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Nice Journey

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi This is Sahil again, now I am again with my another incident which happen in Train , As all of you  know that I am working as a project Manager in MNC. My job is touring job, So one day my Boss called me & said that tonight you make an urgent plan for Lucknow  because of some work, I asked him how I will get any reservation immediately, He said however, you please manage this  situation, anyway I reached immediately my home & packed my luggage, after that I rush to Satiation for  Train, but there were very long queue for Ticket counter, So I decided that I will catch the train and will manage ticket with TTE in train, Anyway train was right time and I entered  in first class compartment &  took a vacant seat, Train start moving – then a lady with a 8-9 month child entered  in my compartment (cabin where only 2 berth are there).

She was damn Sexy, beautiful lady around 32 year with  36,28,32 figure, she wore a blue color transparent designer Saari with designer back less blouse with Dori, She was  really sexiest lady .   She put her luggage & sits in front of my birth. She asked me, are you with me in this Cabin?  I said I don’t have reservation due to some urgency, so I will manage this seat with TTE, She said ok, then I asked her where are you going, she said I am going to Lucknow my parents house, Then I asked more about her, she told me that I stay in Vasant kunj, my Husband is a business man & he is out of India. & he visited other country very frequently and stay there min 15 days for business work. So I always visited my parent house alone. In between her child started crying I said may I help you & took her baby, when I took her baby then I touched her soft boobs, she does not mind at all. I started to play with her child but he was crying very loudly, So I again gave her & said that he is asking for milk feed. She said yes you are right, then she start feeding in front of me but covered her boobs by Saari pallu, but her saari was transparent so I can easily able to see her boobs, she was feeling uncomfortable due to Dori wala blouse, anyway after some time its around 10.30 Pm she said I want to change my cloths becos my baby is not feeling comfortable in this saari, so could you please go outside for a minute & if possible please handle my baby also , so that I can easily change my clothes, I said its my pleasure & took her baby again & come out from cabin, again when I took her baby I touched her boobs & she felt my hands in her body.

With 2 minutes she called me please come inside, when I enter in Cabin I was surprised to she her beauty, now she is in night silky gown witch was open from front and have button. Her baby was continuously weeping so she want to feed once again, I asked her If you are feeling uncomfortable then I can go out & you can feed your child , she said no problem you can stay here , then she open her boobs and start feeding in front of me again but this time I can able to see her naked soft silky boobs, & my cock is moving in my trousers, I was not able to manage that but any how maine apne Cock ko manaya & said that don’t worry my lovely Cock , you will get soon, whatever you want. Becos I was damn sure about it that she is so trusty & will definitely give a nice fuck with me. After some time her baby slept. same time TTE came in my cabin & asked her for ticket she shows her Ticket & said he is with me due to an urgency we cannot purchase another ticket, so you please make a ticket here & also asked for money, TTE told her some amount she gave that amount and confirmed my ticket, then TTE left for the cabin, I was surprise to see this & asked why did you do this?  she replied that if you can help me for handle  my child then why not me, I said thanks for support and asked for amount  for ticket then she said its Ok, Don’t give me money otherwise I will call TTE and tell all the story, I argue with her  but she didn’t take money . Then I asked her name, she told me Jyoti, I said it’s a really beautiful name and asked her.

If you want any type of help you can share with me. She said OK, her baby was sleeping on one birth and she tried to sleep their but she feel some uncomfortable, so she asked me can I sleep on your birth, I said its my pleasure and she gave some support to her child by pillow, and came on my birth, I was sitting on birth she said why are you not sleeping, I said there is no problem you please sleep, then she got  angry & said If you will not sleep then I will also not, I understand what she want now ? so I also laid on same birth with cross, like My head was in her legs & her heads was in my legs, her legs was just like milk, & I can not stop himself and put my hand on her legs, ohhhhhhhhhh my got its really a special touch, I was moving my finger on her legs but there was no response, while I know that Jyoti was not sleeping. Then I kiss her legs, she open her legs, so that i can see her inside view, its clean shaven Milky Pussy, so I got encourage & start  moving  my hand as well as kissing on her legs, she start moaning & opened her legs more. Now she was ready to do whatever I want, So I started more kissing on her legs & insert my hand in her gown , then she put her lips on my lips, we locked our lips n sucked we both became very hot then I removed her gown n started sucking her breast until it became red she was out of control as she pulled down my underwear n put my hard big cock in her mouth n sucked like lollipop with a sexy voice like puccch pucch, my one hand was pressing her boobs n my finger was in her Pussy which was wet n hon. made her lie down sat between her legs n entered my tongue in her pussy n started licking she was screaming like anything I was holding her mouth as no one can hear us.

then I started sucking her pussy like a lolipop then I turned up on her she was sucking my cock and I was sucking her pussy deeply. Then I lied down straight n she came on me entered my cock in her pussy, she

started moving fast n moaning like yes yes seewt heart please do it like this ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh yeh yeh pls do it, please suck me suck me dear,  I was sucking her one breast n pressing other.  Her Boobs were so big that I was unable to put all in my mouth. then I changed position n made her sit like a Doggy  n entered my cock in her pussy from backside n started pushing softly then started hardly after some time she said yeh do it fart I m coming, yeh please do it do it fast pls sahil do it fast then she grip me hard n fall on me. But all of u know that now my turn then I again gave my cock in her mouth, she started sucking again after some

time I entered my long cock in her pussy n fuck her around 15 min, after that I got to cum, so I said please lick it n she did the same.

This happened 4 times in a night after that we both slept; when I woke up in morning I saw she was packing her luggage so I helped her in packing she gave me Rs 2000/- but I refused & asked her why are you doing like this, she said today you satisfied me such a long time, my husband are not able to satisfied me, So I am too happy today. But I refused again & said whenever you need satisfaction with me then please call me. After that incident I met her twice in her home then she went to

USA with her husband, SO now a days I am alone & my Lovely cock is waiting for someone, if any girl, lady, bhabhiji wanna satisfaction then can mail me on my ID I am eagerly waiting for good response from you girl/lady.

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