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Night Mai Chachi Kay Sath

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hello friends! This is my true story, a first story. I am reading stories at since last 7 years, when I didn’t had net, i used to read these stories through my GPRS activated mobile phone. I loved to feel them and give salute to best ones by masturbating. Being big fan of desi erotic story I decided to share my story with u all. I am Atul from Gwalior (MP) aged 19 and my Chachi is about 34.

This story happened when i was around 18-19 and she was 27-28. I have a joint family in which i have 2 uncles (one married and other one unmarried), uncle’s one son my parents and me. I am a tall dark and handsome and she(aunt) is having white skin with sexy bulgy body. Her height is around 5’4”and truly speaking i don’t having any idea about her exact figure but ya i can surely say that figure resembles to sameera reddy’s (Bollywood actress) in many aspects. I like her sex appeals a lot.

She had milky white skin and very bold butts and boobs. That time i used to tell boobs as “doodoo or mumme” whenever i was in home i just watch her boobs and big ass which attracts me very much so this is the reason that many times i touch her ass while talking water from kitchen and behaved all it happened incidentally as time passed my intention increased and the day came when i start my story of life.

This incident happened when our family got marriage proposal for my younger uncle. Initial decision was my 2 uncles, aunt and my cousin younger brother will b going out of station. But in last moment my mother went. This is because my mom is bold enough to ask any kind of question to the girl which my aunt will not be. I was in 12th standard and was preparing for board exams thus no question of me going out.

Finally only three persons left in my home, my dad, my aunt and me. My mother was Hitler kind of, always will b having n no of restrictions on me but today i was free to wake up, free to watch TV and free to roam anywhere. So i slept till afternoon, bunked college and went to my friends place and enjoyed a lot then came back took my dinner and reached in my room and slept. But at the right 3:00am i wake up due to thrust . I went out of my room and reach near the freeze for water .

I drunk some water and turn back to my room, i saw light of my uncle’s room is turn on, i moved there and saw my aunt sleeping. So i became relax and turn back. But at the mean time my eyes felt on the sleeping aunt’s big ass.tub mera pura jisam kanp giya, mere jusm ke baal khade ho gaye, kyunki chachi ki bareeq saari main say un ki bari bari gand almost visible thee . Main nay un ko dekha aur wahin ruk gaya aur chachi ko daekhne laga.

Tabhi kuch aahat ki wajah se chachi uth gayi aur boli “ kyu vicky neend nahi aa rahi hai”?, tab mai bola “buss chachi room ki light jal rahi thi to socha ki aap jag rahi hogi to chala aaya.” Fir mai good night bol ke apne room me chala gaya , there i was sleeping with my father. Next day i slept till afternoon and played a lot and came late in evening. I had food and went to my room where my dad was onto sleep. As i was about to lie down on the bed my dad said that u have to sleep to your aunt’s room because she got horrified yesterday night(wok al raat durr dayi thi”).

I got stunned. I got some new kind of feeling which i cant explain now. The situation was like something unpredicted had happened or some unpredicted is going to happen. That time i didn’t get full erection but i moved myself in semi erected mode and went to my aunt’s room. She welcomed me and said “kal raat durr ke karan light chalu kar ke soi thi but fir bhi rat me durr laga” fir muzse unhone pooncha “vickey, aapko mere saath sone me koi problem to nahi hai naa ”. I said “nahi koi bhi problem nahi”.

Then she slept at one corner of the bed and i just opened the tv in her room and started watching with very low voice. I watched tv for about an hour or so and then finally went to toilet and slept on other side of bed. Since i had lot of sleep that day afternoon so i was not getting sleep. I was looking here and there on walls, was thinking about my studies about my friend’s studies etc etc.

While doing so my eyes just felt on my aunt’s fluffy ass. Ohh my god, i got the same excitation again and got full erection this time. I wanted to masturbate while seeing that scene but my mind wanted that masturbation to b long lasting so i just started rubbing it and i was watching her ass. Continuously i was rubbing my dick. While rubbing it i just went near my aunt and touched my fore figure tip to her ass crack as i did so, my dick got another swing and i was getting feelings like hell. My heart got flooded with joy.

That time i was very big fattu so i didn’t do anything except rubbing dick by my hand. I didn’t observe that my masturbation voice is coming out and due to which my aunt got turned towards me and asked what happened. I said “kuch nahi waha muze durr lag raha tha to aapke paas aa gaya (nothing i was feeling horrified there so i came near you)” then she opened her blanket and told” andar aa jaao durr nahi lagega (come inside blanket, you will not feel the horror).” I simply went inside. Now i was completely sleepless. I couldn’t sleep and i was just watching my chachi’s boobs which where about to touching me.

She was in her fast sleep. This time i was fully excited but since i was inside the blanket i couldn’t masturbate or even touch my jonior. My situation was getting worsened by time. With every next feeling i was getting some boldness but again due to fattu-ness i was not having any courage to do anything…but i started moving my body little bit closer and closer to her…the gap was around 10 centimetres out of which 7-8 centimetres i covered in around half an hour(too much time i took due to fattu ness).

Now i was getting her hot breaths. She was in her fast asleep and my sleep was completely lost. While she breaths, her boobs used to touch me. Now i was getting out of control to control myself i moved apart from her and immediately she woke up and asked “abhi bhi durr lag raha hai (again you r feeling horrible)” then i said “haa (yes)” then she put her hand on me and hugged me tightly and slept. Now her “doodoo (boobs)” were crushing against my bold chest.

Now there remained only 2-3 centimetres difference between our noses i lost my control and i started rubbing my dick (from inside shots) on her legs. This thing i did for about next 5-10 mins not i got excitement and courage. I become bold and put my hand on her back and moved my lower body bit closer. Immediately she woke up and stood. I got shocked now what she will be telling.

But again some unexpected thing happened. She went to the room door and closed it from inside (which was open previously) and closed the room’s night lamp and came inside the blanket and hugged me tightly, pretended as if she is going to sleep.This time her boobs were just near my mouth. This time her navel portion was completely exposed. I started touching that portion and i started hearing very very low voice coming from her mouth. I thought that might b because she is enjoying it.

Then i moved further and started feeling her stomach and her back. After some time she become much much close by putting her leg over me and her breathings were directly coming into my nose. I felt aroused and immediately i moved my hand into her ass crack from out side (god knows from where i got this much courage) due to this act of mine, she moved bit back and then i heard her bangle’s sound and then immediately a jerk pulled my head down, i got shocked and oh my good, it was she who pulled me to one of her boob which was opened and she wanted me to put nipple into my mouth.

This was my first experience so i didn’t know what to do after taking into mouth. I took it into my mouth but didn’t do anything. Then she pulled my head some more closer and said “choos naa (suck it).” Her this act make myself dragged towards her boobs and then my first experience started sucking it harder and harder. I was getting pleasure and i wanted more and more sucking. She was making sexy sounds. I wanted to enter her soul while sucking and i did so.

Also while sucking i was squeezing her ass and now i got full courage and inserted my hand inside her saari from back side and touched her ass crack. Oh my god what a feeling it was. I didn’t knew what to do next but every next step was giving me a new feeling. She immediately moved closed to me and opened her whole blouse and moved her bra up and told me to suck one and press other boob. I did as she guided. I was like complete slave for her. What ever she was doing, whatever she was saying i was doing that and was enjoying every movement.

After around 5-10 mins she told me to lay down and she moved above me and started moving her boobs over my mouth. And told me to suck her nipples. I enjoyingly did it. During this act i was moving my hand over her back and over her navel portion. She pulled her sari down at once and opened it in a stroke. Now she was in her peti-cot and opened bra. Now it was my time to come into the field i just lifted her peti-cot and started kissing over her theist (top portion between two legs).

That was my first feeling this time also i didn’t knew what to do next. Just feelings were coming and they were dragging me for different fore plays. I started kissing her theist and moved up towards her heaven. Where i got some smell which was bit wet kind of. I stopped there she said “ruko mat bahut maza aa raha hai (don’t stop, i am enjoying it)” and immediately she pulled her panty down and inserted her figure into her won ass and smelled it and also given me to smell.

All these acts i didn’t even imagined and not even read anywhere but that has given me immense pleasure. Then i got out of control and started kissing over her pussy. Initially i was bit reluctant to suck that liquid but 2-3 minutes of pussy kissing made me to suck it. That day whatever i did was unexpected and unpredicted. While i was sucking her pussy she was lifting her boobs a lot and was holding my head.

And was saying “darling. Darling, for first time some tongue has touched this region and for first time my bottom portion has felt one head in between continue this act forever never stop it”. Due to these words i started sucking harder and harder and she started mourning louder and louder. While doing so i pressed one of her boob.

This gave me full erection and within a min she said “ just stand up now its time for us to play husband and wife game” and she pulled my dick and kissed it, put some saliva over it and started sucking and while sucking she was opening something from plastic. After 2-3 mins of sucking she took hold of my dick and started moving something over it.

Oh my goodness! it was again a newer act which i never imagined while masturbating. It was condom and as soon as she was through with that she set in doggy position and told me to insert that laminated dick (of mine) inside her wet pussy. I did so. I was on the verge of cumming but i controlled myself. She told me to move my dick in and out. Oh my goodness i started doing so, to b honest this gave me the sexiest feel of this world which i had ever got.

She said “aur andar daalo darling, bhosda bana do iska aaj (put it more inside, make this hole big, tear it) ” these words i never had heard from her mouth but i loved hearing them. These words were probably increasing my dick size and making it more thick inside her and i started moving my dick very rapidly. My dick was touching her stomach. She was saying me “i want to feel this dick till my boobs, show me your mardangi and move it more and more inside” with every stroke i was reaching newer and newer depths.

While doing so i took hold of one of her boobs and started pressing. She turned back and started smooching and exchanging saliva. Oh fuck what a feel it was! I fucked her hard she was acting like some unsatisfied soul i fucked her harder and she started enjoying and sweating and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Finally the stage came. I released my load and loosened my grips.

And after 2-3 mins i kissed her body and then laid down (since it was my first time). She came on me and revealed the truth that for whole of this movie she herself was the producer, director and story writer. She told “muze ye sab karne ka man to kal raat ko hi kar gaya tha. Iss liye to maine tumhe apne room me son eke liye bulaya. Aur muze pata hai ki tumhe meri gaand bahut pasand hai aur tum ise kitchen me kisi naa kisi bahane se touch karte rahte ho.

Iss liye jab tum room me aaye to mai tumhare taraf apni gaand kar ke so gayi taki tum jaldi se aa ke iss pe aapna lund ragad do (i wanted to do these things yesterday night itself, that’s why i called you for sleeping with me tonight. I knew that u love my ass a lot and without any reason u love touching it in kitchen. That’s why to seduce you, while sleeping initially i moved my ass towards you so that you can rub your dick over it)”. That night we did it again and enjoyed.

Now that was our regular routine. After 12th board exams, my mom went to her parent’s place but i didn’t go and that time for full day i used to have sex with my aunt and no one knew it. Presently my uncle has built one separate home. But our love has never ended.

Whenever in afternoon i find time i go to my uncle’s place and refresh my all sexy memories. If u liked this true incidence of my life then u can send your loving comments on

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