable to control myself and ……..

To be continued based on feedback.


This was the story of what my girlfriend told me about her family. if you are interested and want me to continue the story then email me @ Any Aunties and girls who want to have sex chat can email me. Please leave your valuable comments/query to me.

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Night Spent Between Brother And Sister

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